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Dodge Neon Modifications



  • Adam_CAdam_C Posts: 7
    ok hears the deal i have a 97 neon (auto/dohc) 2 door. magnaflow muffler, cold air intake, msd ignition coil, 8.5 msd superconductors w/ ngk plugs. thinking of getting headers and cutting out the cat. what else short of turbocharging it and tearing into the block can i do to give it more kick? are there good injectors to look for, any chips i could get that i could get for less than 150$ and do i have to worry about o2 sensors giving me trouble when cutting out the cat?
  • Adam_CAdam_C Posts: 7
  • okko1okko1 Posts: 327
    yes they should. original equipment only shows a 14in. size. p185/60 or 65 r14 also p175l70 or 65 r14. what size tires are you acually running? 23.4 for 185/65 and 22.9 for175/65 over all diamiter. on a 5.0 to 6.5 inch rim. :shades:
  • Hello. Im not really good with cars. But i want to modify my neon.. i want to make it go faster.. what are the important parts that i would need to purchase. i have a 2001 plymouth neon
  • I have a 05' dodge neon four door that i'm modifyin slowly but surely and right now i'm gettin all my gauges in...i'm tryin to install a fuel/air ratio guage in but i can't find the right wire on my oxygen sensor yet i've tried all four of them and only the grounds pick up anythang and they only pick up the heater???????Please help!!!
  • i am about to do a tune-up on my 95 neon sohc. what mods and upgrades, tune-up related,can i do and should do? and will any of them affect anything else like for example if i put an ignition, coil,wires,and plugs do i have to upgrade fuel pressure and fuel system. Basically trying to get more HP one step at a time without costing too much at once.
  • Project neon is running outta money fast! I need more HP!
    has anyone tryed one of those cheap MAF chips off Ebay? Or that throttle body coolent bypass?
    I dont expect big gains but dose this really work?
  • xxx98neonxxx98neon Posts: 2
    I have the same problem,thing is this car just dosnt have alot of potential.So i wouldnt spend to much.
    If its a M/T the throttle body is 49mm the A/T is 52mm so pulling one from the junk yard or boreing yours out is easy,you can use a dremil.I also did the intake manifold. That along with a cold air intake and it will be able to breath alot better.thats the cheapest HP youll find.And it wont affect anything else.
    You can put on a aftermarket coil and sparkplug wires ect.but thats not gonna add HP unless your cars having some spark problems?
    Next id cover exhuast.The whole exhuast system on that car is a joke.A Header is a great upgrade.after the Cat its a straight shot till the gas tank,where it makes a "S" bend.Im gonna use a glasspack and eliminate the "S" bend.Its not as loud as you would think.It sounds okay with no muffler at all,but needs some back pressure.Just sliping on a euro muffler after the "S" bend wont change much but the sound.Hope some of that helps?Goodluck
  • me and a few of my buddys were talkin about engine swaps and one of them suggested putting the Crossfire SRT6 engine in my 95 Neon. i can get the engine for around $200 from the pick a part my buddy works at but i'll have to get the supercharger from mopar. i'm just wondering will that engine even fit into the engine bay and on the transaxle?
  • for starters id go with MP 7.5mm competition wires if ur lookin to save money or if u can spend a little more get Magnecor wires i think msd has the cheapest coil pack but good quality for the money a good upgrade thts not for a tune-up but would help and is cheaper get a mopar performance DOHC electronic control unit upgrade your spark plugs OEM Champions (RC9YC) for the money this would also be a very good add on look for the hks circle earth grounding system it put more grounding points in ur car help keep idle steady heres the web link i thts about all i can think of right now
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