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Toyota Tacoma 2004 and Earlier Frame Problem



  • KCRamKCRam Mt. Arlington NJPosts: 3,516
    A 1999 Tacoma would not get its frame replaced - that only applies to 2001-2004 models. The 1999 would be repurchased and scrapped, and as an owner after the program was announced, you would only be entitled to a repurchase price equal to what you paid for the truck. This was done to keep people from buying Tacomas from unsuspecting owners and rolling them over for the cash... those who own 1995-2000 trucks at the time the program was announced are entitled to 15 x the KBB Excellent value of the truck.

    kcram - Pickups/Wagons Host
  • kyle119kyle119 Posts: 1
    bruce41 - How bad was your frame? I just discovered my 2001 Tacoma frame has 2 fist size holes in it. I took it straight to the dealer and they took pictures and went through all the paperwork and sent it on up to Toyota to make a decision. They put me back in the truck until they heard something from Toyota. Did they offer you both a frame replacement or a buy back? I really hope they offer a buyback.
  • guzziv8guzziv8 Posts: 3
    Very informative site, thank you in advance to anyone with info. I bought a 2000 Tacoma Xcab in Jan of 2009 from a KIA dealership which was sold as a certified used vehicle so I was clearly not buying to take advantage of the buyback. In fact I was not aware of any such problems. The truck had 36,000 miles on it and was in excellent condition. Fast forward a year and 2 months and the crossmembers are almost completely rotted off and there are quite a large number of rot spots on the frame. This frame appeared in excellent condition when I purchased it. It's going in on Mon for an inspection but I gather the best I can hope for is a purchase price buyout? Which KBB price is used if it's used? Retail, Private Sale or Trade in? The one good thing is I think I overpayed for the truck. I really thought it would last me 200,000 miles.
  • doubleusndoubleusn Posts: 20
    After owning 3 Tacomas in a row, I just sold my 09 TRD DCab.

    1998 4x4 V6 SR5 XCab = Blew both rear axle seals twice.
    2002 4x4 V6 SR5 DCab = Axle seals, timing belt went early, frame replacement.
    2009 4x4 V6 TRD DCab = Build quality not what it use to be, tranny issue, rear leafs, and now Toyota's many recalls.

    In the end I think I gave it the 'old college try' but Toyota's quality is not what it use to be. In the old days the bed would rot out, but everything else was bulletproof. The $$ for these is no longer justified given the ever slipping quality, thus so many other vehicles are to know be considered.

    Toyota got too big too fast and quality and value slipped terribly.

  • KCRamKCRam Mt. Arlington NJPosts: 3,516
    As an owner after the program was announced (March 2008), all you will get is what you paid for it... make sure you have the original purchase receipt. The 1.5x KBB-Excellent offer is only for those who owned the truck when the program was announced.

    kcram - Pickups/Wagons Host
  • Well I got my rusted frame replacement operation
    done @ the Toyota dealership. Just as I thought,
    there are plenty of things they didn't get right or
    do very well. You just can't tear apart a truck like
    that & have it as good factory built.

    So the week I got mine back, I sold it. I understand
    some folks think owning a rebuilt is a great thing -
    and others like me want nothing to do with it.

    I wish everyone the best with this issue. :sick:
  • pbfj2010pbfj2010 Posts: 1
    edited April 2010
    Anyone contacted TOYOTA with a 99 that passed test and still got Toyota to buy back. My frame rot is significant compared to other 99's but no holes. Utah-CO truck. I'm going to take it into other dealers for second and 3rd opinions and find out what they know.
    My angle is why should I risk my family in a truck with an issue that may come up down the road and what if I'm too late in inspecting it.
  • guzziv8guzziv8 Posts: 3
    "As an owner after the program was announced (March 2008), all you will get is what you paid for it... make sure you have the original purchase receipt. The 1.5x KBB-Excellent offer is only for those who owned the truck when the program was announced." ...... As it turns out this is not true, at least in my case. My truck failed the test and I just received my offer and it's 1.5x KBB value. I have owned it 1 year and 4 months. The dealership manager said there are safeguards in place to prevent people trying to take advantage of the program but he did not go into detail. The representative I was assigned was very nice and it has gone smoothly so far. Sad to see my truck go and I am going to look at Toyota Tacomas mainly because of how this experience has gone.
  • KCRamKCRam Mt. Arlington NJPosts: 3,516
    That's certainly counter to what we have been told previously... the only scenario that would make sense is if the owner at the time the program was announced had the truck inspected and it was cleared by Toyota to stay on the road. By any chance, did you have a Carfax report on the truck when you purchased it? That mighyt show if the truck had been inspected.

    kcram - Pickups/Wagons Host.
  • guzziv8guzziv8 Posts: 3
    Well, I bought it from a major dealership and it did have a carfax report on it but nothing about the frame inspection was listed. When I say major dealership, it wasn't a Toyota dealership but it was a reputable car dealership, not one of those buy at the auction, 30 cars on the lot dealerships, if that makes any sense. It's possible it was cleared via inspection because the original owner had it three years and then passed away. The truck sat in the garage for the better part of 5 years except for the neighbor coming over and starting it up and using it for lawn maintainance for the widow. She then sold it to the neighbor for very little, he then traded it in within 2 months on a Dodge 4x4 and I purchased it from the dealer. When I bought it the frame was spotless, the whole truck was as new for that matter with only 32000 miles on it. As it sits right now it looks like it's a two year old truck with a few dings and rubs. The frame actually looks great except where the gas tank and rear shock mounts are. It is really going to hell there and they did put a hammer through the frame in a few spots. I figured the buyout at 12000 and change if it was the 1.5x KBB and thats the offer I got to the dollar. The only sad part is after paying off my loan I don't think I can afford a new Toyota Xcab and the used market has really been depleted by this.
  • ejsegravejsegrav Posts: 5
    I have a 2001 with the frame rust problem. Diagnosis is that I need a new frame. The service dept said that all Toyota would do for me is a new frame. I am leary of having that drastic of surgery done on my truck so I am pushing the dealer for a trade in.

    Anyone get Toyota to actually give them the MSRP for their truck? Was it MSRP from the original purchase price or todays price? Did you have to go to the regional Toyota office of a local dealer?

    Any guidance regarding my options?

  • I took my 2001 Tacoma in on a whim for the frame inspection and they found a small hole on the drivers side before the rear tire. The dealer took photos and in 2 days had the ok to replace the frame. It took one week to get the frame and another 10 days to do the work. They paid for a loner, they even let me get a truck from Enterprise. The only problem I had was the 2 inch lift I had on the truck. I had an "add a leaf" that they could not put back due to some policy that they could not modify the new Toyota leaf spring. You get new leaf springs and control arms with the frame replacement. All in all everything worked out great. I am the 2nd owner and the truck has 76k on it. Total cost at the dealer Zero! They even put new rear shocks I brought in for free.">
  • gusottogusotto Posts: 6
    edited April 2010
    Count yourself as lucky!
    I had the frame replaced on my 2001 AC and couldn't be happier.
    Lots of new parts. Frame, Lower Control Arms, Rear springs, brake lines, e-brake cable, new antifreeze, brake fluid, A/C recharge, free labor.
    Took 4 days from dropping off the truck.
    I had new shocks added (You pay for the shocks but the installation labor is free.)
    Truck rides like new and NO new car payment!

    A 2001-2004 Tacoma will get the frame replacement if it fails. No option of a buy-back.

    Replacing the frame isn't any big deal. Trained mechanic is working with new parts, the same parts they replace everyday.

    The mechanic saw the bill sent to Toyota.
    Over $11,000!
    Glad I didn't have to pay for the frame replacement.
  • jenner1jenner1 Posts: 1
    I contacted my dealer very early in the process with my 2001 Taco and both the dealer and my case worker named Autumn stalled and stalled and only just recently was I able to get my inspection done and of course it failed.Since the time of first contact and now I see many 01 & 02 owners have been able to get 150% KBB, but it now appears Toy only wants to replace the frames.
    Any one had any luck in fighting this? Is there any movement to get a class action suit to push Toy to do the right thing?
  • gusottogusotto Posts: 6
    Anyone with a 2001-2004 who got the 150% KBB would have been early in the program. Buy-back is now available only to 1995.5-2000 Tacomas.
    2001-2004 Tacomas get the frames replaced. They have replacement frames for them. Not so with the 1995.5-2000 Tacomas.
    Toyota is doing the right thing with the no cost frame replacement. Lots of new parts.
  • HOBPHOBP Posts: 7
    Frame was replaced on my 2002 TRD D-Cab in February 2009 (Note: Was the FIRST replacement done at that dealer). List of parts on my invoice included: Qty 1: 46420-35542 - "CABLE ASSY, PARKI" - also saw same part # on another poster's provided list.

    Was setting my Parking Brake last week when the handle pulled out a foot - almost in my lap. Mechanic took a look under and said the front cable was broken - fully rusted through at a point near the grommet. Said rear cable looks OK / a LOT newer.

    So - my question is - did the "CABLE ASSY, PARKI" included with the Frame Replacement Kit include BOTH front and rear cables, or JUST the rear. If both then maybe my dealer for whatever reason did not receive the front and just put the old failing one back? (I rarely use the P-Brake and probably only pulled it 2 - 3 times in the past year, and not as hard as that last time.)

    If so, can't believe they would be that careless/stupid (probably had a separate one in stock), but then nowadays....

    If any of you know the answer please advise.

    Thanks Much!
  • fandogfandog Posts: 1
    Does anyone know if the Tacoma Buy Back program is still going on?
    This is the program where Toyota is supposed to buy back your rusted out Tacoma for 150% of the KBB value?
  • Had my frame replaced last summer on my 2001 Taco and this April my first state inspection since the replacement, the inspector pulled the P-brake and he had to pull it really far out for it to hold enough to pass. My problem was that it wouldn't release all the way and you could feel the drag when u hit the gas to accelerate. Thought it had something to do with the cable they replaced so brought it into the dealer to check it out. Well it wasn't the cable it was the part that the cable pulls that swivels on a pin and is spring loaded. Come to find out the pin had rusted up, probably because i never use the P-brake except at inspection time. Dealership said it would be 3 hours of labor to do the job at at RATE of 104.00 a hr. I can see that the recession hasn't effected the dealerships at all, lol. Well being out of work right now, i didn't want to spend that much right now so they reset the brake so it wasn't engaged at all, just can't pull it again or it will stick again. At least this gives me till next april to get it fixed.
  • HOBPHOBP Posts: 7

    Bought my 2002 Taco used 09/04 - 67K miles on it - mostly highway. P-Brake giving problems 11/07 due (according to dealer) I hardly ever used it - "need to actuate frequently to maintain functioning & lube etc". Parts you refer to / your dealer wanted to replace are bell crank / pivots - they replaced mine along w/ the mount bracket / re-surfaced rear drums / cleaned & lubed rear backing plates at ttl cost $459.20 - labor at the time (Upstate NY) was $70.00/hr.

    Then 01/09 the P-Brake light would not go out (the FEW times I used it) and dealer had to "free up rear brake pivots". One can of "Penetrate Spray" at $6.00 and a FULL HOUR labor to spray it on / hang around for the "free up" - $72.50/hr.

    Before doing anything I will wait to hear more here re my original P-Brake cable(s) question related to my Frame Replacement, but after the eventual fix (same situation as you - out of work) I do intend to use it regularly - and will periodically lube all of the connections (pivots / cranks / whatever).
  • redspecialredspecial Posts: 1
    I have a 2002 Tacoma with 31,000 miles on it. Last month I took it to my local dealership for a frame inspection, it passed and they sprayed the special frame coating to protect the frame. Since then, dirty white goo (looks like dirty wax) has been dripping from the frame on to my garage floor. I wasn't concerned at first but its been going on for a month, I would of thought this would of dried up by now but it just keeps coming. Has anyone else had this same problem? What is this stuff and should I take it back to the dealer? I would appreciate any advice.
  • tunapete1tunapete1 Posts: 3
    Frame rusted through. Dealer said i will have to pay 2k+ for parts. ?? What parts does the new frame come with. Afraid Toyota dealer will charge me for parts that come with new frame. Toyota case manager rep in Calif ,Kevin, was the most rude person I have ever had to deal with. Sure makes me not want to buy another Toyota. 95-2000 owners you were very lucky. 2001-04 new frames but we will have to BUY parts from Toyota to fix our vehicles. Dealer said he would only give me 5K for veh but minus 2k for the parts = 3k for trade in. What a rip off. Thanks Toyota for nothing!!!!
  • medic44medic44 Posts: 9
    We had our frame replaced on '01 Tacoma and Toyota paid 100% of the replacement, around DO NOT have to pay for Toyota parts they replace while replacing the frame...they will make you pay for aftermarket add ons...basically you get a new front end with the frame replacement, our dealership did a great job and haven't had any problems with the truck.........yet. Sounds like the dealer is trying to stick it to you!
  • ejsegravejsegrav Posts: 5
    I have a 2001 that just had the frame replaced and paid for shocks and a emergency brake cable. Toyota paid for everything else including springs and a bunch of other stuff (parts were a page long). My only issues is now it rides pretty stiff like it did 10 years ago. I still can't believe they just didn't give me a deal on a new truck.
  • mcalauttmcalautt Posts: 67
    thats because its cheaper for them to replace your frame than buy it back or give you money toward a new one.
  • 01tacowr01tacowr Posts: 4
    edited June 2010
    Hi guys,

    Newbie on this forum..

    I have a 2001 Tacoma. I was told today by a muffler shop that I'm basically driving a ticking time bomb. That my frame could cave in any day. Next month will be 5yrs I have the truck and the last thing I want to do is sell/trade it. I'm getting mixed results on whether Toyota will repair/replace my frame free of charge or require me to pay for the parts/labor. Do I just call and make an appointment with Toyota? Is there some legal document stating they must pay? I didn't know so many other Taco owners were have the same issue as me. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
  • There's a large list of parts that are included with the frame swap out. If you have any parts that need to be replaced that aren't on the list you will need to pay for the part, but the labor is free usually. Also if you want things like new shocks, timing chain and such done you have a chance to get it done with only paying for the parts only. When they did my '01 Taco i had bought a new rear bumper online and they installed it for free. I had no other parts that weren't on the list that needed to be replaced so it cost me nothing for the whole thing to be done. Plus loved the free rental car they give you also.
  • 01tacowr01tacowr Posts: 4
    Toyota is replacing the frame on my 01 Tacoma. They have set me up with a rental. I'm glad they didn't give me any problems. Basically, my frame was rated at 8 out of 10 with 10 being the worst. I didn't know it was that bad until I had the muffler replaced. Thank you guys for pointing me in the right direction.
  • gusottogusotto Posts: 6
    edited June 2010
    Report him to Toyota Headquarters!

    I had my 2001 frame replaced and I knew what would come in the replacement.
    Frame, rear springs, lower control arms, emergency brake cable, hardware, free labor. Free parts!

    I did have the f/r shocks replaced as they had 100,000 miles on them and the labor is free. They are going through the same work operation anyway and it's easier and quicker with new parts.

    While apart, the clutch was replace with a labor savings. Easier with everything out of the truck.

    Parts I bought were clutch, f/r shocks, fuel filter.

    You get new brake fluid, A/C recharge and new antifreeze, all free!

    Total cost sent to Toyota was over $11,000.
    I have a "new" 2001 Tacoma now.

    Don't let your dealer take advantage of you. Plenty of info on the internet if you check.
  • crapyotacrapyota Posts: 1
    Hi new member here and I am looking for some help. So yesterday I went by my local dealership and scheduled a frame inspection for my 01 single cap tacoma and was told that if it failed it would get a new frame. The guy at the service department gave me a 800 number to call if I wanted to try for the buy back. So I called the number filed my complaint and was assigned a case number.I took it into the local dealer today for the frame inspection and like I had figured it failed. My assigned case manger (Tiffany Bishop) contacted me this afternoon and told me first that they had never bought back a 01 to 04 tacoma. Then I told her that I had seen in several forums online that there were people out there that did get their 01 to 04 tacomas bought back. She then changed it to that they had bought some back but it was just before the frame program started. Now I am waiting on a call from tiffany's boss kristi. So what I am trying to figure out has anyone been able to get there truck bought back recently? Also does anyone know how much it cost toyota to do a new frame on my truck? I have researched the value on my truck and it is below the 10 to 13 thousand that i have heard it cost . So why does toyota want to spend the extra money to fix a truck thats worth less than the repair?
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