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Toyota Tacoma 2004 and Earlier Frame Problem



  • medic44medic44 Posts: 9
    We had our frame replaced on our '01 Tacoma and the invoice we received for Toyota to replace it was around $11K, have not had any problems....YET. We argued and fought with Toyota to do buy back to no avail.....Good Luck!
  • HOBPHOBP Posts: 7

    Please see my posts 05/11 & 05/17. Appreciate u adz if BOTH the front & rear emerg brake cables were replaced on ur Taco - Thx!
  • *** :( tunapete1 wrote…

    “ Frame rusted through. Dealer said i will have to pay 2k+ for parts. ?? What parts does the new frame come with. Afraid Toyota dealer will charge me for parts that come with new frame. Toyota case manager rep in Calif ,Kevin, was the most rude person I have ever had to deal with. Sure makes me not want to buy another Toyota. 95-2000 owners you were very lucky. 2001-04 new frames but we will have to BUY parts from Toyota to fix our vehicles. Dealer said he would only give me 5K for veh but minus 2k for the parts = 3k for trade in. What a rip off. Thanks Toyota for nothing!!!! ”

    *** :) rustedframe wrote…

    When the Toyota dealership did my rusted frame replacement,
    I made it VERY CLEAR I would not pay 1 penny for anything,
    they agreed there was no costs to me & I in fact write on the paper
    work they had me sign, above my name – “customer not to pay
    any charges, fees or costs of any kind ”.

    I then picked up my completed repaired truck (after careful inspection)
    drove it home, posted it on craigslists & sold it….…at a profit!
  • tcincytcincy Posts: 28
    I wouldn't settle for anyting less than a full replacement under their extended Warranty.

    When they agreed to buy back any 1994-2000, Tacoma, they also EXTENDED the warranties to 15 years, for ANY subsequent Tacoma, starting in 1999.
    How many parts does it take to fasten a frame in place - are you kidding me?
    $ 2,000.00

    If your frame is rusting through and it's only 8 years old, I'd raise hell with Toyota, and tell them they either replace everything affected, or I will find me a lawyer willing to take this case on a class-action basis.

    Thousands of Tacoma owners have been affected by rusted frames - some slight - some major. I wouldn't put up $ 2,000.00 after buying thier product.
  • shandershander Posts: 2
    My new 2010 Tacoma sits in my drive way. I had to surrender my 98 tacoma to the local toyota dealership due to terminal frame rot. NO ONE should allow anyone to put a new frame under it. Toyota needs to buy it back as there is such a high level of liability involved. However, after reading several of the posts here I wish I had read them before I purchased another tacoma. I just saw a recall on the 2010s on the front drive shaft and I felt I didn't get the incentives I should have gotten to buy another tacoma. I should have played hard to get, but time was running out. Once I accepted the check from toyota I would also have to give back my loaner. I needed a way to get to work. Now I need to know who I can write to at the corporate level and find out if they have the power to change a few things on the deal I made and offer up a few more incentives. I did not want another payment as I have just gotten back to work after searching for a job for over a year. My dealer thought he was doing me a big favor by selling me my truck for $300 under invoice. I guess I had sucker written all over my face. Anyone have any suggestions on who to write to?????? :mad:
  • doubleusndoubleusn Posts: 20
    There is nobody. The names you see floating around here are third party reps.

    I had an 02 that became an 09, as a result of the frame recall.

    Toyota also threatened me with taking loners away, etc.

    Toyota does not care IMHO.

    Vote with your wallet. I sold the 09 a year after.

    Lifetime Toyota customer... Gone!!!
  • mcalauttmcalautt Posts: 67
    basically doubleusn is right.. they dont care... the rep I talked to actually gave me a hard time. your lucky yours was a 98.. anyone over 2001 has to get the frame replaced.
    I had mine bought back and it was a 2001 but I fought hard and it was just as they were acknowledging 2000 and up..
    they threatend me with a frame replacment.
  • mancuso2mancuso2 Posts: 2
    owner of 2004 Taco took vehicle to toyota scion of Scranton, Pa 3 weeks ago ,also had a frame hammer test in 2008 came up w/extensive rust then. reps name Diane Hoffman. Her exact words on its way out.2010 test 3 weeks came back failed frame. Getting run around w/frame replacement had 5 different case numbers, want to get in volved in class action law suit. We as taco owners have to stick together; no frame replacements. don,t want a $3-$4000 bill up my back for a vehicle i had in mind to keep for many more years to come. Does everyone know they are taking entire vehicle apart and putting back together w/rusted parts.I am in no position to fix this vehicle or purchase a new one.
  • shandershander Posts: 2
    I wonder what would happen if a letter showed up in the local newspaper telling my story and stating that it is only one of many similar stories.... and then go on to say how I was treated and the deal that I got. Do you think it would get me in a lot of hot water?/???
  • andreacandreac Posts: 1
    Ok, so really I am so surprised at the continuous problems we have had with our truck...starting probably about 6,000 miles when the tailgate failed to open, after putting a load of dirt in it...mud flaps feel off just driving on our dirt road, along with both horns fell out in the snow one day, now the horn no longer works, first time the wire was broken, now no horn, the compass and degree gauge glitched out and not longer works, the airbag light has been on for awhile now, the fenders flap since they are bolted together with plastic, my husban had to zip tie them, by drilling new holes, since they just broke due to driving vibration? Alright so the real kicker is this, the truck has been making loud noises the last month, when you go over the bumps...took it to my shop, couldn't find a problem...a few weeks pass, my husband looses all powersteering of the truck. stops immediately, see the resevoir is empty...strange we service the truck all the time, fills it up and see if it responds, looses all fluid...we tow to Toyota...Guess what the FRAME is broken!!!!!!!!!! What, how can that be??????????????????
    We only 75,000 miles on this truck and owe over $10,000 still, they tell me $9,000 new frame, along with powersteering pump etc. several more thousand....but get this, they said they will pay for 1/2 of the frame...what ? why? Is it defective?
    I have no warranty, but they are saying we'll pay 1/2, that just shows that it is their fault and we aren't going to take that. It is not fair to sell us junk, and charge us a fortune for it....Going to the top, hopefully that will do something? I am loosing my Faith in Toyota
  • aillonaillon Posts: 10
    Hi Everyone,

    So I have deposit on a 01 Tacoma with 84k. It already has a new frame in place, with a new muffler and rear shocks. Car has some rust but not much. I am only paying 8k for it. Sounds like a fair deal that I can drive to 150k.

    Am i making the wrong choice?
  • tcincytcincy Posts: 28
    edited July 2010
    I am 56 years old. I have owned about 20 used cars and 2 new vehicles.

    I don't think it matters what the YEAR the vehicle's HOW MANY MILES ARE ON IT and how well has it been maintained?

    84,000 miles isn't a huge amount on a car that's 9 years old. That's only 9,000 miles a year...- not alot.

    The key is: Has the car had REGULAR oil and oil filter changes?
    Has the car been well-maintained?

    In 1999 I purchased a '99 Tacoma, had the oil/filter changed EVERY 3,000 miles.
    When a belt broke I replaced THEM ALL. When a hose broke I replaced THEM ALL. I put 141,000 miles on it with mostly normal maintenance was a really dependable truck, but then, I helped it by replacing these items before they caused a problem.

    I found out about the "rust" buyback and was lucky enough to sell it to Toyota in 2008, for $ 8K. If not for that....I was the original owner and KNEW it had been well-maintained and was fairly confident it would have lasted until 200,000 miles.

    I know someone who has a '90 Ford Ranger. It's 20 years old...HOWEVER...
    he has given it regular oil changes/filter changes and regular maintenace.
    it just turned 200,000 miles.

    lst thing I do after buying an old car is "have the oil and filter changed" immediately.

    It doesn't matter if the previous owner said it had a recent oil change or not - I do it RIGHT I KNOW it has just had one !

    2nd thing I do is have ALLTHE BELTS AND HOSES REPLACED.
    If the vehicle has 50,000 or more miles on it, and I know the hoses and belts are original, or appear to be old - I replace them all. Yes, it's an expense.
    But it's just a matter of time before a belt or hose wear outs and breaks, causing either overheating, breakdown and/or tow truck to garage - in short - headaches.

    Having hoses replaced also means the radiator coolant/anti-freeze will be replaced! These items will help an older car get a "new lease" on life from the get-go.

    That's what I did with a 2001 Mitsubishi Eclipse I purchased for a teen in 2007.
    It had 52,000 miles on it. I knew the owner but decided to have the oil and filter changed right away, have all the hoses and belts replaced right away because they were original and would wear out "anytime". The car now has 113,000 and I have no reason to believe it won't last to 200,000 miles.
  • tunapete1tunapete1 Posts: 3
    Truck in shop 5/28 Picked up on 7/9, new frame. only had to put new shocks on rear 85 bucks.. I think dealer was trying to make me buy new veh with threat of 2K of parts. I still wish they gave me 10k towards a new truck. Now I have a pu with 138K and still not worth that much for trade in. Thanks for all comments as info is important when talking with the dealer. They can't give you a snowjob... Tks Pete
  • gscott13gscott13 Posts: 1
    my 2001 tacoma is at the dealership now awaiting a new frame. when i brought it in, i also intended to have some additional work done and was unsure if i should call them on the estimate i received... just wondering if they are trying to slip a couple of things through by billing both toyota corp. and me for the same thing...

    one of the things it needed a four wheel alignment (not horribly out of alignment). in my head, i'm thinking that this would be happening anyway given they are stripping everything off of the frame...

    the other item is the replacement of the right rear emergency brake pivot and bell crank... i've seen people reference the e-brake in other posts, but was unsure if this is the same thing...

    lastly, i guess, are there any questions in particular i should be asking about things they should be doing that they might try to slip through that i should specifically ask about? admittedly, i don't know much at all about vehicles and would appreciate any guidance...


  • tunapete1tunapete1 Posts: 3
    you get veh alignment. They tried to make me pay for emg brake pivot fix but I lube mine so they were loose. Many are frozen. If they are frozen take some PB Blaster and a hammer and loosen them up slow. They will free up in time. Have to keep them lubes or they will freeze up. Good time to replace shocks.
  • houdini1houdini1 Kansas City areaPosts: 7,472
    Is there somewhere on the net that you can check by Vin. to see if the frame has been replaced?

    2013 LX 570 2016 LS 460

  • mrbill1957mrbill1957 Posts: 823
    I haven't seen any list, and I doubt any list will ever be published.

    Keep in mind, the frame replacement is just that, a replacement. It falls under the same category as any other warranty part Toyota replaces. Sure it's a big job, but the truck wasn't in an accident so the truck won't be on any lists showing damage as if it was in an accident.
  • Just learned from Toyota this evening that my 2003 Extended Cab frame is eligible for replacement due to rust perforation. Before I call them back to discuss options, can people share their stories/strategies for negotiating with Toyota for fare treatment. Last spring/summer I spent 3 months researching the purchase of my 2003, and after testing 2001's with replacement frames I vowed I'd buy a newer one because the trucks I drove just didn't feel "right". Now after just 11 months of owning this one, it's destined for the same fate.

    Has anyone been successful in getting them to either honor the 1.5 KBB replacement value or offer comparable credit towards a tradein for a new/used Toyota.

  • egduttonegdutton Posts: 2
    edited September 2010
    I just learned of the rusty frame issue and called my VIN into Toyota and was told it was not included in frame recall. I don't see any signs of rust but live in very dry climate so leaves me wondering if I'm getting the straight story. Are there some other 2002s that are known not to have the frame problem and are not included in the recall?

    Mine is a 4x4 SR5 Standard Cab and has been a great truck with 89K mi

    Thanks. Glad to have found this forum

    Ells Dutton
    Boulder, CO
  • as far as the 2002 is concerned it should be covered but i dont think they will do a frame replacement if the original is still ok..

    for the 2003, they will replace the frame.. you can kiss the 1.5KBB goodbye.
    they wont buy back any trucks that they can do a frame swap on it..
    anything after 2000 i know for sure they will replace the frame.
    I had a 2001 and i fought with them hard and got them to buy it back but i was just lucky because I fell in just prior to them deciding to do the frame replacement.
    they even offered to do the replacement for me and I said no.
    that was almost 2 years ago.
  • I just had my frame replaced last week on my '01 dbl cab prerunner. Turns out that the new frames for this configuration only are faulty and result in a severely uneven rear that droops down on the driver's side. My dealership finally recognizes that there is a serious issue and is dealing with corporate. Has anyone else discovered this issue?
  • Just had my 2001 Tacoma frame replaced. Not 2 miles out of the dealership, brake & check engine lights go on. Took it back, the hand break bracket was reattached (their mistake) but I paid $450 for a new sensor, which they said "might" have been knocked out during reassembly. However, that repair was on my dime. 18 miles out of the dealship after this fix, check engine light goes back on & they determine I need a new catalytic converter, over $1000! I think Toyota or the newly renovated dealership is slowly having me pay for the frame replacement!

    (Will be taking the truck to my local & trusted mechanic today.)

    This was the one vehicle we had without ANY problems until Toyota got it's hands on it again!
  • I just got my 2002 Tacoma back from its fram replacement on Saturday October 2. It has this exact problem. The rear on the drivers side is considerable lower than the other side. It looks like something is broken. Dauange, has your dealership taken any corrective action? What did corporate say? I haven't taken my back to the dealership yet.
  • David, I have a 2004 Taco in for frame replacement. 3 MONTHS !!! has any other Taco owners experienced this length of time ???? I have requested a buy back from any one who will listen a Toyota (which isn't many). Today, I am writing the president of Toyota USA, might as well write Obama. I do not hold much hope for any help. Toyota must have forgotten the TMS. These people cant make a product that does not get recalled. The only recourse is to vote with our dollars next vehicle purchase while letting everyone who will listen about the poor response from Toyota.

    Any reasonable customer service will be listed here. So far I haven't seen any.

    Sorry for the bad news.
  • See the link below for info about expensive repairs of the catalytic converter and the car computer (ECU), imposed on some owners due to Toyota'a production defects leading to error codes P0420 and P0430 in many pre-2004 models:
  • gberkstressergberkstresser Posts: 6
    edited October 2010
    I have an '04 in for a frame replacement. I have been refused a buy back. The dealer will not even have the parts for 2.5 months. I was told by Toyota customer service that there are no buy backs since the parts are available. Does 2.5 months sound like "available" to a normal person. When I called back to Toyota customer service to instruct the customer service rep that the parts are not available (2.5 months). She said that it was only shipping delays. I believe that you could ship parts around the world several times by car and boat in that time period. I have sent Jim Lentz (president of Toyota USA) a letter about no buyouts and the inconvenience of not having a truck. This is a cold weather state and firewood needs to be hauled. (not this year), I am loosing $2K due to Toyota poor quality. Plan was to get a new truck next year, I have to research where the nearest Ford dealer is located.

    Of course in the order of fairness, I will let Edmonds know what (if anything) Mr. Lentz' response is when it arrives.
  • KCRamKCRam Mt. Arlington NJPosts: 3,516
    Unfortunately, "available" means that the parts are still in production, not that they are ready for immediate delivery. That's why 2001-04 Tacomas are getting frame replacements.

    kcram - Pickups/Wagons Host
  • thanks for the feedback. I guess that this is the new Toyota level of customer service (three month is acceptable level of service). It's like they are happiest when you are off the line or out of the dealership. I.e. I was promised a 4 wheel drive pickup (same as my Tacoma) over a week ago. I told them that I live almost a mile back on a 1 lane dirt road (my little farm) and cant get to my house without a 4WD vehicle. This is true statement. I guess I will have to call the dealer for a ride once the snow flies, or wait for my wife picks me up in her Jeep Grand Cherokee. Needless to say I am dissapointed in the level of customer service that Toyota has provided. I will provide facts about my Toyota experience in this great forum until this ordeal is over.

    I am still waiting for a reply from Toyota USA president Jim Lentz.
  • Just picked up my Tacoma today.

    While shopping for a new small 4X4 p/u back Christmas time 2001, I had tested some Rangers that were much better equipped and comparable prices. The top-of-the-line Ranger that I almost bought was loaded with a 4.0L V6.

    I choose the Tacoma with the 2.7 for it's name only. The salesman who sold it to me showed me where all the lights were, buttons, etc; and said "If the check engine light ever came on to give him a call, he'd never seen one come on." Like an idiot I felt confident in his assertions. I was a long-haul trucker back then and the truck sat at the yard for months on end until I got home. 4 years and 37,000 miles after purchase my check-engine-light came on and stayed on. A free test showed a bad O2 sensor. I asked the mechanic how much and he said $120.00 but to not bother because they eat them like candy. The truck's now eight years old with only 56,000 miles on it and the idiot light has glowed the last 4 years.

    At 4 years and 41,000 miles my factory exhaust fell apart to the tune of $500.00.

    At 5 years and 48,000 miles my rear bumper rotted off. Oil leaks started to develop.

    At 8 years and 56,000 miles the frame has been replaced but the dealer's shop couldn't get the right shock off and they had to cut it off and I had to buy the new shock for $115.00. The truck had sit out in their repair lot for over a month and the breaks had seized up and I had to pay for a new caliper and master-cylinder. Total bill for a "Free" frame came to $1052.00 for a new shock, new bumper, and new breaks . Took them two months to complete all the work.

    Those Tacoma television ads drive me crazy!!
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