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Toyota Tacoma 2004 and Earlier Frame Problem



  • Since my previous post, my frame replaced lopsided tacoma has spent 2 weeks in the body shop taking measurements to determine what is wrong with the frame. I got the truck back when I needed it for a vacation (kids' stuff and the rental Carolla don't go together). Once I got back, I called to touch base and they said that the District rep from corporate wanted to come and see it before anything is done. He isn't free till the middle of Nov. Now today I get a call that the body shop lost all of the frame measurements and needs it back to re-measure everything. This is starting to get pretty old. Whenever they have my truck i can't go deer hunting...maybe I can put my ATV on the roof of the rental car...
  • I think you should push your dealer for a 'truck' rental car. You shouldn't miss anything. This is all a Toyota issue. Get them to pay for it.
  • Just got my 2003 tacoma 4WD back with a new frame a week ago ,pleased is a understatment .

    I took it in they told me it failed and would need a new frame .
    I freaked being a machanic and knowing what was involed . But really had no choice after calling Tayota hotline on the recall notice .

    They said the frame and all the parts would take about 4 weeks to come in and almost to the day they called and the new frame had come in to the dealership .

    I drop it off they gave me a new Camary with 1000 mile on it free of charge to drive ,it took them 5 days and they called and said it was ready .

    I spent quite a bit of time checking over the truck before signing the paper work and also demanded a test drive with a tech before accepting the truck back .

    Well to my amazement the truck drives like a ''dream'' ,they replaced most moving parts ,break and fuel lines ,springs ,I bought my own shocked and struts they installed free of charge with rebate for 150 for new Gabrials all the way around .

    The shocker I had to sign the bill they sent to Toyota to be paid by the company for the work ''$11,375'' bucks,that's eleven thousand

    I bought the truck used in 05 for 12,000 bucks wholesale through a dealer friend .

    Never a day of trouble with the vehicle .

    I have a brand new freaking truck underneath ,only complaint is with all new suspension including Springs paid for by Toyota is it rides much harder now but will calm down in time .

    Yes a little ticked I had to go through all this but let's face it I got a tons of stuff done on the truck for free that may have had to be done down the road being 7 yrs olds .
    I was told at the dealership they have special trained techs this is all they do day in and out .

    I have a feeling some of the negitive posts on here are from American truck owners bashing .
  • iewiiiiewiii Posts: 3
    yep had new frame put under my 2004 taco drivers side sitting 2" lower then passengers side,the dealership is sending it to a frame shop and they said they have been having this problem.I have a call into toyota and waiting to hear back,I sugest everyone with this problem call them!
  • Just looked at my 99 Tacoma and it did not look to bad (some rust) until I looked at the area above the drivers side rear spring mount. The inside wall of the frame above the forward spring mount is rusted away. An a approx 6" long x 3" hole in the frame. I am having the dealership look at it monday. Is this enough to warrant a buy back?
  • jpm53jpm53 Posts: 1
    I own both a 2000 Tundra 4x4 and a 2000 Tacoma 2x4. The good news is that I just go my Tundra back after seven weeks in the shop. New frame, new exhaust from the CAT back, new brake lines, etc. Ran great. Took it on a road trip and the check engine light pops on. Inefficient CAT. Hmmmm. Dealer reset it, and we'll see what happens. There is some remaining rusting parts on the underside (backing plates for disc brakes), but they won't replace them! Anybody else have this experience?

    The bad news is that I took my Tacoma in today, just to have it checked, not thinking that it too had a problem. I was wrong. They would not give it back to me! Gave me a loaner and told me Toyota would be in touch. They mentioned 150% of Kelly BB value. Is that retail value? I'm not a very happy camper. Truck was in great shape otherwise and will be difficult to replace with something comparable even at 150%!
  • tcincytcincy Posts: 28
    edited November 2010
    In August, 2008 I took my 1999 Tacoma to the dealer for radiator flush & fill and a few other things. A service guy called me later in the day and said, "We can't service your Tacoma because of a rusted frame issue, and you can't drive it either". Needless to say I was pissed. I drove to the dealer, and they informed me of the 1995-1999 rusty frame buyback at 150% excellent retail. Being suspicious, I at first said, no thanks and raised hell and demanded to see the Service Mgr. whom I advised NO ONE WAS KEEPING MY TRUCK. He agreed, and said the service guy shouldn't have told me I couldn't have my car back.

    Upon further review....the offer was legit. I had 140,000 miles on my '99 but I kept it in excellent shape, outside looked good, interior looked excellent, engine was clean, and I changed oil EVERY 3,000 miles (at no small expense).

    However, I did the math, and checked blue book and figured out that IF they were telling the truth by the 150% excellent retail value, they would have to offer me
    $ 8,990 for a 9 year old truck with 140,000 miles that would probably have gotten
    $ 3,500 - $ 4,000 for if I sold it to another person. They verified without me telling them my figures - sure enough, they offered me $ 8,900 PLUS $ 1,000 more if I purchased another Tacoma within 60 days (or $2,000 if I bought a Tundra).
    I took the deal, drove my old Tacoma out of there...for a week or so while the paperwork got done in Texas, then dropped the Tacoma off at the dealer and yes, they gave me a check for $ 8,990, a certificate good for $1,000 / $2,000 AND a loaner for 30 days.

    I bought a 2009 Tacoma, used the $ 9,990 and paid $ 6,000 for a NEW Tacoma.

    However, I purchased the Tacoma from another dealer, because the experience of the service guy telling me I could not and would not drive my old Tacoma away from the dealer....left a bad taste in my mouth. Any Tacoma dealer, at the time, honored the $ 1,000 certificate.
  • well after the dealer having my taco for a month and sending it to a frame shop with everbody scratching thier heads on how to fix my lopsided truck now toyota reps came out to inspect it and decided to replace the replacement frame so it has to go back in once the new frame comes in.Toyotas new comercial says "JUST ASK A TOYOTA OWNER" yea go ahead ask me!
  • Yeah, same here. Toyota Corporate finally admitted this week that there are some frames being welded with suspension attachments in the wrong places. They are putting another new frame under mine. At this point they would have been much better off to have done the buyout on my 2001.
  • Dear JPM,
    The buyback on the recall paperwork stated 150% retail. Good luck getting a buy back. My 2004 has been gone for almost 2 months. I have had rental trucks (Dodge and Chevy) at cost to Toyota. I filled 2 tickets with Toyota customer service requesting a buy back, no luck. I am told that the frame replacement is $12000 and the rental will be close to $4000. I would have taken the $16000 and applied it toward a new Tacoma. I also wrote to the president of Toyota USA when this all began. He must be too busy with all the recalls to respond.
    So I wish you good luck with the buyback $$ and if you get it, take it. Let us here on Edmonds know. Thanks
  • I picked up my Tacoma last week. It is perfect. No lean and rides perfectly. Although the dealer did try to get me to buy a $414 muffler which was not needed. I got the truck inspected the next day. But, overall my truck is back and should provide additional years of service. Aside from the frame, I have not had a single problem.
    I did write Toyota USA president a letter,but, to date. I have not received a reply.
  • After getting my 02 Tacoma back in August the new frame is bent. Two body shops verified the bent frame. The dealership still giving me the run around on getting a second new frame.
    I have lost all respect for the toyota brand.
  • I dropped off my 2001 Tacoma at Toyota of Runnemede for frame inspection on Friday morning, December 18. I was told the inspection and application of the corrosion-resistant treatment would be a 2 day service.

    I asked about a loaner and was told that if I had full coverage on my truck, they would be able to provide a loaner at no charge, so far so good.

    I got a call at approximately 4 PM from the service agent telling me to go ahead and hold on to the loaner as my truck had perforations in the frame. I was truck is in very good to excellent condition. He informed me that they would be submitting pictures of my truck's frame to Toyota along with my proof of ownership, VIN and other pertinent information.

    I asked the service agent what the next course of action was. He told me that once they submitted all my information to Toyota they would wait for authorization to replace the frame. I expressed concern but was told this was a good thing, the truck would be like new and they should have authorization by Wednesday the 22nd.

    I began doing research online and stumbled upon this forum...lots of good information. I read every post on all 104 pages, that should give you some indication of my level of concern. I now feel better informed and what I can (should) expect from my dealer...thanks to all of you.

    Well today is the 22nd and I did not hear from the service agent at Toyota of Runnemede. I am off on Friday (Christmas Eve), I intend to pay them a visit and hopefully get some more information...I'll keep you posted.
  • Good luck. I have a 2001 Prerunner with 98,000 miles that they swapped out the frame back in May and it took 2 weeks once they received the frame to install. While it is true that now I have a new frame along with all the brake lines, bolts and other hardware I am beginning to feel other problems may be lurking. My trans stated slipping a couple months back and now my check engine light just went on. I am not a happy camper at this point. I wish they would have taken the money it was going to cost to swap the frame (that can't be cheap), give me a loaner for 2 weeks, pay me blue book value and just give me a good deal on a new truck. Now I have a 10 year old truck that, I feel, is starting to fall apart. My feelings for Toyota have definately soured.
  • I'm with 01 Tacoma had the frame replaced back in the summer. They had it for 1 month in which they placed me in a loaner. My truck had 112k miles and I would had preferred cash or a nice deal on a Tacoma. Toyota never approached me with either option. I didn't feel too good about everything. I sold the truck and I don't miss it at all. Not sure if I would buy another Tacoma, I would hate to go through this all over again.
  • ratb33ratb33 Posts: 1
    edited February 2011
    Unfortunately, when this recall first took place the dealer I went to to check out my 1995 4WD Tacoma told me it was a lifetime warranty or there was no deadline and that is the way I took it. I just recently was about to purchase new tires and thought I would get my frame checked just in case. Sure enough at the right rear spring shackle there was complete deteriation. I then went to a different local Toyota dealer to tell them about the problem and this is where I found out my truck had 15 years for the first driver. That dealer did a check and I expired last July/August. I sent a complaint into Toyota and they promptly answered me, but basically threw it on the original dealer who said "lifetime warranty" or "no deadline." So, now I'm debating on fighting this as I've been told the truck is useless. Toyota doesn't want to take responsibility and I have free attorneys at my disposal through my work. I moved so frequently, that if they even tried to send me a letter about the recall it probably went to an old address. Makes me sick, because I always said that I would always own a Toyota truck, but now I doubt that I do after this. It's not like the frame just started rusting, it propably would not have passed an inspection 2 years ago...
  • I own a 04 tacoma sr5 trd ext cab. I take very good care of my vehicles and I have always been impressed with Toyota's reliability, durability, and gas economy. I heard about the frame issues and looked over my frame every oil change. During last fall (oct '10) I was looking the frame over and noticed around my leaf spring brackets that rust was showing. Then all along my welds on the frame. So I immediately took it to the Toyota Dealer (Andy's Toyota, Portsmouth, Ohio). They looked it over and said, it was the best frame they had seen. All they wanted to do was some prevenative maintenance. So they gave me a corolla loaner and a 5 days later I had a repainted and treated frame. They sprayed some type of gell inside of the frame and sent me on my way. It's now winter (feb '11) and the paint is peeling off in certain places. I have not seen any rust yet but I'm keeping a close eye.
    Has anyone got a buy back on a 04 Tacoma?
    What are my options from here?
  • KCRamKCRam Mt. Arlington NJPosts: 3,516
    Because the frame for your truck is still in production as a repair/replacement component, you will not get a buy-back offer. Once your truck develops full rust perforation (aka, a hole) in the frame, your truck will be eligible for frame replacement.

    kcram - Pickups/Wagons Host
  • After a runaround from a dealership in Virgina, and move across the country to Colorado, finally getting a new frame installed on my 02 Tacoma this week. To my surprise, I get a call this morning telling me I'm looking at $850 worth of parts which are rusted to the old frame and can't be moved over, and not covered in the grab bag of what Toyota is offers along with the new frame. Free frame replacement my butt! Knew there was going to be a catch in here somewhere...

    Anyone here run into the same problem and been able to convince Toyota to pay for parts that wouldn't have had to have been replaced had the frame-swap never had to have been done?

    An added nice touch to this story is that the dealership I'm at now (Colorado) showed me that there was no perforation on my frame until a guy with a hammer at the first dealership (in Virginia) whacked a hole in it in checking for perforation! The truck has run great its whole life (~180 K), but this fiasco has soured me on Toyota and its ability to cohesively manage a recall.
  • kps2kps2 Posts: 2
    Same deal for me on an 02 Tacoma frame I had replaced in 2009. I had abotu $700 worth of items I had to pay for that weren't covered. I got no where with them. I still have my truck as a second vehicle, but I've moved on from Toyota. Bought a land rover. Yeah..I know about Land Rovers....but at least Land Rover doesn't claim to be top quality!
  • I had the same issue, Toyota dealer wanted me to pay over $800 in parts. I was able to pay only half after calling Toyota Corp. They were willing to help in covering the remaining balance. After getting my frame replaced, I decided to sell the truck after 6 months.
  • tcincytcincy Posts: 28
    If anything is completely rusted through, rendering the Toyota useless, and they give you no assistance, then I would use the help of a free attorney at work.
    They've "gone the distance" for thousands of owners who had negligible rust on the frame, and tens or hundreds of thousands of owners who have the acceleration recall done.

    "Tacoma told me it was a lifetime warranty or there was no deadline and that is the way I took it.

    If they aren't willing to follow up on what they told you then its just another case of "Talk is cheap" and "Actions speak louder than words".
  • I just wanted to provide the final update on my vehicle, 2001 Tacoma 4X4 extended cab.

    I received a call on Wednesday, February 9th from the Service Manager at Toyota of Runnemede telling me that my frame was in and the work would begin the next day.

    I went online that night to shop for replacement shocks and struts to go along with the new leaf springs and lower control arms that Toyota was supplying with the new frame. I settled on a set of the KYB gas-adjust monotubes from Tire Rack at cost of $213 for the set.

    Shocks arrived Feb 11, Friday morning, I delivered them to the dealer that afternoon. I was told it would take 24 hours to do the swap but I was still shocked to see the mechanic had about half the work completed.

    Mechanic recommended I replace my drive belts because of dry rot, the gas tank strap locking pin because of rust and the O2 sensor gasket and bolts also because of rust. I approved the additional parts and labor which came to $315.21.

    The truck was ready for pick up on Monday, February 14. I picked it up the next day. I must say that I am very pleased with the result. The truck is tight, doesn't make the crashing sounds over bumps that it used to and also handles 100% better than before. My total cash outlay was a little over $528 and I feel that it was money well spent. All the items replaced that were not included in the frame replacement were going to need replacing anyway, so I have trouble understanding other posts in this forum complaining about the additional costs over the frame replacement.

    I wish you all the best of luck with your frame swap and hope you are as pleased with the end result as I am. My truck has 113,000 miles on it now and I feel like I will hold onto it for an additional 113,000.

  • gld375gld375 Posts: 1
    My 2000 Tacoma just failed the frame inspection and i was told Toyota is replacing these as well. Has anyone recently had a 2000 done?
  • plzen28plzen28 Posts: 1
    hi, dropped my 01 Tacoma at dealer service in NJ, waiting for Toyota answer how they want to deal with this, have the same problem with rusted frame around the rear leaf spring mount, the mount is already broken off the frame, my question is, they checked my VIN and it's not on the list for recall, I'm i going to get the new frame too? is everyone hear with the Tacoma on the recall list? they acting like there is nothing they can do for me without Toyota's decision. please advice
  • naptownbluenaptownblue Posts: 1
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    Glad I stumbled across this info - I never received a letter from Toyota. I took it to the dealer today, my VIN matches the recall range, they told me to bring it back tomorrow and they'll set me up with a rental and get the buy-back process going. Check out these pics - '99 Tacoma driven on the salty streets of Indy for the past 13 years:


    Based on KBB "excellent" condition and the 1.5x payback, I'm looking at 10-11k for this 'ole Tacoma I've been driving since 1998. Very impressed with Toyota!
  • framerotframerot Posts: 4
    My 03 was sprayed last summer when it passed the Hammer Test. Just looked under it and the stuff is falling off in places that had heavy rust. Anyone else seeing this? Will get a pic up as soon as I can.
  • framerotframerot Posts: 4
    edited April 2011
    Pic taken today and was applied 6 months ago

    link title
  • framerotframerot Posts: 4
    Can someone tell me how to post pics on here, seem to be having trouble????
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