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Toyota Tacoma 2004 and Earlier Frame Problem



  • My 2005 Tacoma double-cab is covered in rust. It looks like the rust problem is NOT limited to older models. Is this a widespread problem?
  • vtjlgvtjlg Posts: 2
    I just got the call that my truck is finished. I will pick it up with its new frame tomorrow. I live in Vermont and my 2001 has seen every winter since it left the lot. I had a 1996 previously and loved it so much I bought this one. This truck has nickel/dimed me to death. I have done thousands of dollars in repairs over the last few years.
    If I were in the market for another truck, Toyota would no longer be a slam-dunk. I would certainly consider another Tacoma but I'd shop around. I had a Mazda with 200,000 miles before my 1996 Tacoma. My first pickup was a Datsun (nissan) the original little truck and I put 160,000 miles on that. All I'm saying is, the rock-solid reputation has taken a beating with this truck, even ignoring the frame problem.
    I think the buy-back is less profitable for Toyota because the customer can take their money anywhere they want and they don't all buy another Toyota.
    This repair thing does a couple of things including, keeping the Toyota factories running, keeping dealerships strong and keeping Toyota lots full of cars. Drive by most car dealerships and their inventory is shrinking, but the Toyota lots are full. Their dealers can keep their good mechanics busy rather than lay them off and when/if the recession turns around Toyota delerships will be strong and ready to sell cars.
    As for the frame replacement complaints, I can only ask what level of support you whiners think you would be getting from any other car company. If there were a formal recall, you would be getting exactly this, a frame replacement, or maybe a welded patch.
    As for the note that having cab mounts replaced would void the frame warranty, not so. I did my cab mounts about a year ago, at a cost of about $500.
    I have replaced many leaf springs as well. The dealership I took my truck to was very supportive. They did recommend an additional; $4950 worth of work that I "should do" while they were in there. (I did abot $390 worth).
    The Service Manager told me that Toyota owes him $13,000 for the work on my truck and the rental car. Instead of giving that money to me and hoping I'd reinvest in another Toyota, they are keeping all of that money in the Toyota family.
  • Hello
    New to this forum. Just bought a 2002 tacoma excab. Saw this discussion and called dealer to see if mine needed to be inspected? Was told that inspection did not apply to my model year. Does anyone have any info or web sites that would have any "official" info?

    Thanks in advance
  • mags6mags6 Posts: 13
    Hi, if you go to message #736 it will give some helpful info. Toyota trucks from 2001 to 2004 are covered in this ("recall"??) customer support program.
    This particular posting refers to Canadian Toyota owners but the program started in the US. I am positive your 2002 will be included. You will have to have it inspected by a particular date. On this message I believe it is before October, 2010. PS. don't give in and don't take NO for an answer. Good Luck.
  • lcccljlccclj Posts: 2
    I have been reading the post or atleast as much as I can and I was wondering if anybody knew for sure are they buying back still or are they doing frame replace now only. Took my daughters 96 toyota in for inspection on mon. and the dealer told me they don't replace frames anymore, was told toyota will contact in 2-3 days but haven't heard from them yet.
  • mcalauttmcalautt Posts: 67
    no your truck is definitely involved..
    make them inspect it or even better,
    try to return it if you can.
  • lcccljlccclj Posts: 2
    Thanks the truck failed inspection while underneath checking it out I noticed it is going to be quite a job to replace the frame because of everything that is rusted, 224,000 miles on the truck, It will be cheaper for them to buy me out.
  • Just had my 2002 diagnosed with frame rot. It is definitely covered.
  • It looks like there isn't an option but to except the replacement. I would like to really fight this.

    Toyota and "Kevin" refuse to acknowledge the loss in resale value with the replacement. Their position is that the vehicle is worth more with the replacement than without the frame rot issue, because the older vehicle will now have a new frame. Would anyone buy, regardless of the total miles on the vehicle, a used vehicle with a frame replacement?

    Shouldn't we have a right to know how much experience any specific dealership has replacing these frames? Kevin couldn't give me that information. Of course, he must know or have access to that information if he is in "direct contact" with the service manager.

    I paid a premium for a vehicle from a manufacturer with reputation for building high quality, durable vehicles with a higher than average resale value. I have just had that premium stolen, I have lost that resale value. Maybe we can all be apart of a settlement someday.

    It's really to bad, they built up such a great reputation. I have seen this in other industries. They begin to rely on the reputation and forget what it took to earn that reputation. I don't want to buy a vehicle from a company that will stand by their warranty and repair, I want to buy a vehicle from a company that doesn't need the warranty. That is what I thought I paid for.

    If you have had the frame replacement done, how did the replacement go? Are you satisfied with the work? What would you do differently or ask if you had to do it again?
  • mrbill1957mrbill1957 Posts: 823
    Would anyone buy, regardless of the total miles on the vehicle, a used vehicle with a frame replacement?

    Since the vehicle wasn't in an accident, Carfax won't show anything about the frame being replaced. After a month or so of driving, I doubt anyone would be able to tell the truck has a new frame or not. Other then the frame looking in good condition, once it gets a little dirty, it won't look any different then other truck frames.

  • Interesting..I might do that; "I've had it for 7 years, kept it in a garage every winter". I'll have to look into whether I need to disclose that in MA.

    I actually just got it back today. I was told up to 2 weeks, but it only took one. I was told when I dropped it off that I might want to replace the front struts and rear shocks, but it didn't need it.

    So far so good, the suspension feels like new. I've only driven it 2 miles so far.
  • mcalauttmcalautt Posts: 67
    I dont see how you would have to disclose it.
    its would be no diff then getting a motor replaced under warranty.

    no one would ever know a frame was replaced simply by driving the truck unless
    it was not done properly.

    you wont get an answer from any dealer or rep as to who has experience because until now no one would.. its unheard of to do this type of job in the auto market.
  • I have 289,000 miles on my 1995 TOYOTA TACOMA TRUCK! I just had my frame checked last week. The dealer said my frame was in great condition! I live in Wisconsin. This truck has been in alot of salt! Im one of the lucky ones. This truck has been the best vehicle Iv ever owned! I and my sons have owned it since new! Im very happy about how TOYOTA took care of this problem! The company I feel is a CLASS ACT! GM, FORD, CHRYSLER should learn from their mistakes!

  • I'm not sure how you can be happy about how toyota took care of this problem; you didn't have a problem.

    My 2002 Tacoma had 130k miles on it and the frame was a mess. They replaced the frame, but left a lot of parts on the vehicle that are completely caked in rust. Everything on the vehicle will corrode much more quickly due to the frame issue.

    I've had it back for 2 weeks. I have a squeeking noise every time the road is a little uneven coming from the front end, sounds like an old box spring. I am going to take it to an independent mechanic first. It may sound unreasonable but I don't trust the delearship.

    highmiler289, I paid an extra $5-6k for I truck I expected would end like yours. If I bought a GM I would have paid less and expected what has happened.

    This is all about liability, not customer satisfaction. Think about what would happen if someone died after their fram snapped in half at 60+mph.
  • mcalauttmcalautt Posts: 67

    thats what I have been saying all along.

    the prob actually started in 95 according to toyota so highmiler289, your truck may have had a frame prior to the actual problem..

    toyota did not handle it well and it is completely a liability issue they are trying to cover and pawning it off to look as if they did it out of concern.
  • kps2kps2 Posts: 2
    I have my truck in throught the Wellesely MA Toyota dealership for the frame restoration. I just got a call with recommendations to replace the parking brake cable, control arms, and leaf springs. I haven't dealt with anyone but the dealership and didn't realize how big this was until I just got the call and then went on to google. Do any of you know who/where I call to figure out the disconnect between what you say the frame kit come with vs. what they now want to charge me for?
  • You should call the corporate toyota office. I don't have the number off the top of my head, but it's on their web site. After they set you up with a case #, you will eventually talk to a guy named Kevin.

    The leaf springs should be included, they were for me.
  • I had an 01 Tacoma Extended cab and had the frame replaced. My kit INCLUDED the parking brake cables, brake lines, control arms and new leaf springs. Sounds like the Wellesely MA Toyota Dealership is trying to make a little extra money off you. The leaf springs are attatched to the new frame. I would ask them to see the new frame, I bet they are already on it.
  • pokienozepokienoze Posts: 3
    I have a 2001 extended cab. The dealership replaced the frame in March. I was in Iraq when it was done and came home in April. Was anxious to try out my truck. It seemed to run fine and rode like before, however, my battery light stays on and so does the check engine light. Had a new alternator put in and the light still stays on. Truck continues to run fine. Any ideas as to why the light would stay on?
  • I have a 2001 Tacoma in mint condition that just failed an inspection due to rust near the rear spring shackle on the passenger's side. The Toyota dealer offered to replace the frame at a cost of 14,000 to Toyota corporate. I refused and Toyota also refused to buy back my vehicle. I am a loyal Toyota customer, but only if I am treated with the same respect and fairness as other customers who had their vehicle purchased back at 1.5 x suggested retail. I want to remain a loyal customer, we will see if it is a two way street.

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