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Lexus RX 300



  • I researched this board for info and input on pricing and deals. I just purchased a rx 300. list 38259, invoice 33,589 paid 34,000.
    dealer financing 0 down, 3.9 for 60 months.

    ( Dealer said that using Lexus financing has a $500 charge back to them, so this was actually below invoice)

    While shopping I mentioned the issue of $100 dollar oil changes here, he said he just got a factory memo that oil changes will be $29 going forward. Maybe someone from corporate does review this board!
  • jrynjryn Posts: 18
    What's been the actual experiece of RX 300 owners in taking their vehicles off paved roads?

    I'm not talking about rock hopping or other heavy duty off-roading.

    But how, in the real world, have your RX's worked out, say, driving on Florida and North Carolina beaches that are 4-wheel drive only and on national and state park dirt roads (esp. when they haven't recently been graded), and in the snow.

    Is it a vehicle that you need to drive gently (like a Camry that just happens to have 4-wheel drive) so you don't shake it apart or can you push it a bit (like a 4-Runner, just not quite as hard)?

    The recent posting citing the Car and Driver long-term road test has given me some pause, since it seems to suggest that taking an RX off-road even in the situations I've described overtaxes the suspension and leads to alignment issues.

    Any thoughts on whether the RX is as good, not as good, or better than the many vehicles built by other manufacturers since the RX was introduced (e.g., the BMW X5, M-B 320/350, Acura MDX, Volvo XC90, etc.)?

    Looking forward to your responses.
  • learn2flylearn2fly Posts: 16
    Oh finally! Lexus has put in the feature so that drivers will not doze off on long drives. If car stays in straight line on long stretches of road, what guarantee that you will stay awake. I wish other manufacturers will follow suite :-)

    I got cheated! I did not get this feature in my 2002 RX!
  • jeffmust2jeffmust2 Posts: 811
    First thing I did after taking delivery of our '01 FWD RX300 was to change the Goodyears for Michelin Cross Terrains.

    The Goodyears are garbage tires with way too much sidewall flex. Shame on Lexus for forcing them on unwitting buyers on a $35-42k vehicle. From the auto shows, it appears the RX330 will come standard with Michelins but another few weeks and we'll know for sure.

    Steven - noticed that your list of the dealer's service attempts did NOT include checking the tires to see if they're within specs for being, well, "round."

    Perhaps your service writer did not, for some reason, want to send the vehicle to a local tire dealer for their most sophisticated tire balance and alignment using hardware (such as Hunter) not usually found at a dealership.

    You paid several thousand extra bucks over a similar Highlander to get Lexus service. Sit down with the dealership's general manager and, in a nice way, ask him to take the vehicle back and give you one that drives normally or, if he can't do that, refund 100% of your purchase price.

    You paid your money - it's up to Lexus to fix the problem 100% and not just a temp fix for a few weeks or months. Why waste your personal time?

    There's 300,000+ of these units on the street today and if 5% had the problem you describe in all three RX's that you have driven, there would be a lot of unhappy folks writing to this board that they'd never buy from Lexus again - and there are very few posts like that.

    Good luck and let us know what happens!
  • hoggrahnhoggrahn Posts: 7
    I too had tracking problems when I bought the 2000 RX300. It came with the Goodyear tires and the car pulled to the right and at higher speeds seem to float around from one lane to another. Fortunately, the service manager tested the car and agreed to put some Michelin LTX M/S tires at no cost to me, and the tracking problem was solved. I chose the Michelins based on postings on this board. I did however have another problem, increased tire noise. The tires were mud and snow tires and they were very loud.

    I just bought (3/8/03) the 2003 Rx300 complete, except without the Nav system, at a great discount ($32,673 minus trade) and find the same tires on the car as were on the 2000. At this time I don't have a tracking problem and the car has considerable less road noise than the 2000 with the Michelins and the ride is much smother.

    At the first sign of trouble with tracking I'll put the Cross Terrains on it. Based on others' experiences, are the Michelin Cross Terrains as quiet and smooth as the OEM Goodyears? I'm afraid the tires will generate more noise and not be as smooth. Of course I'm sure they will track much better. Please provide some comments.

    For those who are interested, my 3000 had a total average MPG after 35,500 miles of 21mpg.
  • rlui1rlui1 Posts: 93
    I know someone who leased a used ES 300. Has anyone heard of leasing a used car. Maybe this was a special situation where my friend has a connection at Toyota.
  • wwestwwest Posts: 10,706
    Maybe (more likely than not) someone out there will disagree, but the RX is not intended to be an off-road vehicle, but certainly not the boulder climbing type, nor does Lexus market it as such.

    The current AWD RX SHOULD BE an excellent wintertime adverse roadbed condition vehicle but it is NOT!

    Lexus is (hopefully)in the process of correcting this serious design oversight/neglect with the RX330 (see separate thread) to be in the showrooms April 1.

    The AWD RX300 is basically still a FWD vehicle, 90/10 F/R instantaneous torque distribution, as high as 75/25 with prolonged front wheel slippage, and with all the adverse roadbed condition safety issues associated with FWD.

    The X5 is likely the best of the best, with the ML series coming in a close second. If it's strickly AWD performancce you need and you don't want to wait to see if the RX330 VSC/Trac firmware is aggressive enough the Chrysler AWD minivans will yeild stellar AWD performance in comparison to the current RX model.
  • kapouchkapouch Posts: 4
    Looking to take advantage of what I think should be excellent purchase opportunity on 2003 RX 300 (w/o NAV) as new 330's start rolling in. Dealer offering me a RX 300 (all options, but NAV) for "$400. above dealer cost" at $35,400. Seems like a good price, not a great price. Anyone seeing better pricing out there?
  • clpurnellclpurnell Posts: 1,087
    My dealer in Houston has the RX330 in they go onsale officially on Friday.
  • devlopperdevlopper Posts: 44
    I've noticed you mentioned the Chrysler minivan AWD system often. I'm wondering how that system compares to the Jeep Grand Cherokee. I had a 99 model and was very impressed with it's snow driving capabilities. Needless to say, I've been more than dissappointed with my RX300 when driving on snow. Even worse is the Goodyear OEM's that will keep me from shopping for another one. That is an insult to a luxury car buyer.
  • djocksdjocks Posts: 124
    On the eve of making a decision on an SUV for my wife. She has always loved the look of the RX300. I was quoted yesterday a lease package of...

    $1005.00 out of pocket and $499.00 a month. 48 months/48k miles.

    Is this a good deal? Can I do better? What is the best you think I can do? And is it worth it (do you love your RX300 or do you wish you went a different direction)??????

    Thanks for any help.
  • wwestwwest Posts: 10,706
    I have never owned one but had two Cherokee Limiteds, an 85 and a 92. Our 92 is currently out in north central MT doing excellent duty on a cattle and wheat ranch. Absolutely stellar AWD & 4WD systems those. The JGC, in comparison to the RX, felt like the inside of a sardine can to us.

    I really don't know anything about the JGC's newest AWD system.

    I would not really recommend the Chrysler AWD series minivans to anyone except as an alternative to the RX or HL wherein great value/need is put on the AWD system.

    I'm personally looking forward to my first drive in the new RX330 to see if the VSC/Trac ECU firmware is written to be aggressive enough for actual wintertime adverse roadbed conditions, such as we often encounter on the mountain passes here in the great pacific NW.

    djocks...see above.
    djocks...residual is? lease buyout?
  • jiaminjiamin Posts: 556
    I have 00 RX(FWD) and 02 QX4(4WD). Never went off-road with either car. Only went to Reno/Tahoe in one winter for skiing with QX4. I like both for different purposes. If I drive mostly in city/freeway I'd want RX. It's quieter, better in every details. On freeway I almost never hear engine noise during acceleration. The ONLY thing I don't quite like is its shifter area/dash - remind me of the thing in mens restroom...

    QX4 feels strong but not as quick. A little noisier/rougher than I espected but not too bad. Its paint quality is not up to that of Lexus'. They say QX4 is a man's car...

    If I have to do it over again, and I can only pick one, I think I'd buy RX and rent QX4 for Reno/Tahoe...
  • devlopperdevlopper Posts: 44
    You're right. My 99 JGC did feel like I was packed into a sardine can. It took quite a bit of work to keep that thing straight on the freeway also. Not even close to the feel of the RX. HOWEVER, that Jeep was the absolute best in snow. I could be on a real greasy snow and punch down and that thing would bite in like it was dry pavement. Straight and true!

    That is what I am looking for in my next SUV. That of course with the RX ride. Am I asking for too much? What about the Infinity FX drive system? Keep us informed, as you've been a great help to many of us.
  • borg1of2borg1of2 Posts: 83
    I love my RX, 99 with 66K miles.

    I have been watching the boards and I think that doesn't sound like a good deal, but I am not an expert. If you post what you are looking for over on the Lease board, you will see what Lexus is offering, or you can post and Car_Man will assist you. I know the preferred lease is Zero money down, expect for title and maybe some misc fees. What is the price they are charging you, if its based off of MSRP, then its really not a good deal. You should negotiate to around Invoice and then make the finance deal using your negotiated price as the basis for the lease.

    Good Luck
  • wwestwwest Posts: 10,706
    I suspect, from what I have been able to learn, that the FX rear wheel torque biased AWD will be one of the best in the market. The V8 seems a waste given the HP of the V6.

    Problem for me is its "Dodge ram-charger (formidable) nose, high-shouldered sides, and chopped top" (SC430 "butt ugly") appearance is such a great turnoff for me that I can't bring myself to even take one for a test drive.
  • crikeycrikey Posts: 1,041
    if you cannot get beyond the looks of the FX35, then you're missing a chance for one of the most exhilarating testdrives in an SUV.

    I actually like the styling of it. I really suggest you testdrive it if you wanted to. You won't see the exterior of the FX from the inside anyway. ;)
  • kapouchkapouch Posts: 4
    Hoggrahn, the $32,673 (before trade) deal you struck on the purchase on 3/8/03 is one I'd like to duplicate as I'm looking at a loaded model w/o NAV!! What did it take to get the dealer to that price - I was thinking $34,000. would be a decent price?
  • aggiequeaggieque Posts: 11
    A dealer just offered us a fully loaded RX300 with Navigation for $36000. We are planning to lease the car. The deal is $4000 down, 48months, 15K miles for $449. Residual is 17,900 with .002 money factor.

    We aren't crazy about the color but is this a good deal?
  • toysrjdtoysrjd Posts: 1
    Hello all, I think this site is GREAT! We heard about the good deals on the old rx 300 and decided to look into them. We really wanted a loaded version with navigation. It was really hard to find one. We did and the deal was:

    2003 RX300 No money down..just first payment and taxes and title...
    48 months 15,000 miles per year
    $503.00 out the door.
    He sold it to us at $400 under invoice at $37,400.00.

    Now is the time!!!! I love this car, the touch screen navigation ROCKS!!! Happy Shopping.
  • borg1of2borg1of2 Posts: 83
    I would suggest checking your numbers over on the Edmunds lease board. Car_Man will have the most recent Lexus financial numbers for March. I will also bet he will advise to not put any money down on a lease. Good Luck
  • kmhkmh Posts: 143
    My RX, going on 70K miles, feels like it starting to lose some of its luxury ride and comfort. I'm thinking of replacing the shocks and struts but want to know the experiences of other owners before I plunk down the cash.

    Does anyone have opinions on which brand I should get? Please know that I don't really care to have a stiffer suspension put in - just merely get back the "new" car ride I had in the past.

  • jrdowneyjrdowney Posts: 96
    I too have been contemplating an RX purchase. My target has been a 01 but I suspect that the remaining 2003 stock will be priced competetively in the coming months. Anyone have an idea of the remaining inventory? I would also like to hear about pricing deals, especially if the numbers start to be $4000 to $5000 discounts. Finally, do you think the used prices will drop off sharply as well?

    Jim d.
  • lrisrlrisr Posts: 6
    I was just offered via internet a quote from a local dealer: 37,200 with Nav and 35,700 w/out. According to Edmunds pricing invoice is 36,736 with Nav & Heated seats, 34,360 w/ the Premium Plus Value Package, heated seats and no Nav. I'll be doing my shopping this weekend so I hope I can talk them down to at least invoice for my lease.
    I really, really like the deal Hoggrahn got but in my opinion, Aggieque even though the $36K price with Nav is great I think that $4K down for a lease is way too high according to what I've been reading on this site. Of course I could be wrong as I just educated myself on the fine points of leasing this past weekend so please take no offense!

    LRISR :-)
  • mrrogersmrrogers Posts: 391
    I checked at for new 2003 RX300 pricing. I used zipcode 91311 for Los Angeles, and got $35,700 for a FWD base car including freight. Invoice is $31,923. Cars Direct price is $30,323. I realize a stripped car does not exist, but the site would not let me add options for some reason.
        JM Lexus in Margate, FL claims to be the largest Lexus dealer. I searched his new RX300 inventory at his website: He has an unbelievable 248 new RX300's in stock!
  • hoggrahnhoggrahn Posts: 7
    I live in the Sarasota, Florida area and the Lexus dealer here is trying to get rid of the 2003 models. I bought a 2000 from them in 2000 and now three years later bought the 2003. They are advertising the 2003s this month at $6,400 off the sticker price. I then used my 2000 as a trade and was happy and they were happy. It seems they can't get the 2004s in any numbers until they sell the 2003s. They are also moving into a larger place in April. Give them a call and talk to Tom. You can also get close to the same deal in Fort Myers, Florida. Call them and talk to Gary. Go on line to the Lexus web site and then select dealers and then you'll have the number.
  • brs1brs1 Posts: 17

    I will soon have to carry my parents' large dog
    in my sparkling clean 2001 RX300. I am trying
    to find a dog guard (metal or other net that is
    installed to prevent dog from jumping from the
    trunk to the seats), but I don't see any.
    Can anybody recommend me the source (store,
    internet site, anything) to get one?

    Thanks a lot,
  • mrrogersmrrogers Posts: 391
    Mrs.Rogers and I attended the new car show at the Cincinnati Convention Center Friday. They had a light blue 2004 RX330 and a copper Infiniti FX35 parked within 100 feet of each other so comparisons were easy to do. I respect your opinion on FX35 styling, but I am curious if your better half has had a chance to see the FX35? Mrs. Rogers is positively smitten by the FX. Typically we play this game where the wife wants the luxury car, and the husband wants the performance car. The Infiniti seems to get it done on the luxury side according to my wife. It was fun to watch her walk back and forth between the two cars maybe five times, and even stop midway, and look at one, and then the other. I admit that we have not driven either car, and she may find that the FX35 rides too hard for her liking.
          The Inifini sales rep told us that the AWD reverts to RWD at 25 MPH. I could not find anything about that in their brochure or website. Does that sound right?
  • wwestwwest Posts: 10,706
    Since the 2WD version of the FX is RWD I am satisfied that the torque bias will be to the rear as well as the 2WD "sub"-mode.

    My wife also serves as VP of Finance at Strobe and in that role is always conservative on monetary issues, especially in these economic times. At this moment its going to be hard enough getting her to commit to an RX330, if at all.

    So I doubt if I can get her into an Infiniti showroom absent some sort of subterfuge.
  • devlopperdevlopper Posts: 44
    IF FX does have the AWD system that I can appreciate it may be the one for me as I think it looks great. Certainly a test drive of the new RX is in order.

    Keep us posted about what you learn with regard to its drivetrain.

    Thanks Again!
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