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Lexus RX 300



  • rmorin2rmorin2 Posts: 110
    Our 2000 RX developed an annoying rumbling noise when idling in gear. The noise is much more noticeable when the outside temperature is below freezing. Dealer has replaced engine mounts and exhaust system but the noise persists. Any ideas? The noise goes away if the transmission is in N or P. Thanks.
  • toydrivertoydriver Posts: 227
    thanks for the info bobfloyd and mooretorque. next stop is the dealer for the inspection and hopeful correction of this annoying noise.
  • rlui1rlui1 Posts: 93
    My speakers make a bit of a vibration type of noise when there's a DJ with a deep voice. Is this normal for the RX? My Jetta doesn't do that.
  • devlopperdevlopper Posts: 44
    Yes, my front right door speaker has done that since I bought the car. The vibration depends on the ambiant tempurature and of course the deep voice coming from the radio. I've had that speaker replaced, the door packed with insulation and NOTHING has fixed it.

    Any advice out there PLEASE!
  • rmd122rmd122 Posts: 21
    Anyone have a source or have any experience replacing the rear tailgate struts on an 00 RX300. The dealer wants $500!
  • ke2feke2fe Posts: 37
    I finally changed the brake pads on my 2000rx.(did it myself). The milage is 91000. The inner pads wore faster than the outer ones. Do you know why this happens?
  • gsenthilgsenthil Posts: 154
    I had the same problem with low frequency bass rattles from driver side door speaker that was corrected under warranty by the dealer. In a later case, they diagnosed it as something being loose. Whatever the case- they should be able to fix it though sometimes it takes them multiple attempts.

    Give them the CD and the track number so they can replicate the problem and test before they give it back to you. Tell them about the CD when you give your RX in.
  • jrdowneyjrdowney Posts: 96
    That price is very good. Anyone else seeing pricing like this? Also, what about 2002 models with 7-10k miles. What price would appear reasonable? $30K?

    Jim d.
  • rlui1rlui1 Posts: 93
    Thanks for the advice. I'll find a CD to replicate the noise and take it to my dealer. I mainly notice it when I listen to the morning news. I'll have to pay closer attention this afternoon. It may be temperature-related. It's interesting that it's the same driver side speaker for all of us (devlopper also).
  • devlopperdevlopper Posts: 44
    No, mine is in the front passenger door. Again, it occurs only with a deep voice over talk radio and never with music. It also depends on outside air temp as it goes away with temps below about 40 and also goes away when temps top 80. So, it's very hard to duplicate but the dealer keeps trying to fix it. Maybe I should tape the voice of the talk show guy and see if playing it back does it????????
  • devlopperdevlopper Posts: 44
    Those of you that have these. Did you mount those things with the white lettering inside or out? If out, how does it look to you?
  • gsenthilgsenthil Posts: 154
    Speaker rattles: I would be more than willing to send you a CD with some classical music with lots of bass that replicates most bass rattle problems and possible including yours. If interested email me at gsenthil76 at yahoo.

    Tire: Most Lexus owners seem to prefer white inside including myself. With no offense to others, IMHO White lettering looks better on trucks/SUVs like Wrangler etc. Also I cant imagine what it would look like when it gets dirty. Bottomline: for subdued elegance have them mounted with the black lettering outside.
  • devlopperdevlopper Posts: 44
    Thanks for the CD offer but I'm certain I can find something that will get that rattle rattleing. I agree with you on the tire lettering but I sure would like to see an indigo blue RX with the lettering facing out.
  • johngreisjohngreis Posts: 70
    Thats pretty good milage for a set of pads.
    I see the same wear pattern in every set of pads I've replaced. In fact, a mechanic once told me that the inside passenger side pad wears the most.
    My guess is that the brake piston is on the inside of the caliper and exerts more force there than on the outside. The caliper slides on a couple of pins and you would think the wear would be even on both sides but I guess it doesn't work this way.
    As I said, thats guessing on my part.
  • steverstever Posts: 52,571
    the inside passenger side pad

    That's interesting. I just did my front pads on my minivan and all had a little left except the inside passenger side one. That screech I was hearing was metal scraping the rotor from that one (I knew the rotors were due for replacing anyway so had let it slide a month too long <g>).

    Steve, Host
  • mooretorquemooretorque Posts: 241
    Letters in/ blackwall out: tasteful

    Letters out/ blackwall in: tasteless. Might as well hang some old J.C. Whitney stuff on the thing,too. Probably as effective of syrup of ipecac, though.

    Just mho.
  • lil4xlil4x Posts: 15
    Advertising brand names on my car is not an option...unless they want to sponsor me! Hey, I can be bought too!

    Uh-oh! Psychosomatic effect of syrup of ipecac is working…excuse me!
  • hoggrahnhoggrahn Posts: 7
    Has anyone had the Echomaster Reverse Sensing System (or any such system) installed in the RX-300? A local outfit will install the two sensors on the rear bumper and remote the warning receiver to the front at the driver's area for $395. The receiver gives a audible, as well as, visual warning at different distances while backing up. Not sure if I want this system or not, so I welcome any input you might have.

  • lgrosslgross Posts: 55
    I have the factory option on my BMW. Well worth it for parallel parking and detecting obstructions while backing up. The BMW system has three sensors rather than two. This could make a performance difference. I don't know anything about Echomaster. The BMW does not have a visual indication, only audio. My experience says that the visual indication is unnecessary.
  • ctraylorctraylor Posts: 4
    I just purchased a '00 RX300. The vehicle came equipped with the standard radio, tape, cd/changer.

    What are the differences between this system and the Nakamichi system?

    Also, I'm just getting used to the mileage shock after driving an Avalon for 4 years. Humor me -- what sould the tach me turning at say 70mph? Also, what do people get in terms of range? I'm really strething to get 300 miles out of a tank.

    Is there a problem here? I've got about 6 months left on the new car warranty.

  • wwestwwest Posts: 10,706
    Final drive ratios are 2.92 and 3.12, cannot remember which end is which. Divide circumferance of tires into the # of inches in a mile, multiply by final drive ratio to find # of engine revs/mile. Then multiply by 70 equals RPM at 70MPH.

    Best I have seen in 01 AWD RX was 23.2 MPG at average speed of 67MPH. That was with 87 octane, A/C compressor circuit disabled, full time cruise engagement, daytime (no street/headlamps) and 17x8 wheels/tires (more contact patch/friction).
  • kapouchkapouch Posts: 4
    Purchased 3/15, picked-up 3/17 an '03 model in Connecticut w/ all options but NAV and tow hitch. MSRP $40,423. (after standard $2,000 dealer discount on sticker), negotiated price $34,600 (w/o registration, tax, etc).

    This price was the best I could get in the N'east markets (Mass., CT, NJ, MD) I checked and dealers I negotiated with. Is this in line with what others in the market have seen?
  • mikey00mikey00 Posts: 462
    The RX engine really revs at highway speeds due to the low gearing. Gas mileage is not the greatest at high speeds. It could really benefit from a 5 speed auto. Just in case you don't want to do the math, here is a quote from one of Willard's old posts:
    "MY2000 AWD T&C LXi, 20k miles, Memphis to Santa Cruz, 2500 miles, 22.7 MPG, 2250 RPM at 75MPH.

    MY1998 AWD T&C LXi, 58k miles, Santa Cruz to Seattle, 850 miles, 22.3 MPG, 2250 RPM at 75 MPH.

    MY2001 AWD RX300, 20k miles, Seattle to Lewistown MT and return, 1586 miles, 19.8 MPG, 3000 RPM at 75 MPH. 20.2 MPG outgoing on 87 octane, 92 octane on return."

    Willard: Did you account for the 2.3% speedo error due to your larger tires when doing your math?
  • wwestwwest Posts: 10,706
    Nothing about those MPG ratings in post #7237 relate to any quoted average speed. Be especially careful about the one to MT.

    Is it 2.3%?

    I know there was a slight difference between OEM and mine but didn't consider it large enough to be of importance. And the MPG calculations came from the OBC in all cases. Does the RX use the GPS/nav distance for these calculations or the wheel rate?
  • mikey00mikey00 Posts: 462
    I was just quoting your old post to try and answer ctraylor's question of "what should the tach be turning at say 70 mph". It also provides some facts showing the high revs for the low geared RX and why high speed mileage is not what we would like it to be.
    Here's an interesting site if you want to see exactly how much your speedo is off when you change tire sizes:
    I know my RX uses wheel rate for MPG on OBC. I don't have nav. I would bet RXs with nav also use wheel rate but I don't know.
  • wwestwwest Posts: 10,706
    High engine speed isn't the WHOLE equation. I have assumed that the RXes V6 engine just can't generate enough torque in the 2000 to 2500 range to move the vehicle forward at 70MPH. By the time you reach the RPM level that produces enough torque, you're now having to overcome one hell of a lot of frictional effects also.

    I don't understand why Chrysler's V6 can do what the T/L can't. I think they weight about the same and should present about the same wind drag profile.

    Anyone know what the torque curve looks like on the RX V6 vs the T&C?

    Does anyone know what RPM range the HL's I4 runs at 70 MPH?
  • gsenthilgsenthil Posts: 154
    Read from many sources and verified by butt dyno: RX develops 80% of its peak torque at 1600rpm which is a very good/flat curve.

    I think my FWD RX revs higher at 70mph but will verify over the weekend. I think it revs ~ 2500rpm@65mph
  • wwestwwest Posts: 10,706
    torque "curve" but then why is such a high RPM needed to move forward at 70MPH?

    And that's with a locked torque converter, unlocked is even higher.
  • maxappealmaxappeal Posts: 17
    I've heard this car is in high demand in the N'east and demands above invoice pricing. But in Los Angeles you can get them at invoice. Purchased this RX '02 in August of '02 for $500 below invoice. Didnt want to wait for the 04 because we knew of the dramatic price increase- plus this one is just fine for our needs.
  • trmgatrmga Posts: 50
    "Let me know what you think". With wheels like that I wouldn't ask that question. Someone might give you an honest answer.
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