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Lexus RX 300



  • jodar96jodar96 Posts: 400
    The D light in the dash went out tonight. When I put in any gear, I have light in each selection, but not in D. Does anyone know how easy or difficult it is to replace it. Is the instrument cluster accessible once i get the black cover with two screws out?

    I have done IP bulb change before. Without shop manual, I would like to be sure about what I am doing.

  • mikey00mikey00 Posts: 462
    See message #8126 for procedure.
  • jodar96jodar96 Posts: 400
    Thanks Mike. Between your instruction and other members' lessons learned, I should be able to replace the bulb.
    Do you know the bulb part# ? While I am at it, I will replace the Park bulb also, since these two are the mostly used bulbs.

  • mikey00mikey00 Posts: 462
    I don't know the part # but just tell your Lexus parts guy you want the "D" indicator bulb. I am sure he goes through a lot of them. I heard Lexus is the only source for them and they cost around $12. If you want to try online try or Neither one of them list the bulb but you can request a quote online or just call them. If you get any info post it for the rest of us.
  • pschiffepschiffe Posts: 373
    Try a Toyota dealer, I think the same bulb is used on the Highlander, and it will most likely be less expensive. P/N 8311924690.

    Pete :)
  • mikey00mikey00 Posts: 462
    Thats the Lexus part number. I have never had any luck trying to give a Lexus part number to the Toyota parts dept. You would think they would have some kind of cross reference but it's almost like they are 2 different companies. If you pull the old bulb first, you could ask for the bulb for the Highlander and see if the 2 bulbs match while you are at the parts counter. I also found the Lexus one, using the part # above, at for $4.
  • My 2000 300RX at 106k starts runs for a second or two and then dies. It will do this 5 or 6 times, until I give it gas. This happens when the car is cold. After it is warm, it start with no problem.
  • mikey00mikey00 Posts: 462
    Your Idle Air Control Valve needs to be cleaned or replaced. The dealer charges 300 to 400 to replace it. A do it yourselfer or a good Toyata mechanic would most likely clean it and save some $. The Lexus dealer just replaces it.
  • wwestwwest Posts: 10,706
    First you might try disconnecting the battery for a few minutes so the engine ECU must relearn the proper duty cycle, PWM, for the idle air bypass solenoid to maintain the proper fuel/air mixture ratio at idle speed.

    In any case if you clean the idle air bypass valve and orifices you will need to disconnect the battery to force the relearning procedure.
  • duane3duane3 Posts: 7
    I cleaned my mass air flow sensor and had no problem for two months, then my check engine light came on again, this time I cleaned the MAF again and it lasted two weeks, the third time it only lasted one day, so I'm thinking it must be bad now. I went to Auto-Zone to see about the part and they loaned me a scanner to verify the problem. It came up with a code P0171 and their computer said that code was O2 sensors, bank one - the front ones - at $209 each. The AutoZone guy said these should really be replaced every 50,000 miles anyway. The question I have now is that code P0171 is the exact same code that the Lexus dealer came up with and they said it was the mass airflow sensor. How do I know what to do here???

  • mikey00mikey00 Posts: 462
    P0171 is almost always the mass air flow sensor. I would go with what the Lexus dealer is telling you. You can get a new mass air flow sensor at for $118. Usually it just requires a cleaning, but I guess you have already been there.
  • duane3duane3 Posts: 7
    Thanks for your quick response Mike. I was leaning that way, but I needed a push. I just ordered the part from That is by far the lowest price I've seen!!

    With my car crossing over 60,000 miles and my dislike for the dealer service departments I've dealt with here in the LA area, I'm sure I'll be back here for more advice in the future. This site is a great find!!!
  • mikey00mikey00 Posts: 462
    Be sure and let us know if the new MAF fixes your problem.
  • wrahnwrahn Posts: 45
    I'm trading my 2003 RX-300 FWD in for a new 2005 RX-330 and my average MPG over the 29,000 miles is 21.7 MPG.

  • The leather seat cover of my 2000 driver side got more and more cracks. :( The dealer wants $500+ :( :( :( but, fortunately I found one from fleebay at one tenth of the cost and it simply looks new :P .
    Here is the problem: any one has a step by step instruction about how to replace it(expecially the bottom cousion cover)?Any information is highly appreciated!!!
  • steverstever Posts: 52,572
    There used to be a link or two in the Aftermarket Heated Seats discussion for kits that had on-line instructions. That might give some clues if any of the links still work.

    Steve, Host
  • rugmankcrugmankc Posts: 133
    I have a 2002 RX. The VSC and Check Engine Light came on at the same time. Only place I found this situation mentioned on the net was a post by ladydi3 in this forum. No fix given. Anyone have this happen? Transmission fluid was flushed a month ago.

    Thanks in advance.
  • mikey00mikey00 Posts: 462
    If you just had your RX serviced, they most likely knocked off the rubber hose behind the air filter box when they checked the air filter. This will cause both lights. If that’s not it check for all the obvious lose hoses, lose gas cap etc. You can reset the lights by pulling the efi fuse or disconnecting the battery negative for a few minutes. If you still have the problem you will need to get the code read. Most AutoZone’s will do it for free. Do a search here on "check engine light" for a lot more info.
  • rugmankcrugmankc Posts: 133

    You were exactly right. I checked the area behind the air filter a little after I did the post. I had seen something not look right after I got the RX home from service. I always check over my vehicles after any service. But didn't have my glasses on , so I let it slide. The day after that was when the lights came on. The air filter was replaced during the service. This time I put my glasses on and saw the hose you are talking about. Hooked it back up, but the lights stayed on. Thought that maybe the computer needed reset to clear the codes, so I disconnected the battery for 15 minutes. Everything is fine now, and it was nice to not have to reset the radio stations. I thought I would lose that programming after disconnecting the battery. Thanks for the quick advice.
  • i Buy A Car From Japan Rx 300 /99 .i Would Like To Know What Is The Cruise Information That Is On The Panel near where there is the temperature shown And How Does It Work .because Is Readen In Japanese. :Rx 300 /99
  • pschiffepschiffe Posts: 373
    From 1999 Lexus Owner's Manual:
    The following information is shown with the ignition switched "ON":

    Driving time
    Average vehicle speed
    Average fuel consumption
    Momentary fuel consumption

    The displayed values in the cruise information display indicate the general driving condition, so those may not show precise and actual condition.

    To change the mode, push the "INFO" button briefly on the audio control panel.

    When the ignition switch is turned to "ON", the mode displayed just before the ignition switch is turned off will appear.

    Pete :)
  • fwtfwt Posts: 1
    We just had to get a new transmission in our 2000 lexus RX 300 about a month ago. It is just over 100,000 miles. Few days later after the transmission was fixed the check engine light came on. took it back, they said it was the gas cap. They fixed it. Now about three weeks later the check engine light is on again. Unplugged the battery. Went of for a few days and now back on. We had our transmission checked just in case while under warranty, they ran an emissions test and three codes came up?

    P0440 (EVAP Control System Malfunction)
    P0441 ( EVAP Control System Improper Purge Flow)
    P0446 ( EVAP Control System Vent Control Malfunction)

    Are these still because of the gas cap? Or is this the O2 sensors that I have been reading about?
    Not sure whats going on or what I should do. Any suggestions?

  • duane3duane3 Posts: 7

    I just passed day 10 with the new MAF and NO Check Engine Light!!! I'm feeling like this has fixed the problem. is great - $118, no tax or shipping, it was here in 4 days (I opted for UPS ground shipping).

    Thanks again for your help

  • pkanepkane Posts: 1
    We have a 1999 Lexus RX300 and the Check Engine Light just came on. Is there a way to read the codes or whatever or just replace the O2 Sensor. Where can I go to read upon how to do this myself.


  • My '99 RX has about 135K on it, and I've been having vibration problems at freeway speeds (70+ MPH). Problem started at about 75K, had the Michelin XC's balanced a couple of times, to no avail. Replaced the Michelins with General Ameritrac SUV's about 10K ago (very poor decision to put these on: despite Consumer Reports recommendation, they are hard, and noisy. I wish I'd bought the more expensive Michelins), and have had the tires rotated/balanced three times since, with no significant change. I take the car to a Toyota dealer for service, since they're way cheaper than the Lexus folks, and they have been over the front end with a fine tooth comb (or so they tell me), and insist it's the tires. The last trick was to do a "road force balance," whatever that is, and it did seem to reduce the intensity somewhat. Have had the brakes checked, rotors turned, et. al. Anybody got any ideas? The car has been great for us, although the 19.8 MPG average is getting a little expensive these days.
  • Hi Gang I'm new in this town. I just traded a 04 Corolla for a 2000 RX300 with 90K on the clock. I've only driven Toyota products and I've had very good luck with no major problems. The lexus is mint inside and out (except for the pesky "D" indicator light). The only problem is I couldn't even get an extented service contract because of the high mileage, at least from Toyota. They do offer one but it was only for 1 year or 12000 miles and they wanted $1500 for that. So if I have as good as luck as I did with my other Toyota vehicles I should be OK. So if anybody knows of any service problems I should know about please let me know. Thanks and to all a good nite. rcons/emo_shades.gif
  • Welcome! The first and foremost thing to check: has the timing belt been replaced? If not, plan to do so within the next 10K miles. If you take it to a Lexus dealer, they'll probably also change out the water pump, and your total bill will exceed $1100. If you take it to a Toyota dealer, they'll do just the belt for about $500. My Toyota service guy told me that the water pumps were good for "at least 200,000 miles," so don't go for the Lexus dealer pitch that they'll do that "while we're in there."

    Good luck!
  • Just do the regular fluid changes like oil (use sythetic oil) transmission oil, coolent...And if you have a problem or service, take it to a Toyota dealer instead of Lexus. RX300 is the only car that Toyota has a twin model for - Highlander. You will save at least 40% of any service cost. You already mentioned the D light which is a common failure, the other potential failure is the suspension strut mounts that will make a clunking noise. It is not serious if not fixed right away. There are other problems reported on this forum about engine gelling and transmission failure but they are hard to proof whether it's a product defect or owner's neglect. I have a 99 and still going strong. Good Luck.
  • The saleman who sold me the RX300 is going to contact the previous owner (only one) to get a low down on the service history hopefully the timing belt was changed. the person who had it before me took real good care of it all new toyota belts and hoses and even a new toyota battery. I will have all the maintenence done at the toyota dealership down the street mainly due to the because nearest lexus dealer is 60 miles away. It's quite a jump from a corolla to a lexus and I'm really going to enjoy it even though I can't afford the gas to drive it ($3.88 a gallon). Regards To All
  • steverstever Posts: 52,572
    If the previous owner had it serviced at a Lexus (or Toyota) dealership, the service manager should have access to the service history on the computer system. Maybe you can get it via phone call so you don't have to drive that 60 miles to the Lexus dealer.

    What part of the country are you in that you are having to pay $3.88 a gallon?

    Steve, Host
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