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Isuzu Trooper



  • What gaskets?? "Upper and lower" doesn't compute.

    $189! For a battery?!? For cryin' out loud, you can get a new one installed at Sam's Club/WalMart for about $70!

    What's your accumulated mileage? The timing belt isn't due to be replaced 'till about 100K. Check your owner's manual (if you have one).

    Tranny service - what are they going to do for $195?? Drain/Fill? Power flush? What the H*** are they talking about? From my experience, the drain/fill is a waste of time and money on that 4L30E transmission. Do yourself a favor and get it power flushed! (BUT, if you have 50k or more on the odo and the tranny has NEVER been flushed, think twice before doing so, and search this board for reasons why).

    Fuel Injection Throttle? What do you mean by that? Exactly what is your dealer suggesting?

    You already did WHAT belt?? Timing belt, or serpentine?

    Sounds like your dealer spotted that lump on your hip . . . and wants to relieve you of it without delay!
  • Well my disgust w/ TOD finally got the best of me. Last Sunday, I handed over keys to the '01. Good news, I have a '95 LS w/5spd. ARB, winch, OME springs, aisins, rancho 9000s, racks, etc have made it over to the '95. I can't wait until April, to give a dose of Uwahrrie action. MArk
  • Hi, I have a 1997 Trooper with 58k. A few weeks ago I notice that Transmission pan had fluid on the bottom. I clean it all up and tighten the nuts. I notice that it seem to be really loose. It stop the leak for about a week. last week I found a puddle of fluid on the garage floor. I think I may have lost a quart of fluid. This is the second time that seals were replaced. first time was in 2000 @ 29k miles. It was fixed under the warranty. My question is. Why are is the seal failing already? What would cause that? Should I replace the small pan seal too? Also on the small pan in front of the main pan is there fuild in there too? Any help I would really appreciate. Thanks!! Jesse
  • paisanpaisan Posts: 21,181
    Yup Subaru is unique in having a rep over here. She has actually been able to push through 8 items on the '03 Forester that were directly taken from this forum. She also rewards grassroots promoters and helps solve warranty issues brought up on here. It has gained subaru at least 100 sales this year that we know of. If Isuzu could gain 100 sales by putting a rep on here, they would have about 25% increase in sales! :)

  • CreechImport started out as an Isuzu repair shop. Then since they were siting on their hands like the "Maytag repair man", they added Mitsubishi. Now with the decline of Isuzu sales, they are servicing Toyota.
    Anyway, I just wanted to say that they are offering something I have never seen in a repair shop. There is a fridge with drinks and some food plus coffee of course. The big new idea is a conference room with the big table to work at and a "Guest Office" complete with computer to work at. It is possible to make good use of your time while waiting on maintenance. There is also a regular waiting room with cushy sofas, magazines and a TV.
    CreechImport always has a second mechanic check the work of the mechanic that did the service for quality control, so no extra parts laying around the engine compartment when you get your ride back.
  • paisanpaisan Posts: 21,181
    We are putting in Satelite TV, Playstation, Internet access at our garage. :) And we always have beer in the fridge! Hee hee

  • Hi. I'm new to the Trooper owner world with a 96 Acura SLX. 126000 miles one owner before me. Previous owner never changed timing belt but SLX was used as a soccer mom vehicle and has led an easy life. I've read the board and know that recommended TB change is 60k. and @ 125k you should also do water pump. I'm in S Indiana. Louisville is my closest Isuzu dealer and I don't have the best feeling about them. How hard is it to do TB and WP. Do you need to be an Isuzu expert or could a good general motors mechanic do the job? Anybody have any recommendations for independent shops in Louisville area? Any other tips ? Thanks
  • bluedevilsbluedevils Posts: 2,554
    We replaced the OEM shocks in our 98 Trooper with Monroe Sensa-Tracs a few months ago, at appx 80k miles. Initially I couldn't tell if the ride was any 'better' or even any different. Truck now has 96k miles. In the last couple months it seems like the truck is riding rougher than ever, and I don't know why.

    Our Trooper doesn't seem to absorb or handle bumps hardly at all. Anything fairly large (e.g. pothole) and it seems like the tire is almost absorbing most of the blow itself. Bumps do not seem well-controlled at all.

    Is there any chance of returning our Trooper to a somewhat civilized ride? What else do I need to replace? Other than new shocks, our Trooper's suspension is 100% OEM.
  • Check your tire pressure, if you had it in for service there is a chance someone added some air and with very high air pressure in the tires or overrated load range E tires your Trooper will ride like a cement truck.
    I suggest another change of shocks. I am not sure what everyone else is using, but on my 1995 I had a set of OME shocks and the OME non-lift coil springs. That combination made for a soft ride on little bumps and good handling on big bumps. I enjoyed the tighter handling while towing too.
    Currently I have a stock 2001 Trooper that rides good so I will be watching for what everyone is using for shocks until time to get my own upgrade probably in a little over a year.
  • I assume you checked for oil leaks around the shocks? If you bought & had them installed by a shop, take the Troop in & have them checked. IIRC, the Sensa-Tracs have a lifetime warranty (labor extra).

    I installed Rancho RS9000x's on my '00 & have them set on 5 (out of 9). My wife hasn't complained about harshness around town & the jounce / rebound control is really good - 5 is outstanding for highway use. I bought mine on sale from Samsoffroad at just over $200 for a set of 4 last summer. I run 35 / 38 psi - f/r on my 255/70 Revo AT's.

    I almost went with the Bilsteins but figured that my wife would complain about the harshness w/ the 100 lb. nitrogen pre-load...experience from running a set on my sports sedan years ago - great shocks though.
  • raydahsraydahs Posts: 449
    For the past 2 years and 40K miles, I've had the OME 65 (Front) and the OME 15 (Rear) which are the heavy duty versions. The overall improvement is very good compared to stock, but (FOR ME) the high speed compression is too harsh "ala Bilstein".

    If I had the ability to adjust them it would be great. Thanksgiving Day I have to drive to L.A., the freeways up there have choppy sections which beat the heck out of your Kidney's. If I could get that kind of pricing installed, I'll probably try the Rancho RS9000x's next time, mainly because of the Compression and Rebound adjustments.

    I also run 33 to 35 psi in my Dueler A/T's "LT" versions which have stiffer sidewalls, that's probably part of my problem too.
  • bluedevilsbluedevils Posts: 2,554
    I haven't checked around the shocks for leaks or other damage; will do that soon. Right now, I'm assuming the shocks are performing as normal but I may take the truck back to Sears Auto for a checkup.

    We got a great deal on the Sensa Tracs (< $200 including installation) and I'm confident they are a good on-road shock in general and specifically on the Trooper. So I am guessing the problem is not with the shocks.

    Haven't checked air pressure in a couple weeks but will do that too. At a glance, the tires look as they normally do but I know that's not as informative as actually checking the pressure. We usually run 32 psi front, 36 rear in our Trooper's tires, which are P245/70/16 Michelin LTX.
  • sbcookesbcooke Posts: 2,297
    I would bet it is the shocks. My 99 still is hard over potholes, but not as much as before I added my OME shocks. They really improved the ride and offroad performance considerably. Those alone were probably the best upgrade I did to my truck...second to the JVC MP3 player.
  • ae1awae1aw Posts: 6
    To all Isuzu (and honda passport !!) nuts and their family and friends. Have safe and enjoyable holiday.

    Tinker AFB, Oklahoma
  • raydahsraydahs Posts: 449
    Thanks to you, and the thousands of others who make the sacrifices, so we can enjoy the Holidays in peace, and make this the best Country in the World to live!

  • Guess I didn't do my homework but I'm surprised at the price of preventive maintenance. Did a search on the Isuzu owners board. I'm used to 5.7L, 5.3L and 4.3L GM engines. Routinely get 200k and do little more than change the oil. SLX is fun and everything works but the $400 timing belts and $300 water pumps sound pretty salty as well as the hassle of finding qualified mechanics. Guess that's why Troopers don't hold their value. I'm going to skip the TB and WP,and continue to run 5w30 MB1 synthetic oil. As this is a spare vehicle I'll fix things as they break. This is a good forum with loads of info and it's fun to read. Happy Thanksgiving to all and may God bless our soldiers.
  • raydahsraydahs Posts: 449
    I recently got a quote from Parts_department for the Timing Belt+tensioner and Water Pump. The total cost for parts are $222.00 free shipping/no tax, figure 2-3 hours labor at $70.00/hr. = $432.00 for both. As you mentioned before, any good mechanic that you know could probably do the job. Keep in mind this is an interference engine, if your at 120k without doing the belt your on borrowed time. Unless you plan on donating it for tax purposes;)
  • Thanks for the tip on St Charles, raydahs. According to the Gates timing belt replacement guide the 3.2l is a no valve/piston interference engine, as are all the Trooper 6 cylinder engines, again, according to the Gates guide. If I can get the job done for $4-500 I'm in, but don't you think a vehicle that has never been off road and has been in 4 wheel drive seldom would be a good candidate for extended timing belt change intervals?
  • raydahsraydahs Posts: 449
    From what others have said, the problem is related to the composition of the rubber belt decomposing over time. Heat changes the properties over time, plus the edges of the teeth get worn. check out posts #2570 thru #2578 in beer47 "Isuzu Owners: Maintenance & Repairs" Oct 21, 2003 7:14am

    Happy Thanksgiving, gotta head to L.A. now.
  • hwphwp Posts: 2
    I've recently purchased a 2000 trooper, does anyone know how to check oil level on a 4L30e,(auto tran) I believe it does not have a dip stick.
  • I think it would be great not to have a timing belt to change, but as far as homework about buying a vehicle is concerned: Your Trooper with proper maintenance both cost less than the GM product without maintenance and will outlast the GM product in terms of sustaned quality by a wide margin.
    by sustained quality I mean a Trooper will still look and ride pretty much like new for 200K miles, compared to a GM which might still be on the road but as a high school kid's beater by the time it reaches 200K. The Trooper will have few if any rattles and good engine performance etc... I have been driving Troopers since 1984.
  • sdc2sdc2 Posts: 780
    Almost every overhead cam engine made needs periodic timing belt replacement...which includes almost every import made, and many domestic engines as well. The 5.7L, 5.3L and 4.3L GM engines are older pushrod designs that don't use timing belts. This is not a criticism, those engines offer an excellent combination of power and economy, IMHO. Hopefully the new GM engines such as the 6.0 can do the same...
  • sbcookesbcooke Posts: 2,297
    Have a trusted shop do it at your regularly scheduled maintenance intervals. There is no dipstick so the only way to check it is by removing the upper drain plug and sticking your finger in.
  • Tb Wp and tensioner= $240.79 from St Charles Isuzu
    Labor to install $250. I've ordered the parts and scheduled the job.

    boxtrooper, just because you like Troopers don't run Chevys down. Some of the drivers I put in Astro vans barely have walking around sense( wholesale produce delivery) and by following a 3000 mile oil change schedule I've had as many as 350k on 4.3 without taking the head off and still get 15-16 mpg. My daily driver is a 2000 Z71 pick up w/5.3 that already has 135k. Been using mobile one since about 10k and change every 10k. Truck runs perfect and looks very good. I've put brakes on once and have worn the leather thru on drivers side seat in a little spot, about $150 to repair. Thats it. Again Troopers are nice but GM trucks are workhorses that you can make a living with or have serious fun with. Try to yank a 20 ft bassboat w/200hp around with a Trooper. Must be why Isuzu puts the 5.7 in their gas model NPR.
  • paisanpaisan Posts: 21,181
    I tow around a 5000lb racecar w/o problems with a stock Trooper. It's got 65K miles of which I've towed with it for about 40K of them. All at 75-80mph, pulled boats out of boat ramps, etc. etc.

    GMs RWDbased drivelines are decent, but you have to admit that the rest of the vehicle will fall apart long before a trooper will. The overall package at 200K miles will err on the side of the Trooper. Also if you look at CR which HATES Isuzu, long term reliability is 2nd only to the Toyota 4-runner, I didn't see any of the Blazers/Jimmys/Trailblazers listed in even the top 10!


    PS: I'll likely be getting a 2500HD with the Isuzu Diesel motor, only cause I want better milage...
  • paisanpaisan Posts: 21,181
    Must be why Isuzu puts the 5.7 in their gas model NPR. I guess this is why GM put the ISUZU diesel motor in their HD2500 trucks....The GM Diesel motor was pathetic when they had it.

  • Does Isuzu make a bigger or stronger motor for the Trooper overseas? What I would like ideally is a diesel V8 to help pull my camper.
  • Most of the Troopers of the world are Diesel 3.0L 179hp and 250 torque at 1500 RPM. Great stump pulling rock climbing power in the low end, but the diesel does not accelerate as fast as a gas engine nor does it have the top speed performance like a sports car. I would love to have an Isuzu Diesel Trooper for the MPG, they get 31MPG in the UK, that would be 27MPG on the USA sized gallons. I drive Troopers for 200K+ and 10yr+ and typically the price of all that fuel is more than the purchase price of the Trooper.
  • dnestrdnestr Posts: 188
    Mine is a '02 3.0 turbo-diesel, 160 hp, manual tranny. It usually gets 18MPG on a town traffic (similar as your NYC) and 24MPG on a highway. I mean the USA sized gallons.
  • paisanpaisan Posts: 21,181
    Was someone looking for the stereo/mp3/am/fm that a few of us have on here?

    Here is pics of mine




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