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Isuzu Trooper



  • sbcookesbcooke Posts: 2,297
    A pull from time to time is quite common. Multiple alignments usually don't work. The only success I have had is with left to right tire rotation on fronts. Any tire pull or slight variation with a vehicle as heavy as the trooper will cause a pull. I found ignoring it was the best thing to went away once the tires settle with new rotation.
  • sbcookesbcooke Posts: 2,297
    Well after no success at multiple shops I did some work myself. I found this article.

    So I removed the plate on the front axle and checked out the vacuum hoses. I was not getting vacuum through both sides. I figured out that if I reversed the vacuum I could get 4wd running. Actually, by reversing the vacuum I got 4wd Hi...full time, whether there was slippage or not, TOD button pressed or not.

    I ordered replacement solenoids from St. Charles with 10% internet discount - $145. I should be putting them in next week. I hope this fixes the issue with my system. If not, at least it will make it so I can engage 4wd, if the transfer case needs work, well that is the next step.
  • That is good advice on the Oil, I saved your note and i'll try to follow it for the oil changes and using a larger filter could definetley not hurt either. I don't know if the auto tranny adjustment question was directed towards me but I don't know the answer. When I was going through the mountains with cruise control set at 75 I found it shifting down to 4th quite often. For fear of worse fuel use I quickly quite using that in the mountains, only on perhaps 3 or 4 occassions at 75 mph and NO cruise control did the engine have to shift down to 4th otherwise. What do you think? I still worry though that 14.5 mph on the highway is too low.
  • Perhaps next time I will try my trip at 70 mph then and hope for the best. But 4 mph lower is a big drop from what others report.

    I haven't actually tried yet to listen and see if my compressor is cutting in and out, I'll listen and get back to you. I do notice however that at higher speeds the air blows cooler and the hotter the days the air blows warmer. It is intermittent though. The cool air will blow out for 1 minute or maybe even 10, then you get a jump of warm air. It's very inconsistent. You mention an electrical cooling fan, should/how do I check that. And with the compressor switching on and off, if that is the case with mine, what do I need to do? Because it would definetely explain the inconsistency of the warm and cold air. My 01' does not freeze me out. Let me know how you vented some of the freon pressure and i'll try that on mine.
  • boxtrooperboxtrooper Posts: 843
    I drive only slighltly above the posted limit. I don't want a speeding ticket. If I am being passed a lot I will speed up to just below the passer's speed, until they are gone then return to less than 10% above the posted limit.
    MPH indicated with my 265/70 is 659/684 of what it was with 245/70, so when my speedo says 70mph the police radar says 70*684/659 = 72.65 MPH, so I drive with the speedo no more than 72 mph which means I am going 74.73mph when I an cruising long disatances.
    Maybe some people are posting really bad highway MPG because they drive 80mph+.
    If I was getting 14.5 mpg on the highway and less around town, I'd be trying to correct the problem or changing cars. Lots of low prices on used cars (including troopers) out there these days. I get 16.7mpg +/- 0.3mpg around town and 19.3 +/- .7 on the highway and my wife thinks I should get a small econobox car instead, I pointed out that her minivan gets no better around town and only few mpg on the highway and she lets me be OK with the MPG I am getting on my Trooper, but then she wants a little econobox car. What about the kids and being safer by surviving in car vs car collisions... Trooper has a good record of protecting my family and she likes her van's practicality, so we keep driving these 17/19mpg and 18/23mpg vehicles instead of spending big bucks for a silly whimpy hybrid. I am going to get a diesel Trooper when they become available in a few years. Diesel Troopers in the UK are called "Duty" and they get 31mpg on imperial gallons of diesel, that would be around 28mpg in USA gallons. Is everyone ready for the environmental activists to push driving a diesel to reduce CO2 pollution by 30%? This will happen after 2006 when low sulfur diesel is standard in the USA, diesels will be considered cleaner than gas engines! If Isuzu does not use its diesel experience and know how to compete in the USA after 2006, then I will believe that Isuzu is finished in the Trooper market. I think the SUV fad is passing and that those of us who like their Troopers for their large capable durable functionality will continue to drive Troopers while most other folks will go for a old fashioned regular low riding station wagon that they are now calling "CrossOver". Subaru is positioned great right now as awd station wagons called crossovers will be the top seller. Subaru has a diesel version of its boxer engine in development.
  • bsmart1bsmart1 Posts: 377
    Coastie007, your description of the air coming out COLD and then WARM in cycles makes me think your compressor is cycling on and off. That's a classic indication of it. The pressure switch is turning the compressor on and off due to an improper charge of freon gas.

    BEFORE you vent any freon, start the engine, run the A/C on Max in the heat of the day, and listen to the compressor. Is it cycling on and off every few minutes??

    To vent it some, you'll need a freon manifold gauge and hose kit. Monitor the pressure at the suction connection going to the compressor. The fitting is up near the firewall in the engine compartment in front of the steering wheel. It sticks up on the tubing, very easy to access. Connect there and watch the pressure on the gauge, vent it slightly and listen to the compressor for cycling. It should run continously if its hot outside and you have the windows down so it can't shut off on temperature meeting setpoint.
  • troop2shostroop2shos Posts: 235
    Don't know if the compressor clutch has a clutch gap spec or not. If so, it may only require a shim if the "freon" charge is correct.
  • bawbcatbawbcat Posts: 118
    This is not new info, but I wasn't aware of it until now. I got a letter from my local Isuzu dealer announcing their new line of Isuzu brand pickup trucks. I went to, and they look almost exactly like the Chevy Colorado. Same powertrains even, no diesel. It's too bad they didn't do more to differentiate them. I really don't see the point of trying to sell rebadged Colorados. The D-Max models offered internationally, while I think they share the same basic platform, are better looking and have more interesting powertrain options. Oh well, at least US Isuzu dealers now have more than one model to sell. Hopefully it will help keep them in business a bit longer until they can bring in the new Isuzu-built SUV that has been rumored.
  • bawbcatbawbcat Posts: 118
    I did some more searching and found a few articles that said the new SUV was cancelled at the same time the new pickups were introduced. Too bad. Isuzu really needs some new and unique product if they are going to stay in business in the US. We'll just have to keep our Troopers going and see what happens.
  • boxtrooperboxtrooper Posts: 843
    All Isuzu really needs to make a big comeback is to get their diesel engineers in high gear and sell into all the cars out there. The badges would be required to be posted proudly on cars and trucks with Isuzu diesels inside. No more having Isuzu engines and whole Isuzu built vehicles without giving credit where credit is due.
    Isuzu Inside, Efficiency by Isuzu, Isuzu Power, Isuzu Diesel
    In the mid sized trucks Isuzu is known for the best fuel economy and lowest emissions and excellent durability, while also being available at an attractive price.
    How about the Isuzu Diesel Minivan hybrid that gets 45 MPG and does not idle at lights so the soccer moms don't her the diesel clatter?
    How about the Isuzu Diesel Trooper or other SUY with a frame and 5000lb. towing that gets 33 MPG even with the big tires?
    How about the Isuzu Diesel commuter compact car that is a mild hybrid so it does not have to idle at lights or in stop and go traffic and so it can take off quickly, but the efficent diesel gets 65+MPG on long commutes. (The current crop of hybrids in the USA are not suited to long drives, they are all about stop and go across town, their highway MPG is not that great)
    These are where Isuzu needs to get back into play and then bring out the new Troopers. hopefully Isuzu sees it this way too. Isuzu made some really nice cars that can come back now that GM no longer has the strangle hold on Isuzu.
    Maybe Isuzu and Toyota and Subaru and Suzuki will get together and buy what's left GM.
  • bawbcatbawbcat Posts: 118
    Great historical info on the above referenced web page. Thanks!
  • sbcookesbcooke Posts: 2,297
    Do people really think Isuzu is going to make a comeback? I would like to think so...GM keeping the brand alive with rebadging is a good sign...honestly the name doesn't hold a lot of water, so unless they plan a real doesn't make sense to keep it around, even with rebadging.

    I don't expect to see it comeback, and with the dealership issues I have had, 3 closing on me, difficulties with repairs and coverage, I wouldn't buy another unless they came back with a unique, better than other vehicle (like the Trooper).
  • boxtrooperboxtrooper Posts: 843
    The reason the Isuzu brand "name doesn't hold a lot of water" is because Isuzu does not get credit for the great products it has produces for other brand names. Isuzu made the Chevy-GEO-Storm which was a fun little car with suspension from Lotus that out sold all the GM competition, people that had them loved them. Isuzu made the Duramax diesel inside the GM pickups. Isuzu made the Ascender and all its variations, within GM's design limitations, this is the best mid sized SUV ever offered by GM. They should be selling the Isuzu Dmax international version as a true Isuzu and the GM ones should be labeled as clones. ...The brand name is what they need to correct first.
    When the Japanese buy GM they will inherrit a lot of dealerships. Maybe they can let GM continue to exist as just Cadillac.
  • djweberdjweber Posts: 18
    Sorry, I imagine this has been covered before but couldn't find w/ a search. I can't find a Haynes, Chiltons, etc manual for my 1999. All books seem to stop at about 1996. Autozone tried to order me a manual, but what their computer spit out was some SUV Extreme Mods book. Is the $190 full shop manual my only option?

    I need to change an oxygen sensor and don't want to screw it up.

  • boxtrooperboxtrooper Posts: 843
    There are a lot of dealers that no longer carry Isuzu, perhaps a used shop manual can be had on the cheap.
  • petegospetegos Posts: 4
    Hi, I would love your opinions on this. I'm trying to decide between the above two used model Troopers. Each has ca. 40K mi. Each in VG shape. I have already a '01 TOD S Trooper. I haven't had any problems with it, either on TOD or anything else. I don't know if I need another 4WD vehicle: is there any reason NOT to get the TOD (or conversely, are there compelling reasons to get the 2WD instead of the TOD)? We feel more secure knowing the TOD is on when we drive in wet weather, but this is SoCA so it's not so often. I'm thinking more about maintenance costs/troubles later on, or if the TOD wears the drivetrain out faster or other parts (e.g., tires, etc). Thanks for your input!
  • 2WD versions seem to get better fuel mileage (19-20 hwy for my "01 LS). At nearly $3.00/gal., a lot of folks view that as a 2WD advantage.
  • starisstaris Posts: 1
    My 99 Trooper has been thunking going from 2nd to 3rd. I overhauled the tranny ($1600) but that didn't help. Did replacing the transmission mode switch and ATF do the trick for you?
  • df2000df2000 Posts: 60
    "Is the $190 full shop manual my only option?"
    No, it is not. There IS much better option avalable, trust me, look around syber space.
  • The complete ATF flush fixed my problem, but the symptoms you describe sound like somthing different. From my reading, a malfunctioning mode switch, or sensor, can cause hard shifting. If the fluid level and condition is good, and if you're confident that your mechanic did the overhaul properly, the mode sensor would be the next thing to check. You will have to remove it, pull it apart and clean it, but it's apparently a pretty easy fix if you don't mind lying on your back and getting your hands dirty. Shoot me an email and I'll send details and photos.

  • sbcookesbcooke Posts: 2,297
    I replace the solenoids on the front axle myself. 4wd engages, but I basically have 4wd hi binds on pavement, not as bad as before, but still binds. I need to figure out if I have an electrical problem or just the transfer case is bad?

    4wd high is pretty good. I got the rears in some mud and floored it. No spin with the fronts kicking in, just go right away.
  • I love my trooper. Its what I took my drivers test in, and I payed a little under a thousand for it. For the most part its been a great suv, lasted longer than I thought it would. Now for the bad news. I was wondering if there was a good place to get parts from that won't cost me an arm and a leg. I had my radiator reworked and it was stolen by some crack head. Now my power and winter drive switches, back wiper switch, back defroster switch, antenna, and head unit have been stolen as well. I live in mississippi, and I have called all over this state and not a single junk yard has a trooper, anywhere.
  • I will check my A/C today or tomorrow (supposedly it is going to be a hot one tomorrow) but I will try today and tomorrow to listen to it both days and if so get back with you guys and let you know. What is this I hear about a "shim" which could be a quick fix to my solution? It is very possible that it was overcharged, and I would hope that is the case as it would be a cheap fix (10 buck kit at walmart).

    On my crappy gas mileage . . . I have been staying at 70 mph now trying my gas mileage out to see how it works, I'll keep you all informed on it in the next week or so to see what the results wield. Next fill up I am going to do the whole premium fill up thing and leaving the battery disconnected for 30mics after I fill it up and then see what happens. Do you think that could really help my mileage a little bit?

    As far as getting rid of my car goes . . . I have been seriously considering it. I could get one for cheaper insurance, cheaper on gas too and a smaller engine which means less to work on. But man I have gone through 2 other cars already in my short 24 year tenure on this planet. And I have seen this truck prove to me it's worth and value. Besides the fact that she is a TANK, in terms of safety, I just love her too much to get rid of her. The only problem I had was that the seal went out on my tranny, all the oil drained out of it and burnt the tranny completely. Isuzu dealership where I was (enroute to Cali from Indy, some stroke of luck put one of the few remaining dealerships about 5 miles from my break down point!) Isuzu had my BRAND NEW tranny there and installed within 6 days, paid for the $800 transport of my truck from illinois to Cali and paid the $500 rental car fee to get me the rest of the way while my truck got fixed. That's customer service you can't find elsewhere. So I'll stick it out a little longer and see what happens.
  • bsmart1bsmart1 Posts: 377
    may ge fixed by a fuel injector cleaning service. I was talking to a friend today about his Toyota Sequoia that had fallen to about 12 mpg. He did a lot of things to try to help it and finally gave up and took it to his Dealer. The dealer did a injector cleaning service on it and got him 5 mph improvement on the highway mileage!! He said it really surprised him b/c he hadn't noticed any decrease in performance of the engine while losing mileage. He said the engine has a little over 100K miles on it, and the service guy showed him all the gunk that came out of the injectors.

    He was also surprised that he didn't notice any improvement in the engine's performance AFTER the injector cleaning, but the proof was in the mpg jump!!
  • uniconunicon Posts: 18
    I purchased a 99 Trooper brand new and it's been great except for the fact that it sucks up a lot of oil and always has. A quart every 1000 miles or less. This issue was apparently resolved on the 2000 models. There have also been reports of engine failures as low as 75k on

    I hope mine lasts! I've run Mobil1 in it from the beginning.
  • Go to WalMart and get some CD2 Oil Detergent. It will fix your oil consumption problem. Fixed both of my '99 Troopers.
  • steverstever Posts: 52,572
    Unless someone has a Trooper parts link, the only thing I can think of is eBay or (there's one local to Jackson). Or maybe Memphis or NO or B'ingham are closer to you... heck, put a parts wanted blurb on all of them.

    Steve, Host
  • serranotserranot Posts: 113
    This is a classic symptom of the mode sensor failure. Let me know if you need help cleaning it and I can send photos and talk you through it. I have done it once and it solved my 2-3 shift problem.

    Another way to find out if this is the problem is to watch the dash indicator lights when you shift. If the tranny selector lights jump in a random fashion rather than movesequentially, that's a big sign you have amode sensor issue.

  • I have a 2002 Trooper with 42K miles that was purchased in July of '02. The other day it started shifting hard almost like it was slamming in and out of gears. A quick trip to the local Isuzu dealer and it turns out to be a bad transmission range selector switch. Seeing as though the vehicle has low miles and and was only one month past the 3/50 warranty, I called Isuzu customer relations and explained the situation and that this was my fourth new Isuzu (hoping to get some good will). The customer relations person agreed that good will warranty coverage was for situations such as this and gave me the name of the service manager at the dealership telling me to have him ask Isuzu for assistance. The service manager calls me back later that day all defensive and said in no way should this person have given me his name because Isuzu has no good will warranty policy. He finally said he would try, but that he know Isuzu would do nothing. I then called customer relations back and the person sounded suprised at the result of my conversation with the dealer. He called the dealer and then called me back only to tell me it was out of his hands and that it was the zone rep's decision not to cover the repair. I understand that Isuzu is not obligated to do anything at this point, but I just feel as though it shows extremely poor customer relations to treat someone this way given that this is my fourth new Isuzu vehicle in the last 12 years, I am under on miles, and only one mont past the warrany period.
    I'm kind of suspicious of the this dealer as well because when I called the dealer where I purchased the vehicle (which I don't typically use for service because it is further from where I live) their service manager advised me that he had very good luck with Isuzu in situations such as this. I just hope they stand by the 10/120 powertrain warranty should I ever need it.
  • I have found all the things that I needed to get my trooper running. The only problem I am having with it right now is that it keeps overheating on me all the time. I have done everything to the engine that I could possible think of, but it still overheats. I think it might be the tranny, but I do not have the equipment to lift it up and get a good look. I think the front seal already has a leak, but I am not sure of that either. If anyone has any idea what else it might be, please let me know.
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