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Isuzu Trooper



  • Hi, I'm not a pro, but just letting off the gas can unload the torque and make things quieter than under normal driving load. The sound you describe sounds a bit more like gear noise than CV joint noise. CV joints may growl and grumble when going straight ahead when going bad, but they can really make noise and vibrate when making sharp, slow turns. If yours is not exhibiting these characteristics, then you may be able to rule CV joints out.
    THe auto lock hubs only unlock when the trupr is put in to 2 WD AND then it must be backed up at least 8 or 10 feet in order for the hubs to unlock. Some people have to back up even further, depending on the condition of the hubs. You could be hearing the front differential "complaining" about not being able to idle due to the hubs being engaged. If you already know this, and are sure they are unlocked, then it is not uncommon for there to be a bit of gear whine at higher speeds, but I have not heard anyone mention lately that they had anything but transmission problems when talking about "winding down and switching gears". If you can have the ECM checked for any hidden codes, you may find some stored but not illuminating the check engine or malfunction indicator lights. Try a search in this forum for similar problems, you could get some more insight. There are also posts that suggest how to check the computer yourself if you don't live near an Autozone or parts place that will do it for free. Good luck. One owners opinion.
  • Hi all. Recently my '98 3.5 V6 manual trooper (Jackaroo) with about 100,000 miles on clock had a major "seizure" - headgasket blew, water pump failed, and ended up requiring a new cam, new head (tiny crack). The engine had to be removed completely. Since getting the vehicle back from repair, after about 15 minutes driving the clutch gets stiff (seems okay when cold and when I accelerate (all gears)there is a delay in uptake (revs almost like a false neutral initially then power seems to come on). Mechanics claim they didn't touch the clutch so perhaps something else they did is causing this? At idle it chatters almost like a diesel (engine used to be quiet as a mouse). Finally there is a definite oily smell when the engine is hot - never previously apparent. It's going back but I'd appreciate any clues people muight have. Many thanks
  • Installed the KYB Monomax shocks and sway bar bushings a few days ago... man, what a difference in ride from the way to stiff Bilstein. I think Bilsteins may be overated. They work great on a full size SUV, pickup.. but suck for a Trooper application!

    FYI- I found sway bar bushing from that had zerk fittings on them and are made by Energy Suspension. Much easier to keep lubed than the JC Whitney ones.
  • hello, i just found this site today so i thought i'd check it out. i've been having problems recently with my trooper, one morning i left to go to work and my truck started fine, but wanted to stall. as i started driving on the highway it started surging and/or missing. i had it checked out and was told that the compression in two of the four cylinders is really low. the fuel pump was replaced less than 6 months ago, i was also told that it is running really lean...not sure what that means. i did notice for about a week that the truck smelt very fumey when i got out after driving it. any suggestions as to what this might be?
  • I just inherited this truck and love it but nothing except for oil change was done on this since 50000 miles. can someone give me a list (as comprehensive as you want) of what should be done on the truck with this mileage, anyhting and everything would be appreciated.

  • This table for the 96 Trooper should help a little. It did not copy well, but the idea is the mileage is next to Maintenance Items, and the item name has 5 spaces after it for the type of service or action required, so you can kind of figure out which are which. The timing belt should have been changed at 60,000 miles.
    Hope this info helps.
    Maintenance Items 82,500 90,000 97,500 105,000 112,500
    Air Filter Element Replace
    Battery Check Check Check Check Check
    Body and Frame Lubricate Lubricate Lubricate Lubricate Lubricate
    Brake Fluid Check Check Check Check Check
    Brake Hose/Line Inspect Inspect Inspect Inspect Inspect
    Brake Pedal Assy Adjust Adjust
    Clutch Fluid
    Clutch Hydraulic System Check
    Clutch Linkage Lubricate Lubricate
    Clutch Pedal Assembly Check Check
    Coolant Check Replace Check Check Check
    Cooling System Inspect Inspect
    Cruise Control Vacuum Hose Check Check
    Disc Brake System Check Check
    Drive Belt Inspect/Adjust
    Drive/Propeller Shaft Lubricate Lubricate Lubricate
    Engine Oil Replace Replace Replace Replace Replace
    Exhaust System Check Check Check Check Check
    Fluid - A/T Check Check Check Check Check
    Fluid - Differential Replace
    Fluid - M/T Replace
    Fluid - Transfer Case Replace
    Fluids Check Check Check Check Check
    Fuel Supply Line
    Locks Lubricate Lubricate
    Neutral Safety Switch Check Check Check Check Check
    Oil Filter, Engine Replace Replace Replace Replace Replace
    Parking Brake System Check Check
    Power Steering Fluid Check Replace Check Check Check
    Radiator Clean
    Spark Plug
    Steering Check Check Check Check Check
    Steering and Suspension Inspect Inspect Inspect Inspect Inspect
    Throttle Cable/Linkage Lubricate Lubricate Lubricate Lubricate Lubricate
    Timing Belt
    Tires Rotate Rotate Rotate Rotate Rotate
    Transfer Case Check
    Wheel Bearing Clean/Repack
  • I drive a 1999 Isuzu Trooper and I have been told by EVERY mechanic that i encounter that knows a thing or two about Isuzu engines knows 3 things. 1. color coded parts makes rebuilds hard, 2. Isuzu engines will last a long time if your timing belt is changed religiously every 75,000 miles and 3. Isuzu engines burn oil like mad.
    just check it every 500 and ull be fine
    but always have at least a quart on u if u drive alot
    and u do!
  • bhaverbhaver Posts: 2
    Hello, I am moving my beloved 98 Trooper S (automatic tranny, 4X4, 55,000 miles) from Hawaii to Northern New Mexico in a month. It has spent it's entire life in Hawaii. What should I do to prepare it for the cold.

  • cki primer, Maybe it is time for you to find a less opinionated mechanic that will help you feel better about your Trooper. What other vehicle is your mechanic trying to sell you on?
    Timing belt changes are at different mileages based on Trooper models. Mine is a 2001 and timing belt change is at 100K (coming up real soon for me), and my engine is a non-interference design, so if the timing belt fails, the engine will not be damaged.
    My 2001 uses a little oil, but small enough amount that if I change my oil every 3000 miles I don't have to worry about adding any. If you hear a slight lifter ticking at startup, that is a clue to check the oil level. My 1995 Trooper never consumed oil at all in the 140K miles I owned it, at least not enough to tell by the dipstick measurement.
    Isuzu engines do last a very long time, just like any well made equipment you must keep up the maintenance to get it to last. I have driven over 400K miles in three Isuzu Troopers and I am very pleased with their reliability.
    All that said, do I recommend everyone drive an Isuzu? No, I don't because there are few dealers around and fewer mechanics that like to specialize in Isuzu. I will stay with my Trooper as long as I can keep it running like new. I am also hoping that Isuzu begins selling diesel cars and SUVs and pickup trucks in the USA because I think there is a big untapped market in the USA for fuel efficient diesels and Isusu is one of the best diesel engine makers when it comes to fuel efficiency.
  • Just make sure you have proper antifreeze in the radiator and in the wincshield washers for both front and back windows. If you are using a heavy viscosity engine oil you might want to change to 5W30 or whatever your user manual tells you for cooler weather.
    Hawaii and New Mexico are both rust free places so your Trooper will look new for a very long time.
  • bhaverbhaver Posts: 2
    thanks boxtrooper
  • shawgbshawgb Posts: 1
    I've searched the forum to see if anyone else has reported this issue and I can't find it.

    I have a '98 Trooper with about 81K miles. Love, love the vehicle - have owned it for about 2 years.

    The great majority of driving I do is in the city, so I rarely use the cruise control. However, when I DO use it - at speeds of 60 and above, it frequently will kick the transmission out of 4th gear (I think that's the final gear...) at the SLIGHTEST incline. I'm talking about an incline that if I was NOT using the cruise, no WAY would the transmission need to downshift in order to negotiate.

    I've tested it. I can maintain constant highway speeds with no problem whatsoever and NO TRANSMISSION DOWNSHIFTING without cruise control.

    If I let the cruise handle that same stretch of road - it will most likely, at some point, kick the tranny out of final gear at a slight incline...and it doesn't exactly go RIGHT back to final gear after it does so, either. It takes a few moments of completely flat road.

    It's unpredictable, yet consistent - as it happens every time I use the cruise for ANY substantial time maybe more than 20 minutes.

    So, it's weird - separately, the transmission shifts issues - and in theory, the cruise works well as it holds the speed quite accurately. Somehow - the 2 of them don't get along!

    Would really appreciate some feedback. By the way, I have done all required maintenance on the vehicle...I want it to last!

    Thank you.
  • atfdmikeatfdmike Posts: 414
    Hi, I have not run across any post describing the conditions you do for your trooper, but I thought you might be interested in what the manual says about the cruise control. I don't see any thing in the description that might lead to the behavior you describe, unless it is the powertrain control module or the cruise module that has a glitch that might cause this. I really do not see where the action you describe would create any real problem for most driving conditions, and since the trans locks back up when the temporary acceleration is done, then mileage would not seem to be an issue. Here is what the manual says:

    1998 Isuzu Truck Trooper LTD V6-3.5L
    Vehicle Level Cruise Control Description and Operation

    Description and Operation

    The cruise control system uses mechanical, electrical and vacuum-operated devices to maintain vehicle speed at a setting selected by the driver.

    System Description
    The cruise control unit receives command signals from the cruise control switch. It receives information about operating conditions from the brake switch, the speedometer, the clutch switch (manual transmission) and the automatic transmission mode switch and Powertrain control module (PCM) (automatic transmission).

    The cruise control unit sends operational signals to the devices that regulate the throttle position. The throttle position maintains the selected vehicle speed. The control unit compares the actual speed of the vehicle to the selected speed. The control unit then uses the result of that comparison to open or close the throttle.

    The brake light switch releases the system's control of the throttle at the instant the driver depresses the brake pedal. The switch sends a signal to the cruise control unit when the brake pedal is depressed; the cruise control unit responds by allowing the throttle to close. The clutch interrupt switch or the automatic transmission mode switch sends a disengage signal input to the cruise control unit that also allows the throttle to close.

    System Operation
    The cruise control system will set and automatically maintain any speed above 25 m.p.h. (40 Kph) . To set, press the cruise control main switch so that the "CRUISE MAIN" indicator is ON . After reaching the desired speed, press the set switch. The cruise control unit will receive a set signal input and will activate the cruise control actuator.

    Pushing the cruise control switch cancels the cruise control system. This removes power to the cruise control unit and erases the set speed from memory. The cruise control system also disengages when cruising speed is lower than the preset speed by 12 m.p.h. (19 Kph) or more. If the system is disengaged temporarily by the brake switch, clutch switch or the automatic transmission mode switch and vehicle speed is still above 25 m.p.h. (40 Kph) , turn and release the Resume/accel switch turned and released, the set memory is retained, the vehicle automatically returns to the previous set speed.

    For gradual acceleration without depressing the accelerator pedal, turn the resume/accel switch and hold it there until the desired speed is reached. This will send an acceleration signal input to the cruise control unit. When the switch is released, the system will be reprogrammed for the new speed. Quickly turning and releasing the resume/accel switch allows you to tap up the preset cruising speed. Each turn increases the preset speed by 1 m.p.h. (1.6 Kph) . The Preset speed can be increased by up to 10 m.p.h. (16 Kph) in this manner.

    To slow the vehicle down, depress and hold the set/coast switch. This will send a deceleration signal input to the cruise control unit, causing the vehicle to coast until the desired speed is reached. When the desired speed is reached, release the set/coast switch. This will reprogram the system for the new speed. Quickly depressing and releasing the set/coast switch allows you to tap down the preset cruising speed. Each depress decreases the preset speed by 1 m.p.h. (1.6 Kph) . The preset speed can be decreased to a minimum of 25 m.p.h. (40 Kph) in this manner.
  • uniconunicon Posts: 18
    I'd have to second this. I've owned my Trooper since I purchased it new in 1999 and it uses a quart of oil every 800 miles. I've always used Mobil 1 synthetic. I'm selling it soon because I'm tired of adding oil to it and the mileage sux. It's at 85,000 miles and needs a timing belt.
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    Isuzu Trooper
  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,059

    tidester, host
  • In 1990 I purchased a brand new Trooper with the V6 and automatic. I took it out 4-wheeling all the time (logging tralis, mud holes). I LOVED that truck for it was truly a "Mountain Goat!" There was just no getting it stuck (I tried). Unfortunately I owned it for just a few years before trading it for a 2wd minivan (moment of extreme stupidity)..:(

    The joke is a few days after trading the Trooper, we received the largest snow storm in the history of the state When I was finally able to navigate out of my sub division (a week later), there, across the street from the entrance of my subdivision, on the front line of the dealer's lot, sat my recently traded Trooper.

    I think it was laughing at me.

    It took until 2006 for me to finally purchase another 4X4. I bought a new Land Rover LR3 mostly because it reminded me of my old Trooper I never should have traded. The basic configuration, driving position, and off road behavior of these two serious off roaders are so very close.

    I still miss the Trooper (although the "butt warmers" in the LR3 sure are nice on a cold winter morning...

  • My wife's 98 Limited has @ 170K miles on it and is just now starting to nickle and dime (CV and engine computer). I would caution against getting an SUV for a minor, but my wife's friend has smashed her Trooper a couple of times in traffic pulling a horse trailer and came out OK. You might consider an advanced driving school to familiarize him on risk management and skills to bring an SUV down to speed with. Some of the most preventable SUV accidents involve speed and unbuckled rear passengers becoming projectiles.

    He won't get great mileage (18 mpg average), and the 6 CD player will eventually eat 6 CDs. The heated seats are very nice.
  • My wife has a 98 Trooper. The vehicle's engine surges or dies at stoplights. Isuzu says that the computer has to be replaced ($2K) and that we won't know if the new computer will work until it is installed($2K gamble). This seems to be extremely outrageous method of determining if something will work. The vehicle has 170K miles on it, but is otherwise in decent shape.

    Any ideas or experiences on this type of problem?
  • atfdmikeatfdmike Posts: 414
    hi, I Don't know about whether or not the ECU is really the problem. There are specific codes that inform whether it is bad or not, but unless you know what codes, if any, were found then there is no way to get their description.
    As far as the ECU, rebuilt ECU's are available, and some rebuilders can be found on ebay. They will also rebuild your original ECU if that is what you would prefer. I sent what I thought was a bad ECU to one of them, not for an Isuzu, and they called me and told me that the ECU was not bad and would only rebuild it if I directed them to do so. I thought that was pretty professional of them. I think the price was around $200 dollars. You might want to check around on that. Good luck
  • I'm doing a front brake job on my '99 Trooper and I need to get the rotors turned, so I need to remove the hub and rotor. The problem is, that I can't find a repair manual for it, so I don't have any of the torque specs for re-assembly. If you know the specs or a source for a repair manual I would really appreciate it. I haven't finished the disassembly yet, but I think these are the only specs I'll need.

    I'm looking for the torque specs for the following:
    - hex bolts that connect the axle and hub
    - spindle nut
    - three screws that hold the spindle nut retainer
    - bolts for the brake caliper mounting bracket
    - bolts for the brake caliper

    Thanks in advance.
  • atfdmikeatfdmike Posts: 414
    Hope this helps

    1999 Isuzu Truck Trooper V6-3.5L
    Vehicle Level Brakes and Traction Control Disc Brake System Brake Caliper Specifications


    Adjusting Method Self-Adjusting
    Piston Diameter: Front 2.38 in
    Rear 1.63 in
    Support Bracket Bolts: Front 115
    Rear 76
    Caliper Attaching Bolts: Front 54
    Rear 32
    Bleed Screw 69
    Hose to Caliper Bolt 26

    1999 Isuzu Truck Trooper V6-3.5L
    Vehicle Level Brakes and Traction Control Disc Brake System Brake Rotor/Disc Specifications


    Brake Disc/Rotor Front Standard Thickness 26.0 mm
    Minimum Thickness (Wear) 24.60 mm
    Minimum Thickness (Refinish) 24.97 mm
    Effective Disc Diameter 222.0 mm
    Maximum Runout 0.13 mm
    Rear Standard Thickness 18.0 mm
    Minimum Thickness (Wear) 16.6 mm
    Minimum Thickness (Refinish) 16.97 mm
    Maximum Runout 0.13 mm
    Effective Disc Diameter 269.2 mm

    Install hub nut. Turn to the place where there is a chamfer in the tapped hole to the outer side, then attach the nut by using front hub nut wrench J-36827.

    Tighten the hub nut to 29 Nm (22 ft. lbs.) , then fully loosen the nut.
    Tighten the hub nut to the value given below, using a spring scale on the wheel pin. New bearing and New oil seal Bearing Preload: 20 N - 25 N (4.4 lbs. - 5.5 lbs.) Used bearing and New oil seal Bearing Preload: 12 N - 18 N (2.6 lbs. - 4.0 lbs.)
    If the measured bearing preload is outside the specifications, adjust it by loosening or tightening the bearing nut.

    Link to hub part specifications: #pic
  • Thanks atfdmike! That was just what we needed!!!!
  • spdracr4, I have exactly the same vehicle and EXACTLY the same symptoms you've described. Please tell me you've found an answer to these problems. I've been struggling to find the solution for weeks and it's driving me nuts! Were you able to resolve the issue???
  • hey cobbo, did you ever get the reduced power light issue fixed? I'm having the exact same issue with my 2001 trooper limited black with gold package and TOD.
  • atfdmikeatfdmike Posts: 414
    Did you look at reply to his post? I think it is 11321.
  • the radio in my 94 trooper was replaced with a 91 radio w/o cd input. I wanted to get the cd player going again a grabbed a 95 radio off ebay. Will it work in my 94 with a separate factory single cd or did I waste my money? :confuse:
  • atfdmikeatfdmike Posts: 414
    Hi, well, you reversed the usual progression by purchasing before checking whether it will work, but the factory used the same radio both years for the premium sound system. If the radio you purchased was for the premium system, which is what you had originally, then it should work. The radio you bought should say premium sound system, or similar, on the face somewhere. The harness should work as long as it was not modified to put in the 91 radio. As far as I could tell looking at the electrical diagrams, no wiring changes should have been necessary, but you won't know until you open it up and look. Hope this helps.
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