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Chevy Blazer GMC Jimmy Maintenance and Repair



  • Hi gibeau,
    Did you ever figure out this problem? My 97 jimmy is doing the same thing. Except mine aren't flashing, they are stuck on.

  • I have an'02 Blazer Extreme. I left it sitting for a few days with the tank very low(its been about 10 degrees for the past 3 weeks). Call me dumb, whatever, i'm beyond that. Anyway I'm pretty sure the lines(or whatever) are frozen and I put some Heet along with 5 gallons of gas in there. My question is what do I do next, let it sit? i've been trying to start it, hoping to try and get the Heet to start passing through and thaw out whatever is frozen. I've ran the battery dead and its recharging now. Should it have taken that long? any quick response would be nice, I kinda need it running by monday to get to work. Thanks
  • jlflemmonsjlflemmons Posts: 2,242

    How cold is it where you are now? If the lines are really the problem, and the truck is outside, you can try blocking the open area around the sides and back and blow a space heater from the front. Sort of like the skirting on a trailer. Go easy on the trying to start. If all other things are okay, it is either going to start in the first couple of rotations, or not start at all.

    How do you like your xTreme? I was looking for one when we got my son his '99 four door,but they are very, very rare in Texas.
  • Well its actually the warmest its been in about 2 weeks(29 degrees). I just checked the weather report and they say it supposed to hit 37 tomorrow! Anyway, I'm not exactly sure if its the gas lines. I was just told that by a friend and he told me to put the Heet and the 5 gallons of gas. Unfortunatly he left to go to Boston for the weekend and is of no further assistance. There were a few times when I was cranking it that it seemed to catch and die just like that. Almost like it got a few drops of gas and burned it real quick. I'll try putting a heater to it, in hopes that'll do it. If not I guess I got a bigger problem. Any Ideas? When I crank it I can hear the fuel pump running so I think i'm good there.

    But anyway, It's been alright to me. I have to add coolant about once a month in the summer. and thats probably a bigger problem i have to address pretty soon. I don't see any on the oil dipstick, and once this past summer it leaked right out the bottom. So i'm guessin it may be a bad seal or somethin. Let me know if you any tips on that.
  • jlflemmonsjlflemmons Posts: 2,242
    These engines have a history of intake gaskets leaking coolant. I was told today by a dealer that mine has started leaking, but I sure don't see it. The antifreeze level hasn't changed, and there is nothing in the oil.

    I had it at the shop as both motor mounts broke. I was all set to do the repair myself when I realized that I didn't have the tools to get into the very tight quarters. Glad I sent it over to them. Cost me $200, but it took them over four hours to get them swapped out. The tech said what I already knew. If only one is broken, you can lift the engine from underneath and it will pivot on the good mount and give you working room. If both are broken, the whole shooting match has to go straight up a couple of inches to get clearance. Took me about 20 minutes to figure out I didn't want to spend a day on my back fighting with that sucker. In case you hadn't noticed, that is one big honkin V6 to fit into such a small engine compartment!
  • Did the timing chain fix your noise problem? I have the same symptom but was never told of this problem by the dealer.

    My 2003 Jimmy sls 4.3 liter engine has an almost constantly pinging sound (similar to a dieseling sound) when cruising. It goes away when I accelerate. I also have a 2001 slx which is starting to do exactly the same thing but not as bad.

    Both start well, run well (other than the sound) and have lots of power. The 2003 has 45,000 miles on it and the 2001 has about 80,000 miles. Both have the original plugs, etc. I usually run regular gas (with 10% ethanol) but I have recently run several tanks of the highest test gas I can find with no noticeable difference.

    I'm concerned this will escalate into a bigger problem, head, valves, etc., if not resolved.

  • After replacing several fuel pumps in less than a year, we looked at other problems which could cause the pump to stop working. It turned out in our case that one of the connections on the plug was corroded. It seems the bad connection to ground was our problem. Just cleaned it up and added a bit of dielectric grease. Hopefully it will run for a while now...
  • I have a 98 Jiimy 4.3. About a month ago it started having problems starting. No engine comes on. Had the ignition module, the regulator, coil, distributor cap switched. The battery, alternator, starter, and the fuses are all good. There is a alarm attached can this hae anything to do with it.
  • 01280128 Posts: 3
    If your alarm has a "kill switch" function, it can certainly disable your ignition. If it is an aftermarket alarm, check with your installer / shop / or look up the manufacturer online for trouble shooting.
  • c5nutc5nut Posts: 11
    I have a 2000 Blazer and for the pastweek I've gone thru 5 10 amp fuses for the courtesy lights. I've read some posts about this but still unsure where to start. I've read a few posts that suggest checking grounds for the connected components (lamps) but, where are they? Are they near the bulb fixtures themselves? Thanks
  • Found it easy to replace that plug if you unbolt the steering box and pry it up out of the way.
    Only 3 bolts on side of frame to unbolt the gearbox.
    These things are the biggest piece of crap ever built.Designed to fail.No wonder GM is in trouble.
    Between the multitudes of problems with these blazers,they can't make a decent tranny and use the crappy orange dexcool antifreeze which destroys the whole cooling system and eventually the engine.
  • redgmsredgms Posts: 2
    I was hoping someone could help me by letting me know where the t-stat is in my 2002 chevy blazer. I have been all through the engine and the manual and can't find squat. Any help would be appreciated.

  • jdoranjdoran Posts: 2
    trying to find out answer to your question on the timing chain,did it fix your problem with the engine or is it still there,and if it did what part or parts did the dealer replace and how much did they charge,having same sounding problems with my blazer and just would like to know whats going on,any info would be greatly appreciated,thanks Jim
  • jdoranjdoran Posts: 2
    trying to find out answer to your question on the timing chain,did it fix your problem with the engine or is it still there,and if it did what part or parts did the dealer replace and how much did they charge,having same sounding problems with my blazer and just would like to know whats going on,any info would be greatly appreciated,thanks Jim
  • c5nutc5nut Posts: 11
    I have a 2000 4.3 and my thermostat is in the cap of the radiator (top of radiator, passenger side).
  • jlflemmonsjlflemmons Posts: 2,242
    Follow the upper radiator hose back to the top of the engine. The hose attaches to the thermostat housing. Chevy thermostat housings are usually held on with two bolts. Be careful when reinstalling and check that the thermostat is fully seated, the gasket aligned, and the housing is sitting flush before tightening the housing. Many a housing has been replaced because it was tightened down on the lip of the thermostat and cracked.
  • c5nutc5nut Posts: 11
    I'm having a similar problem with my 2000 ZR2. The courtesy light fuse keeps blowing and I then noticed my 4x4 switch light was out too. When I put a new 10A fuse in for my lights (which blew the next day) my 4x4 switch lit up. My question for you is when you were having your trouble, was your 4 wheel drive still able to engage? Mine will not engage while this particular fuse is blown, and the switch light is out. Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks
  • I had the same problem.
    I removed the battery and the tray.
    Found that the actuator have a ripped diaphram.
    I mickey moused it by using rubber cement and a patch.
    It lasted the winter , till I got a new part.
  • my girl freind was driveing my 95 Blazer w/4.3 and it died. she thought it was out of gas. she put 6.5 gals in it and it still did not start. I checked for spark and it is good. i cant hear the feul pump like i used to hear it when i turn on the ign. i found 2 relays in the glove box and i assumed tat one of them was for the f/pump. i swaped them and no difference. should i buy a pump and install it or do i need to do more testing. i had a simular problem with a 85 century but it turned out to be in the wiring an i riged it up with a wire direct from the fuse box but i dont want to rig this one. i know that is a common problem with the 80's gm's...t/u for advice in advance
  • Check the ECM fuse, Im not sure what number it is but that may be the issue..

    Good luck!
  • ok i did check the fuses except the metal boxed ones. i suppose those are called relays? i will check the with a multimeter. ps will be a few days till i get back to it. as i am a desiel dummy( truck driver) and on the road right now thanks
  • It is likely that the pump is dead. However, you may be able to access the electrical plugs on top of the tank if the spare is out of the way. Make sure the connections are good before dropping the tank. I found using a motorcycle jack is a nice way to support and lower the tank.
  • csf2csf2 Posts: 1
    4x4 02 Chevy Blazer had service engine lite on 69k miles. Chevy repair shop replaced upper/low ball joints, idler pitman arms. Said thermostat stuck open, waterpump leaking all repaired.
    Blazer now rocks side to side (like wave motion)whenever it hits a bump or road irregularity (ie always). Took back to repairshop-they said drives normal and w/in specs.
    Possible cause? Any help appreciated and thanks.
  • 1993 s-10 blazer voretc 4.3 will not stay running inless i feed it gas through intake.Has newer fuel pump, spider injector,bothsend &return lines.I disconected the lines gas flows good.What eles is there?
  • Hello, my name is TJ. Did you find a reason for the Check Engine Soon light coming on?
  • Hi, my name is TJ, I have a 96 LS. Were you able to correct hard brake pedal problem?
  • i am fighting the same problem with a 1993 jimmy with the 4.3 votec. what did you find to be the problem with it. i have replace the fuel pump, filter, plugs wires, distributor, cap, rotor, coil, used ecm and put a used fuel presure regulator on the orginal fuel injector/spider assembly. it runs fine and doesnt miss but dies at idle when warmed up. i am stumped!! please help :sick:
  • My 1995 Chevy S-10 Blazer will not go into 4WD. The 4WD is electonic with a button for 2H, 4H, and 4L. When you hit the 4H button, the light comes on and you can hear the relay in the control module in the dash activate. I can also hear the tranfer case motor engage. The drive shaft to the front differential is also engaged. I have replaced the vacuum switch on top of the transfer case (ball inside was sticking). I am not getting vacuum to the vacuum diaphram actuator located under the battery tray. This is what engages the 4WD. I have checked all vacuum hoses for breaks or kinks. Where does the vacuum hose go after it leaves the actuator? It appears to go in behind the motor on the back leftside as you face the motor, but cannot see where it connects. Does anyone have or know where I can get electrical and vacuum diagrams of the 4WD system?
    Are there any other items that can be checked? Thanks.
  • I still havnt got fixed yet.Nobody seems to know.Will reply when i find out something. Sorry still hopping on a answer :(
  • My 93 4x4 did the same had to replace front differential.(junk yard ). New one cost over $2000. $250 fixed mine. But im not a professional.Not sure were vaccum line goes my self. Sorry.
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