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Chevy Blazer GMC Jimmy Maintenance and Repair



  • This happens while driving, sometimes when I start the blazer and sometimes I can put it in neutral and it will go back to a higher spot but not always. I've had it go back and forth while simply driving down the road.

    I've never noticed the gauge doing anything strange in reverse.

    Thanks, at least I now have some ideas to work with.
  • 20blazer0020blazer00 Posts: 28
    True this one isn't. But the engine, door and 4x4 poblems can be. If not a recall they could at least come out ad be honest and upfront and admit that there are problems. And help by finding sulutions for them all , this is a good way to show they care about people that buy their products. Its only right when they can see that just about everyone ends up with the same problems, maybe I'm just fooling myself here but it's only right.Seeing this is the second car I bought that has a ton of problems, my other was a Pontiac Bonneville with the ill- fated 3800 series 2.

    All I'm really saying if not GM, I'm thankfull that all the owners have banded together to help each other repair the cars and trucks. ;)
  • i have the same problem and mine didn't start till i blew a rear brake line
    any idea
  • masmith0207masmith0207 Posts: 1
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    I have a 1999 GMC 4.3 liter, electric 4-wheel drive, four door Jimmy that just up and quit and the battery light came on, the battery is fine, it has a spark, there is gas, I thought it may be the timing chain, but that is fine. When we go to turn it over there is no compression. It sounds like it wants to turn over, we are at our wits end with this thing, please help.
  • johnss10johnss10 Posts: 46
    It's hard to offer many suggestion with such vague information.
    1. The battery light comes on anytime the key is on and the engine isn't running.

    2. How do you know there is no compression?

    3. How do you know the timing chain is good?

    4. How do you know there is spark?

    5. How do you know there is gas at the engine at the proper fuel pressure?

    4. What do you mean it sounds like it wants to turn over? If it doesn't turn over, how did you check the spark, timing chain, or compression?

    Ya gotta give us something to work with here.
  • sealteam8sealteam8 Posts: 11
    I agree with johnss10!!
  • pcguampcguam Posts: 1
    I also have a 2001 Blazer and my issues is now it will not engage any gear or any 4wd mode. Initially it was stuck in 4L and now it un-drivable. I stopped by the local dealer this afteernoon and it appears it may be the 4wd module. It cost around $500.00 out the door. Imaging what it will cost for the dealer to fix it. I am looking for more advice or help before I spend a dime. My next step is to disconnect the battery in hopes to reset the computer.
  • Hi
    I had the same problem a while ago under the right side kick panel is were the 4x4 module is located unplug the whole thing and take it out and the truck should be ok it will be 2 wheel drive until you can get a new module while it is unplugged it will say service will be a 2 wheel drive least you can drive it really how often do we use 4x4....good luck
  • I have a coolant leak in my 97' Jimmy. It's more than just a leak, it's a flow. I have located the leak within a small area, but unsure exactly where it is coming from. I have pics ((posted below)) of it and the area is about the size of a softball. Does anyone have an idea of what exactly could be leaking?

    INCIDENT: How it happened was one night I was driving and the temperature gauge started shooting high, steam/smoke started coming from under the hood. Did some inspecting, obviously coolant is all over the place, but also ONLY a half quart of oil is in the motor?! I had no oil spots in the driveway and the oil gauge didn't warn me. The oil was due to be changed, but not overdue.



  • nljewellnljewell Posts: 21
    I've got a 99 Jimmy, when I turn the steering wheel in either direction there is a clunk coming from the driver's side front wheel. I'm guessing its my ball joint but don't know if its the upper/lower one....or both. Is there a way to tell which one it us without actually looking at it? And also, can anyone give me some tips on how to replace it. Thanks for your help.
  • johnss10johnss10 Posts: 46
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    First a rant The advertising crap that has been added to the site overlaps the forum text so that the forum is even harder to use than it has been. This is in addition to the crappy way the forum posts are organized. End of rant.

    About your question, it is almost always the lower ball joints that need to be replaced. These are the ones that carry the weight of the vehicle. The uppers ( on these vehicles) only keep the spindle in the proper position. Your local tire store or alignment shop will easily confirm that it is the lowers. These are no harder or easier than other vehicles, with pretty much the same procedure.
  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,059
    The advertising crap that has been added to the site overlaps the forum text so that the forum is even harder to use than it has been.

    I'm not seeing that and haven't heard of any other such reports. What browser are you using? Are there any browser settings that you can adjust?

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  • I have the same problem with the advertisements covering some of the posts.
  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,059
    Thanks. I'm passing that info up the chain. Anyone else having this problem?

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  • UPDATE: I searched a little deeper into this leak. I found that the water appears to be coming from the valve cover gasket? Hopefully this isn't indicative of a blown head? Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
  • I'm having the same issues and I noticed you posted this a few months back .....did you figure out how to solve the issue so it would pass inspections ?
  • hewybohewybo Posts: 10
    same problem -latest firefox-it's a pain
  • hewybohewybo Posts: 10
    unplug the hot wire to the positive terminal of the battery -wait 5-trouble light quits
  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,059
    Is it just here, in this specific topic or do you see it elsewhere. It's possible the oversized member submitted pictures on a previous page are causing the problem.

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  • do_it_myselfdo_it_myself Posts: 10
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    The following pic is of the valve pan cover and head. Between the 2 is a coolant leak. Before I go taking it all apart, does anyone have any advice? Could it be just a gasket? Warped head? Or anything else?

  • I searched a few different topics throughout the forum and this is the only topic that seems to have the advertisement hiding the posts. I do believe that it is the oversized pictures that I posted. It's as if the width of the box for the posts is dependent upon the size of the picture, and the advertisements do not change in size to compensate for the large picture. Maybe I can resize the pictures that I post from photobucket before I post them? I will see into it.
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    If someone (or you) posts an oversize JPG and skews the page so that yo9u can't see the "reply" button, you can defeat this by going to the "Go To MSG #" box that appears in the gray bar at the top and bottom of the list of posts and typing in the number AFTER the one with the oversize JPG.

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  • My 2005 Chev Blazer only blow cool air. When I turn the dial to hot, the air stops but I can still hear the blower working. When I switch it back to cold, the air blows well again! Any ideas as to why?
  • When you say you turn the dial to Hot, which dial are you referring to? The one that controls air temperature (Blue and Red), or the one that directs the airflow to different outlets.
  • Well I finally traded my blazer in, hated to do it because it was still a good truck to me. I only had two of the problems evryone was having: 4x4 not working and the driver door sagging. But never had all the other problems. But just needed something newer and less miles on it. Blazer had 150,000. I will always buy Chevy, mind you Chevy not GM as a whole. I was rasied with them an know how to work on them. So I traded it for a 2007 Impala 3LT with a 3.9.
    Hope you all have the best of luck with all of your Blazers, I will now headover to the Impala forums....Peace!!!
  • It was funny reading your comment :) . I live in Sweden and have a 1998 Blazer LT that has had 180,000 miles and I only have had 2 problems with it. Exactly the same problems that you've had, sagging driver door and a non functional 4 WD.
    I have found out that all the electrical to the 4 WD works correct, the vacuum that pulls the wire work correct, so the problem must be somewhere in the front axle. Anyone that has a tip?
    Have a great day...
  • Yes, alot of others have gone through the 4x4 not working. I bought it and right off the bat they had it in the shop for 2 weeks and couldn't find out why it didn't work or why my switch would go from 2HI to 4 HI by itself. So seeing I live in the city and would never use the 4x4 I had them unplug it and that took care of it for me. As for the sagging door I replaced the top pin and bushings from AutoZone.
  • My 1998 Blazer has over 210,000 and the 95 S10 pickup over 300,000.
  • I just finished replacing intake manifold gaskets. Of course, I had to remove the distributor, but I think I may have placed it in incorrectly. It took a couple of cranks before the engine would run, but it did. I let the engine run for a few minutes to allow the fresh coolant to circulate and to make sure that my gaskets were holding. I then changed the oil. I tried to run the engine to allow for the fresh oil to circulate and make sure that there was no water leaking into my oil, BUT it would not start. My dad says it sounds like it's "out of timing" and must be from not placing the distributor back in correctly.? So maybe I put the distributor back in wrong? How do I set it correctly? I am far from a mechanic, please feel free to "dummy-dumb" any replies to this post... I may need it. Thank you in advance!
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