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Chevy Blazer GMC Jimmy Maintenance and Repair



  • I have a 95 Blazer with 185000 miles on the original Vortec V-6. Lately I have noticed the engine running poorly after it gets warmed up. I just changed the plugs, wires,cap rotor and O2 sensor. None of this seems to have helped. When you first start the engine, it runs as smooth as the day it was built. After about 30 minutes, the miss starts. I have also noticed a significant drop in fuel mileage as well. Any ides?
  • rallanrallan Posts: 10
    I have a 1998 Blazer that will not go into 4hi or 4 lo.
    I can hear the relays engaging and the lights flicker but am not getting voltage to the encoder motor when 4hi or 4lo is pressed.I can disconnect the harness from the encoder and apply voltage to activate the encoder and shift into 4hi. The 4hi light is then lit but will not shift out of 4hi to 2hi without "hotwiring" the encoder.Did not try 4lo.
    Tried replacing the TCCM but same problem.
    The harness from the TCCM to the encoder checks out OK with an OHM meter.
    Not sure what to do next. Anyone have an idea?
  • rallanrallan Posts: 10
    I have seen this problem before on other vehicles.
    Try Changing the Ignition coil.
  • what did you end up doing? I've got the same thing happening....
  • well, sorry it took me so long to send this. Like you said repairdog, I got the dealer to change my fan clutch( because of the heavy blowing), That has fixed it, no more blowing, and the power has came back. I went and had them to flush cooling system and put fresh dex in it.. blazer is running great now. Next Id guess, complete tune up seeing it has 118,671 on it. And I dont have a clue if any maintence has been done.But, so far, I havent had any of the major problems yet.( maybe they have been done before I got it)( fingers,toes and hair crossed)
    The only thing is I havent been able to get the 4x4 worked on yet.
    One question I have is, I dnt have a clue if this has ever been done , but, at this mileage, would a transmission fluid and filter change, be good or bad for it? I've heard the horror stories about getting this done on a GM after 100,000 for the first time. And the thing burn up.

    Oh,is case you forgot, I have a 2000 blazer LS 4x4 :D :)
  • I recently had the same problem with my 97 jimmy
    i know it sounds simple and if it is what the problem is youll kick yourself for not trying it
    but look in fuce box i think if its the same as the 97 it will be number 19 and its a 20 fuse yellow
    replace it and see if that helps
  • on my 97 im not sure if it was ever done befor but when i bought it with 115k i had the tranny flushed and it was great then at about 134k i had to have the 2-3 cylanoid in the tranny replace so they flushed it then droped the pan drained it replace the 2-3 downshift and then filled back up
    no problems
    i have 143k now
  • just had this problem fixed, a seal between the transfer case and tranny went pumping fluid into the transfer case and overflowing through the breather(vent). $300-400 to fix by someone who knows what there doing.
  • rallanrallan Posts: 10
    Under the hood there is a fuse box. In the middle row next to the relay closest to the firewall there is a 20 Amp fuse which is labeled "ATC" on the diagram. I replaced it and now my Blazer will shift in/out of 4WD just fine.
    So GM uses 2 fuses for the system, one for the CPU at the fuse pannel to the side of the dash and one for the electric motor under the hood.
  • I have a 95 chevy blazer and my turn signal and hazard lights won't come on. I went to autozone they gave me a big round plug. They said it goes under the driver side under where the pedals are. I took the panel off I did not see anything. Did they give me the wrong piece, because I looked where you said and I seen two square plugs there. which one do I need?
  • Just recently my 91 Blazer we used for fishing trips was taken on a joy-ride and then vandalized..[dash and 4-wheel indicators smashed]..I have made some basic repairs to get it mobile again,,but now the front axle wont engage..since we only use 4-low anyway,,does anyone know of a simple way to engage the front axle[I,m thinking its an electrical problem as the wiring on the selector indicator was damaged]..?
  • Hey ,
    On the way to work today my "service engine soon" light cameon and stayed on. What is this? Is it telling me its time for a tune up? :confuse:
  • I would go to autozone and have your codes checked for malfunctions.
  • I went to advance, they checked it, it was a evap leak, prob gas cap, they cut it off, and I redid cap tightly and drove all day and it didnt come back on
  • I also have a 93 Jimmy with the same prob. Did you ever get it resolved? If yes what was it?
  • rallanrallan Posts: 10
    Try pulling on the release and have another person push down on the hood at the same time. If it opens then you need to adjust the latch or stops
  • rallanrallan Posts: 10
    Check the dash light potientometer (the switch that adjust the brightness of the dash lights)
  • I checked the dimmer pot. That wasn´t it. I have the digital display. The Speedometer stays lit. Just the coolant,fuel,oil pres,voltage,and tach don´t light up. any other tips?
  • The heater core went out on my 2000 Jimmy. It is currently disconnected, but I need to fix it soon. I have talked with some folks that suggest replacing the heater core THROUGH the fire wall. Has anyone tried this on a Jimmy?? Thanks in advance.
  • I had to replace the Heater Core in my '97 Blazer, and had to take the dash off to gain access.
  • i replaced the brakes and bleed the brakes. the brake pedal is hard and seems fine, when i start the car the brake pedal goes soft
  • I have a '97 GMC Jimmy that needs a new rear end. I was told I need to find out the gear ratio to make sure I get the right parts. How do I find the information I need?
  • Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright Sonoma, CaliforniaPosts: 57,604
    You mean just "soft but working fine" or "soft and to the floor?"

    If you just feel the pedal depress a little when you start up, that's okay, that's just the power brake booster kicking in. If the brakes work fine and feel fine after that, you're okay.

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  • jlflemmonsjlflemmons Posts: 2,242
    Inside the glove box is a white label listing all the options and configuration of the vehicle when built. Look for an option like "GU6". Here are most that I know of:

    GT4 -- AXLE REAR, 3.73 RATIO
    GT5 -- AXLE REAR, 4.10 RATIO
    GU4 -- AXLE REAR, 3.08 RATIO
    GU5 -- AXLE REAR, 3.23 RATIO
    GU6 -- AXLE REAR, 3.42 RATIO

    Most common in the small Blazer/Jimmy 2wd is the GU6/3.42.
  • Hello, I have a 1996 Chevy Blazer4X4 I have had for about 4 years now with no problems. It has about 157,000 miles on it. And I never use the 4x4 option. Recently the Service Engine Soon light came on. I took it in for a free diagnostic check at a local shop. He told me the service code he got was a P1886, and has a issue with the 2-3 shift solenoid on my automatic trans. I did know the transmission had started to react very slow on the start when this light came on. And it never engages in overdrive now. Whats really odd is when I start it in the morning, or even shut if off for a few minutes. The trans shifts great. Then it slowly starts to get in the mode of high RPM to get the truck moving from a traffic light. If I manually shift from 1-2 there is no change and the engine RPM's hi. But when I go from 2-3, it is hard on the trans in shifting. The shop said the trans looks very good. But suggests a shift solenoid to be replaced. And he said he can clean out the solenoid for under a $100 dollars to see if it helps. He claims it is next to the valve body under the pan. Is this something I can do? I'm pretty handy with taking apart the car in most repairs. I believe the trans I have is a 4L60 but I am not sure. Let me know if the shop said was OK, and if possible for me to do it myself, to save the extra bucks in these hard times. Thanks Much!!
  • i got a 95 blazer 4.3, problem is can run great then when u try to start it , it wont fire. has fuel, and spark, no ttouble codes , had to dissconnect battery or wait, then it starts right up. had it checked by Gm, cant find a problem, replaced computer still the same, any ideas? :
  • I've got a '96 Blazer 4x4, 4.3L, V-6, LS. Bought it used in '98, had 35K miles on it, and it's been pretty good to me, but it's now got a little over 100K on it, and the problems have started.

    Here's my problem: Every time I start the engine, the #4 fuse (gauges) blows out, the daytime running lights go out, the dash lights go out, and it drains the battery right down in no time.

    Put a new alternator in today, new spark plugs, plug wires, distributor cap and rotor, oil filter and oil changed. Apparently, none of those things helped at all, and it looks like it's an electrical problem, but I have absolutely NO idea of where to look for a short or wire damage first. Electrical is not our strong suit, but pretty handy with most other things and a quick learner.

    Has anyone else had a similar problem or heard of anything like this? I would appreciate any help, because we're both stumped here and are running low on spare fuses. Please, please help! :sick:
  • Thanks for all the help, guys, but we managed to find the problem on our own. Oddly enough (or maybe not), it was the ignition switch. I didn't think of that before because I didn't have any problems with the Blazer's starting, and it wasn't stalling, either. Nonetheless, all the weird and funky electrical/fuse-blowing problems were coming from a bad ignition switch. Just thought I'd post the solution in case anyone has/or will have a similar problem. :)
  • '98 Chevy Blazer has error code P1870.I know this has to do with the transmission,but
    don't know where to start.This has something to do with the surging I'm sure. Any ideas? Thank you guys! :confuse:
  • hi this is brian i also have a gmc jimmy i have the same problem. check all ur hoses u have a vacuum actuator under the battery tray follow the vacuum hose up to the fire wall and make sure its still hook after that look at the passager side kick panel take it off and u should see a box with wires going in to it check the wires and take them off an blow them off sometimes water gets in there and will make the wires damp or wet. its called the TCCM cumputer i had to replace mine and then my lights came back on in side so hope i help u good luck
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