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Kia Sedona Electrical Problems



  • darren632darren632 Posts: 2
    i have looked at timing, batter, starter motor, the works and can not see why it will not run
  • The new 2008 Sedona I posted about here 2 years ago had repeated dead batteries, and the replacing the battery didn't help. (The car was in the shop for 22 days in one month due to this problem, and they couldn't figure out why it kept discharging.) For a few months the problem seemed solved, and for various reasons unrelated to that issue, I decided to sell the van when it only had 9K miles on it. I'd bought it with a $5K rebate and haggled, and was able to sell it for only $750 less than I paid for it a year earlier, so I was happy. I disclosed the original battery issue to the buyers and told them I'd had no problems since. They were fine with that. Well, about 3 months after they bought it, they called me and said they were having multiple issues with lights, a/c controls sometimes not working, and the CE light coming on, and their dealer said the van had been modified with aftermarket parts which voided the warranty! I told them no one had touched the van except the dealer I bought it from, and told them to contact the service manager there, who would certainly remember it. They were extremely gracious about it and I never heard from them again, but I have to say, I'm glad I unloaded the thing. KIA really needs to address the electrical problems with this van because it's giving the whole brand a bad name.
  • I posted a couple of months ago re: turn signal. Well, again I bent the contact which helped for a few days, now the same thing. Bulb is still good; I can't figure out where the issue is. Not necessarily the wire, as moving that around doesn't change things. But I take it apart, get it working, put it back in and... But, bulb is still good. Unbelievable...
  • if you google those codes you can find the description, also if you have a manual for your car or a pep boys near by, the manual ussually will give you the knowledge for those codes,let your fingers do the walking.
    google OBD codes and your make and model
  • my battery keeps dieing if i let my van sit for longer than 24 hrs. i have a set of interior,front, door lights that are constantly on,so i took the bulbs out, so the rest of the lights inter, will still work, this seems to have solved the problem.not the only van with this brother has kia with same problem.thinking this is a feature with out dealer thinking it threw, as any thing pulling on your battery while the vehicle is not running will kill the battery in time,24 hrs. time for mine. has any one else been dealing with this, thank you...
  • Interesting! I just changed the 6th bulb on my 2005 Sedona (in four years): two passenger headlights, two drivers side headlights, one tailight and one brake light. I ALSO had to replace the alternator earlier this year.

    Is there a statute of limitations on the federal lemon law?

    (That is very scary that your air bags failed.)
  • Mike,
    I have 2006 Sedona with about 61,000 miles and I am currently having the same exact problem. It did occur to me, on long trips (more then 20 minutes driving) with short stops (car is off for about 15 minutes) is when this problem occurs. It seems that if I let it sit for a bit, maybe to cool down (?) is when it starts again with no problem. Have you had the problem fixed and if so, what was the outcome.
    Thank You,
  • I have the EXACT same problem. Mine is a 2006 Sedona. I have changed out at least 4 headlights within the year. I thought the blinkers/running light was blowing. Now I have figured out that it isn't the bulb. You can pull the bulb out and it starts blinking, put everything back together and it seems to work anywhere from a day to a week, then it goes out again. The crazy thing is, you can shake the bulb and wiring harness and it continues to work, while you have everything torn down. There's no loose connection, no loose bulb; however once everything is assembled back together, it works for a brief time. Dealership is trying to blame it on the type of bulb. This isn't my first run in with problems on our 2006 that was purchased brand new. I believe the first year we had it, it stayed in the shop for about 1-1/2 months troubleshooting another problem. I have said all along that the van has electronic issues or wiring issues, but the dealership refuses to here it. After getting on line, it seems pretty obvious that the kia brand name has issues across the board. Next time I will pay another $5,000-$7,000 and buy a toyota or honda, like I should have done to begin with.
  • It appears that Kia is aware of this. When my 'fixes' didn't work, I took it in and they replaced the blinker assembly (not sure if that's the exact name) at no charge under warranty. So, at least that was good!
  • I have many issues w/ my van, from replacing headlamps to taillights, replaced the transmission.
    Numerous brake issues,the horn never works when i need it !! All safety recalls repaired. Now there is water in my trunk and the black door lining is coming off, also the doors lock and will not open. Problem after problem, and Kia is no help and do not stand by their customers!!! I will not buy Kia again !!
  • boydewboydew Posts: 10
    battery died for some reason,put in new one and when I went to put cables on the van and it seemed like it wanted to turn over and light came on inside and out and you can change the gear shift with no battery hook up or no key in ignition. Had mechanic look at it but can`t find any wires burned-checked fuses-alternator. Its been two weeks now and still got no answers. anyone got some ideas
  • Theresa,
    Problem seems to occur less when weather gets cooler--in fact it hasn't happened for a couple of months now. My service advisor did some research and concluded that it may have something to do with the alarm control module reacting to heat which then disables the ignition. Just had it replaced and we'll see what happens when it gets warmer. I'll post again this summer and let everyone know if this did the trick.
  • i have a 2006 kia sedona and my lights in side the car do not work it keeps blowing the fuse
  • I too own a 2006 Sedona with similar problems. I cannot help you with the headlight issue since I didn't take the time to troubleshoot it. My Kia only burned out one headlight in the last year and a half since we owned it so it is not a pressing matter as of yet:). However I had the blinker/running light issue and this is what I found. I have removed the light bulb socket from the wiring harness and found that the little tab that is touching the side of the light bulb to be loose. All you need to do is to pull it out completely, bend the bottom half inwards so it makes a better connection with the connector tab coming from the wiring harness and re-assemble it. Also, there was very slight discoloration from corrosion which I cleaned with a fine sandpaper and some electrical contact cleaner. Hope this helps.

    Here's a couple of pictures to better understand what I did:

    Light bulb socket pics
  • jlaw263jlaw263 Posts: 3
    Yes our 2005 Kia Sedona has had headlights and taillights burn out every 4 or 5 months, now it is stalling! Mechanic is not sure what the problem is.
  • jnkbjnkb Posts: 1
    I think it has something to do with the " alarm control module reacting to heat which then disables the ignition" as well because the other day our horn starting honking like an alarm and we didn't even know the car had an alarm. Then the key started not working. where is the alarm module and did it work out for you?
  • Mike,
    Yes, the weather definitely makes a difference. I will be taking it to my mechanic within a week or 2 and I will ask him what he thinks about the alarm control module also. Thank you for the information and please let me know if it worked for you.
  • lviscolvisco Posts: 1
    I too have blown through my headlights every 3-4 months. After 3 years and about $400.00 in blown head lights from every automotive store, I finally did what Kia recommended. I had Kia replace the bulbs with their "genuine Kia parts" and its has been 1 1/2 years and I haven't had to change a head light since. I know its a sham. Why should you have to buy Kia's "genuine" parts? I totally agree. Its BS and thats how they lock you in. You may never buy another Kia but as long as you own one you'll need them for parts....down to the dang head lights and rear wiper blade.
  • pamella3pamella3 Posts: 1
    I had the problem with starting. I would turn the key and it was dead. After between 3 to 20 minutes of turning key, it would start. My husband took the remote (door lock opener) off of the key ring about 3 weeks ago. I have not had any problems since. This was happening at least 4 times a week prior.
  • jack1003jack1003 Posts: 1
    I have a 2003 Sedona with 120,000 miles on it and it started to do the same thing. I had corrosion built up on the battery terminal under the rubber caps. I cleaned it up, sanded the terminals and the wires, and have had no problems since. Its an easy fix and worth a try.
  • I am having the exact same issue. Engine seems to run fine though.
  • haggardhaggard Posts: 72
    edited November 2012
    You know, I thought the same thing about the rear wiper blade for my '06 Sedona. I had to buy it from the dealer , but it was only about $11, and not at all difficult to install.

    Now, the headlights are something else. I have to replace one every 4-6 months. It's never the same one consecutively. There may be something to the genuine Kia parts thing. My local parts stores carry only the Sylvania H7 bulb for this car, and they just don't last. Changing them is a pain as well. Leased an Optima a few months ago, never thought to check whether they made it easier to change bulbs in the 5 years since.
  • They've replaced both headlight harnesses (or at least connectors) for me under warranty; apparently a known issue, so I'd ask about that. No problems since then.
  • I've been reading some of the posts, I too am having problems with my 2006 sedona( 74,000 miles). It has intermittent start problems, I go through head lights and turn signal bulbs frequently, the air bag light is on constantly for about a year now and the light for the radio intermittently goes on and off?? At my wits end, most of the problems have been a years time but the starting issues began about 4months ago. Has anyone had any success stories?
  • I went to KIA for my starting problems. They replaced 2 things and it was still starting funny...more so in the summer months. I never really had a problem in the winter. I suppose due to the cold. I took it to a new mechanic and he kept it over night. All in all the problem was the starter was going. He got stuck with it not starting and checked the starter and that was it. Never had a problem again since replacing it. I remember seeing a post about bulbs constantly going also. Someone said it was because of using after market parts and not genuine KIA parts. I too have a problem right now with my left signal and I will have to get the genuine part. $7 compared to $23 for a bulb. Ridiculous!! I don't remember seeing anything about the airbag light or anything about the radio light but I am sure there will be something in these posts to help you. It does seem that everything goes wrong right out of warranty though!! My starter issues started about 67,000. Good luck!!
  • After putting another $5.000 into that van this year , i have surrenderd it back to the bank !! Transmission X2 every electrical problem, you think of !! Radio , head light ect ect... alternater, finally the engine blew at 136.000 miles on thanksgiving.
    sale it now !!!
  • jc1981jc1981 Posts: 1
    I had problems with starting my 2006 kia sedona lx. Sometimes it would start and then it just would not. I changed the starter then starter relay. come to find out where your fuses are there is a little part of the box that is going bad. good news is that you can seperate it. first I was told 1500 just for the part. then found out the part was 500 because it seperates. After fixing that no starting problems at all.
  • mtjppmtjpp Posts: 1
    Low beams head lights. After changing them repeatedly ever 6 months I changed the brand. I do not want to say which brand I switched from and to but since making this change I have had the same bulbs for 2 years.
  • 2005 Kia Sedona. Anyone know why when the high beams are turned on it activates the blinkers on the van?
  • KCRamKCRam Mt. Arlington NJPosts: 3,516
    That's usually the switch inside the steering column and will require replacement. Common job for most mechanics, though.

    kcram - Pickups/Wagons/Vans+Minivans Host
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