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Suzuki XL-7



  • flyingnflyingn Posts: 213
    thats wayy too late for ther first diff fluid change btw- Should be done at 7500 miles. The factory fill is a lighweight fluid for breakin and HAS to changed at the recommended 7500 miles to remove the metal shavings and to replace the fluid with the proper weight gear oil. Look in your owners manual. 7500 mikes. 125k second change. I have seen diff failers too if you don't adhear to it..


    **Early on (15K miles) I drained both differentials and put in Mobil 1 synthetic as well.**
  • libertycatlibertycat Posts: 593
    of their XL-7s that they can post?
  • flyingnflyingn Posts: 213
    I have tons of nice XL7 pics but how do I post em here? There is no way to..

  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,059
    Click on the "Town Hall Help" link at the top of the left column on this page then scroll down to near the bottom where you'll find directions for posting pictures. Also, you'll need to find a "host" for your pictures.

    tidester, host
  • flyingnflyingn Posts: 213
    here is my 2002 Limited in pearl white


  • mopar67mopar67 Posts: 728
    Hope it holds up well for you
  • hey, the only color available for the Limited model in Canada right now is the gold/beige version. Which isnt cool, because everyone that has the limited model, has the gold/beige one. Hopefully this will change for 2004. Thats the reason why we didnt buy one this year. We are waiting for the facelift of 2004 suzuki. Bigger headlights and stuff. They might have more colors to.
  • flyingnflyingn Posts: 213
    wonder why that is?? I also understand that the Limiteds in Canada are also standard equipped with the 3rd seats, 4 wd, rear ac and running boards. In the US, the 03 Limiteds don't unless you order em as the 3rd seat option which includes the rear ac and running boards. And the 4 wd option.. Weird/

  • yeah, you got that part right, ecxept the running boards, you have to pay extra for that up here. I would love to have a blue one in the limited color. flyingn, do you know when the 2004 model will come out? up to now there is only 1 site on the internet that shows the facelift. And MotorTrend confirmed that 2004 will have a diffirent facia and rear euro-style tailights. If someone could tell me this, i would appreciate it.

    p.s : keep posting pics.
  • flyingnflyingn Posts: 213
    on the other xl7 site, a dealer in pa was telling everyone that he expects the delivery of the first 04 in 1 month. The grill is different, the tailights may or may NOT be the new design and the transfer case will now be operated by a button instead of the traditional lever. I personally DON'T like the new grill.

  • hey flyingn, you were talking about about the other XL-7 site, did you mean forum? since you not allowed to give it to me on here, i wont ask. I personnaly HATE buttons to switch in 4x4 or 4x2. I like the lever. Flyingn if you could e-mail me at "" and tell me you had read this, i would appreciate, i would like to contact you.

  • rplankrplank Posts: 4
    Earlier I posted concerning cupping/chopping of the OEM Bridgestone tires at 22000 miles. Since then I have been back to my dealer, an independent alignment shop, an independent tire shop and a Firestone/Brigdestone factory owned store. Also talked with the Firestone Customer Assistance Hot Line. The verdict is.......the OEM tires are not defective (Firestone), there is nothing wrong with my vehicle..the tires are defective(Dealer), my front end alignment is good but my rear wheel alignment is way out of spec and there is no adjustment (alignment shop), we don't have a clue but we will sell you new tires (independent tire shop). So I have a new set of Michelins (at my expense) and the XL7 drives and sounds better than new. The Firestone customer assistance hot line went as far as to tell me 22000 was good milage on OEM tires and OEM tires aren't expected to wear as well after market tires of the same make and model!? Any thoughts?
  • mopar67mopar67 Posts: 728
    and all involved with your issue did the "I'm with stupid" coat of arms trick (ie, blame anyone and everyone)
    Personally, I would have made the dealer pay for a new set of tires. If he refused, then quietly see to it that four tires on any vehicle met some bad end (courtesy of a sharp object) or you can rant and rave and get really angry right there in the service area and see if they will make amends that way.
  • jiminlajiminla Posts: 2
    I've just purchased my XL-7 yesterday. Thanks for all your comments on this board. They've helped me in the decision to purchase it.

    Has anyone bought Suzuki's hitch and hitch wiring from the dealer? I want to install a hitch, but didn't know whether to purchase the OEM or an aftermarket. Also, is it necessary to purchase the hitch wiring? Thanks.
  • rplankrplank Posts: 4
    My complaint to Firestone concerning the short life of my Bridgestone Dueler HTs has resulted in them sending me a check for $150. They still don't admit any problems with the tires. Guess they just feal sorry for me.
    Also, the dealer I purchased by XL7 from has dropped Suzuki. I haven't been told a reason but I would imagine it is low sales volume, since this is a large, high volume Chrysler/Dodge dealer.
    Jiminla, if you have Bridgestone tires on your XL7, watch your tires closely. If you see any unusual wear (mine was cupping on the inside) contact your dealer and Firestone immediately.
  • jamthompjamthomp Posts: 16
    Has anyone found a good source for parts on the XL-7? I'm at 33K and want to replace the AC and Fuel filter. But I'm having difficulty finding parts other than through the dealership.
  • jamthompjamthomp Posts: 16
    Took my 2001 XL-7 in to the shop for the following items.

    Leak in rear windshield wiper line causing drip in driver's passenger compartment.
    -Fixed under warranty - likely cause was when I was in Utah in the winter the lines were frozen and I tried using the rear wiper. Connector was broken.

    Transfer case leak.
    -Fixed under warranty. I believe they had to drop the transmission to get to it. Glad I didn't have to pay for that labor.

    Rear passenger door a-jar switch not working.
    -Out of pocket $40. Turns out the wiring for this goes right by or under the jack. When I removed the jack to replace a blown out tire, I damaged the wiring. So be careful.

  • #noname#noname Posts: 58
    On the cabin filters try ATP parts. Their part # GA-6 is both filters for the cabin. Cheap too. $27 bot both at my local supplier.
    The fuel filter is a pep boys purchase

    **Has anyone found a good source for parts on the XL-7? I'm at 33K and want to replace the AC and Fuel filter. But I'm having difficulty finding parts other than through the dealership**
  • nepramnepram Posts: 1
    Any word on the 04's? When do they come out and what if any mechanical changes? I tried to get an 2003 with a 5speed. No luck finding them since July. So I wait for an 04.
  • flyingnflyingn Posts: 213
    a 5 speed automatic and front end (UGLY) and tailight changes are whats found in the 04's..

  • I agree: ugly. They fix the interior and screw up the exterior. I have an 01 Limited and while the interior is not great the exterior gets many a look at by people.
  • I just waisted an hour trying to deal with a local NJ dealer on a '03 XL7 4X4.. they had a boat load of 04's in so I figured that they would want to deal to move the 03's out. Well..most I could get off the MSRP of $23,400 was $2,000. It was an XL7touring with auto, ABS, alloy wheels discounted to about $21,400. I see it on "cars" for $20,530. They refused to move on the price. Can anyone share what they have purchased one for.
  • flyingnflyingn Posts: 213
    autosourus- What part of NJ? Near Philly? Ill send you to a Suzuki dealer in NEPhilly who will deal with you. Theres a $2000 rebate on 03's now so he was NOT doing a thing for you at all.

  • Flyingn

    I'm in Northern NJ..Livingston area.. I would think that no dealer would let someone walkout with a reasonable offer. The dealer was Sansone on Rt 1. The guy just smiled and put his handout to shake mine as to say..we can't do business.. too funny...but am sure someone has to be dealing now! Let me have his number and i'll call them..

  • flyingnflyingn Posts: 213
    might wanna try DeSimone Suzuki in NE Philadelphia. Can't post their phone # here.. Do a net search..

  • Autosaurus-

    Just yesterday, I bought a new '03 XL-7 Touring 4x4 for $21,500. The options included: 3rd row seat, automatic, ABS, alloy wheels, and floor mats. Edmunds shows the MSRP at $24,434 and invoice at $22,959. I told the dealer that I'd pay $500 over invoice and then subtract the $2000 mfg rebate off that amount (so basically $1500 under invoice). They said OK and now my wife is driving my new car :)

    (SF Bay Area, CA)
  • I purchased an 03 XL-7 this summer. I have engaged the 4x4 drive a few times to test it out, but generally only drove with it for a few minutes. I was expecting it to drive a little different, but was wondering about the increased noise as well. It is hard to explain, but the engine and the gearing are louder. Also, I understand that running it in four wheel drive on non slick surfaces will damage the unit, but don't know why this is. This is my first SUV and have enjoyed it very much, but am trying to learn how this Suzuki system works. Any input is appreciated.
  • I really like the XL7. We currently have a full sized Montero and hate the gas mileage and the handling. Took an new '02 home overnight last year and really liked it. Didn't do anything then, but the bug is back.

    My concern is that the resale value on the vehicle is not the best which makes me wonder if we should buy a pre-owned one. Example: In Phoenix, I have located an '03 with 12K (Touring model) 4X4 for $17K. New, the best I've been able to come up with is just over $20.5K. Suggestions and thoughts appreciated.
  • Just came back from a dealr in northern a price for a loaded XL7..5 seater.. $20,500..almost $3,000 off list..had auto, ABL, Alloy wheels,.. any thoughts on that price?

    Still shopping!

  • Hi Guys
    Does any one know about the best deals on automatic xl-7 4x4 7 seater, preferably in central jersey , but would not mind driving 2-3 hours for a best deal.
    Is there an option to choose 0% finance deal or $2000 rebate.
    Does anybody know about overall reliability since this is first suzuki product I am helping someone to buy.
    Just helping one Novice car-buyer friend to get her great deal for her very hard earned money who was about to place order on MSRP because she was offered 0% for 60 months.
    My email is public if someone wants to email me or would prefer to leave on this board so other buyers may benefit as well.
    Thanks in advance
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