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Suzuki XL-7



  • terrajmterrajm Posts: 1
    Hello everybody,
    I am looking into a 2005 Suzuki XL7 it is used with 650 miles. They are asking 21,900. That is just on the site. I have not talked to anyone yet. I was hoping someone could tell me about how much they have been paying.
    I was also wondering about the comfort and convenience. I have a 12 year old and a 9 year old. We are military so we travel around a lot.
    Thanks to anyone that can help a little.
  • scully62scully62 Posts: 7
    I was wondering if you could provide me with the Tire brand and #s you made reference to in your message posted on 3/14/05? I would appreciate this.I have had nothing but problems with the original tires on this SUV,they are the worse tires I've ever had! Thanks for the info.
  • mm9351mm9351 Posts: 72
    I must have changed hundreds of oil filters in my days, but never have had the difficulty of changing out the filter for the '04 XL-7. Anyone else have difficulty? If you bring it to the dealer, watch as he reaches high up into the engine compartment from underneath. You can't try that at home, even with a floor jack. So...try from the top; a real knuckle scraper / forearm, wrist, etc. but finally it might be the last time for me.

    Anyone else care to share their experience? I'd like to hear from you.
  • offhamoffham Posts: 344
    I have just bought a 2001 XL 7 two weeks ago, it had come off a lease and always change the oil myself. I bought a new Purolator filter and got a matching end socket cap. However the one on there was slightly larger and could not move it.

    As I had drained the oil, decided to leave the old one on as it it went in three days later for a transmission change plus I had the front/rear differentials done as well as the transfer case. So the transmission guy took the old one off and put the new one on for me. $170 the whole lot.

    It looks as if it will require a short extension on the socket wrench before it goes into the filter end cap to get at it from the top. It cannot be done from underneath without a lift or you have a pit in the garage floor.

    I did want to put on a transmission cooler, which I had installed on our Chevy Venture on the front of the radiator for maximum efficiency, but on the Suze there is not any room.

    Fram do one with that black grip stuff on the end, but it seems a small filter compared with the Purolator or whatever was on there. I do like the oil drain plug location and allows you to drain everything out. I normally alllow an hour after a run.

    Using Exxon 5-30 which I have found the best across the board.
  • offhamoffham Posts: 344
    I found this message back on some other pages. I have a 2001 and cannot find any reference to them in the handbook. What year were they installed?

  • offhamoffham Posts: 344
    According to the handbook, I should have an ABS sign on the instrument display. I just have a regualr "BRAKE" in red. However in the fuse box in the engine there is a circuit breaker for the ABS system. According to the specs the Touring version came with ABS as standard. Is there anyway to confirm?
  • parideparide Posts: 52
    Hello All - I've been away from this site for a while. Up until two weeks ago, I owned a 2002 XL-7 Touring which had 54K miles on it when I traded it in. Over my three + years of ownership, I did 14 oil changes on this vehicle, trying many different ways to "easily" change the oil filter. The best way I found was to slide an oil filter wrench onto the filter from the top, loosen the filter from underneath the truck, and once loosened, go back on top, remove the wrench and spin the filter off. Once off, there is a spot near the firewall by the master cylinder that the filter will fit through, allowing you to remove the filter from the engine compartment. You need to do some trial and error to find that one spot that the filter will fit through, and you have to be careful because of the brake lines. It still is not easy, and contortionist skills will come in handy especially if the engine and filter are hot.

    In Japan, where cars are right hand drive, the oil filter is probably not in a bad location. However, with the steering linkage and master cylinder/brake lines moved over to the left side of the engine compartment for North American vehicles, the oil filter location becomes a headache.

    Two weeks ago, I traded in my 2002 for a 2005 XL-7 LX3. The 2005 is a beautiful vehicle - Suzuki did a lot of refining on the XL-7 in three years. However, the oil filter is still in the same location. Guess I'll need to keep my contortionist skills intact for the next several years.
  • offhamoffham Posts: 344
    Bought the above for the XL 7 item 33-2155 and replaced the regular paper which I will keep handy. Took it out for a short run and definitely seems better on acceleration and will test the mpg over weekend as have a medium trip on hand. Getting 22mpg so far around town and commute a mix of Interstate and local.

    Got it on line at Fox Performance in Grand Terrace CA for $30.82 plus the Filter Care Kit for $8.68. UPS Ground included.This was the best price I could find.
  • gould1gould1 Posts: 1
    I just bought a brand new 04 in January, after almost 2 hours and a trip to the automotive department for a special wrench, I did it. I have decent sized hands and arms and there is no humanly way possible to get any leverage on the filter without a wrench. Once the filter is off good luck not spilling oil all over since you have to take it through a maze to get it out. This was the first and last time I will do the job myself. I would rather pay $30 than go through that again!
  • I have a 2003 XL-7 and blew out a tire. My spare has a locking lug that uses the XL-7 key to secure the spare. Has anyone heard of this or know a manufacturer that does this? The reason I ask is because the genius from AAA that unlocked it, lost the cylinder that actually does the locking, and now I have no way to secure my spare tire. It just sits in the cargo area.
    I bought it used from a Subaru dealership and they have no idea about it. The local Suzuki dealership also says that they have not heard of this and that it must be aftermarket. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!!
  • emil2emil2 Posts: 1
    I Purchased a 2002 Suzuki XL7 Limited edition six months ago, and I cannot be any more happier with it. I fell in love with it the first moment I saw it, it was gorgeous and fully equipped, and I also loved the price that the Suzuki dealer was offering me for it ($12,900), so I bought it instantly. I knew I could not find an suv at this price with all these fancy features. I would recommend it to anybody looking for an economic, reliable and very nice SUV.
  • offhamoffham Posts: 344
    This is a Suzuki part as mentioned in the handbook, so the Suzuki Dealer must be able to get it. Check the handbook and take it into the dealer.
  • cosmocosmo Posts: 203
    INSIST that AAA solve this problem for you. Let AAA know that you can and will switch to Better World Club if AAA's practice is to create more automotive problems for you rather than to provide the assistance for which YOU are paying.
  • kc5ytikc5yti Posts: 38
    Look in your engine compartment on top of the driver's side wheel well. There should be a device that all of the brake lines feed in and out of. This is the ABS control unit. The ABS system usually rumbles for about a half second or so a little while after the vehicle is in motion while performing a self check. You may have a blown ABS light. It should come on when you start the engine for a few seconds. :)


    Ivan, kc5yti
    2002 XL-7+
  • offhamoffham Posts: 344
    Thanks your info. I do not have the ABS and in engine compartment the brake master cylinder is attached to the power assist servo. I did check with Suzuki and advised the model by the VIN number is Plus and did not come with this feature, eventhough the fuse holder under the engine has a circuit breaker in the ABS position. Maybe there were all manufactured this way whether you had ABS or not. As advised just have the word BRAKE in red on the dashboard.

  • mrgarymrgary Posts: 33
    If you change the size of the size of the tire, does it change you Odomiter readings?
  • persanpersan Posts: 6
    xl- 7 very good car, you have to now how to care about. :blush:
  • offhamoffham Posts: 344
    After digging around behind the glove compartment found the slot for these two cabin air filters.

    Got them at NAPA part 4899 which costs 33.49 for two...This is about the cheapest I could find and the NAPA sales person thought there was only one per box.

    As info Suzuki also make a carbon impregnated one, approximately $45 each.
  • jrvallejojrvallejo Posts: 5
    Hi everyone I'm just new in here and I have a question:

    I have a 2001 XL-7 I had it since brand new, pretty much it has been a wonderful vehicle almost 100,000 miles and kicking!! only major work done was brand new sets of tires and a clutch!!, now the problem that I have is that since new everytime I depress the clutch pedal (when cold) it makes a squeaking sound; the dealer says that it is normal but I just want an answer from you all and also why it does it? i will really appreciated.
  • offhamoffham Posts: 344
    Does anybody know where this is located on the 2.7?
  • kdilgkdilg Posts: 1
    I have also had a lot of problems with the tires. My tires were chopped to death by 15,000 miles, and I got a prorate on the tires through Suzuki. Of course Suzuki insisted on putting the same tires on the vehicle, and here I am at 15,000 miles and the tires are chopped to death again. By the way I have had nothing but problems with the front end, and this SUV is on its way for trade-in. What a piece of junk!!
  • persanpersan Posts: 6
    choose the tires by your self.I use (WildCat ) very nice tires ( 235/70/16 ). :P
  • offhamoffham Posts: 344
    Prepared myself with new oil filter - Purolator L22821. Pre purchased an end cap socket with 3/8 inch socket, 3 inch and extension and ratchet drive. A beer in the refrigerator would be useful.

    Manually put the cap on the old filter (I had a 22821 on there) and place the extension into the end of the socket. ( This has to be worked under the steering column shaft). Connect the ratchet drive to the extension but the handle must be pointing down at about the 4 o'clock angle. Once in place you can lift the handle up and rotate the filter.

    I did not remove it at first, but then drained the oil sump. Some of the oil from the filter drains out, but not all of it. I would suggest putting an old rag under the oil filter as some will spill out.

    At first it would appear that you cannot get the oil filter out between the engine and the steering shaft. However just move it over to the space by the brake servo and it will slide through.

    Once I had cleaned the male part from the engine and slightly oiled the gasket and the internal thread of the filter, it was time to get it on the engine.

    This is tricky. Take the filter down under the servo and hold in your left hand as you reposition your right hand. Move your body round to the front of the van and use your right hand to screw it on to the thread, which is all done by feel. I found it difficult to screw on working over the left fender.

    Once filled with oil and tested go to the refirgerator!
  • kc5ytikc5yti Posts: 38
    It should be on the back side of the engine, at the end of the driver side valve cover. :)
  • offhamoffham Posts: 344
    Thanks the info. Do I have to take the black plate that is on top of the engine off to access to PCV ?. The side covers seem to house the spark plugs. All the hose other than coolant do not appear to have the PCV valve attached. I am wondering if the 2001 had one.
  • adomenicadomenic Posts: 8
    I just bought a 2001 XL-7 it is the v6 2wd version with no sunroof, the radio says that cd changer control system (or something like that). Does it really have one and if it does, where could i get the accessory to hook up my iPod to it so that i do not have to use an fm transmitter anymore
  • offhamoffham Posts: 344
    Further on my email, did find it OK. Nothing is easy on this engine!
  • offhamoffham Posts: 344
    If you are looking at a plate under the CD with that statment on it. It is nothing more than a face plate covering the hole where a cassette would be on some models of the radio.
  • offhamoffham Posts: 344
    I put in the new PCV and after a few hours driving got the Service Engine Light. I checked the gas cap and it had not been clicked by the attendant (no self serve in NJ) and I also put back the old PCV after cleaning it out.

    Next day the light went off concluding the gas cap was the problem, so I put back the new PCV and later today the light came back on. Have put the old one back and trust that light will go out by tomorrow.

    Has anyone else had this problem as plan to get one from ther Suziki dealer
  • offhamoffham Posts: 344
    Following up on above. Light went out than came back on again. Bought a real Suzuki PCV - $31 list but dealer $21..Installed OK and filled up with gas. Did not go out so decided to disconnect both battery terminals and upon re connecting went out. Will see how far it goes.
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