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Suzuki XL-7



  • adomenicadomenic Posts: 8
    does anyone know of a connector to connect my ipod to my factory cd player in my 2001 xl-7, please help me.
  • flyingnflyingn Posts: 213
    our original tires have 23k on them and have plenty life left. Are you rotating them on a regular basis? Do you keep 35 lbs pressure in all? Is the front end aligned properly??

  • offhamoffham Posts: 344
    Light came back on but re did the battery cable trick, must be over 60 seconds to reset and re clicked the gas cap. So far all seems OK
  • tantytanty Posts: 1
    Hello all: I bought a used 2001 XL7 from a private individual who failed to mention at the time of sale that apparently it burns oil. On average, I have to add a quart about every 1500 miles. One of the local servicemen here told me he's seen other XL7s with the same issue. Just wondered if anyone else had that problem. (Other than that, man, I LOVE this puppy...) :P
  • I've looked all over the place and haven't found anything. The best advice I can give you is to purchase a Belkin Tunecast, available at Walmart, Best Buy, and a number of other places. It plugs into the phone jack on your Ipod and plays through an unused FM frequency on your radio. Belkin makes two models; the regular Tunecast is battery operated and only has about 6 or 7 frequencies. The Tunecast 2 has a cigarette lighter adaptor and can be set to any FM frequency. I recommend spending the extra money for the Tunecast 2 because they use up batteries fast and you can run it off the cigarette lighter. I commute 150 miles per day and for the most part it's worked pretty well for me. Hope this helps :)
  • Your serviceman may be on to something here. I own a 2004 XL7 and once in a while smell burning oil when I shut it off after driving. I change oil every 3,000 miles and the tech told me on one such occasion that it was half a quart low. I'm more inclined to think that the engine leaks oil onto the exhaust manifold rather than burns it. The problem could be as simple as a valve cover gasket and that would be the first thing I'd check if I were you. As for me, I'm keeping an eye on the situation and have already told the dealer I might have a problem (the car's still under warranty).
  • offhamoffham Posts: 344
    Normally, I would fill the oil level to the top mark on the dipstick. The handbook for the 2001 implies that it should be in between the high and the low point and if it goes down towards the low marker top it up. This seems satisfactory and have not had the oil burn smell.
  • law944tlaw944t Posts: 1
    Okay, I have a 2002 XL-7 touring with roughly 96,000 miles on it. No majors repairs just the routine service stuff. Well, it started cranking slow last Thursday, Friday. Come Saturday Morning, it wouldn't start at all. I have one of those 12V jump start batteries and jumped it off 4 or 5 times Saturday as I had to take my son to the airport for a trip. I get back home and purchased a replacement battery from Wal-Mart. Now it starts up great, however, after it is warm, it won't idle, just stalls. If you keep your foot on the accelerator, it will continue to run. But the moment you take you foot off, it dies. Well, being the brainiac that I am, I unplugged one of the sensors on the throttle body. No, I don't know which one, but idles like normal now. Well, I assume from doing this, I now have a "Service Engine Soon" Light. I need a little help here!!!

    Did I do something wrong when installing the new battery? Did I get some bad gas? Or do I just need to break down and take to be serviced. I really don't want to take it to a dealer. I have taken it into two different dealers and had to get REALLY UGLY to get them to finish the job (recall). I really love my XL-7, it has been a great car other than this "hiccup." Suggestions PLEASE!
  • offhamoffham Posts: 344
    I would think the battery is not related and you really cannot get a battery installation wrong. I would take it to a reliable repair shop and ask them to get a read out of the problem from the OBD. If it is straight re hook up for whatever you took off should be OK .They can tell you if something else has gone from the read out. It would appear this started before the battery problem

    I have a situation when the check engine light came on and put down to the gas cap not being clicked. I then happen to change the PCV valve then I put the Suzuki one back. The light came on again and although you can take of the neg terminal for a minute to defeat the light it will come back on. This is not a good thing to do as it will mess with the computer

    I have a bad O2 sensor and there are four on this wagon. 2 Front and 2 Rear left and right. The mechanic checked them all out and has had to order one from Suzuki dealer and should be in in a few days.

    It is worth the peace of mind to get it checked than fiddle around with it.
  • adomenicadomenic Posts: 8
    Does anyone know what brand and model cd player is in the 2001 xl-7 standard, and if there are any accessories for it.

    Also does anyone know of a good upgrade cd player for the xl-7, ones that also not too pricey, i prefer a cd/cassette combo if possible.

    Thanks for the help
  • offhamoffham Posts: 344
    The radios are made by Clarion and models PS 2375, PS 2376 and PS 2377 are used by Suzuki. The different numbers relate to the AM and FM Frequency Ranges

    From the handbook looks if you can get a 6 CD changer as it has the capability to hook up to one. Need to check some of the car audio sites to see compatible models.
  • adomenicadomenic Posts: 8
    so do all the models allow the changer hookup, and how do i know which model my vehicle has, The manual I have does not tell me anything about the radio. Also do you know of any good websites to use.

  • offhamoffham Posts: 344
    There is a separate manual on the radios.The models all seem to be the same in terms of operation, and as mentioned the only difference is in the AM and FM band with which appear to be insignificant. There maybe a cross over number from the ones I mentioned with Clarion to see if you can get a 6 CD changer or speak to your Suzuki dealer

    If you are looking for an aftermarket go to who is a big seller of auto radios and custom fits.
  • offhamoffham Posts: 344
    Best way to use Ipod to playback is a Belken FM transmitter made especially for the Ipod with digital readout. My son used one the other day and had the transmitter on the top of the dash (this was in a Chevy Venture where the antenna is built into the front windshield).

    The reception was excellent and worked best on the lower FM such as 88.3. He had to change it once as we had interference this was on a 250 mile trip from NJ to Boston. I assume you want to play from the Ipod through the radio. I think that the electronics are very much improved. I find the Clarion radio in the XL7 quite good.

    If you pull out the ashtray on the XL7 there are two screws which are part of radio plastic surround. You would have to take the radio out to see what is on the back as it would appear impossible to see from underneath. Either you go aftermarket with someone like Crutchfield to see what system meets your needs or compromise

    Good luck
  • adomenicadomenic Posts: 8
    yeah, I do not want to use an FM transmitter since you would have to change the stations at times, plus the quality is not as good
  • jamthompjamthomp Posts: 16
    Like other owners of an XL-7, removing the oil filter without getting oil all over the place has been a challenge. I came a cross a new technique during my last oil change that I wanted to pass along. In another month I'll be changing my oil again and report if it worked the same way.

    Drain engine oil by removing drain plug. Before re-installing the drain plug or removing the filter, remove the oil filler cap. Cup your hands around the opening where you put fresh oil and blow into it creating some air pressure. I didn't do it for very long, and made sure no one could see me giving mouth to mouth to the car, but when I removed the oil filter, there was barely any oil in it.

    The other thing that I do when I remove the oil filter is take a couple of plastic grocery bags with a rag in it and put the bag as best I can around the oil filter. Then when I remove the oil filter, a good amount of the excess oil makes it way into the plastic bag and is absorbed by the rag.

    Good luck.
  • jamthompjamthomp Posts: 16
    I searched this discussion and did come up with any hits. In case you weren't aware, the maintenance schedule along with instructions on how to perform maintenance is available

    From the home page of the web site, look for the box in the lower right hand corner that is labeled 'featured links' Then select the SERVICE / MAINTENANCE SCHEDULES link. Mozilla Firefox didn't work when I tried it and I had to use internet explorer. ymmv
  • 5greyhounds5greyhounds Posts: 338
    I gave up and let the dealer do it. Just to much of a mess.
  • offhamoffham Posts: 344
    Thanks you useful tip on the bags and rag trick. I had found that if you release the oil filter a little way it releases pressure and the oil siphons out the filter as I noticed the volume coming out of the drain plug increases, but no all of it.

    If it was not for the steering rod it would be dead easy.
  • parideparide Posts: 52
    This past weekend, I performed the first oil change on my 2005 XL-7. Compared to my 2002 XL-7 (on which I had performed 10+ oil changes), Suzuki has made some significant changes for access to the oil filter. First, air conditioner lines are now located in the area of the engine compartment where I used to be able to remove the oil filter, effectively preventing you from taking the oil filter off from the top of the engine compartment. The space is so limited that I could not reach the oil filter with my hand or get a cap and ratchet on it. I then looked underneath and found that Suzuki has added a plastic skid plate to the bottom of the engine compartment. To see anything, you have to jack up the truck or put it on ramps. My fear was that the skid plate had to be removed to change the oil. Once the truck was jacked up however, I found 1) that there was an opening in the skid plate which provides access to the oil drain plug and 2) there is now a descent sized opening that provides fairly good access to the oil filter. I drained the oil and proceeded to remove the filter. Unlike my 2002, I had very little spillage from the filter because most of the oil in the filter seemed to have drained into the pan when I first drained the system. Overall, the changes Suzuki made on the 2005 (aside from now having to jack up the truck) make it much easier and cleaner to change the oil and filter.
  • wingman3wingman3 Posts: 13
    Time for a new vehicle and I'm considering an 04 or 05 XL 7. What should I look out for. Anything specific I should know about. I thought I remembered reading about some recalls. If I'm not mistaken, shouldn't any recalls be performed before a vehicle is delivered.


  • wingman3wingman3 Posts: 13
    Per the original message, I'm also wondering about the price. This is an 04 EX limited, program car. It has 15k miles. Is fully loaded with leather heated seats, outside heated mirrors, CD changer, sun roof, and other stuff I can't remember. Dealer is asking $17,999. Does this sound like a good price.


  • sandman46sandman46 Posts: 1,798
    I'd try to get this car for closer to $16k. as it is an '04 model with 15k miles on it. Hopefully only the work force drove the car. If it was a loaner car for other customers, I'd be a bit leary as other folks just don't drive loaners or rentals like their own cars. Run this baby by Terry in the Real World Forum for a more accurate valuation. Since this is not a highly sought after auto, you just might have a good shot at it for $16k. And it is a 2 year old model now...almost 3 years now with the '06's starting to appear.
    Keep us posted on how it all went down. But definitely let Terry give you a valuation. He's usually dead on. He was on the new Mazda 3 S we bought this weekend. He valued our '01 Altima dead on, he said $4k. and they offered $4k. He's truly awesome on his prices for trade in's.

    The Sandman :sick:
  • wingman3wingman3 Posts: 13
    Thanks. After going back last night and getting inside and driving it, it actually has almost 22k on it. It was a program car driven by a Suzuki rep. It's in good shape otherwise and was pretty much what people on this forum had described the vehicle to be. We haven't talked price yet (other than what was on the window) so we'll see what happens. Not sure this is the direction I want to go, but it isn't a bad vehicle.

  • cochrankcochrank Posts: 1
    I have a 2001 XL-7 and this issue always seems to come up in the beginning of summer. First year I had it (bought in August) the following spring I wanted to use the air conditioner and it wouldn't work. Kept blowing out warm air. Took it to the dealer and the mechanic stated that this is a common issue and pointed me to the fuse in the front blowing out. Drove all the way up there for a fuse. After that worked fine but every spring blown fuse. I now have 54,000 miles on it and again this summer started using the air conditioner and blew a fuse. Only thing different is that it keeps blowing them. Will work for fifteen minutes then it blows it. What is wrong here? Also I seem to have a problem with power losses. I will be driving down the road it is seems just to bog down sometimes. Changed to gas filter and air filter as stated but it just has that lugging sometimes. has anyone else experienced this. Last thing, why is it at night when you slow down (or push in clutch) the lights get dim? Is this normal? Any help would be apprieciated since this is drivining me nuts!!
  • pferraropferraro Posts: 2
    It's likely that your a/c condensor fan is freezing up. Its a poor design and exposed to weather. $280 part too. Aftermarket parts are available. Or used.

    Can't help you with the loss of power problem.
  • pferraropferraro Posts: 2
    I've owned a 2001 Suzuki XL-7 since buying it new.

    Likes: great supsension, reasonable reliability, roomy but not too big.

    Dislikes: lousy retained value. These things drop value faster than Chrysler products. Dealer isn't exactly my favorite for service. And the tires/wheel package. I HATE the H rated 16 inch tires. Run factory pressure settings and yiu are guaranteed center wear on the tire. These things are over-tired. I'd be a lot happier with a 15in wheel and a 70 series tire. Won't fit because the front rotor/caliper is too big. It's probably over sized too. The a/c condensor fan problem warrents a recall (see other forum posts regarding it chewing through the condensor - ouch).

    The resale value being what it is, I don't thing I'll buy another one, at least not new. Maybe used. Maybe.
  • offhamoffham Posts: 344
    My Service Engine Light came on and found that Oxygen Sensor had gone. Only issue is that there are four on the XL7 2 front and rear left and right. has taken nearly two weeks to get one and dealer ordered wrong side. Hopefully it will be in overnight for replacement. Has made an impact on the mpg, but still like this van very much.
  • steverstever Posts: 52,572
    "In late 2006, Suzuki will begin selling a sport wagon in the U.S. that's smaller than the Toyota RAV4 and the Honda CR-V."

    lSuzuki Plans Entry-Level SUV in U.S. for 2007 (Inside Line)

    Steve, Host
  • wingman3wingman3 Posts: 13
    Last Thursday I bought a 2004 XL 7 EX. Friday the dealer was supposed to go to the registry and get my plates (Ma.). Got a call that the "title" had been flagged in Boston for some "simple" reason and they would have to wait until Monday. On Monday, I got a call from my salesman stating that there were two Certificates of Origin and they needed the car (being driven on dealer plates) so that the local police could inspect the car VIN. I brought the XL 7 back and "I" had to sign a form giving my permission to have the car's VIN inspected so they could get the Cert. of Origin.

    Now I'm suspicious. First they say title, then they say Cert. of Origin. Back when I was selling cars, if you lost the Cert. of Origin, there was unbelievable red tape to get another one.

    This is supposed to be a program car that was never "registered" so it should have the original cert. of origin. Not a title. If it was registered, then there should be ONE title. Does anyone know under what circumstances a vehicle may have two titles or two certificates of origin. Hopefully legit reasons. Is there any way I can investigate this myself. I'm planning on calling the registry but don't know how much they could help. Any ideas at all ????


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