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Suzuki XL-7



  • want to change all fluids to synthetic- any advice , as I have no manual and not sure what grade for transfer case
    thanks! :)
  • I have a 2004 XL-7. Like you my 4x4 will not disengage unless I reverse the vehicle or make a sharp right or left hand turn after disengaging the 4x4. I'm being told it has something to do with the turning radius of the car and tyres as they are worn down. My dealership and Suzuki are still looking into it. I have not noticed any correlation to cold temperatures. Did you resolve your problem?
  • I have a 2004 XL-7, just wondering if any of you guys noticed much difference with the K&N Air Filter? with power and fuel? Also do you know of any other mods i can do to gain more power?
  • Or 4/4 wrench site
  • parideparide Posts: 52
    I had the same problem last night. It was about 20deg F outside. I had parked my 2005 XL-7 with the 4WD engaged. After pulling off my driveway, the 4WD would not disengage until I stopped and backed up a few feet. I then tried the 4WD a few times after the truck had been run a few miles, and the 4WD engaged/disengaged normally. I'm going call my dealer today.
  • steverstever Posts: 52,683
    Check out the K&N Air Filters, bolt-on power? discussion.

    Steve, Host
  • offhamoffham Posts: 344
    I put a K&N air filter several months ago. Certainly the perfomance has improved in terms of acceleration and runs very smoothly. I have a 2001 automatic but the fuel consumption has decreased from 22 mpg to about 18 mpg.

    I am not sure whether this is the winter gasoline and general cold weather. I used to reckon on 300 miles per tank and now seems about 275. However the car is mainly driven by my son to school which is 11 - 12 miles in stop go.
  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,059
    but the fuel consumption has decreased from 22 mpg to about 18 mpg.

    Your mileage will improve just as soon as you finish testing for "performance!" ;)

    Seriously, it may well be winter gas and cold weather based on when you put the filter in.

    tidester, host
  • offhamoffham Posts: 344
    Dear Host

    You may well be right. The other variant in this is the amount of gas put in the tank at fill up. In NJ it is not self service - attendant by law ! I have found that when the pump cuts off, some pump jockeys cut it there and then others do a "top off". This can make a difference to the calculation as I always reset the trip odometer to zero.

  • offhamoffham Posts: 344
    I would like to change the oil on the rear differential, but cannot find a socket drive in any of the parts shop. Most of them have hex attachments, but Suzuki is a square.

    Does anyone have a idea where I can get a wrench or socket drive attachment that fits snuggly so there is not any play?

  • autoboy16autoboy16 Posts: 992
    its going to receive a new name as well........

    I hope so. XL-7 tells everything. Its an "x"tended length grand vitara that seats 7. I hope the next non xl7 will be be big enough to compete with the pilot, highlander, ect :D .
  • steverstever Posts: 52,683
  • autoboy16autoboy16 Posts: 992
    Gm already shot isuzu a blow by stopping production of the & passenger ascender... Maybe suzuki should do what Isuzu once did and team with honda/acura. Suzuki's engines(watercrafts) are very profitable but need some tweaking...
  • yurozukiyurozuki Posts: 1
    I have used regular ratchet 3/8 or 1/2 inch .. has square part for sockets ..fits perfect
  • autoboy16autoboy16 Posts: 992
    in my opinion, I don't see it as gm running out of money. I see it as CHEVROLET and buick loosing gm's profits. Opel, Saab and whoever else is selling well in europe. Thats where the profits. When (not if) saturn and pontiac finish establishing themselves, I think Chevy & buick should redesign the entire line including the low selling ssr and if that fails, some of chevy should be dropped and/or sold :shades: .
  • steverstever Posts: 52,683
    "Suzuki with debut an all-new XL-7 SUV and the SX4 compact crossover at the NY show next month."

    Suzuki to debut two new models at the NY show (Straightline)

    Steve, Host
  • leclercleclerc Posts: 2
    WoW These Inquires Are old the 07 XL7 is about to land and there is big buzz about it. They are changing and will be an awesome ride. They follow along the lines of the New Grand Vitara, but alittle bigger. Suzuki is coming to North America so get ready! They are already #1 in Japan and like 2 or 3 in Europe, and 2or 3 in other parts of world. They out sell most other types and they are built to ride for a long time. 3 or 4 hundred thousand K's is not unlikely, if maintained. So people step up and go and check out Suzuki They have something for every need. Great wheeling to you all.
  • steverstever Posts: 52,683
    They are already #1 in Japan

    How do you figure? Toyota had a 40% market share of new car registrations in Japan in 2004 (haven't found later numbers) and are close to overtaking GM worldwide if they haven't already.

    It's hard to find real numbers out there; it looks like Suzuki is number 1 in India for example. Got any links?

    Steve, Host
  • i have a xl7 and love it cant beet the car and the ride also great on gas.
  • slinky1slinky1 Posts: 42
    Suzuki sells about 2 million vehicles a year, alot bigger than people in North america think they are, but number 1 in Japan???? i doubt that????
  • slinky1slinky1 Posts: 42
    A small pick-up and a van will make them a real player, 07 xl7 is a great start though, 3.6L...about time!
  • steverstever Posts: 52,683
    Fresh from the NY Auto Show.

    2007 Suzuki XL7 (Straightline)

    Steve, Host
  • car19car19 Posts: 3
    Suzuki had the #1 selling car in Japan for 4 years in a row, the Wagon R. They also had the title as the #1 selling small car for almost 30 years running.
    There are certain cars in certain classes and certain parts of the world, where Suzuki outsell the competition. They were never #1 overall in Japan. They do however have about 30% of the market, and is Japan's 4th largest auto manufacturer.
    Can you believe the selling price of a V6 Full load Rav4?
    Crazy when compared to the price of the Grand Vitara, another 80 or so horsepower isn't worth almost $9000 more.
    When the new XL7 arrives with 250 hp and $5000 less than the RAV4, Suzuki should put a big dent in market.
  • autoboy16autoboy16 Posts: 992
    ok the stretched version of the equinox platform?...? LOL!!!! It looks like a curvy tahoe inside and out. As did the vitara, no doubt it won't sell. Be nice if a small block v8 from impala ss made it here.

    The minivan idea is good as long as it's not a twin of the current uplander. As i've said, suzuki should go 2 honda for the minivan and truck platforms. A AURA twin for the verona replacement will be swwweeeeeet :shades:.
  • jboy1jboy1 Posts: 2
    Hello. I am new to the forum and Im probably posting in the wrong place so Ill apoligize first. I am looking at an 05 xl7 demo that is still on the lot. It has all of the options and only 183 miles on it. It is a 4 wheel drive 7 passenger. It has the remainder of a 7 year 100 K drivetrain warrenty. It has a 36 k bumper to bumper warrenty, and 3 year roadside assistance. beautifull little truck in my opinion and it seems to be the best deal yet. (Ive looked at a kazillion different cars) :sick: They want 22,089 and wont go any lower because they say that its allready been marked down 5000. Is this too much and if so how much should I expect to give for one. I really like this truck but I dont know much about Suzukis. thanks
  • slinky1slinky1 Posts: 42
    A curvy tahoe??????????????????????, i dont see a tahoe on the outside, ( but would it be a bad thing if it did at those prices?), and in no way does it look like a tahoe on the inside, perhaps you need to take another look!!!!
    As far as the v8 goes, jeez, suzuki just got this lovely 250 hp v6, a big step up from that little 2.7L, one step at a time..................
  • njmom91njmom91 Posts: 21
    Edmunds has the True Cost to Own numbers very high on the XL - 7. Any ideas why? Scrolling through recent posts I only see timing chain issues on 2001-2003 models. It does not seem to make sense given that the MPG for these cars is much better than other mid-size SUVs.

    Also - does anyone know if the middle row has three over the shoulder belts? I haven't been to see one yet, am thinking I will wait for the 07, nice looking car.

  • beachbrumbeachbrum Posts: 16
    My 2001 XL7 has heater vents under the middle seats, not exactly sure how they are routed there but they are there.
  • vwpwrvwpwr Posts: 1
    Have you find out what happened and what was the problem?! I just registered here because I had the same exact thing happen to me (just changed the battery and it won't idle). Thank you in advance.
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