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Toyota Solara Windows and Doors

solarasuesolarasue Member Posts: 1
edited August 2014 in Toyota
Hello fellow Solara lovers.... I just purhcased an 2002 Solara SLE Convertable. The first day we had the sun out, I put the top down. The rear windows stayed down! Now, I have to drive with the rear windows open ALL the time even if the top is up. Any idea how to fix this problem?


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    gloria4gloria4 Member Posts: 1
    I have a 2005 Toyota Solara convertable. Last September my drivers door hinge broke and the door was off the track....had to tow it. Now last week the passenger door is making the same clicking noises so I am aware of what is about to happen. Into the dealer, they are not concerned and told me to make an appt and bring it in The first time it happened we put down to wind gust but this timeI realize that there must be a problem as I do not use my passenger door. I dont think it should be driveable but the service guy said just close it and dont use it. Like can you see me on the highway and all of a sudden the door comes off.
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    dennis1meaddennis1mead Member Posts: 8
    Were you talking to a Toyota dealer. If so dump them and find another. A call to 1-800 GOTOYOTA might help.
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    dennis1meaddennis1mead Member Posts: 8
    I am looking for advice on adding a supercharger to a 2004 5speed I4 Sport.
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    brandygbrandyg Member Posts: 1
    Where do I located the fuse for the power windows on a 2006 Toyota Camry?
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    moms_maxmoms_max Member Posts: 62
    Hi everybody...
    I just noticed that when I roll down either of the front windows, and rest my arm on the black molding, it is very brittle and scratches my arm!!! :mad:

    I didn't notice this problem last fall. Of course, I didn't do the 'arm thing' during the winter, and was really upset when I noticed it this spring. My 06 vert is always garaged..... has anyone else had this happen? Can the moldings be replaced?
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    naragonlnaragonl Member Posts: 6
    2005 Solara Coupe

    The doors swing way wide.

    Is there anyway to restrict the door opening so wide?
    Is this a Toyota adjustment?
    Auto Body shop
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    carprincesscarprincess Member Posts: 1
    Don't know what is causing this problem, but it's big. My car is legally tinted and my dashboard is running cracks all over right down to the radio controls, both sides - where the doors closes, the top and front sections of the dash also. Is this a dashboard defect (recall) what can I do about this?
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    terrasolaraterrasolara Member Posts: 1
    we are having similar problems on our 04 solara. Car has been garage kept and we've never used anything other that soap and water on the dash. Have you had any resolution?
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