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Toyota Sequoia



  • The difference with the Explorer sunroof is you had to find a place for the sun shield. On the sequoia it just slides back. It's a hassle on the Explorer to remove and put someplace out of the way where it won't get dirty and easy to reach so you cah put it back when you wanted to.. I'm hoping we'll use it more on the Sequoia... Yea.. Like my wife is going to let me drive it that much.. Actually we ordered the Limitted so we didn't get an option..
  • mr21mr21 Posts: 15
    Picked up my 2004 SR5 (4x2) last Friday. I ordered it with the alloy pkg. #2 which includes the tow package. My question is: is the miniature looking radiator in front of the large radiator a transmission cooler? Thanks in advance.
  • Trace the lines. It could be either an oil cooler or tranny cooler. They both look the same but go to different places..
  • husky92husky92 Posts: 56
    Yes, the Armada finished third behind the Sequoia. They, of course loved the Armada's powertrain, but they complained of lots of interior noise (worst in the group) and a harsh, stiff ride. When you consider the Pathfinder is brand new, to finish behind a competitor in its 4th model year is really lame.

    I'm surprised the Sequoia and even older Tahoe don't get marked down for being the only ones without fold-flat third row seats.

    As for the Durango, I can see why it finished first although I wouldn't buy one. I personally don't like the exterior styling and this Durango seems to already be living up to the previous model that was plagued with quality problems (will Mercedes ever influence quality over there?). Those issues don't ever come up in these comparisons unless the test vehicle actually has those issues.
  • oac3oac3 Posts: 373
    These auto mags are sure to get us all riled up for nothing with their incessant comparos. The Sequoia bested by a Durango ? Puleaze ! That is the lamest study I've seen in a while. The 5.7L hemi in the Dodge cannot make up for the truck's grotesque styling. About the only thing going for the Dodge is that it is a new design. Not that its a better looking design tho', just a *new* design. I'd wager that winning a MT comparo ain't going to improve sales of the Dogde. The same can be said for the Expy, that losing the comparo will not slow its sales as the #1 selling F/s SUV. So what the heck is the comparo designed to achieve ? Maybe lining the pockets of the MT reviewers and their editors.

    Moving on....

    Seemed like my neighbors have had a bug of new cars this year. I thought the economy is so-so, but not with my neighbors. In the past 4 weeks, there's been 3 new cars - an '04 Mazda3, loaded with all options incl Navi, at a $24K price tag. Sweet deal, sweet car..... Next was an '04 WRX, with the hand shaker, silver and very speedy. My neighbor and I went racing with it the other night. What a sweet revving four-banger..... And then just this weekend, the other neighbor couldn't take it anymore, she went out and got herself an '04 VW Bug. Geez. Now, they are making me get the car *bug*, no pun intended. SO far I am handling the pressure quite well, but knowing Mrs OAC, she ain't having none of that. So I might just drool over my neighbors Mazda3 and WRX for awhile. Methinks Mazda is having a good turnround story. The Mazda3 loaded up (leather, 6CD changer, Nav, very sticky 17" wheels, etc) all for a measly $24K. That has to be one of the best package out there. I want one between the WRX and the Mazda3. My neighbors told me they couldn't stand it seeing me revving around the neighborhood in the '03 Matrix, so they decided they all gonna one-up me. Well, they sure do, cos my Trix is now the weakest link of the bunch, LOL !

    Oh, our '01 Seq is still rolling along fine. No problems whatsoever. Now with 46K trouble-free miles.... And mine has the silly kazillion sunglass holders... eeckkkk... That is the one thing about my Seq I truly dislike....
  • Are the SUVs in this test 4WD?
  • We're close to purchasing a Sequioa and have a question about the cargo area. The specs list cargo area with the 2nd and 3rd row seats *completely* removed. They are listed as 128.1/65.4/27.8 cu feet behind front/middle/rear seats.

    Does anyone have a spec (an educated guess is fine, too) about the dimensions of the cargo areas without the seats removed, only folded up. That space is an important factor in our decision.

  • The people making the comparison must now squat about what Durango owners think. This is the first time in my life I have ever met a person who actually bought a vehicle new and traded it in within a year for a different vehicle. In fact, I now personally know four different people who did just this. Two are immediate neighbors.

    After months of service visits, poor performance, uncomfortable rides and plan frustration, they just traded in their new Durangos and bought other vehicles. POS was they standard name for it.

    I personally would never consider a Chrysler product for myself again, they just stink. I did own a 1968 Dodge pickup that was awesome. However after that I owned a Late 70's Aspen wagon and another truck. Both were completely worthless vehicles. Since then I've had two Fords and three other Toyotas before this one. I have to tip my glass to the Toyotas for the value I have found in these vehicles.

    My '03 sequoia has had a few issues in the last 12 months, but all are fixed now. My Durango friends could not get their's ironed out. Nor could they get rid of them fast enough.

  • Can anyone tell us the quantity of miles that are used to calculate the average MPG in the trip computer of the '03 Sequoia?

  • oac3oac3 Posts: 373
    Saw one today, and I must confess it looked much better up close than in pictures. Looked real solid too ! I am impressed, at least from what I see from the outside. Yet this truck with so much HP over the Seq came third in the MT comparo. Hopefully, Nissan will fix whatever ails it and make it even more competitive. I must say that Nissan, like Infiniti has been doing a lot of things right lately, and if they keep it up, they should make it interesting against Toyota/Lexus.

    We, the consumers, should be the winner.

    Now, if only we can wake other Seq owners up and get this board active again ....or is our truck so darn perfect there is nothing to complain about ?

    Here is one: Unfortunately, neither my wife nor I get to drive it much lately; just sits in the garage. Kinda sad tho' cos everytime I see one on the road, I long to drive ours, but then when I am leaving for work everyday, it looks so darn big and intimidating, I just get into my sedan and drive it instead. What will it take to turn this truck into a daily driver ? That is my current dilemna with this truck. Anyone have any suggestions ?
  • OAC3: Still funny to me, as I've posted before.......I wish the Sequoia was bigger. My views are typically not mainstream, and I am 6'3", but this vehicle rides and handles like a small car (to me). Intimidating ? Wish it was. Guess our different perspectives are what makes the world go 'round........did that help ?
  • IMO, the Armada is probably the single most hideous SUV on the road. Looks like a poorly pieced together truck with a camper - an obvious rush job by Nissan. Consumer Reports did not have a glowing report either, commenting especially on the stiff ride and inferior interior. Having said that, I am sure it will appeal to the typical American buyer looking for bling, bling. Oh well, enough about Nissan, just my $.02.
  • I've also seen the Armada in the flesh. Something is not quite right when you look at the vehicle from the rear. The back third of the vehicle seems like a mismatch in design to the front 2/3.....very strange effect. I liked the size and bulk, but can't imaging anyone finding this design appealing. Despite many claiming that the Sequoia is a boring design, I find it distinctly recognizable and very appealing. The rear spoiler is a bit weird, but I'd rather have it than not. Wonder if the '06 redesign will have it looking like a pregnant 4-Runner ? Really like the 4-Runner body....just too small.
  • oac3oac3 Posts: 373
    The Sequoia is not BIG enough for you ? Well, then I suggest the Sub or Excursion may fit your needs for size. To many people, myself included, the Seq is a big, and I mean, a really B-I-G truck ! It weighs over 2 tons you know ! That is a lot of mass and steel to haul around daily and not feel it.

    WRT the Armada, I do agree that the rear quarter panel of the truck looked *bolted on*. From the front, however, it does not look that bad :) BUT, will Nissan sell enough of this truck relative to its competition ? Guess, time will tell. But I like the direction Nissan is taking, they are not being conservative at all - Murano, Armada, new Maxima, new Alt, new Z, etc... Love them or hate them, they are not conservative in styling and design. Just my .02 cents worth.
  • Yes, my 01 Seq with 52K is still going strong. Not a single problem so far, except for the TSB on the brake. AC was never touched and still AOK. I always keep my cars until they fall to the ground. For example, my '93 Lexus SC300 has 116K and still plenty to go. I have no regrets for buying this Seq.

    My wife and I are both small people, so to us the Seq is also huge. My wife and I have no problem driving it, but I dislike washing it. Some parts of this truck are hard for me to reach.

    Keeping our fingers crossed.
  • Hey, don't think I didn't have my eye on the Excursion....that's my size-kind-of-vehicle ! I had Ford Club Wagons (the E350 one tons) for twenty years before my "downsizing" to the Sequoia. I loved the size of those vans, being a drummer in a band. The Excursion would have been a 4x4 alternative to those vans. Maybe you can better understand my perspective on the "little" Sequoia after that. The Excursions had such poor reviews, Consumer Reports consistently had them at the bottom of the ratings regarding repairs. You know I'm just giving you a hard time, OAC3. The Sequoia meets all my hauling needs and the quality of this vehicle is so far superior to anything I've owned, I feel very fortunate. Just a guy who likes big stuff :)
  • oac3oac3 Posts: 373
    slackers: do I read you right that you DO have a Seq ? You have a way with words you know. So I better ask before I assume wrongly. If you do, great. If not, what's stopping you ?


    Toyotatoys: Yeah, old timers eh ?? How many are left on this site? I wonder. I believe only Cliffy1 was here ahead of me, and even he has gone fishing :) You know, since we hardly drove the Seq., I didn't realise the correct mileage on it. It now has exactly 50,002 miles. The two brats (ehm, kids), grandma and wifey and I are heading out of town to Vegas for an extended weekend. I figure this has to give us plenty of use for the truck, and maybe we'd be lucky in Vegas and win something, for a change. We'll see how the truck behaves on the 10hr roundtrip. Maybe we'll fall in love with it all over again :)
  • Indeed I do. Have been on this board for a couple years now. Started with an '01 and got such a good trade, went for an '03 a year ago. My '03 is a Limited, Phantom Gray. I've added TRD Catback exhaust, wood dash kit, in-channel Weather-flector vent visors, tinted driver/passenger windows, hands-free phone system and a Revtek lift kit (2 1/2" front, 1" rear lift). T'is a thing of beauty.
  • pschreckpschreck Posts: 524
    I'm still around. On high blood pressure medicine now and have two grandchildren. Still kickin'.
  • Its nice to check in now and again and see some familiar names posting here. I do still enjoy my 2001 Limited with just over 15,000 miles. It has been a fun ride even if driven only to and from work. It seems like most of the gang is still here minus one controversial poster by the name of Heatwave. I understand he moved out of the country and is now the proud owner of a brand new Toyota dealership in Sydney. I'm Kidding! My blood pressure is also becoming problematic. The abduction and murder of Carlie Brucia which took place here in Sarasota has many of us here still grieving and trying to cope with the tragedy.
  • Too late for Heatwave to open a Toyota dealership in Sydney. Yossarian is already there, and there was also another name that I forgot. It sounded like aka for Yossarian....
  • I've just reached 30,000 miles on my 02 SR5 can anyone tell me what type of maintenance I should do at this milage? I avg 65/35 hwy/city, I use synthetic oil every 3K. I did have the 15,000 mile service done at a cost of $485.00 I just want to avoid superfluous dealer charges. Any advice would be appreciated.
  • petro33petro33 Posts: 192
    I have not made many posts but began here in '01 to learn about a potential purchase of a sequoia. I have learned a lot over the years, on this site and one for my old echo and its replacement a my2 spyder. The traffic volume has gone down over the years I guess because the vehicle is not so new and not so many questions. My '01 limited is still the best vehicle I ever owned!
  • tdo123tdo123 Posts: 102
    I was at the dealer today driving the 2004. Seems very similar (in fact, I really can't tell any differences) to the 2001. The dealer told me that in 2005 the engine would be a 285 HP with VVT and there will be many more luxury appts added.

    Any truth to this on the rumor mill?
  • My husband and I are considering buying a Sequoia. We own a 4 runner now which will be passed down to number 2 son. This will be my husbands vehicle replacement so of course he took it for a test ride. He said that the drivers seat was uncomfortable and he couldn't get it back far enough. He is 6 ft. and has never had a problem with either of our two 4 runners but said that he felt the seat in the Sequoia fit different and is not sure if he could live with it. He test drove the SE5 for he doesn't want the spoiler or sun roof in the LE. Anyone else notice the comfort or distance of the drivers seat?
  • katzatkatzat Posts: 45
    There are many different ways to be 6 ft tall. I am 6'2" and could never fit comfortably in a 4Runner. As I recall, it was the head room in models with sun roofs. The Sequoia, however has plenty of leg and head room for me. Granted, I do have the seat all the way back (seems like an easy way to mark my spot in lieu of memory in the seats). I am also a little short legged/long waisted for my size.

    Have your husband go back and sit in it again. As I recall, the sit is quite different from a 4Runner in that the 4Runner sits more like a car (lower seat) and the Sequoia sits up a little higher. He may get used to it. To my knowledge, the leg room was not noticeably different between the Sequoia and any of the other full sized SUVs my wife and I sat in except for possibly the Range Rover. With the Seats all the way back in the RR, I couldn't reach the pedals.
  • My husband and I are considering buying a Sequoia. We own a 4 runner now which will be passed down to number 2 son. This will be my husbands vehicle replacement so of course he took it for a test ride. He said that the drivers seat was uncomfortable and he couldn't get it back far enough. He is 6 ft. and has never had a problem with either of our two 4 runners but said that he felt the seat in the Sequoia fit different and is not sure if he could live with it. He test drove the SE5 for he doesn't want the spoiler or sun roof in the LE. Anyone else notice the comfort or distance of the drivers seat?
  • I'm 6'3" and with the seat all the way back, and tilted to max (highest in front), it's totally comfortable. I actually had problems with other vehicles when shopping.....example, my head hit the ceiling in the Denali, could only fit in one minus the sun roof. I can't imagine at 6' 0" that he wouldn't have more than enough room in the Sequoia.
  • gkatz1gkatz1 Posts: 296
    Either the seat didn't go back all the way or your husbands legs are very looooooooong!
  • aggiedogaggiedog Posts: 238
    Did you install the TRD Catback exhaust yourself?
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