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Toyota Sequoia



  • For all the chatter about the "helicopter" noise you would think it a fatal flaw. Every wagon type vehicle does this... I just don't understand why the big deal. Who drives on the highway with the windows down anyway? Not me, not ever, regardless of the weather. So... the best solution is the simplest, don't roll down the back windows on the highway. If you want air, roll down the Front windows, or if you have one, open the sunroof.

    There, problem solved. Perhaps this inane issue can be put to bed now.

  • wwestwwest Posts: 10,706
  • bp3959bp3959 Posts: 156
    The problem only occurs either when a single rear window is rolled down all the way with all the other windows closed at 55mph or when the sunroof is open all the way at 35mph. This is why the automatic open on the sunroof stops a few inches before it's fully open. It's pretty easy to avoid by simply cracking any other window in the truck about an inch. I can understand it concerning people that don't know how to avoid or stop it(I was pretty freaked out the first time it happened, thought the truck was coming apart), but if you know these things then it's really a non-issue.
  • chadrappchadrapp Posts: 35
    I have just noticed that my rear window of my 2003 Seq. will not go down. I recently had it in the shop to replace my sunglass console. Does anyone know if this work could have caused the problem. Wiring etc.? I'm now 1000 miles over warranty and I don't want to pay for this fix if it is possible that the dealer is responsible. Thanks for any help.
  • bp3959bp3959 Posts: 156
    Check that your rear wiper is fully resting, if it isn't the rear window won't roll down. I don't think there is any wiring in the roof that controls the rear window, but it is quite possible they blew a fuse while messing around up there. If neither of these help, you can always ask the dealer if they'll take care of it anyways being so close to the warranty, if it's a decent dealership they usually respond well if you have a good attitude about it.
  • kelly523kelly523 Posts: 18
    My wife's 2002 had this same problem just before the warranty expired - burnt out window motor. Fixed under warranty, but probably a $300 repair out of warranty. I'd bet the dealer would cover it being so close to warranty.
  • I had my 2003 Sequoia at the dealer yesterday for an oil change and routine 15K service, and they told me I need new brakes. The car is 18 months old, obviously has 15K, and is this normal? They told me I need new pads, and the rotors grinded. Is there a TSB on this, and is this a known problem that I can fight them and have them cover it. Any info would be helpful! Please feel free to email me at: Thanks!!!
  • pschreckpschreck Posts: 524
    There is a TSB, but I don't know if it applies tho the '03 Sequoia or not.

    It is a large vehicle and if you are the type to brake late for stop signs or you are used to braking hard on hills, etc, you will wear out the brakes quickly on a Sequoia.
  • I had my 2003 Sequoia at the dealer yesterday for an oil change and routine 15K service, and they told me I need new brakes. The car is 18 months old, obviously has 15K, and is this normal? They told me I need new pads, and the rotors grinded. Is there a TSB on this, and is this a known problem that I can fight them and have them cover it. Any info would be helpful! Please feel free to email me at: Thanks!!!
  • steverstever Posts: 52,572
    We have summary info in the Edmunds Maintenance Guide, as does The NHTSA also has it and sometimes they have full text online (but not often).

    If you need full text, ask the service writer. Or your local library may subscribe to the Alldata service.

    Steve, Host
  • robm1robm1 Posts: 2
    I have a 2002. At 21k the dealer machined the rotors, and replaced a bunch of brake hardware. Now at 35k, they are replacing the rotors.
    I've also had my oil pressure gauge replaced twice, and did I mention
    having the automatic transmission replaced? Yes, the interior scratches

    This is my fifth Toyota, and probably the last. The service is good, but a car this young should not have these problems.

    I hope the dealer covered this for you. They have for me.
  • bmwdougbmwdoug Posts: 248
    I was reading about the specs on the 2005 Sequoia, increased engine size, more safety features, and navigation are some of the major improvements. It looks like it is going to be leaps ahead of the competitors. I love the ride of a Sequoia. I do not currently own one, but I am now thinking of buying one.

    Does anyone know when the 2005 will be on sale?
  • nescovinnescovin Posts: 24
    I recently got a quote from my local Credit union's car buying rep that is much better than any dealer's. Thec catch is all the cars he can sell have cloth. He mentioned that after market leather costs around $1299. But I'm concerned about the warranty and airbags. This particular car has a side curtain airbag. Does that have anything to do with the seats and how does this affect the warranty?
    Appreciate any insights.
  • aggiedogaggiedog Posts: 238
    Side curtain airbags have nothing to do with the seats. In the event of a crash, the curtain air bags will fall from the roof line. If you have just plain side airbags, they will deploy from the seat, in which case, adding after market leather could affect their usefulness. If it's a reputable leather place, they should know how to install them so that they will deploy successfully in a crash. The key word in all of this is curtain, which covers the windows and should protect you from flying glass or any pillar collapse. They also offer some rollover protection.
  • mandy1mandy1 Posts: 1
    I am aware toyota changes their vehicles every few years. Does anyone know when there are any new changes going to be implemented?
  • nescovinnescovin Posts: 24

    I decided to go with a vehicle with the PM option instead. I haven't bought it yet. Do you know if the vehicle is avaliable in black as one tone or is it always 2 tone except for the silver.

  • This mornings news stated that the Explorer did not do very well in roll over tests. Has anyone seen how the Sequoia did?
  • aggiedogaggiedog Posts: 238
    I've seen a few SR5's in all black but they were probably done privately after purchase. Of course the Limited's are all one color.
  • steverstever Posts: 52,572
    The Sequoia hasn't been rated yet - the only Toyota SUV rated so far is the 4Runner.


    NHTSA press release


    NCAP Ratings

    Steve, Host
  • wwestwwest Posts: 10,706
    probably had fully inflated tires.....
  • Sequoia and other Toyota SUVs were rated in 2003.... Sequoia was only three stars.
  • aliminalimin Posts: 80
    (This is the 3rd time I've posted this...)

    I now own an '02 HL and am thinking about trading to an '05 SEQ. I really like the ride of the HL, and am wondering if anyone else has made a similar switch and could share their experience - ride, driving, etc.

  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,059
    (This is the 3rd time I've posted this...)

    Unfortunately, a number of posts got lost during our software upgrade and we regret the inconvenience.

    tidester, host
  • bp3959bp3959 Posts: 156
    The highlander is going to give you a better luxury ride as the sequoia is build on a truck frame, but you'll get more truck capability out of the sequoia. Keep in mind, you are considering two extremely different vehicles. Below are the comparison items I found on edmunds.

    Price: Sequoia will average about 13k more

    Warranty: Same

    Engine: highlander 3.3 v6 vs sequoia 4.7 v8

    Drivetrain: highlander AWD,traction control, vsc vs sequoia 4wd high and low, transfer case, locking center diff, vsc, traction control, and 2wd mode.

    Power liftgate window: sequoia only

    Suspension: highlander front and rear independent vs sequoia front independant and rear solid axle.

    Structure: highlander unitized body vs sequoia full boxed ladder frame

    Seating: 7 highlander vs 8 sequoia

    Power steering: sequoia has speed-proportional steering

    Rear brakes: highlander disc vs sequoia ventilated disc

    Turning radius: highlander 5 ft tighter

    Cargo capacity: highlander 81 cu. ft vs sequoia 128 cu. ft

    Towing: highlander 3500 lbs vs sequoia 6200 lbs

    Gas: highlander 18/24 vs sequoia 14/17

    Fuel tank: highlander 19.1 gal vs sequoia 26.1 gal

    Length: sequoia 20 inches longer

    width: sequoia 6 inches wider

    height: sequoia 8 inches taller

    weight: sequoia 1300 lbs heavier

    ground clearance: sequoia 3.3 inches higher

    As for driving, I was very surprised with how easy the sequoia is to drive considering the thing is huge, in fact it was the easiest to drive out of all the comparable SUV's I test drove by quite a large margin.

    The highlander is very similar to the Sienna minivan, same engine, same towing, similar room and dimensions, same suspension design, unitized bodies(full frame for sequoia), and similar drivetrains. Even though the sequoia rides quite nice, it's still a truck and you'll get a nicer ride from the highlander.

    Hope this helps, I've tried to be as unbiased as possible being a sequoia owner.
  • aliminalimin Posts: 80
    Thanks, bp3959! You've done a great job comparing the two. I'm still in a quandary though regarding the ride difference - my HL is great on our frequent 6-7 hour drives but I like the SEQ's longer wheel base and height and capacity. More research ahead!
  • The Sequoia is great on long trips. I have made four 650 mile trips (about 11 hours each)Part of one trip was in heavy rain. The 4WD system worked well when hitting puddles at Interstate highway speed. Also when work areas are encountered, the Sequoia takes them in stride. We have taken a number of Winter trips to Northern Vermont (250 miles), some in bad weather and have always felt secure. I agree with bp3959 that it drives like a smaller SUV and I would add that it is very comfortable. However, I have not driven the Highlander. If you need the extra room or better off road capability, go for the Sequoia. If you don't need them, then the Sequoia is a waste of money.
  • arslanarslan Posts: 36
    I have to transport furniture (i.e., chairs and table) and do not want to scratch the paint on my roof. So, I was thinking of purchasing a luggage basket. Are there any fairly decent roof rack systems out there that are fairly inexpensive?

    I can recall spending nearly $400 for a Yakima bike rook rack system for my Avalon but do not want to head down that road again. Yakima's system is too inflexible.
  • Dont know about anyone here, but I was kind of bummed that more updates were not made to the '05. I was really hoping for a major refresh to the interior (which it looks like there were NONE). The 5-speed tranny is a great add. Suposedly, the updated engine needs premium gas? Thats weak! Since I have been waiting to purchase an '05, I was happy to see that no major re-designs will happen for at least 2 years. Any thoughts
  • bp3959bp3959 Posts: 156
    Does anyone know why toyota would use a clutch fan on the sequoia instead of electric fans? I'm curious because not only will electric fans not rob power from the motor, but i've heard they move more air.
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