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Toyota Sequoia



  • pman5pman5 Posts: 11
    I also received the incentive letter, and was wondering if there were problems with 05 sequoias. Why else would toyota offer to buy back and let me purchase any other toyota? We have had it only 3 months and needed to have transmission replaced. What else might be wrong?
  • I have received dealer gimmick letters before, but I assume your letter was not one of those pro-rated deals with fine print? Otherwise, have not heard any complaints about the '05 or the new 5 speed transmission, but am very curious to know what's behind the letter you received.
  • My 2001 Sequoia with 78,000 miles just started to do this, my mechanic (not Toyota) couldn't find the problem and it then stopped doing it. Put in 4wd today and the problem is back. four green lights come on, center light keeps blinking and does not go off in 4wd or out of 4wd. Any ideas before I take it to a Toyota dealer?

  • 2toyotas2toyotas Posts: 104
    Sounds like the center differential in the transfer case is not engaging. I could just suggest to try putting it into 4Low. Put the transmission in neutral and then put the lever on the console to N and then Low. After that try to put the transmission form neutral to L. The light should stay on in the center and not blink. Then take it out of low by putting transmission back to neutral, then put lever from low to high. If that does not work maybe the transfer case fluid is low or needs to be changed. Has this ever been done?
  • wwestwwest Posts: 10,706
    As the tires wear the rotational rate at one end will vary slightly from the other and this will oftentimes prevent the diff'l spline or dog clutch from engaging or disenagaging. This can sometimes be overcome by driving it in reverse for a few yards.
  • 2toyotas2toyotas Posts: 104
    I was hoping you were reading this WWEST. I was pretty much just throwing out ideas. Would that be from different tire wear on each axle, or more wear on one axle? Thanks.
  • wwestwwest Posts: 10,706
    A few years ago before my 92 Jeep retired to MT I had to replace a tire. So I put the "new" spare on one side of the rear and a new one on the other side with the worn tire becoming the spare.

    New tires on the rear (highest traction should ALWAYS be at the rear), worn ones on the front. 4X4 mode became hard to get into and out of until I learned the procedure.
  • wdonahoowdonahoo Posts: 1
    I have a 2001 Sequoia and the rear handle to the hatch broke the other day - just snapped apart.

    The dealer wanted 300-400 to fix and I was wondering if anyone else had this problem and/or anyone can direct me to how to get into the back panel to change the handle myself.

    post response or email


  • Help! I can't find the service connector for the towing brake controller. The manual says it should be under the dash, at the left kick panel by the driver's left foot. Picture in the manual isn't too helpful. I have just bought a used 2003 Sequoia SR5 with towing package. I have the hitch, 7-pin connector, transmission cooler -- essentially the complete tow package. But, I can't find this service connector. Can someone explain to me in more detail where it is and exactly what it looks like?
  • boomer99boomer99 Posts: 1
    In addition to the towing package you would want to inquire about the rear height control suspension option. I know it is available on the Limited but I'm not sure about the SR5.
    Our local dealership had the same attitude as yours so we just shopped online and had a great experience at a dealer 65 miles away. Good luck.
  • I had the same problem with my '02 Seq. 4wd had jammed in locked high (which isn't a normal mode). I tried everything but could not get it out of 4wd, and the light just kept blinking. I took it to the dealer who diagnosed a failed 4wd actuator motor in the transfer case. They replaced the motor and the problem was solved. The new motor seems stronger because is now shifts in and out of 4wd without any delay. It took the dealer 4 days to get the motor is because they were back ordered, which leads me to believe that this is not an uncommon problem. My Seq. was still under the 60K drivetrain warranty, so it didn't cost me anything and they even gave me a loaner car to drive until the part came in. If out of warranty, it would have cost about $400.00.

    Hope this helps you,

  • azhchazhch Posts: 1
    Do you have experience with the V* 4Runner? I'm interested in how well it would pull, say 5000 lbs trailer up a hill?

    Thanks for your help
  • brodybrody Posts: 4
    I bought a second hand keyless remote for my 03 Sequoia SR5 that needs to be programmed for my vehicle. I am told there is a procedure to follow that you can do yourself however it is not mentioned in the users manual. Does anyone out there know how to do this? :confuse:
  • brodybrody Posts: 4
    I solved my own problem by buying the procedures online. If anyone needs them just ask!
  • gferrarogferraro Posts: 5
    I am sorry if I didn't post this message in the right place but I could not find information on how to post a new message withot responding to one.
    My question is that we are looking for a used 2001 or 2002 sequoia with side air bags and curtain air bags.
    I got conficting information on the internet and even owner of sequoia for sale coule not tell me.
    I would like to know if I will be able to find a 2001 or 2002 sequoia with side air bags frofirst raow seat (driver and passenger), curtain air bags for first row and second row seats.
    Thanks fro any information
  • gferrarogferraro Posts: 5
    My question is that we are looking for a used 2001 or 2002 sequoia with side air bags and curtain air bags for first and second row seats if possible.
    I got conficting information on the internet and even owner of sequoia for sale could not tell me if they have them.
    I would like to know if I will be able to find a 2001 or 2002 sequoia
    1) with side air bags for the first row seat (driver and passenger) is it an option?
    2) curtain air bags for first row is it an option?
    3) curtain airbags for second row seats, does it exist, is it an option?

    I don't want to keep on trying to find something that is not even offered.
    our budget is around $20,000.

    Thank you for any reply.
    I will apreciate any comments :)
  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,059
    I could not find information on how to post a new message

    You just did it -- twice! Way to go!

    tidester, host
  • gferrarogferraro Posts: 5
    Thanks tidester. I feel so stupid now.
  • seqseq Posts: 1
    But am very curious to know what's behind the letter you received to say the least.
    I too received the buy back letter on a 2003. Tranny seems to NOT go into 2nd gear until 60+ MPH.

    Also had 3 windshields installed from stress cracks. Anyone else have this problem?

    Maybe they are just trying to increase sales, You know you have to keep up with the neighbors and get a new car every 2-3 years or you are the talk of the town.

    Next auto will be a Nissian, I have two trucks with NOT even one problem and one has 85,000 miles the other 133,000 miles on them.
  • njb0217njb0217 Posts: 1
    I have a 2002 sequoia. I have had vibrating problems when applying brakes almost from the getgo. I now have 79,000 miles, and my rotors need to be turned again for the second time. I am also on the third battery in less than four years, and in a couple of months will need to put the third set of tires on it. I bought the best tires I could and did have them rotated regularly.
  • flyfish4lifeflyfish4life Posts: 103
    Would look at Cross Terrains for your next set - mine have 51K and still have adequate treadlife left. Any warning signs on the battery - mine has 93K miles and have not replaced yet, but don't want to be stuck either.
  • petro33petro33 Posts: 192
    I am also running the cross terrain tires. I put them on at 35,000 and now have 90,000. I still have about 10-15,000 miles left on them. I rarely rotate them.

    I have a '01 limited and am still running the origional battery, but am thinking about replacing it because I HATE breakdowns on the road!

    You brakes? Need the rotors turned for the second time. Is that since the last brake job? When was that? If you have 79,000 on your brakes! WOW!

    I had mine turned once between brake jobs but found I had better luck if I used Toyota brakes than aftermarker ones. Less squeel when you come to a stop.
  • flyfish4lifeflyfish4life Posts: 103
    Brakes have been less than impressive, to say the least - new pads and rotors turned at 30K, new pads at 65K and at 90K miles (due to braking vibration) had the full TSB done at no cost under my platinum warranty.
  • allison5allison5 Posts: 130
    I have a GMC Yukon (not the suburban) and have had nothing but trouble with it and it's only a year old, I also do not like the seats in it they are too slippery and not supportive enough for long drives. So now I am really thinking of trading in already (I know I would lose out) and am wondering what customers think of Sequoia. I look at the forum and I see a lot of complaints and it worries me, I do realize that people are going to complain but....still afraid of spending that kind of money on something and not liking it. This whole GMC thing has really bothered me, we normally keep cars for a long long time. We do not live in an area where I have to have 4 wheel drive though it is nice when we go skiing (3-4 times a winter). The other car I am thinking of is Odyessy or Pilot. The Sienna's seats are not nearly supportive enough with lack of thigh support. Just curious on what people think. THx We have 3 kids under age of 10 and a laborador. I have also been hearing that people are not buying big SUV's they way they were because of rising gas prices. Here where we live in Ca we pay 2.65 a gallon for regular unleaded.
  • kiddogokiddogo Posts: 14
    My wife has an '04 Limited with 23K miles and the OE Dunlop AT20's are wearing a bit thin. Have not been pleased with the mileage, but they did well in the snow back in December. I have never been a fan of Dunlop, Goodyear or Bridgestone but they are the only 3 that have replacements for the 265 65 r17 that are on the '04. I like the Yokohama's but the sizes do not match up exactly.

    Any suggestions?

    Thanks in advance
  • 2toyotas2toyotas Posts: 104
    The two best tires for this vehicle in size 265-65-17 are the Michelin Cross Terrains or the Bridgestone A/T Revo. The Michelins are a great highway tire, super quiet and pretty good snow traction. The Bridgestones are an all terrain tire, but are also very quiet but will give better snow traction, and better long term wet traction. I use snow tires in the winter so I have the Michelins on my truck. If I did not use snow tires I would probably use the Bridgestones. I buy my tires from the Tire Rack and both of these tires are very highly rated. Good Luck!!
  • petro33petro33 Posts: 192
    I have the cross terrains and about 60K miles on them.till good for another 10-20K.. I think they were rated good for dry pavement and wet but not so great for snow or mud, which I encounter none of!

    Good price at Costco and just tires matched their price here in sacramento.
  • imperial1imperial1 Posts: 1
    i got a quote from a toyota dealer for a toyota sequoia limited with i believe the regular package but with navigation and entertainment and almost all other options, my quote was for 43,900.00--is this a fair price, thanks G
  • totnactotnac Posts: 2
    does anybody here have the same problem ? when my cell phone is on, once in a while the speakers makes some weird noises... what is the fix ?
  • kennynmdkennynmd Posts: 424
    I read her some time ago that if you have a Nextel phone with the 2 way feature, it will do that. If you do have a Nextel phone, I don't remember seeing a fix for it.
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