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Toyota Sequoia



  • totnactotnac Posts: 2
    yes, i do have nextel phone with 2 way....thanks much
  • glassbudglassbud Posts: 12
    Well I guess you have all heard by now that toyota is recalling approximately 750,000 vehicles including the Sequoia for a manufacturing defect. I read online that the recall for the Sequoia includes the 2002 to 2004 model years, but not the 2005. I (of course) just got a 2005 SR5 one week ago today. If the vehicle was built in December of 2004, do you think it will be affected by the recall? Any info would be greatly appreciated... thanks, David. ps.. If you haven't heard about the recall yet, I read about it on">link title
  • steverstever Posts: 52,572
    Recalls are so common any more, they are hardly newsworthy. From reports I've read, there's only been one accident (in Japan) related to the ball joints. It sounds like it'll be July before you get any official notice in the mail.

    It does make you wonder if the recent incentives were offered in anticipation of the recall announcement. :shades:

    Steve, Host
  • njnynjny Posts: 34
    I have an 02 Sequoia SR5 4WD with 22,000 mi.
    Lately I have noticed how difficult it is to turn the wheel while steering, almost laboring.
    Anyone notice similar behavior?
  • vickruc1vickruc1 Posts: 10
    We should be thankful Toyota stepped up to the plate. I had a 2000 Durango and if anyone remembers they had a huge problem with ball joints in 2003. They actually had numerous instances with wheels coming off. Diamler Chrysler was reluctant to acknowledge the problem even existed and many people had it done without any compensation. Toyota, true to their reputation, will take care of it and all indications are that they'll cover expenses..
  • flyfish4lifeflyfish4life Posts: 103
    Not sure they could afford not to step up to the plate. Just hope it doesn't cause more problems than it fixes. Hate having a major service done - always find new rattles and kinks that previously did not exist.
  • woof167woof167 Posts: 2
    I have a 2001 4WD SR5. When removing my foot from the brake pedal I get a distinct "clanking" sound. Is this normal? I've had the noise since I bought it in 2001.
  • kennynmdkennynmd Posts: 424
    I could be wrong and if so , please tell me. I heard on here that the drive shaft should be lubed with tons of grease to stop the clanking noise.
  • ronstoyronstoy Posts: 55
    I believe that is what the recall involves, difficulty in steering. You will probably get a recall notice in July
  • mulligan101mulligan101 Posts: 12
    We just had the same thing happen to our 2001. Let's see what our dealer has to say.
  • pebrupebru Posts: 10
    The plastic handle snapped off my 2002 SR5 when I pulled on it to close the rear hatch about 2 years ago when it was cold. The dealer replaced it under warranty with a woven fabric one which is still standing up. I believe he only had to remove the plastic cover and then unscrew the metal retainer to remove the broken pieces and replace it with a new handle.
  • steve959steve959 Posts: 1
    My 2003 Sequoia had intermittent problem with the alarm signal "Brake" appears on the instrument panel. It showed up several months after I bought it new from the dealer in Dallas. One time the brake applied by itself when I was driving, luckily it wasn't on the freeway, but other than that there's no obvious brake problem. The dealer first replaced the brake, then the anti-lock brake sensor (?), then the electronic board (?) then last year the master cylinder. They also want to do a tune up for $850 but I kindly declined. The last fix made the problem disappeared for a while, but now the alarm signal started to come back intermittently.

    I'm wondering anyone has seen the same problem or whether it's in the recent recall list. Thanks.

  • wwestwwest Posts: 10,706
    or mal-adjusted brake fluid level sensor?

    Try topping off the fluid level.
  • oacoac Posts: 1,594
    So many issues with the Sequoia lately... My 2001 has had some problems but not anywhere close to what many are experiencing on the newer models. On the '01s, the biggest issues I can recall are (a) brake issues (too small calipers, replaced under TSB recall), (b) snapping off the leather trunk closer (mine has snapped off too), and (c) overly sensitive VSC system. But these issues pale in comparison to those on newer models. This is disappointing, owning a truck that should be more reliable, but appears to be so-so.

    Overall, my '01 with 61K miles is kinda OK. I don't drive it much lately, but it needs new tires. The third set. The current Michelin LTX M/S went barely 40K miles. I will replace with the Cross Terrains which are much better rated than the LTX. My brakes are also needing replacement. The third set after only 61K miles. I suppose that's to be expected for such a heavy f/s truck. I should just trade out of the Seq. but the spouse is adamant on keeping it.... We'll see....
  • jhump62jhump62 Posts: 1
    I have a 2001 4WD Sequoia with about 63K on it, and have had a few high dollar issues, most notably the brakes and the A/C. At a mileage of 34K, the brake light kept coming on, and the front end vibrated a bit. I checked the brake fluid, it was ok; Dealer said the seals on the master cylinder were deformed. Luckily, it was under warranty. Then, at 46K, the brake light goes on again. Fluid level is fine, dealer says vacuum booster needs replacing, that cost me $1450. Most recently, at a mileage of 63K, the A/C has failed, and the dealer says the compressor seized. Repair costs will be about $2200. Sure wish I had bought the extended warranty. Otherwise, I'm very pleased with the handling, comfort, and size of the Sequoia. It's done well during two separate cross-country trips, driving from Alaska to Southern California and from California to Connecticut, hauling 2000 pounds of household necessities, camping gear, and a family of 4.
  • ronstoyronstoy Posts: 55
    I thought the A/C problem was a TSB that Toyota had from the compressor seizing up. You ought to do a search on this board and double check. You might be able to get some reimbursement from your repair if it was a TSB.
  • hosscj7hosscj7 Posts: 1
    I have an 02 with 65000 miles, A/C went out about 5 weeks ago. Called Toyota directly they were no help. The dealer quoted 2700. to repair.Talked to the service manager at the dealership and raised he**. The service manager called a Rep. from Gulf States. They came back and with a proposal if I pay for labor Toyota will cover the rest. 400 total for labor. Dont back down. This is the only problem I have had with the vehicle.
  • gteach26gteach26 Posts: 576
    I just read on autospies that the new Sequoia will be introduced in the Detroit auto show. Supposedly it will have a definite "Lexus-like" feel and will have design features similar to a toyota pickup concept vehicle making the rounds in the autoshow circuit now.

    I just hope they finally put a full center armrest on this truck so that I can put it on my list of possible future purchases. I just can't be comfortable with those skinny fold-down thingies.

    Anyone out there have any more info on the new sequoia?
  • lumber2lumber2 Posts: 184
    2001s have a well known history of brake and a/c problems. Go check the Edmunds board on sequoia and problems. Suffice to say that Toyota is paying $$$ even out of warranty for these items as there is a long standing TSB on the subjects.
    Suggest you go have a talk to the dealer about these TSBs and get some money back
  • flyfish4lifeflyfish4life Posts: 103
    Those armrests are indeed terrible.
  • carlosmcarlosm Posts: 3
    I have the same issue. I just took my 2002 Sequoia SR5 (43K miles) to my local dealer and they couldn't find anything wrong. They said it's the Braking system releasing and that it was normal. (?).
  • glassbudglassbud Posts: 12
    Help! My brand new (3 week old) SR5 has a glitch in the electrical system and the dealer can't find it... The door locks, windows, rear wiper and defroster work intermittently. The dealer thought the relay box was getting wet so they replaced it and tested it (wet I think??), but that did not solve the problem. All other systems are operating perfectly. Anyone else have or know about this problem? It sounds like a short to me, but can happen in an instant even when driving or sitting at a stop light. I'm really frustrated with this vehicle. I've owned Toyota's my whole life and NEVER had a problem like this... Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks, David
  • motorawaymotoraway Posts: 3
    Hey all-

    Sorry to bother the masses with something so mundane, but I've been trying to determine what most of you are using to clean and polish the wheels on the Sequoia. I've got a 2004 Limited 4x4 in black and I can get it looking pretty sharp but the wheels never seem to stay clean for any amount of time. I know the factory 17" wheels are "alloy" but does anyone have any suggestions on shining them without pitting or etching them?

  • gferrarogferraro Posts: 5

    I am interrested in knowing if you use a brake controller?
    I will be pulling a 5200 lbs trailer with my seq 2001 and I need a brake controller. I can see by the fuse box a connection with 4 wires unused and I am wandering if this is what I should use for my brake controller.
    Thanks in advance for the help
  • gferrarogferraro Posts: 5

    You were looking fro a brake controller for your sequoia, did you ever find one and which one did you get?
    I looking into pulling a 5200 lbs travel trailers and need to kow other have done.
    Thanks for the info.
  • petro33petro33 Posts: 192
    yes. I had the same four pin connector on my seq. This did not connect up with the normal rounld connector on travel trailers and I had to change it out when I got the brake controler installed. I'm not sure if you can get a brake controler hooked up with the origional four pin set up. i think it was origionally designed for boat trailers or small trailers. the round one has more connectors to work things like charging the trailer batteries when the engine is on.

    I would not consider pulling my trailer without a controler that would activate the trailer brakes, not to mention I think its illegal in CA to tow a specific weight trailer without trailer brakes.

    Hope this helps
  • Had it fixed today by my local mechanic for $110 including the new handle mechanism. The dealer had estimated many hours of labor and many dollars. :D
  • raddboy41raddboy41 Posts: 249
    Get the Tekonsha Prodigy....period. Best brake controller on the market with only the Jordan brake controller being it's equal. It's a four pin connector that I did myself, not using any connectors found under the dash. I'm pulling a 5,000 travel trailer with it. It fits nicely into the dash cut-out in the lower right portion of the dash, above your right knee. The four pins are for power, ground, brake pedal activation (green-white wire off the pedal switch) and Blue wire goes to the hitch connector. Picture of the Prodigy installed in my Sequoia. image
  • tjgeorgoatjgeorgoa Posts: 1
    What can I expect for Gas mileage on a 2005 Sequoia Limited 2 wheel drive. I am looking for both highway and city.
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