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Toyota Sequoia



  • Thanks very much for the reply. Your experience sounds like one my wife and I had with a Ford Taurus years ago. It quit cold on an interstate at night, traffic moving briskly and I was driving in the far left lane of three lanes all going one way! We were rescued in less than two minutes by a State Trooper. Needless to say I was grateful to the angels for us surviving that one. We traded the next day for a new Honda and haven't bought an American car since. Turned out to be a an ignition box mounted too close to an exhaust manifold -- subject of an eventual class action suit.

    For something like this to happen with a Toyota is unnerving. Where do you go for quality if not here? My Sequoia is in the shop now for a skid control ECU replacement costing $1800 in parts plus labor. I will have a talk with the Service Manager to gauge the odds of a repeat occurrence and decide my course of action. May also be getting help from Toyota on this one, we'll see.

    I will also be getting an extended warranty on any new vehicle I buy. There's too much electronic componentry in new cars to be comfortable with for the long haul.
  • Howdy,

    I had a 2003 2wd SR5 with leather, 3rd row, JBL sound, tow package, etc. It had 64000 miles on it when we sold it to CarMax.

    I sold it because I was just given a 2007 GMC Yukon SLT (2wd) as my company vehicle. The Sequoia still had payments left on it and it was just going to sit in the garage most of the time so I decided to sell.

    I thought I would leave you with a few details and comments comparing these two vehicles.

    In my first 3 weeks of owning the Yukon I have noticed a few things that I think Toyota does better.

    1. Space: The Sequoia is much more spacious inside. All seating positions plus the storage area is much bigger.

    2. Throttle: Tip in on the Sequoia is fast and it gives you the impression of being faster

    3. Engine: The Sequoia engine is so so so smooth even when under Wide Open Throtle. The Yukon is not harsh at all just not as smooth.

    4. Armrests. The front buckets on the Yukon don't have built in center armrests

    5. Window switches: Yukon does not have auto-up on the front windows

    6. Power passenger seat: Yukon does not have a power passenger seat and the drivers seat has a manual recline

    7. E-glass: the Sequoia's untinted front windows felt like they reflect heat better than the Yukon

    8. Cruise control: The factory cruise control that Tyota uses is perfect in my opinion especially placed at the 4 o'clock position

    9. 6 cd changer: Yukon's is bloody slow

    10. The ride of the Yukon is awesome, and I like it much better than the Sequoia.

    11. The HVAC controls on the Yukon are too small and not intuitive. Round dials like in the sequoia are the best for these functions.

    12. Rear Glass that rolls into the tailgate on the Sequoia is really nice and much better than the flip up glass.

    13. Center console is bigger in the Sequoia

    14. Yukon is much quieter

    15. Yukon has better fuel efficiency. On identical routes the Sequoia would yield 14.5 and the Yukon 16.5. On the highway the Sequoia would top out at 16.5. The Yukon will give me 19 on the highway.

    16. Door handles on the Yukon are nicer and more substantial

    17. Leather seats on the Yukon are high quality. So are the Sequoia's but they are slippery.

    18. Overall Looks of the Sequoia was more attractive in my opinion.

    19. On-Star is awesome! I would whole heartedly reccommend it.

    I'm happy with my Yukon and more happy that it is free but the Sequoia is a very competitive vehicle in this segment.
  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,059
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  • kumarkumar Posts: 22
    I own a Toyota SUV, V8 4.7L, and has mileage of 30K. I have routine oil change at 3,750 miles.

    The service center tells me that I should pay ~$310 :( , just to flush the engine and fuel system. They will also charge me the other regular 30K services for about $410.

    Do I need to do this kind of service? any recommendation?

  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,059
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    Toyota Sequoia
  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,059

    tidester, host
  • 2001 4x4 SR5 here with 81,000 miles, so I'm not really a contender.

    The truck has had the brake recall along with muffler, transfer case, and skid control computer replacements. I'm thinking it's probably good for a lot more miles unless some sensor starts acting up. Using full synthetic in engine/trans/differentials.

    Anybody got 120k+ on theirs?
  • dgutdgut Posts: 12
    Mine had 110K. I say "had" because I got rid of it when the VSC system activated for no reason on an interstate at 70 mph and could have killed me! It activated again on my way to the dealer. I left it there and traded it in for a new sequoia. I hope this one is better. I had no choice but to get another Toyota. No other dealer would have given me as much in trade or as much off a new vehicle. This problem was reported to Toyota and NHSTA. Toyota said "not our problem" and have not heard from NHSTA (not sure that I got those letters right).
  • I did some looking on different forums including Edmunds and others. What I am getting is that VSC systems are a potential problem on *all* makes and models that have them. Doesn't matter if you have Toyota, Honda, or whatever. Once the vehicle gets some miles and years on it, the systems start acting up. I looked at the Accura MDX until I read the same thing happening to it that happened with your Sequoia. Brakes come on uncommanded! Then I went to look at the Lexus models. More brake issues. I think somebody needs to do a better design job making these things failsafe. It isn't the engine or transmission that is the typical failure mode anymore. And, sadly, there are several more failure modes now.

    By the way, before yours malfunctioned on you the first time, did you get any warning with lights a few days earlier, or at the actual onset of the problem?

    So, what to do? For now, I'm just ornery enough to keep driving this thing with its new skid control computer, hoping the new part number they put in has some better logic in it.
  • petro33petro33 Posts: 192
    2001 limited with 128,000 miles
  • dgutdgut Posts: 12
    Yes, we did have trouble with the lights coming on before the total malfunction. About a year ago, the VSC system did activate for the right reasons and stopped us from a roll over. After a service, one of which was tire rotation, the dealer did not tighten our lug nuts completely. On a road trip, one of the wheel studs broke completely off. The VSC system functioned as it should have and saved us from a possible rollover. The VSC lights came on about 8 months later and stayed on. We were on a trip from CT to SC. The lights went off on there own when we arrived. The next time we drove, the lights came on with a total system malfunction. Took it to SC dealer and was told it was just a sensor malfunction. Told it was safe to drive back and address the sensor with our CT dealer. They were completely wrong. Every time we would stop, the lights would go out and then come back on when we set out again, but no VSC activation. On our last stop in PA is when the lights did not come back on right away. We were suspicious and sure enough, when the lights came on about 2 miles later, the system went into full activation on I-81 at 70 mph. We were lucky to get off the road. Thank God we were in the right lane still.

    I see people post that they disconnect the battery to stop the lights from coming. I urge people not to do that. Have it checked out! Although, that did not help us since the dealer had no clue what could happen.
  • Sorry to hear about your dealer. I would have reported the incident chain of troubles to Toyota customer care. Learned that trick from my friendly neighborhood Toyota dealer when I had to make an costly out-of-warranty repair...the company offered to pay half of it after a review of the circumstances [I had done all the regular maintenance, etc.].

    There are some crummy dealers, for sure. I've run into a couple in years past, in other cities. One in Kansas City was absolutely excreble, another 10 miles away was wonderful (Wolfe).

    Overall, my Sequoia would be very difficult to replace, I've decided. Only the Land Cruiser would be of immediate interest, and that's out of my ballpark.

    Maybe a 4Runner when I've wrung every last safe mile I can out of my current ride. 120k would be very nice, indeed. With proper care, probably attainable.
  • Outstanding! Any VSC issues? Other?
  • ggesqggesq Posts: 701
    I have a 2004 Sequoia w/ 45k miles. For the most part- the truck has been trouble free. It is no where near the disaster my last SUV was- Chevy Tahoe.
    At any rate, after reading some of the posts re: VSC I am concerned about it happening on my SUV since my wife drives it almost exclusively.
    Around what mileage did the ones w/ VSC problems start seeing symptoms and/or total failure?
    How old are your Sequoia's?
    Is there anything I can do as a preventive measure to avoid this problem?
    Any advice or responses would be appreciated.
  • It would be an educated guess, but based on reading about Toyota electronic stability devices on different forums over the past month or so indicates a change in part number of the skid control computer. Your 2004 most likely has the later one. The skid control is the chief culprit, IMHO. On my 2001, it was always overly sensitive, and of course, finally failed. With a new skid control unit [different part number than the original], my VSC acts much better. Going to a competent dealer at the first sign of a warning light would seem to be prudent. That might buy you the time you need for good preventive maintenance. After hearing of some really high-miles (140k) trouble-free Sequoias here and elsewhere, I am convinced that statistically they are no more trouble prone in VSC than any other make or model, and perhaps even less than most. A month ago I would have said something different.

    It sure would be *great* if an undercover Toyota factory rep or really knowledgeable service tech could tell us all the intimate details of the electronics and their upgrades. Inquiring minds want to know...
  • petro33petro33 Posts: 192
    some problems

    electric motor on the rear window
    seal on the right rear wheel
    stays that keep the back two doors open on an incline
    lots of brake jobs
    burned out the emergency brake (to easy to drive with it on) twice

    I chance my on oil and filter every 5K miles with mobil 1
    engins runs as smooth as the day I got it off the lot
  • Hi, Marc Sparks here,

    I have a friend with a Sequoia that has the same type problem. It has been to the shop three times now. No luck getting it fixed. Good luck to you!!


    Marc Sparks
  • Took my 2001 in June 2006. Had to spend $1,000 to have a computer board replaced. After investigating and showing Toyota that this happens ALOT, they decided to give us a $350 credit toward our 60,000 mile maintenance checkup. This weekend, it started doing the exact same thing again. Guess we will get the run around again.
  • I have not posted in along time, but I still have my 01 SEQ. I have now 93K, but had to change tires at 52K and the starter at 88K. I had my TSB on the brakes done at 35K, but I have not replaced my brake pads since then. My SEQ still purrs like when it was new.

    I thought I heard on TV last month about a recall on SEQ, but I could not find any discussion thread about this recall. Does anybody know of any recall? I don't have any problem right now, but I don't want to miss a recall opportunity either.

    Thanks for any info.
  • This article mentions about the Sequoia recall on faulty steering, but it does not say which model years are covered.
  • Got it on 2002 April, has 56K mile now, change the break at 50k when dealer told it still has 10K mile but I have a long trip to Banff so I changed it anyway, changed the tires at 52K. No proble at all.

    Before the one I had a 98 Mecedes ML320 which I bought at MSRP, In less than four years I had it, I change the brake at 22k milse, transe case at 40K($5000 if not warrant), I have to go the dealer every three month for ligt, power, door openner etc. It was bad experince for the Mecedes, no more.
  • Dude,

    You are a Saint among men. Your post saved me many hours of time, busted knuckles, and broken parts. Of course the dealer would not respond to my email comparing my Sequoia (with the non-functional rear window and broken lift gate hatch lever) to the functionality of a Honda Civic.

    I've got the panel off, and was able to finally open the rear door. I have ordered the latch handle, and will replace it when it arrives. Thanks much again. Your willingness to help others when Toyota wouldn't is a godsend.
  • acashacash Posts: 2
    My 02 Sequoia has the same problem with the D shift light being out. I decided to live with the issue rather than paying for the solution. However after feeling jerking at low speeds following my super bowl trip was informed that at 80k miles my Sequoia needs a new transmission at a cost of $3400.

    I'm searching for options but this seems to be the case with a number of owners. I'll accept all alternatives to dealer price.
  • Sorry to hear about your transmission. I would try another dealer if you have one within range.

    Just out of curiosity, do you know how many transmission oil changes/flushes your Sequoia has had? I'm wondering about mine, even though it seems ok now...
  • petro33petro33 Posts: 192
    If you pull a trailer you should take special care of your transmission. I have mine flushed every 30K miles, and have had no problems. i now have 120K on my seq. If you tow often you also have to have the rear axle differential fluid changed every 5K miles. toyota can check the fluid and see by its color what its condition is and save you on a possible unnecessary change, even though it is relatively cheap, $30-50 if I remember.
  • acashacash Posts: 2
    I have changed the transmission fluid at @ 35k miles since owning the vehicle. Also I have never pulled any trailers, boats, etc in the vehicle. I cannot speak for the previous owner of the vehicle but upon purchase the Sequoia only had 60k miles, corporate lease and dealer maintenance. Life gives no guarantees but after 3k for a new trans, I think I got the shaft.
  • rhaecklrhaeckl Posts: 5
    My 06 Seq's DVD screen has gone dead. I have sound, just no picture. It has been to the dealer 3 times. The last time, they changed all components and still no fix. Now they want to change the wiring harness, which honestly makes me nervous. The service tech doesn't think it's going to fix anything either, he's just going on what Toyota is recommending them to do next. He said if this doesn't work, then a rep from Toyota will work of the problem. Has anyone had the same experience?
  • I bought a 2006 Sequoia Limited and the navigation system is great. However, I cannot determine if my system is voice-activated, meaning that I can press a button and give a spoken command like "find nearest hospital". My unit has the words "Voice Navigation System" printed at the top of it, but no one at the dealership could show me how to use it. I also cannot find this information in the manual.

    Any and all help is appreciated. Thanks!
  • vdragonvdragon Posts: 12
    I'm comparing SUV's, and although they are very different, these are what I've boiled them down to: Sequioa and LX470/Land Cruiser.
    Completely different beasts, I understand. I'm choosing between practical and all-out.
    I want to choose practical, but I can't find any info on the Sequioa having a Rear-view backup camera or bluetooth-hands free capability?
    Has anyone installed these as after-market items?

    On a side note, has anyone owned both of these vehicles?

    Thanks as always!
  • abbylouabbylou Posts: 33
    I love my 2002 4-Runner Limted 4x4, but I am looking to purchase an 07 Sequioa Limited 4x4. I know that with my current veh, that I can run the 4wd in the rain without any binding/breakage, but can the 07 Sequioa be ran in the rain also while in 4wd? I know that they appear to have diff 4wd sys??
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