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Chevy Tahoe



  • sanandtonsanandton Posts: 342
    Has anyone had the front end pop (sounds like a metallic click) on sharp turns or when backing up and turning? I also have what I feel is more than normal amount of wheel binding on sharp turns. It will cause the tires to squeal at slow speeds when on asphalt or slick surface like finished drives. Any ideas? I have a 03 Tahoe LT with 2wd.
  • erinsquarederinsquared Posts: 178
    Do a search on the Yukon/Denali threads. I remember seeing something about a steering component needing servicing to prevent this.
  • i just had that problem with my 03 ukon. its called the intermite steering shaft. they had to replace mine..
  • sanandtonsanandton Posts: 342
    Thanks for the input. I couldn't find the thread on it on the Yukon boards. I will discuss with service tech on next scheduled maint. trip.
  • berobberob Posts: 35
    I've got an '04 Yukon and would like to get a cargo protector/liner/mat as soon as possible. Can someone offer advice as to what I should get? If it matters, I've got the third row seat but most of the time it will not be in the vehicle. Thanks in advance for your help.
  • fkozilfkozil Posts: 65
    Catch-all makes really nice floor mats and cargo area covers. Husky also makes good mats as well. The catch-all mats are custom cut and fit and look nice too.
  • erinsquarederinsquared Posts: 178
    I bought a cargo mat from GM for my shorty Denali. Real nice mat with official "GMC" logo. I wanted to keep the mat in all the time, even with third row installed, so I made cutouts in the mat where the seat attaches to the floor. Works great, but you have to take the time to properly sight the cutouts. I recently spotted an aftermarket mat that has the cutouts molded in the mat, but cannot remember the source.
  • jonnyb1jonnyb1 Posts: 32
    weathertech mats for $119 will fit perfectly. Not cheap but very nice.
  • sebring95sebring95 Posts: 3,238
    I'm using the Catch-all extreme with 3rd row cut-outs. Work great because it's a rather grippy but stiff rubber. Stuff doesn't slide around at all and there's even lips around the seat openings which keep reasonable amounts of liquid from spilling into the seat-mount holes. I don't recall the cost, but doesn't seem like it was much over $80. I'm using the carpeted Catch-all's for the front rows.
  • ezraponezrapon Posts: 348
    When I turn my wheel to the left, it fires the starter. It only happens in park or neutral. The neutral safety starter switch keeps it from happening during regular driving. Must be a short in the column. I bet this is a first. 03 Denali.
  • Im just about to hit 10k on my 2003 yukon and its about 10 months old and so far so good..been back to the dealer about three time but what ever, they took care of it and keep it moving..these are the problems i had let me know if u had the same..

    intermit steering shaft..
    the keyless entry had to be reprogramed twice..
    the some little rattles on the interior, but thats what u get living in pot hole city...(nyc) let me know your feelings about your
  • erinsquarederinsquared Posts: 178
    After 58k miles, the only problems from brand new are: replaced 6 cd changer, new parking brake and rear pads, adjusted belt + regular service. It has some annoying 'refinement' issues that should not be in an expensive SUV such as the cold engine knock and slightly rough idle w/ A/C on. Overall, one my favorite vehicles ever and I plan to keep it for the long haul.
  • jonnyb1jonnyb1 Posts: 32
    has anyone replaced the ugly black LS trim on the doors, door handles and front bumper? It really looks like crap. Has anyone order replacement parts for an LT? I imagine the bumper would be a PITA to get on there but it would sure as heck look a lot better......

    what about getting some paint from the dealer and painting them? Has anyone tried this?

    2002 LS
    30k miles (bought used at 28k miles)
  • tdohtdoh Posts: 298
    Do you get it when you turn the wheel at full lock? Does the noise sound like a clicking-type sound, sorta like as if a relay was being tripped repeatedly? I have an '04 DXL and it makes the noise I just described when the steering wheel hits full lock...
  • ezraponezrapon Posts: 348
    I also get a relay firing at full lock, but it is in addition to the starter engaging at about 3/4 turn. I hope they heed my plea to check the fly wheel and starter for damage. I guess on the bright side, should my key switch ever fail I can start it with the steering wheel...let's see Ford match that!
  • ishawishaw Posts: 8
    I had to take my Tahoe into the body shop to have a trim piece replaced. The part he ordered was black and the shop simply painted it with factory paint. Although the trim was relatively expensive, I think the painting was not. Check at your local body shop - I'll bet they can paint all the trim with factory paint for not a lot of money! (I know they did the same thing when they had to replace one of my exterior mirrors - ordered it in black and then painted it at the dealership.)
  • fortopfortop Posts: 239
    LT painted trim from a discount Chevy dealer online and having a local body shop remove old/intsall new trim. You might even try removing it yourself with a heat gun. I think it is just an adhesive back and you can get special 3M adhesive remover. I would try - describe your request and submit it on their website. They have good prices but high shipping/handling - still way cheaper than a dealer (mayber 40-50% cheaper.) Next time, you can consider a Yukon SLE which already has the painted trim. :)
  • jonnyb1jonnyb1 Posts: 32
    that is a good idea. I only got the LS one because it had the 5.3 and the leather, I didn't want any of the other options and only wanted to spend $25k on a 30k or less 2002 model. I can live with the ugly door trim for a while longer. ; )

    Saving up for another BMW, probably a 2003 M3 or another 330Ci (I bought a 2001 brand new but sold it a few months ago). Just need to wait for the M3 prices to drop below $38k or so......
  • sebring95sebring95 Posts: 3,238
    Are probably fine for folks that are trading often. I bought my Tahoe for utility/long-term use and the black handles hold-up better over time. The painted ones (take a look at an '00-'01 model with some miles) get scratched easily from fingernails, gloves, and general use. The key is to get the black handles/trim on a darker colored truck. The black handles look terrible (IMHO) on the whites, silver/golds. I've got the dark red and they don't stand-out much at all. I find the unpainted mirrors clean better also. The painted ones usually get severe bug/stone rash and they look well worn with some miles.
  • dave5319dave5319 Posts: 51
    The trim that comes with all trucks is black to begin with and then just painted to match. When I ordered my 2000 Tahoe LS I was lucky all the trim and ft bumper were color matched, but not the door handles. The trim is a real pain to take off if you want to save it and almost not worth it. I would just order new trim and have it painted, it is attached via 3m tape. The door handles are another story all together, if you like the stainless look then you can get stainless covers for them, it's a little pricy at about $170 for all 4. Here's the site for them" tainless+Steel+Door+Handle+Inserts&productid=109120&produ- cttype=20
  • gmfan007gmfan007 Posts: 77
    Does anyone know anything about this "Fuel Saver Pro" device which snaps over the fuel line to give better mileage and performance? Sounds too good to be true. And wouldn't you think if there was really something to it, the manufactures would already be installing it? Maybe it is for older vehicles only.
  • steverstever Posts: 52,572
    It's funny how this stuff comes out of the woodwork when gas prices take a leap.

    The accessories to improve mileage and extend engine life

    Steve, Host
  • ezraponezrapon Posts: 348
    I was parked next to an avalanch today. I like the front end, but, by the time (if) it makes it to the Tahoe, it might appear a bit dated. Seems like the more radical of a design it is, the quicker it gets old. Somebody needs to tell that to Dodge!
  • erinsquarederinsquared Posts: 178
    There are many products out there that claim to improve gas mileage, but most new vehicles are designed to have the highest reasonable mileage possible from the factory, so a quick $100 part likely won't make any difference. Best practices are to drive conservatively, keep tires inflated to factory specs, and keep the vehicle well maintained. I use synthetic oils where possible, but this is more for the superior lubrication protection instead of slightly improved efficiency (i.e. mileage). Any improvements in mileage are probably offset by increased materials cost. By-the-way, 'Vortec' engines already incorporate a vortec effect through their intake design for improved air flow, so there may be some truth to the 'Tornado' concept, but GM engineers have already designed this benefit into their engine.
  • 03tahoe03tahoe Posts: 83
    A deduction up to $2,000 Seems to be still available for
    individuals owning a clean fuel small truck,
    BUT if it can also burn gas you can only deduct up to the extra
    $ amount you paid to get the special clean fuel engine/eqpt.
    Local libraries may have a copy of Publication 1194B
    Volume 2 of 2.
    Publication 535 is detailed on Page 48. Covers both business and private truck use. As far as I know there is not a extra charge
    for a Tahoes Engine to be able to burn the clean fuel.
    ( Ethanol) I think this means no deduction since it also burns
    normal gasoline.
    Larger trucks can deduct $5,000 if they burn only the Ethanol
    This is NOT tax advice just wanted you to know where you can
    read-up on this item.
  • cfoelschcfoelsch Posts: 2
    Any suggestions for increase performance and economy. Just purchased 2004 LT w/ 5.7. A friend with Yukon has put on dual exhaust and K&N air filter has improved mileage 3+ per gallon. Anyone have any suggestions Brand ,equipment and or experience. Thinking of adding dual exhaust and changing to K&N air filter any other suggestions.
  • tdohtdoh Posts: 298
    First off, unless you bored-out the cylinders or something on your engine, I think the '04 Tahoe LT comes with the 5.3... ;-)

    Anyways, I assume that when you say "increase performance" you're looking for a little more get-up-and-go power; if so, then I would suggest a Westers PCM. No, it doesn't come cheap but various anecdotes from other truck/SUV enthusiasts sites have shown that it is worth its weight in gold.
  • erinsquarederinsquared Posts: 178
    I think you will find that the GM Vortec engines are pretty refined powertrains yielding excellent mileage and performance for their package (just compare the numbers to the competition). Adding an exhaust will get you cool looks and sounds, but unlikely much of a performance gain. K&N might provide a little better flow, but it's main benefit is the reusability which saves money in the long run. I run one in my Denali because I know it is the last air filter I will ever buy for the truck. I doubt if you would get more than a 5+- hp gain with both of these mods. Even if you could find a bunch of mods that would get you 10-15 hp, do you think this would make a difference for a 5500lb. truck? If you truly want performance, a supercharger is the way to go since this usually boosts hp approximately 50% over stock. Violates warranty, costs big $, uses more gas + premium unleaded - but who said power was cheap? Save up your nickels and dimes for your "409" (hp) ;)
  • sebring95sebring95 Posts: 3,238
    I have stopped using reuseable filters, simply because in at least one appliacation I found the filter was not a perfect fit in the airbox. I run oil analysis on my diesel vehicles, and after installing a reuseable filter my silicon and wear metals had increased rather substantially. They were still within spec, however I'm not comfortable with higher wear metals simply from saving a little money with a reuseable filter. Results dropped back to normal after replacing with a standard paper filter. I've personally never noticed a power gain on any of my vehicles with one either, I was just using it as a maintenance savings. I'm not naming names, just stating I'm not happy with one of the most popular resuseables.
  • Sebring95, we too used to use washable air filters but stopped. After a while the filter got chewed up from the washing and in any case without inspecting it before it went back in the vehicle I never knew how dirty it still was. Now we have our local WD drop off Fram air filters and we pop them in. I KNOW that a clean, brand new filter is now on there for about $3.
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