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Chevy Tahoe



  • Anybody tried one of the following to improve mpg?

    - Sun Automotive Hyper Ground Cables

    - HKS Circle Earth System

    - Tornado

    - Spiral Max

    - or anything like it
  • sebring95sebring95 Posts: 3,238
    I routinely get 18-20mpg on highway trips with my '02 Tahoe 4x4 with 5.3L and 3.73 gears. The lowest tank I've ever had was 14mpg and that was pulling a trailer acrossed country. Generally I average (say 20% townish, 80% highway) around 16-17mpg. I run 70-75mph on the highway.


    Around town mileage will most be effected by how much sitting you do. At 0mph, these vehicles get 0mpg, LOL! This is where big V8's get thirsty because they require more fuel to idle, so the city mileage will be effected substantially.
  • dadoftaydadoftay Posts: 136
    Thanks everyone for the input!!! I was in my GMC dealer getting my oil changed the other day and asked him about true MPG and he said the 5.3 actually will get better highway mileage than the 4.8. He also said that the Tahoe would definitely get better mileage than my van due to aerodynamics and a motor with new technology. Maybe more power=less work from the motor=better mpg? I guess the set up is a 2WD, the lowest gears available and stay shy of 80mph. Again, thanks to everyone for the info.
  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,059
    Maybe more power=less work...


    No. More power = more work. (Multiply Power times Time to get Work).


    Any energy saving would have to come from other factors such as engine efficiency or aerodynamics.


    tidester, host
  • I have the 2wd Yukon, with the 5.3 and 3.73 gear. Can't say what you get for town miles, because I have never ran enough of them to know. I do know that I get between 17-18 for highway mileage driving between 65-75. When I get above 80, the mileage drops considerably. Wind also plays a big factor in mileage for these vehicles. You have no control over it, but a 15 mph head wind will kill your gas mileage. I did get 26 mpg one time at 70 mph, with a 20 mph tail wind, but when I turned around and came back later that day, it averaged out at it's usual 17.5.


  • dadoftaydadoftay Posts: 136
    I'm with you on that wind factor. My Safari gets pushed around by the wind like a nerd at recess. All of my driving is open highway and I've had those trips up getting 20mpg and going home getting 14mpg. I guess it happens with most cars. Being in sales I would rather have the comfort, size and yes the prestige of having the Tahoe over my cargo van(yeah, I know, duh).
  • dardson1dardson1 Posts: 696
    I have an '04 2wd Tahoe with the 5.3 and standard axle. I'm delighted to get 15+ around town and close to 20 if I drive the speed limit on the road. I tried a PC Toyota Minivan (01 Sienna) that promised 19/24 and got, real world, 16/21. Pound for pound, I think these big Chevy's are very fuel efficient. My '98 Expedition did well to get 12 around town and 16 highway. love my Tahoe
  • My dealer sent me a letter saying the intermediate steering shaft for my vehicle was in. I have an appointment scheduled for 12/30/04. Hopefully this will cure the steering clunk forever.


    The dealer said that the part(s) for some customers are still on back order. From what I was told the part(s) are ordered by date of the complaint. So unless you bring it to their attention they will not order the part(s). The part(s) that come in, that were ordered when you made your complaint, will be your part(s). This may not be the case for every dealer.


    I have an 02 Z71 Tahoe with 27,000 miles, and this is still the only issue I've had with this vehicle. I will let you know what difference this fix makes.
  • I have a 2004 Tahoe with the flex fuel 5.3. This vehicle doesn't have near the get up and go around town as my 03 suburban did or 99 pickup, all with the 5.3l gas engine. The dealer says there should not be any difference in performance. On the highway is fine, where's the get up from the stop lights I'm used to?
  • Are you sure that you have the same rear axle ratio?
  • Thanks, I look into that, the 99 was 4 wheel drive, I had assumed the 03 suburban would have the same ratio as the new Tahoe but I'll have to see if they are the same.
  • I have a 03 z71 tahoe with 50,000 miles on it. I have had a problem with the it starting up when the tank is below half. The dealership has done everything for changing the relays to replacing the fuel pump and the components involved with that in the tank. The last time the vehicle was in for this problem was when it had 32,000 miles and at that point they replaced the fuel pump. And today i had it towed to the dealership again. I had an 01 z71 tahoe and never had this problem. Is anyone else having this same issue.

    Also I'm being told that since the pump was replaced under warranty that i will have to pay for a new one if that is needed. Anyone have a suggestion on how i can approach the dealership or Gm on this issues since this is the 5th time it has been in for this problem?

    thank you
  • I took my Tahoe to the dealer today. The intermediate steering shaft was replaced with the "new improved" shaft. It took about 1 hour and 45 minutes. Service department was very good about it. I can really notice the difference. The steering is tight and not one bit of noise. I hope this cures the problem for good.
  • I have an air leak coming from under the dash on the passenger side it get pretty cold driving down the freeway. please help
  • My 2000 Tahoe needs a intermidate steering shaft replaced,its the second one, But its been back ordered for 3 months now,the dealer say he has no clue when its coming, Any body else with this problem? Is there a hidden warranty on this?
  • My Tahoe has the same condition, I use the resurculate button on the dash,that seems to do it.
  • pmatlpmatl Posts: 6
    I have a '04 Z71, 5.3 V8, with 7500 miles on it. I've seen some messages about a "cold start knock", but my engine only seems to have the noise when I'm cruising at approx. 70 mph. It sounds like a little clicking/knocking noise and I think it's basically been there since I got it new this summer. Anyone notice this in their Tahoe or know what it is/if it's fixable? Thanks.
  • In the manual, it tells you how to disable the SEC message on the radio, so that with a power interruption, it doesnt have to be reset.
  • The steering shaft for my Tahoe was ordered in October and I got a letter from the dealer in December. It was installed December 30. The service dept. advised me that when they first started getting complaints of the steering noises they were instructed to replace the steering shafts. I don't know what length of time they were talking about and they were replacing them with the original part number.


    Then they were instructed to repack the shaft with grease, which is what some owners here have had done to their vehicles.


    Apparently those two fixes didn't permanently eliminate the problem. GM is now instructing them to replace the steering shaft with one that has a different part number, indicating an improved/different part.


    My part was also on back order. A friend has a 2003 Silverado that he bought from a different dealer, his part is still on back order. He had a 2001 Silverado which had the steering clunk and had the steering shaft repacked with grease, the noise returned.


    This is a common complaint for these trucks so I don't think it should be a warranty issue. If they replaced the steering shaft once, chances are that it was not the new part, thus the problem continued. You shouldn't have to pay anything for the repair.
  • do you know of a way to have the song information scroll always, instead of having to hit the rcl button? all other XM radios do this automatically. my rcl button is starting to lose it's paint :(
  • The local Chevy dealer cannot find the correct part # for the following vehicle. I looking for OEM flares that were found on a limited qty of

    Z-71 Tahoe (old body style). My 99 Tahoe is w/o flares and I want to add the OEM flares found on the 99 Z-71. The Chevy parts counter manager stated that if I could provide him with the VIN of a 1999 Z-71 Tahoe, he'd be able to identify the correct part. I have researched the web but to no avail. Any suggestion(s) would be appreciated. Thank you.
  • I just signed on looking for a message just like yours. I also have a '04 Z71 with a 5.3 V-8 and have heard the same noise, sounds just like the detonation noise I used to hear on my Camaro when the timing was off, but not quite as loud. I've been doing a lot of long distance driving lately and my experience has been: Heading out on a road trip, onto the interstate with the engine warmed up, and up to 65-70 mph. I listen and hear nothing until after about 30-45 minutes, then I hear the light but constant clicking noise. It then continues ad infinitum. The weird thing is I've tried putting it in neutral going down a long hill, the rpm drops to about 400-500 and the clicking is still there, the same exact noise. Revving the engine, varying the rpm does absolutely nothing to change the sound! This leads me to believe that it is not associated with the valve train or anything like that. Several times with no traffic behind, as I went up a hill after coasting the sound went away as I decelerated to about 55 or so, then came back NOT after loading up the engine again to accelerate, but only after getting back up to 65-70 mph again. Some sort of engine sensor/computer thing? Called my GM mechanic from my cellphone and he had no idea, so the next chance I get I'm taking it in to see if anyone else there has heard of this problem. Maybe a mechanic will go out with me on the interstate for an hour or so, ha! I'd like to hear from someone who knows what this is before I go in, thanks.
  • sebring95sebring95 Posts: 3,238
    One idea for the VIN is to search ebay and some online classifieds. Many have the VIN numbers listed in the ads, and if it was a '99 with the flares....
  • I own a 1996 Chevy Tahoe that just passed 200,000 miles. Car was working fine last night. We had heavy rain overnight, I go out this morning to start, and the engine turns over, but car isn't starting. It is sometimes difficult to start after heavy rain, but always fires right up. This time, I can't get it to turn over. I had the battery tested, and the battery is fine. I had a tune-up two years ago, probably around 50,000 miles ago. I'm thinking the problem is with my plug wires, and I can change those (I think). My SUV doesn't have a distributor cap. What do I look for, and further, how do I replace the part where the distributor cap would be? Any help is greatly appreciated.


    Thanks! I'm trying to get to 300,000 miles!
  • sanandtonsanandton Posts: 342
    I have an 04 Z71 Tahoe. It has about 10k miles on it. For about the last 5k miles I have noticed what seems to be "play" in the drive train somewhere around the Tranny or back. If I am easing through a parking lot, or slowing to a stop at a light I can hear and feel a Metallic "Clanking" noise from under the vehicle as it upshifts or downshifts. I don't notice it when I accelerate under a load, such as up a hill. It feels much the same as my old 76 camaro did when the Universal joint went out (which it did often). Any ideas?
  • jlflemmonsjlflemmons Posts: 2,242
    When you say it doesn't turn over, do you mean the starter is not spinning the engine, or the engine is cranking but no start? The first could be anything from a bad connection at the starter, bad ignition switch, or even a bad starter which would not be unlikely at 200K. If it cranks but doesn't start, could be bad plug wires, bad distributor cap and rotor(if never changed, this is VERY likely, especially with the rain issue).
  • Thanks for the help! The engine is cranking, but no start. My next issue is that I have no distributor cap or rotor, it's an electronic ignition. I can change the plug wires, but that "coil" or whatever it's called is new to me. I've worked on distributor caps and rotors before, but my Tahoe is a 96, and it's electronic. Is that something I could mess with? Again, thanks for the help. I'm going to try and change the plug wires tonight.
  • pmatlpmatl Posts: 6
    Thanks for the reply. It sounds like the same thing. I didn't think it was a valve thing either because it actually goes away if I stomp on the gas. It only seems to do the noise if I'm just cruising along at 65-70 mph. I'm tired of having to blast the radio to drown it out!


    Please let me know if you find any answers and I'll do the same - will probably take it in to the dealer when I hit 10K miles before long for an oil change and quick overview.
  • jlflemmonsjlflemmons Posts: 2,242
    My bad, I was thinking '95. The '96 does use a crankshaft position sensor which can cause a "no-fire" condition, but a simple scan should show if that is the case. Also, check the connections between the coils and the harness. If I recall correctly, all the coils have leads going back to the main harness and are fired by the ECM. At the miles you have, there is a good possibility of contact corrosion in the connector, even though GM does use a pretty good water-tight design on the connectors. While a position sensor can cause a no-fire when cold, they tend more towards the failure after warm. Such as driving along fat, dumb, and happy and the engine just quits like you turned the key off. One thing to try, and I know this sounds odd, but if the engine doesn't fire off, don't just release the key, but turn the ignition switch to off, count to 10, then try again. If a sensor is intermittent it may not reset until the ignition is turned off completely.


    Good luck,


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