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Chevy Tahoe



  • By the way, my somewhat apparent resentment of heated seats is likely because of the fact that our spanking new Grand Marquis LS (wonderful car) does not offer them (perhaps since they're popular in florida and in police forces :-P). Argh! I don't want to have to shell out 45 grand for a stupid Town Car Cartier just for the heated seats!!!
  • kreykrey Posts: 41
    Ummm, I don't mean to ask an obvious question, but why don't you just trot on down to a dealership and LOOK at the seats? Heck, ask for a key and turn on the bun warmer too while you're there. And yes, they really work.
  • Are you sure it isn't the intermediate steering shaft problem? There is a service TSB on it.
  • My wife has a 2001 Tahoe LT 4x4. There is also a rattle on the driver's side and the sound seems to originate from somewhere in front of the driver's seat. I have checked all visible bolts and the heat shields under the hood and on the undercarriage. I can't find anything that's loose and the rattle is very annoying. Can anyone help? Was the intermediate steering shaft problem purportedly fixed before the 2001's came out?
  • hvan3hvan3 Posts: 630
    You can get a fully loaded 2001 GMC Yukon SLT at Ken Grodys GMC in Riverside, CA for $29,997. They are deducting $7K off. 2 at this price.

    Majority of Chevy Tahoes LS in Orange County, CA dealerships are advertising for $28K. The best deal I've seen was 2001 Tahoes LT with running board, moonroof, and leather for $29,200 ($8K off). They had 2 in the lot.

    I was in the market for a Tahoe, but living in CA with high fuel cost scared me away. I heard gasoline will be as high as $2 a gallon in the summer. No thanks!
  • cody17cody17 Posts: 11
    Does anyone know of a direct link multi-disc CD player that can be installed on a 2001 Yukon without disabling the ONSTAR? The dealer doesn't know how to do it. Customer service has been no help either.
  • I have a 2001 LT Suburban with leather buckets, 12 (or 14 or whatever)way power seats, memory seats, and seat heaters. Let me put it this way: these are the best vehicle seats I have ever sat in. Big, comfortable, infinitely adjustable--sort of like a big lounge chair/recliner in your home. As for the seat heaters, I didn't think I would like them. Wrong. Even in Texas where the days are mild, we use them regularly. They not only heat up quickly and provide a sort of warm all over feeling, they seem to help my occasionally aching back. I will never own another new car without seat heaters. I encourage you to try them at your local Chevy/GMC dealer.
  • A while back I remember people describing cold air coming from under the dash on the passenger side. My 2001 Yukon has this problem. Did anyone come up with a solution to this problem?
  • kreykrey Posts: 41
    As is always the case, when you see something too good to be true, it pays to check.

    I called the Ken Grody dealership and spoke with Jim. The trucks you mentioned were NOT "fully loaded SLT's", NOT 4WD, NOT $7-8K back of MSRP. All are "now sold"; funny how it always seems to work out that way. These trucks were actually sold for a few hundred back of invoice...sounds good, except I checked and confirmed that there was a $1000 rebate (regional, national, I'm not sure) on the Yukon for the month of January, so these guys actually made a GREAT profit!

    Oh, they have 2 others left that they'll now sell at $400 over. Back to reality.
  • EsacaladePimp - The seat shaped button moves the seat back and forth on the track, the seatback back and forth, the bottom "cushion" up and down, and the bottom cushion front and back up and down. The "Joystick" round button inflates and deflates the lumbar and bolsters. I don't know what the other button is you are talking about. These seats are like a La-Z-Boy behind the wheel. The lumbar is not 4-way, I guess I would call it 2-way. It is either inflated or deflated or somewhere inbetween. I believe the Denali has power headrests which might be the different numbers you are seeing.

    As far as seat heaters go, I live in Northern Wisconsin. The average morning winter temperature I would guess to be about 5-10 degrees. If I turn my seat heater on it is warm before I go 1/4 mile. Much faster than my body would warm it up. Incredibly, the seat heaters in my Yukon do not work as fast or as well as the seat heaters in our Jetta. The Jetta heaters are hot almost instantly and have 5 settings. The Yukon only has High and Low. Leave it to the Germans. If you are in a cold climate get the heaters.

    Additionally, I will agree, Fords generally have crappy seats. Expedition seats are like sitting on a high-back park bench. However, the seats in the first generation Yamaha-powered SHO were some of, if not the best, seats I ever had. Leather on the sides with "grippy" cloth down the center. Infinite adjustments for bolsters and lumbar. I don't remeber them having a cushion up/down adjustment though. I got rid of the car about 7 years ago so it is difficult to recall.
  • kreykrey Posts: 41
    I had forgotten the seats in the SHO. They WERE great seats! And, man oh man, was that nice motor...burned a little oil, but it sure did make some kinda wonderful horsepower.
  • My wife has a 2001 Tahoe LT 4x4 with approximately 3000 miles. There is a rattle on the driver's side and the sound seems to originate from somewhere under or in front of the driver's seat. I have checked all visible bolts and the heat shields under the hood and on the undercarriage. I can't find anything that's loose and the rattle is very annoying. Can anyone help? Was the intermediate steering shaft problem purportedly fixed before the 2001's came out? The sound is not a clunk but is distinctly a rattle. Almost like a loose nut or bolt inside one of the frame rails.
  • I picked up my 2001 Denali XL (Garnet Red) last weekend. There are no power headrests. The driver and front passenger seats have power lumbar, power bolsters which narrow the seat near your kidneys for a closer fitting seat back, power lift at the front of the seat for thigh support, power seat up/down, power seat forward and rearward.

    There are two memory settings for the driver seat and the front passenger and driver seats have heat in the seat and back. The outward two seatings areas in the second row bench are also heated (the back of these seats are not heated).

    I hope this info helps.
  • Here's a question.
    Looking at the posts, I've seen a few differing descriptions between the Denali and standard Yukon. So, are there ANY differences in the ways that the seats in these vehicles adjust? My guess is that across the board, Tahoe/Suburban/Yukon/Yukon XL/Denalis ALL share the same seat, but...these "full featured" bucket seats are standard on the Denali, while as with the others you must select the LT or SLT option. It's a little depressing that the BMW 740i has 18-way sport seats now, isn't it. Damn luxury car companies...
    Is the Denali's interior greatly better, and is the leather drastically better, than with the conventional Yukon? I like the tone-on-tone Nuance leather robbed from Caddy and co., and I imagine it feels and smells better than the Ultrasoft leather on the Yukon. If anyone can provide info here, please do.
    Question: sunroof---good/bad/pointless/vital?
    Question: OnStar--almost as good as a navigation system, peace of mind, or an add-on that you never use?
    Question: once and for all, the legroom on the Denali. We all know that the Tahoe/Yukon has the raised-up horrible 3rd row seat that gives you no place for your feet except your mouth. We also know that the Suburban/Yukon XL has nice 3rd row seats that are close in legroom and comfort to the 2nd row seats (in other words your knees are not raised up in your face). My friend says the dealer told him that the Denali was better designed so that it is the same length as the Yukon, but the 3rd row seats are identical to that of the XL, with all the legroom and space. So, answer me this; how are the rearmost seats on the Denali?? or is the Denali XL the only one with the comfy 3rd row??
  • I plan to purchase a 2001 Yukon and was wondering about the engines. I do not plan to get a towing package and wonder if the 4.8 is powerful enough to handle the Yukon or do I need the 5.3. I know the gas mileage is slightly better with the 4.8 and the 5.3 is about $6-700 more money. Can anyone help me with this information? Thanks
  • My recommendation as far as engine choice, is the 5.3, simply because you always have to look at resale. some guy may want to tow a trailer or a boat and he will need the extra power. I own a '97Tahoe with a 5.7 and this thing will tow just about anything within reason
  • To escaldepimp: There are alot of little things beyond the 6.0L motor, AWD, wheels/tires and exterior trim that are definitely different/better in the Denali interior compared to the Yukon. It is up to you if they make a difference.

    1) The center console is a better setup in DXL than YXL with a flip up compartment combined with a lower compartment.
    2) Dash is easier to read with a different/better lighting
    3) Trip computer not available in Yukon
    4) Rear heated seats not available in Yukon
    5) Leather steering wheel and more leather on dash not available in Yukon.
    6) The leather is softer in the DXL than the Yukon. (I have sat in both)
    7) Transmission temp guage not available in Yukon 1500
    8) Upgraded Bose sound system not available in Yukon. This may be an important consideration given the many posts I have seen on the complaints of the standard sound system in the Yukon.
    9) Sunroof is personal preference, however I would recommend that if you want it you should do it aftermarket through the dealer instead of from the factory as you will have to give up the rear climate control if you order from the factory.
    10) I am not a fan of OnStar and see little practical use for it given the convenience of cell phones. I will not be renewing after the first year of free service. GM should replace the On-Star system with a Navigation system similar to the NeverLost system you get with luxury car rentals from Hertz. A system like that would be a great option for the Denali and I suspect will be available in a year or so. Heck you can get a Nav System on a Nissam Pathfinder now.
    11) The only way to get a comfortable seating position for adult passengers in the third row is to order a DXL or YXL. Neither the Denali or Yukon have a footwell for the third row therefore those passenger's knees will be raised when seated.
    12) Denali's have greater tow capacity than 1500 Yukons but not as much as 2500 (Denali = 8500lbs, DXL = 8400lbs)
    13 Focussed beam headlights only available on Denalis

    I hope this helps.
  • Picked up new 2001 Tahoe 4wd LT and kept hearing wind noise. Door not sealing snug along front A-pillar and dealer said no adjustment to correct. They will order new door, paint in their body shop, and reassemble the mirror , window and other interior components. Any feed back welcomed, or any other with similar problem
  • kreykrey Posts: 41
    Let us know how this works out for you. My new Yukon has a fair amount of wind noise, coming from the driver door and upper-windshield areas. It becomes noticeable above 60mph.

    I do, however, find it interesting that they are going to order a new door and that there are "no adjustments." I've never heard of hinges, locking mechanisms, and seals that can't be adjusted at all. Maybe that is indeed the case now, but that's a new one for me.
  • On your 2000 Tahoe....
    Do you have the "Autoride" suspension? I'm curious if/how Edelbrock worked with that system if you had that on your truck.....
    I have a 2001 Yukon with the standard suspension. Just curious as to when it's time, what my options may be.
  • jdh8jdh8 Posts: 9
    one piece of caution about replacing the door --- you mentioned the dealer was going to paint it himself. you'll never find a paint job as good as that done at the factory. the factory is the only place where they can actually bake the paint on -- your dealer can't do that on your new door. so, i'd keep an eye on the paint job and see how it wears compared to the rest of the truck over time. if i were you, i'd request that the dealer do something to adjust the door -- if there really is a problem -- before they just go and order a new door.. keep in mind that you are going to hear some wind noise from these vehicles - especially at high speeds. the windshield is more perpendicular to the ground than most cars, so the air flow is likely quite different from your previous vehicle.
  • cdh91cdh91 Posts: 1
    I am experiencing a problem with my 1999 4WD Tahoe LT. I'm at 40K miles right now and have an ongoing problem with the steering. Right after the standard 36K warranty ran out, I started noticing a gliding feeling when taking curves on expressways and the interstate. My dealer replaced the steering sensorm and it solved the gliding problem, but I'm still having ongoing problems with what can be described as a jerky steering sensation and vibrations in the steeering wheel. I have the tires checked, balanced, rotated and the alignment checked, but so far nothing has been discovered out of normal. Has anyone else experienced this? Any ideas or suggestions? It's going back to the dealer again this week. Thankss
  • Does the GMC Denali feature real wood trim? Or is it...gasp...plasti-wood? says "dark cherry wood trim". says "simulated wood trim".
    So, which is it?
    Or a combination of the two?
    Also, is the GMC build quality really that bad, or is it better than I think? And is this a tolerably reliable truck?
  • I think I have a Lemon of a 1999 Tahoe. We had this fan belt squeak. 7 times to the dealer. Replaced belts, pullies, then the alternator. The master cyl. brake peddle goes to the floor. New master cyl. put on. The peddle goes to the floor one week after the new master cyl. replaced. The passenger's seat will not go forward this is a two door. The cable was to have been replaced. The seat moved one time when I picked the vehicle up after the repairs. I got the vehicle home and I took a look at the seat cable. The end that goes onto the back of the seat was bent and the cable was not on the bracket. The front tires were wearing. I rotated the tires every other oil change 5,000 miles. The dealer told me that some part on the front end had to be cut away to get the adjusters. The tires are still wearing.
    We love the truck but has anyone else had these problems??
  • jjgtbjjgtb Posts: 1
    I have a 99 tahoe. The transmission has now been rebuilt twice once at 49k and now at 90k. I think it is from the clunking when I start and stop that the dealer says is inherent in all tahoes. they tell me I must have special grease put into drive shaft area to cut down on impact. has anyone else had this problem. this is my 4th chevy product and I drive about 40k a year but I have never had problems like this.
  • Escaladepimp: I have a 2001 Denali XL and the "wood" trim is simulated (read plastic). It doesn't look bad but it certainly doesn't have the "warmth" of real wood.

    Regarding reliability, it's hard to say since this is an entirely new vehicle. I am hopeful that most issues were resolved during the launch of the 2000 Yukon XL. Time will tell.

    My experience is rather short (1000 miles), however I've not had a single issue. Dealer took good care of me and the truck has met all expectations and exceeded some. The engine, handling and sound system have exceeded my expectations.

    I hope these thoughts help.
  • wottowotto Posts: 6
    Have a 2000 4wd
    Yukon,13000 miles on it,and get a growling or grinding noise at about 1200 rpm and 35 mph or so whenever I increase speed or decrease speed slightly, this only lasts for a second or two. Dealer changed transmission oil,no help. Dealer changed shift points on the transmission, also no help. Any body else experiencing this problem?
  • In response to numerous posts I would like to comment on my recent experience ordering a 2001 Tahoe. First I fully utilized the Edmund's option page and "built" the vehicle I wanted. I then called about 7 or 8 dealerships in my area, gave them my option list and asked for their best price. All responded and I did business with the lowest bidder. I never left home until the order was placed. Ultimately I paid $100 over dealer cost so this website is invaluable. Be advised that several options have now been combined such as Premium Ride being included in the Third Row Seating. Also the reclining buckets are now all power seats so be careful what you add in. Don't bother ordering wheel flares since they are not available on Tahoes...only the Suburbans get them. You can order them but the order just sits in the system and I know of people that have waited months without getting delivery. Without this knowledge you are completely at the mercy of the sales people. For the record I also tried GMC but was told they were going to make $2000 on the vehicle and if I didn't want it they would sell it to someone else. For essentially the same vehicle, built on the same line $2000 is a bit much to spend for a different grill. However, to each their own. I hope this helps all of the potential buyers out there. This will be my fourth Chevy SUV. I started with a 1975 Blazer (160,000+ miles), then a 1980 Blazer (157,000+ miles) and still have my 1991 Blazer (148,000 miles) which will be sold when the 2001 comes in. I have had no reason to buy any other type.
  • No I did not have autoride on my 2001 Tahoe. As for when its time to change shocks, I am not sure. I have always put new after market shocks on my vehicles as soon as I could find a good quality shock.

    I am very pleased with the Edelbrock shocks. I am sure there are other shocks on the market, but Edelbrock has given me the ride and performance I wanted.

  • Question regarding the GMC Denali/Denali XL:
    Does anyone know FOR SURE, no maybes, or has some information he could share, about the third row seat on the Denali;
    The question is:
    Is the third row seat *leather* or vinyl (boo-hiss)?
    The 3rd row seat looks all nice and two-toned, but is it the real deal?
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