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Chevy Tahoe



  • Picked up my tahoe alittle over a week ago!
    painted handels and front bumber skirt! it looks awesome in summit white! I got the autoride suspension and traction assist and power moon roof all worth the money! delt here in So.CAL where I live got $4,000 off the MSRP and $1,000 off from the auto show. coming to 5k dollars off! Purchased it from RYDELL AUTOMOTIVE GROUP! best deal to be found. I cuurently have 302 miles on it and it rides nice! getting the factory wheels chromed tomorrow even swap + 482.00 they look awesome! 18" wheel would be too much and so would tires! Next a billet grille w/ bowtie and white face gauges! Everyone Keep up the updates.
  • My wife has a 99 Jimmy (I know, different but similar) and at about 20K we noticed a slightly imperfect driver's door fit. We took it back to the dealer's body shop and the guy actually used a specially made pry bar to try to readjust the door. That seemed to help some, but it turns out that the plastic bushings on the door hinge were worn and that was causing the problem. They fixed it under warranty for us. I have a 97 and the bushings were worn out on it at about 90K. They replaced bushings and hinge pins on mine for about $80.
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    First, try turning off your CAPS. It'll make it easier to read your posts.

    I'm not sure if it was Motor Trend, or Car & Driver, but there was a comparison test about a month or two ago between the Expedition, Tahoe/Yukon, and the new Sequoia. Lots of good information in it, but you have to read carefully because not all the cars were configured with the same options. The option level can make a huge difference in these trucks... ride, performance, comfort, you name it.
    Start there, keep reading here, and you'll end with lots of ideas... and opinions!

    Oh, btw, why not another Expedition? Don't get me wrong, I have a new Yukon and love it, but was the Expy a disappointment?
  • Can anyone help with a question of axles... the 2001 Tahoe comes with a Rear Axle Ratio of either 3.730:1, 4.100:1, or 3.420:1. What's the main difference? I do off-road occasionally but never tow anything... should I default to whatever the standard would be or do the others have any benefit? Also, I emailed Chevy asking if they plan to offer the 2002 Tahoe with either the Vortec 6000 or 8000 and they said "We've got exciting plans for the Tahoe but can't tell you about them." Anyone hear anything or know where to look? Thanks...
  • The main difference in the axle ratios are they are each geared (no pun intended) for different purposes.

    The 3.42:1 is the standard ratio on the 2WD Tahoe/Yukon. With this ratio, you will get better gas mileage than the other 2. The 4.10:1 is mainly geared towards someone who needs more pulling power for towing trailers and will conversely give you worse gas mileage.

    What the ratio means: The driveshaft turns either 3.42, 3.73, or 4.10 times for every 1 turn of the rear wheels.
  • Just read a bunch of the posts. A few comments. First, I put 18s on and I think they look great....your right though, they are big. I have seen 20's and did not like them. Tires are 285/60/18. The ride is a tad harsher but the truck handles better in my opinion. As for the vibrations, I've had my truck since May and its been in 3 times for rattles already. The first had to do with a bolt hitting the firewall. Very annoying. The second had to do with a loose seatbelt mechanism on the front passenger seat. The 3rd was a vibration in the upper intermediate shaft on the steering column. Despite a couple of annoyances, I love the truck. However, have heard some scary stories about brake problems.
  • My wife and I are this close to buying a 2001 Yukon SLE.
    This afternoon I couldn't get the salesman to budge off of $36,500. Its MSRP is $39,800.
    It is equipped with the 5.3 liter engine, third row seating, radio/cassette/cd, rear audio control, sun roof, high back reclining seats, running boards, and P265/70R all-season, white-outlined tires. It is loaded.
    I'm basically looking for $35,500 or perhaps less. The invoice on it is $34,400. And is offering it for $36,100.
    Anyone out there with a similar Yukon? What did you pay? Are we crazy?
    And for all those Yukon/Tahoe debaters, we just like the overall appearance of the Yukon (inside and out.) It just looks a little nicer.
    Not a huge difference, though.
  • Depending upon what part of the country you are in, the pricing should range from $200 BELOW invoice to a max. of about $1250 above invoice price. You can also get a better deal if you work for a supplier to GM or work for GM itself. I bought my 2000 Yukon under the form 1753 supplier program and got it for ~$350 below invoice. In general, most dealers seem OK with going from $100 to $500 over invoice for a unit in stock.

    You may want to visit the web site of Southern GM ( That dealer is located in a small Tenn. town, just south of Nashville. They sell the Yukon for $200 below invoice.

  • Dude, thanks for the quick response.
    figured the same. My ultimate price would be an even $35,000, which is $600 over invoice, but I'd settle for $35,500.
    I'm definitely going to shop around. I know we can get a better deal.
    By the way, we live in Central to Northern New Jersey.
    Any others with some advice?
  • kreykrey Posts: 41

    Are you talking about a 4WD SLE with the 1SD option package? If so, his offer is really good. The invoice with destination is about $36,400; that's with no advertising fee.

    No, it can't be...the MSRP would be closer to $41K. In any event, as CWM said, you can find these all day long for $500 over or less.
  • We have been looking at the tahoe/yukon for the last 3 weeks or so we went to numerous dealerships finally deciding on a Yukon just due to the fact they seem to be more luxury like on the interior. Next step finding the right price we wanted the gray color but that dealer wanted 35,000 for the SLT line which had the 2wd leather/rear audio/heated seats/running board/5.3 liter engine/tow package/3rd road seats/polished rims and onstar. I thought that was good but decided to send out numerous request to different dealers and got a call from one dealer that right off that bat offered us 33,925 with EVERYTHING except it is Pewter color but after agreeing upon 33,800 couldn't say No I think that's 300-400 under invoice so what a deal. Does everyone agree that we got a good deal or do you think we can still find lower? Or would that be greedy...;^)
  • kreykrey Posts: 41
    joerafferty: BTW, many of us who have recently purchased Yukons with the 1SD trim (aka, SLT) have opted to put in aftermarket sunroofs. If you have a factory sunroof, it deletes the auto climate heat/ac and the rear seat overhead controls. You spend a couple hundred more, but get it all. Just a thought...

    fastpitch: Go to the new car section and price your car out, using the dealer invoice prices. Be sure to add in destination and, unfortunately, the 1% advertising fee which GM is charging almost all the dealers. Also, check to see if there are any rebates or other factory incentives; for example, if there's a special "one month auto-show $1000 rebate", or something to that effect, a true "invoice" offer is a BAD deal. Once you've totaled it up, you'll know just how good these offers really are.
  • chevy4mechevy4me Posts: 203
    What miles per gallon do the 4wd average?
  • To joerafferty: I just took delivery (2 weeks ago) on a GMC Denali XL (GMS Supplier deal) from the Flemington, NJ dealership on Rt 202 just south of the Flemington Circle. Ask for Adam Meyer in the sales dept. He is VERY knowledgable about these vehicles and I am sure will put together a deal in the $500 over range. I had done alot of homework on my vehicle and expected to know more than the salesman, however he was right up to speed on the latest info. on these vehicles. They are a large dealership and have a pretty extensive inventory for many GM brands, European, Japanese and even Hummers.

    They were low key in their approach, fair during the sale and supportive afterwards. (In fact I just received my tin of cookies from the dealership as a nice thank you touch.) I know its hard to believe but they were very reasonable to deal with and good with follow-up between the order and delivery.

    Just go in well prepared with all the invoice pricing in hand, decide if you are seeking financing and if you want an extended warranty. They matched the best finance rate and the best extended warranty price I could find on the web. I just printed out the pricing and they matched it. Pretty painless.

    Mention to Adam that Pete with the new Denali XL (garnet red) recommended him.
  • Heatwave3 ... Yes, good call. I contacted them last week. I think my wife and I are going to go in there next weekend. I spoke to a Bob Smikle. A friend of mine bought his Tahoe there so I know they're good people.
    We were supposed to go there Saturday but we got tangled up doing other stuff.
    Oh, boy, I love the Yukon Denali. We don't need the XL but we saw a black Denali in the lot Saturday and it was awesome. My wife saw it and went GA-GA! A little bit out of our price range, though. It was listed at $50,000 with all the dealer options, which included some stunning rims.
    What did you pay on your Denali XL, if you don't mind me asking?

    Krey, no it wasn't the 1SD package. It had cloth interior. We don't need leather because we have a mastiff that we take to dog shows and a kid on the way. It would get ruined.
    Also, I can't understand that sunroof/no climate control crap. The one we looked at had a sunroof in it.

    We may opt for the SLT package, just to make it simple, without the sunroof and get it for $35,000.
  • lmc1lmc1 Posts: 8
    Can anyone help me? I had a 99 EB Expedition (that I was very happy with) but recently lost it due to an accident. I've been looking at several SUV's such as the, Tahoe/Yukon, Sequoia, Discovery II, and Expedition. The Discovery will not pull my brakeless tailor so I've ruled that one out (unwillingly). The Tahoe/Yukon debate I feel goes to the Yukon but inside both vehicles just seem outdated. The Sequoia dealers won't move more than a grand, so I've basically ruled that out. I know that Portsmouth Ford in NH has Expy's for 35,000 loaded but not sure if I want to get another one or change things up. Any suggestions, am I missing any vehicles, should I wait to look at the Trailblazer? Please Help?
    Thanks, Leif
  • joerafferty: I paid $42,300 (GMS Supplier - includes $730 dest. charge) plus $1100 for the aftermarket sunroof, $1500 for the 6 yr 75,000 mile extended warranty, 7.25% for the financing which was the best I could find on the internet three weeks ago (dealer matched it), $70 for title and registration and the 6.0% NJ sales tax. I had $1500 on my GM card which went against the deal and I was out the door with my new DXL.

    The factory invoice on a Denali is $40,206 ($40,936 with dest.). If you can work a deal in the $500 over range the price will be about $41,500 before tax and title. I think Adam will work with you. The only options on the Denali are a plug in engine heater and a sunroof. Save up and do the sunroof later (you'll get a lifetime warranty with the same roof installed at the factory) and you'll get to keep the rear climate control. You could even consider paying for the extended warranty at a later date if cash flow is an issue.

    By the time you get done loading up that Yukon with all the "goodies", your going to be within a couple thousand bucks of the Denali and you still won't have a great sound system, the rims you like, the 6.0L engine or AWD. I've had my DXL three weeks and am confident you wouldn't regret making the stretch. I say go for it!

    BTW we have a 100LB Samoyed that rides behind the third seat which has not caused any problems (so far) with the leather seats.
  • Heatwave ... THANKS! That $40,936 is for the Denali and not the Denali XL, right? That's what I found too. My wife thinks the XL is too big for her, though.
    It'll be tough to convince her that it is justified. She absolutely loves the Denali but can we afford it?
    We're talking on a five-year finance with $10,000 down that the payments will be $543 compared to $670. That's considerable. If there's a way we can do it, we'll figure it out.
    Good luck with with Samoyed. Our Mastiff is eight months old and already 110 pounds.

    Imc1 ... if you were so happy with the Expedition, get another one. From my research, though, most reviewers tended to like the Tahoe/Yukon over the Expedition. I like them over the Expedition as well. But if you enjoyed it, get another one.
    You're right the Tahoe/Yukon seem a little outdated inside. I prefer the Yukon. It is just a tad more stylish. You can pick up a fully loaded Yukon (285 HP and great towing capacity) for $35,000. I loved the ride!
    I hated dealing with the Toyota dealers, too. My wife and I both liked the Sequoia but no one was willing to budge much off sticker. The SR5s mostly go for around $37,500 and the Limiteds for around $42,000. Not worth it unless they're willing to come down a little. And I heard they're possibly having some type of vibration problem?
    Hey, with the Yukon you get more HP, towing and more bang for your buck.
    Have you considered the Dodge Durango? The SLT Plus package gets you a lot and you can get one for around $30,000-$31,000. They're not that bad. We took a look at one. They're just not as roomy inside. Great pick up and towing, though.
    Another one to consider is the Montero Limited. Very stylish and great off-road. Not a lot of HP, though.

    Listen, we looked at everything. I did a month of research. And we're about to plunk down the cash on the Yukon.

    If that helps!
  • kreykrey Posts: 41
    I looked in the paper today and there is another "car show" sale going on now, a $1000 factory incentive. I dunno if it's national or regional (I live in Oregon).

    With that rebate, an "invoice" purchase is NOT a good deal. You should be able to find one for about $500 under invoice with that kind of kickback. Be advised, and check these things out.

    And, joerafferty, the actual difference (street) between a "loaded" SLT and a "loaded" Denali is close $4,000, real world. The truth is I did not want the 6.0 or the autoride anyway. These beasts drink a lot of gas as is with the 5.3, and the thought of replacing the autoride shocks at close to $300 each...well, no thanks. If I did a lot of heavy towing, I might have felt differently.

    Good hunting.
  • I was intrigued by both your comments on aftermarket sunroofs. Have you had any problems with the aftermarket sunroofs? (leaks, etc) Are they the same size as the factory? If they don't interfere with the overhead consoles, etc - I wonder why GMC can't do that with the factory installed sunroofs?

    Heatwave3 - $1100- does that include installation?

    Kerey - how much was your aftermarket sunroof?

    Thank you both in advance for your responses.
  • lmc1lmc1 Posts: 8
    joerafferty..... thanks for the advice. I agree with you concerning the Durango, I felt as though I was in a shoebox. You spoke of fully loaded Yukons at 35,000, do they have sunroofs and rear air? I have yet to look at the Denali, thinking it would be to much, any thoughts?
  • Before you install an after market sunroof, verify with GMC, not your local dealer, that you will not violate your warranty. The models with factory sunroofs have a galvanized inside surface on the roof and pillars. A model without the sunroof will not have this, and if you have a leak/rust problem, it most likely will not be covered under factory warranty and some sunroof companies/installers will not cover rust, only leaks. Also, on a leased vehicle (for those of you leasing), I believe there is a clause in the lease that states you cannot make any alterations to the body/frame without written consent.... I own my Yukon, but I did lease several vehicles for business a while back, and I do remember something of that clause.
    Auto climate control is a very nice feature, but if you are also concerned about MPG, this should not be something you would want turned on all the time. It balances the heat and air-conditioning systems in order to maintain the proper temp in the cabin. With the compressor going on and off all the time, you can expect a 1-2 MPG drop easily.
  • Sorry for asking, but I can't find information on the best relay and where to buy it for having both the low and high beams on together.

    Is any one better than the other and the easier to install?

  • 1. To the question of whether the 3rd seat is leather, it is not. Most every vehicle out there has a 3rd row vinyl seat. Look in the brochure the dealer gives out and you will find it in small print.
    2. I have a sunroof and although I don't have auto rear controls, you do have overhead controls for the rear that don't have to be turned on at all to save MPG's.
    3. For those of you that do have sunroofs, when you open it, does your wind deflector have holes on it? My sunroof makes the most noise I have ever heard in my life. It whistles when the air runs through the holes and my hair gets blasted.
    I have had sunroofs for years and none of them made any noise. Anyone else?
  • I also had an Expedition for 2 years, I leased it and was sorry I did because I ended up loving it.
    I then went on to the Durango because I thought I would save a little and it had the third row seat.
    After 1 year, I am proud to say I am the new owner of the Yukon. I almost went back to the Expy but figured I had it already and would tire of it soon. (I wish I was someone that kept cars for years, but I can't), The Durango was too small to go to after an Expedition. Think long before you take the plunge. I absolutely love the Yukon so far! It ended up being less than the Expy, loaded, leather and sunroof. Even with Fords rebates. Good luck and take your time, I rush and usually miss something!
  • Tom, go to this site Stylin, I got mine from there for $20 and had it hooked up in a half hour. The low beams do dim alittle when you do all 4, but its sill much more lite over all.

    Click on lighting in the menu. You'll find it from there.

  • kreykrey Posts: 41
    Lots of Yukon owners have after market sunroofs so they can keep the rear seat overhead controls and the auto-climate. The factory installs ASC sunroofs, which are readily available in after market apps. It is the exact same sunroof. Most Dealers will have them installed as a "dealer option." It does not void the factory warranty.

    Why doesn't the factory do this? Good question, and it drives the dealers nuts. All the installer has to do is splice and lengthen the wiring harness going to the rear ac/heater control and move it to the side of the sunroof mechanism.

    The factory was supposed to have this option on this year's model, but for some reason, decided not to. My dealer opines that the factory either could not get, or decided not to get because of cost reasons, a longer wiring harness that would have allowed them to do this whenever the option was called out. It would have been that simple.

    My cost was $1050, installed. Does it make a little more wind noise, sure, but anytime you pop a hole in the roof that is what happens, at least in my experience. Mine does not have holes in the deflector, but it does make a pretty awesome harmonic resonance at about 25mph. The people in the back have told me it's not unlike the opening credits for Apocalypse Now. It's gone by 30.

    FWIW, every new car I've been in has this happen at some speed. I think it's because all cars are so airtight nowadays. If you just crack a window, it doesn't happen at all.
  • Imc1 ... I take it you want a fully loaded Yukon (i.e. leather, sunroof, etc.) I'm guessing 36,000+ for that model. You can probably get a fully loaded model without a sunroof for $35,000.
    If you don't want leather but want a sunroof, you can get a Yukon for $34,000+.
    A Denali is going to run you, at the least, $42,000. That's a whopping difference.
    Unless you need 320 HP and the extra towing, I say stick with the Yukon.
    At least that's what I have found through my research.
    Good luck!
  • Thanks for the information. Seems aftermarket is the way to go. Cost is almost the same as dealer and you get the overhead controls and auto-climate. Also, you can add it later after saving a little to pay cash and not have to finance that extra grand! I own a Trooper with sunroof and I am used to the extra noise both open and closed - Trooper's sunroof is HUGE and I think I would miss seeing the moon and sun (live in SoCal). Thanks again.
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