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Chevy Tahoe



  • bill572bill572 Posts: 10
    Yeah, and I realize more every day what a mistake it was to get the fully loaded model (LT). I really like the tahoe, but it has many features that looked good on paper, that I never use. I could have saved a ton of $$$ by getting an LS. I'll know better next time. -Bill
  • mm450excmm450exc Posts: 37
    My mirrors got stolen when I got my tahoe. The mirrors with the self dimming option are super expensive. Maby $300 a piece at the dealer. You can pop the mirror glass out of the housing and pop a new one in. The plain mirrors with just the heating option are about 30 bux a piece I think. Check gmpartsdirect for that.
  • fjd44fjd44 Posts: 11
    It's certainly easier to talk to the zone rep BEFORE paying the $800...

    In my case I made sure the car was clean -- showed no signs of abuse. The Service Manager commented to the General Manager the car was "neat as a pin". I got the impression they may have been looking to claim I ABUSED the car and was somehow responsible, but the neatness took that away from them.

    But the bottom line is I really didn't have to do or say ANYTHING. The whole discussion lasted less than five minutes, and they agreed to cover it even though warranty had long expired. I left the car at the dealer and they had a courtesy shuttle to take me home. When the driver heard what my problem had been he commented that that was a common problem.

    The paperwork showed the charge was about $650 but was written off to warranty...

    Even though I had not bought the vehicle there, I certainly would -- and do -- recommend that particular dealer to anyone who asks.
  • I just purchased a low milage '03 Z71 that does not cool when idling. I found the service bulletin concerning the external fan installation thanks to this site.

    My dealer is telling me that installing the fan will make NO DIFFERENCE. Now they have decided to raise my idle from 550 to 650 and supposedly this is going to fix the a/c not cooling when idling problem.

    Does ANYONE have any insight on this. I am suppose to pick it up in Houston tomorrow evening (2 hr.'s away) and I am dreading it.

    Any help would be appreciated.
  • dardson1dardson1 Posts: 696
    I agree with you. . . "if you don't need 4x4 or towing you might as well spring for the better economy vehicle" although I would add "if you don't need a flat-folding second row seat." I like minivans and have had 3 since 1988. They work pretty darn well except for one thing. A minivan's architecture eliminates a flat-fold 2nd row. My 01 Sienna's cargo bay was huge if I had the energy to remove the two rear bucket seats (third row seats were in the store room like the useless ones in my Tahoe). When Honda or any other minivan maker figures out how to flat-fold both the 3rd and 2nd row seats, I'll give it serious consideration. I wouldn't mind saving 10% a month on gas with the plus of a more car-like driving experience. I qualify that by saying all the minivans are getting too big. I think the old Sienna and Ody looked kinda trim and nimble. Both are starting to look like 3 ton armored cars, lol. Thanks for the reply. I still think a 2wd Tahoe costs little more to drive than one of these hefty new minvans.
  • jlflemmonsjlflemmons Posts: 2,242
    Your dealer may not be pulling your chain on this one. It varies from compressor design to design, but I do seem to remember that if a compressor is running too slow it can lose some efficiency and not cool very well. And if that is the case, adding an external fan would not help.
  • sebring95sebring95 Posts: 3,238
    The '05 and up Dodge vans will fold flat both 2nd and 3rd rows. The newer Odys will fold-flat the 3rd row, but you still have to take-out the 2nd row. The 3rd row is actually comfortable in the Ody. I really don't do much with cargo so flat-folding 2nd row wasn't a very big priority for me. I'm more interested in cargo-space with six passengers on-board.

    With the Ody, I have found if you fold the 3rd row flat and slide the 2nd row seats forward, there's about an equal amount of cargo space as a Tahoe with the 2nd row folded "flat". The interior of the Ody is substantially longer than a Tahoe. A couple inches less on the width.

    3-ton armored cars seem to sell quite well these days ;)
  • Thank You for the reply.

    I was told today that it did not help and now they are going to do MORE troubleshooting. I was told last week that it would take 8 hr's of labor to install the fan. I do not know why they keep avoiding installing the fan. If anyone knows of another fix I would appreciate the heads up.
  • dardson1dardson1 Posts: 696
    Hum. . .didn't know that about Chrysler minivans. Had a couple of Caravans in the 80's. I enjoyed driving them and both were trouble-free vehicles (I'm no authority on longevity as I rarely keep a car more than 2 years or 24k miles). That said, it's gonna be hard to unscrew me from a Tahoe. I'm convinced you can drive these big GM trucks conservatively and get darn close to minivan gas milage (seat-of-the-pants experience). At the same time, I can occasionally release the beast and drive it like I was 18, again. My Tahoe can be a sensible wife or a lascivious mistress depending on my mood. The truck is a throw-back to my muscle-car youth and provides it's satisfaction on a straight and flat American highway. Any ODY is always gonna be a sensible wife. I admit a sensible wife can be plenty of fun. . . lol. I've owned a few Hondas and their guts often contradict the conservative countenance. I read an ODY is surprisingly fun-to-drive . . . not a muscle-car but a quick, agile, and sure-footed sport car disguised as a minivan. I may have to try one. My 24 months will be up in December. Both vehicles are very good at what they do. love my Tahoe
  • sebring95sebring95 Posts: 3,238
    I don't usually keep vehicles long either. We had the Tahoe for about 30 months/40k miles. I really liked it, but we used it almost entirely for transporting kids/relatives to the airports or for long family trips. The Tahoe was a compromise in interior space/comfort so I tried the Ody and was quite impressed. I wouldn't say it's a sports car in disguise....but it does have a solid feel to the handling/braking/steering which I've never seen in a minivan. Or an SUV for that matter. I gave up towing/winter performance for the better space, and did get better mpg as a bonus. I'm basically averaging what the Tahoe could hit on long highway only trips, so there's some benefit in the mpg.

    My only real compaint with the Ody is the Michelin tires are noisey on certain road surfaces. It's funny because it's as quiet as a mouse on some, and then extremely annoying on others. I wasn't happy at all with the factory Firestones that came on the Tahoe, but easily found far better replacements. Nothing else is available for the Ody, some weird size with no decent choices. This is my first Honda. I've always bought German cars for fun and Toyotas for workhorses. The newer Hondas have a little more soul to them that's for sure. I've got a couple fun cars and a couple trucks, so I don't mind compromising a bit and getting the minivan.
  • jlflemmonsjlflemmons Posts: 2,242
    8 HOURS to change a fan? Are you sure this is a reputable dealer?
  • jay_24jay_24 Posts: 536
    Early in May and again in july there were posts on paint bubbles on the underside of the tailgate. The first one many of us blew it off because the word rust was used. Since the tailgate is aluminum, rust won't happen. Anyway, we have paint bubbles on our 03 Tahoe. You need to lift the tailgate and look about where the gaskget would contact. I didn't think it was a huge issue (since aluminum won't rust and its out of sight) but showed it to the bodyshop manager. For aboout 4 weeks he has been in contact with GM trying to get a resolution. As of today we are getting a whole new rear trailgate. Thanks To GM and our Dealer for standing behind the product!

    I'm not sure why a whole new tailgate at this point. Whe I originally brought it in he mentioned aluminum is harder to paint. Maybe its an issue with the aluminum itself? Maybe they just want mine so GM can study it more?

  • alston28alston28 Posts: 97
    I just saw that the Employed Discount Plan was extended through September and expanded to included 2006 vehicles. Should I get the 2006 Tahoe, as opposed to the 2005 Tahoe; or does it make any difference? Thanks.
  • bill572bill572 Posts: 10
    I priced one from the dealership where I bought my Tahoe; $655 plus labor to paint it to match my color. Unbelieveable, and the parts manager didn't even hesitate when he said it. Needless to say, I will explore other options. Thanks for your help, I will check gmpartsdirect for the heated glass. The auto dimming feature is meaningless to me. Thanks again. -Bill
  • dardson1dardson1 Posts: 696
    what I heard is that it will include a few 2006 models. I wouldn't be surprise to see Tahoe on the list since the redesigned '07 is supposed to come out in early 2006 (or so I hear). The more units they can turn out using the current tooling, the better for Chevy's bottom line. Looks to me like the 05 and 06 have the same MSRP's (at least at the moment). The 05 has a $500 bigger rebate. If you trade every few years, I'd pay a little more for the 06. If you drive a car 5 years or more off, save the $500 on an 05.. In 5-6-7 years, miles and condition will mean more than whether it's an 05 or 06. Good luck.
  • Well, it is now several months later and that 1995 Tahoe that I bought in April with 16,500 miles on has 25,000 miles on it. The only problems I 've had are....I needed to replace the exhaust because the original one rusted out from sitting around. I also need to replace the inside drivers door handle because I broke it.

    From a miles per gallon/ engine power there anything I can do (such as a chip) to increase mpg and horsepower???

    Also, what kind of plugs/wires are you guys running? Before the winter, I'd like to replace the wires, cap, rotor, plugs, etc....

    I am also running synthetic oil in the engine so that I can go 6,000 between oil changes. Anyone else using synthetics??

    Lastly, the original BF GOODRICH tires that came on the truck suck pretty bad......any recommendations for a high quality tire that is quiet but good in the snow ( I live in Boston)
  • sebring95sebring95 Posts: 3,238
    Lastly, the original BF GOODRICH tires that came on the truck suck pretty bad......any recommendations for a high quality tire that is quiet but good in the snow ( I live in Boston)

    Opinions on tires seem to be a lot like you-know-what....

    I've read a lot of reviews at the tire rack website, and I think if you look at the overall scores on a tire (one with a lot of reviews), it should weed-out the wackos.

    Snow traction reviews seem to be all over the place, as I think many folks think a tire should grip the same in snow as it does on dry. I don't know what BF Goodrich tires you have, but most have pretty good ratings. It could be the fact that the tires you're rolling on are not only well beyond their useful life....they're completely unsafe and you should get them replaced yesterday.

    My experience with truck tires is Michelins are amoung the best in every category. Some folks claim the snow/mud traction is poor, but I've not had any issues. Don't drive like a knucklehead in the snow, and it shouldn't be a problem.
  • kd8borkd8bor Posts: 1
    I've taken the Tahoe to Midas twice, and they replaced the belt once, and the tensioner twice. On the second visit, I brought to their attention this bulletin. They said that they just received that same bulletin about ½ hour ago from a supplier.

    In all, I've spent $450 in repairs trying to make the A/C work correctly. Midas said it would cost about $1200 to perform the repair to make the A/C work.

    I took it to my local Chevy garage, and I just got word that they are going to replace the compressor, tensioner, belts, etc... for free. There was a bulletin that GM put out that he said is similar to a recall.

    Currently, I have 52,400 miles on my Tahoe

    Just an FYI.
  • I had a similar sounding issue with my 1996 Tahoe. I'd get the fuel pressure checked. Mine was slightly below spec and caused a number of performance issues and intermittent SES events. Ultimately I replaced the fuel pump and it's running strong at over 198,000 miles.
  • bolkerbolker Posts: 30
    Well I've been looking to replace my 97 Tahoe LT, and I was hoping to find something that doesn't eat quite as much gas, but gives me good storage space and 4WD. I'm a drummer and have to take my drums with me to shows.

    I don't fit very well in mid size SUVs. I'm 6'2" and my head grazes the ceiling in every mid size I've tried. I don't tow much anymore, but living in Chicago I need the 4wd for snow, and I sometimes go offroad but not aggressively at all. And 5 seats is fine for me, but I'd like to be at least on the LT side of luxury if not more. I just don't know any vehicle like that, or if one exists.

    But nothing in the mid size really works for me size wise. Can anyone suggest something with the head and leg room a Tahoe has but not as gas guzzling?
  • sebring95sebring95 Posts: 3,238
    Sounds like you're torso tall like me. I have to recline the seats in almost all vehicles to keep my head out of the ceiling. Have you tried the newer 4Runners or Honda Pilots? I've been able to find a comfy position in them, and they do a little better on fuel. It's hard to find anything big with 4x4 that's good on fuel. I would think the newer Tahoes would be better on fuel than you're '97. You can get them with fairly tall gears these days and the 5.3L is darned efficient for a V8. You could try a 4.8L even, but I'm not sure they do better in real-world driving. I have one in my Silverado and it sucks the fuel a lot more than the 5.3L did in my Tahoe. Less power too. What kind of mileage are you getting with the '97? We averaged about 16mpg with our 5.3L 4x4 Tahoe. Hit 21mpg on the highway a times.
  • tourguidetourguide Posts: 190
    You and I are roughly the same body size, me being a bit taller. I know exactly what you mean about interior space. Any mid-size SUV with a sunroof and my head brushes the roof. The problem with the imports is, you have to buy a base model to loose the sunroof. I'd buy the high trim line, but they won't let you order it without the sunroof. Imports are not like the domestic car makers who will basically do an a-la-carte option list. If they (the imports) do allow this, then it seems to take forever, or they have no time line they can give you on delivery.

    Of the options suggested so far (4 Runner and Pilot) both are good vehicles but neither are going to meet your cargo needs. 4 Runner would be the worst, with Pilot coming in second.

    The American auto market seems to have historically demanded more performance, but now with gas prices closing in on $3 per gallon lots of people are re-thinking their vehicle needs. The domestic auto makers especially have been caught off guard (I think) by the spike in fuel prices and right now there isn't a full size suv that gets decent fuel economy. It just hasn't been a priority to develop one. Even now with the current trends being what they are, GM is developing their new DOD (displacement on demand) technology and instead of using it in a 5.3L engine (the current big motor in the Tahoe) GM is going to use the efficiency gain to drop a 6.0L motor in the Tahoe. Sound like a good idea? Not to me!

    GM and Chrysler (co-developer) could have used this technology to completely dominate the large suv market by providing class leading fuel efficiency in this market segment, and instead they are WASTING the opportunity to provide MODEST efficiency gains but an increase in power. Like we NEED more power?!! Chevrolet is already lying about the actual output numbers in the current Tahoes anyhow. The 5.3 is rated at close to 300hp, but what you actually see is much less due to "Torque Management". This retards the engine timing and severely restricts power output to the wheels. It has been in GM motors since 03 I believe.

    Large suvs all seem to get ~12-14 mpg around town and ~16-18 on the highway. The Tahoe seems to lead this class of vehicles in general, but I have seen reports on the lower end of these estimates too. The most common number I see quoted for the Tahoes is ~14 in town and ~19-20 on the highway. Not bad for a vehicle that size, but not good either. I had an 04 Expedition for about a year. When I started researching it, gas was $1.50 per gallon. When gas hit $2.30 here, I knew I had to do something. Especially since I was about 7-10 mpg around town (where most of my driving is done). I ended up with a Toyota Highlander - less space but it will get 18 mpg around town and it generally takes ~15 gallons to fill when the low fuel light comes on. Much different from the ~25 gallons of the Expedition.

    You might want to wait and see what GM has to offer in the Hybrid Tahoe. Although they have gone the modest route in efficiency gains (I've seen anywhere from 15-30% improvement quoted) it might be what you are looking for. Beware though, they are going to charge a REAL premium so the economics of that might not work well.
  • bolkerbolker Posts: 30
    Well I went in to see the new Tahoes and was very surprised. For all that I've heard about the interior being cheap looking and dated, I liked it a lot. I guess there's no accounting for taste. :) But I looked at a loaded LT with all the options including Autoride, Navigation radio, and the DVD player, and I was impressed. I have driven the Sequoia, Armada, Durango, and Expedition and I was most impressed with the Tahoe. But surprisingly I liked the interior best in the Tahoe over all of them. I guess I am one of the classic idiot Americans that everyone talks about, the refinement of the Toyota made it bland to me. :confuse: Don't get me wrong, I saw what they meant about fit and finish, the Toyota was put together like a bullet.

    Ok enough gushing. I'm trying to figure out if getting a demo model is a good idea. The one I was looking at had 9500 miles on it, and there was one sitting next to it that had 7500 miles on it. They are both loaded the same way, both the lighter grey, and with every option. The one with 9500 miles was going for $39,900 and the 7500 miles was going for $41,900. I'm told they can do a bit better on the numbers! That's nuts. The sticker on that truck is about $52,000. Could they mean it's $39,900 after all the incentives? That's not what he said to me on the phone just now, but it definitely is a possibility Is there a catch in here I'm missing?

    I've always felt getting a demo saved a lot of money because of the drop when you drive it off the lot. But I never figured on this much money. Is it that they are stuck with 05's with 06's coming, and nobody wants to buy them now? And should I go new or demo?
  • sebring95sebring95 Posts: 3,238
    Can you actually get to a $52,000 sticker on a Tahoe?? I just priced one out with every option I could find for $50,500 give or take. Are there "dealer installed accessories" adding to the factory sticker? According to, you can buy the $50,500 Tahoe for $39,590. That's a brand new one. If it's actually a $52,000 Tahoe, then they're giving you another $1500 for the demo models. Not that great of a deal in my book, unless you can't find any '05's at the employee pricing and just gotta have it. You don't want to overpay for one of these because the employee pricing really kills resale for someone that pays too much.

    GM is offering the employee pricing on '06 models as well, but I haven't seen the details. All they've released is that it will be on "select full-size trucks and SUV's".
  • obravadaobravada Posts: 37
    Looked at a 2005 Tahoe LT, MSRP was $52,085. The GM Employee price was $44,041 which did not include the additional $3,000 rebate if you didn't finance with them. I did not purchase this vehicle as the trade in price for my 2002 Bravada was insulting. I also found out later through another dealership that this particular Tahoe has been sitting on the lot for over 300 days...
  • bolkerbolker Posts: 30
    I had gone to Woodfield Chevrolet in the Chicago area and almost bought a '05 with 9500 miles for $42k and figured it was a good price because it had a sticker of $51.5k. They told me they didn't have any '06s. Then I happend to check their web site and happened to see the truck they showed me, but it was listed for $39.9k and when I called (a different salesman) they said they could come down on the price even from that. It showed me how easy it is to believe a salesman is telling the truth when they blatently lie. And oh yes, they had plenty of 06's in stock.

    So I called about 15 Chevrolet dealers in my area looking for a good deal. Turns out many are getting 06's in stock. Some are claiming the employee price goes for the 06s and some are claiming it isn't. However after checking I believe that it is on the 06's, the only difference is that the $3k rebate is being knocked down to $1k. You can get an '06 for about $3-$4k more than an '05 is what it boils down to.

    So I saw a brand new '05 LT, dark grey, with every option except navigation-radio, second row buckets, and engine heater (or 20" rims :(). Has the more robust rear diff, side airbags, entertainment options, and all the other stuff. Sticker was $49.5k. After all the rebates and employee price, it was around $38.5k. They killed me on my trade in, and it took 2 hours to talk it up from 2k to 3.5k, which was just barely acceptible. After my trade in and with all taxes, title, and other charges (all of which I questioned), it was $38.4k.

    Picking it up today, and I'm really pumped. It's really a nice vehicle.
  • Just wanted to point out that the final price of my Tahoe was $40.5k, not $38.5k. They merged my trade-in, taxes, and everything on one sheet which made it confusing.

    I also got the 6yr 90,000 mile GM extended warranty for $1800 with $100 deductible, well worth it. They cover pretty much everything other than wear-out items. They even threw in the 50,000 mile tire guarantee which covers replacement for side-flats and ruined wheels.

    After 1 day of driving, the Tahoe now has 24 miles on it. I just wanted to gush a little bit more. What a great vehicle! Granted, I'm coming from driving a '97 Tahoe LT which is lightyears behind this vehicle, but I also drove the other Sport Utes so I'm aware of what they bring to the table. All of them are really great, make no mistake.

    There are several notable things I want to mention. The ride is unbelievable over all conditions. It's like a luxury car ride, but handles bumps better, likely due to the large tires. It's so smooooth. It handles so much tighter than the 97 it's nuts. It feels like it has a shorter wheelbase, which it likely has, I haven't checked. But the ride is surpreme. The engine is REALLY strong. I had no idea. My Tahoe wasn't a slouch, but this is plain crazy. Starting out, you almost have to feather the peddle. If the Caddy is faster than this, then wow.

    The interior is fantastic. It doesn't have the refinement of the Toyota I suppose, but personally I like it better. It could be buyers-justification that I like it so much, but I really do. The satelite radio is amazing. Hundreds of channels for every type of radio you could possibly be interested in. I'm going to be adventuring around the channels for months to come. They have every ball game and local driving conditions for all major cities! I laughed out loud. The cell-phone call out feature of Onstar is also fantastic. They have placed a microphone in the ceiling just over the drivers head, and it performs speech recognition to take the phone numbers. The control for this phone option is on the steering wheel, as is many of the functions. I haven't checked how much it costs, but if it's reasonable, I'll be using it whenever I'm in the car. I also tested onstar, and that's also amazing what you can do with it. The people are really nice on the other end. It is seriously convienant.

    The computer which gives you stats of mileage, range, oil use, etc is great, but the tire pressure of each tire floored me yet again. There must be 4 seperate computers just in the interior of this auto. The dual climate control works fantastic and as advertised, and the power pedals and heated seats are just icing on the cake. I couldn't have been more pleased with my purchase. BTW, it was Bredemann Chevrolet, which is a "superstore" dealer. They were very good and professional, and really didn't try to screw me other than the low initial price of the trade-in, however I would expect that from any dealer. It's one of the ways they make their money on a deal. But otherwise, they were fast and very competant, and the service and parts department were way more than adaquate. Yea, I checked before I bought, that's important to me. :)
  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,059
    Congratulations! Consider reporting your deal in Chevy Tahoe: Prices Paid & Buying Experiences.

    tidester, host
  • jay_24jay_24 Posts: 536
    Congrats. Your still happy because you haven't had to fill the gas tank yet. :surprise: We love ours too. Ours is a much more basic LS model but its still a fantastic SUV. Works well carpooling kids to school and towing our camper.

  • I'm still considering a Tahoe. I've noticed that some have a rear "tail gate" that lifts up - also the window can lift up separately with the "tail gate" still closed. Others have 2 doors that swing open to the sides. I prefer the "tail gate" over the 2 "doors." What determines which feature a Tahoe has? Is it an option - or does GM just make some one way and others the other? Finally, what's the proper nomenclature to describe these 2 different doors? Any advice will be appreciated. Thanks.
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