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Chevy Tahoe



  • fjd44fjd44 Posts: 11
    See message 5534 for radio information...
  • ergoergo Posts: 56
    During the holidays Enterprise Car Rental parking lot is filled with compact cars traded for SUV's! It is absolutely something to see. People love family, but don't wanna be right next to them for the entire trip! ;)

    You would have to be pretty bad at math to rent a small car! Edmunds is fabricating a headline me thinks? :blush:
  • steverstever Posts: 52,571
    The PR folks get requests like this all the time. Check out Talk to the Press and maybe you can grab your 15 minutes of fame. :shades:

    Steve, Host
  • Both 6-1/2" front speakers in my Tahoe have gone bad, and looking to replace them. Does anyone have any spec info on factory speakers (i.e. Watts, ohm, etc.). I've been checking around for a replacement pair, but with the wide array of speaker wattage available, I'm wondering if all will work the same, or if I need to find a set of speakers with the exact same power output.
  • blink3blink3 Posts: 74
    I am needing to get a larger vehicle pretty quick. I do on road sales and haul my samples around with me and am currently working out of an Envoy. Works ok but a little cramped and seats do not feel the best on the back (leather seats) and I feel it is a little underpowered with the inline 6. Was thinking of getting a Tahoe with 20k miles or so on it to use. Fuel mileage is obviously a concern with me. I just did a 1000 mile run in the envoy, with fairly spirited driving, I got right at 20mpg over the trip. I have seen posts of some Tahoe owners getting into the 20's with the 5.3 and that is what has me thinking Tahoe. For my type of driving (mainly Hwy) which rear end should I look for and how do I check to see which rear end gear it has? Also, in the price range I am looking in, cloth seats will probably be all I can get. Are they any more/less comfortable than the leather? I have riddin in leather tahoe seats and they are pretty nice. I am looking to stay in the low $20k range price wise. If anyone has an alternative that perhaps I have not thought of, please let me know. I know that a mini-van would work great and it is not out of the picture, but I just have a hard time putting myself into a minivan.
    Thank you for your input!!!!!!!!!!!
  • jlflemmonsjlflemmons Posts: 2,242
    Saturday I tried to move the wifes '04 Yukon out of the garage and had plenty of crank, no start. Called the GMC dealer and was given the tow company number. Tow truck shows up and the guy says, "have you tried slapping the bottom of the fuel tank?" Slapped the tank as he said and the fuel pump started working again. He gave me his card and said to call if I didn't make it to the dealership.

    Got to the dealership, Maxwell GMC in Round Rock at 3:00pm Saturday afternoon. They had the fuel pump replaced and me out the door by 4:30pm.

    Now, I know there are a lot of bad service stories out there, and some dealers that are down right crooks. But I figured the way these guys took care of me on this breakdown the least I could do is give them a plug. I will also be writing a note to the general manager over there so the guys who took care of us might get atta' boys.
  • ahightowerahightower TXPosts: 539
    I just did about 1,000 miles round trip with the family and got around 19 mpg in my Yukon XL with the 5.3 and 3.42 rear end. For your type of driving, I would get a 2WD with the lowest gear ratio (or tallest - but the lower number, i.e., 3.42 or 3.73 instead of 4.10 which many prefer for towing or quick acceleration). Not sure about prices, you may be able to get leather for the high $20K's.
  • dardson1dardson1 Posts: 696
    My guess is 20mpg and spirited driving don't mix in a Tahoe. I can manage +/- 20 HWY (04 2wd with the 3.42 ratio rear-end) with the cruise on and keeping close to the speed limit. If I push it to 80-85 and get a little aggressively, it drops to high 16's or low 17's. . . not bad but not 20. Funny thing about these trucks, if you "grand-pa" them around you can get surprisingly respectable gas milage.
    In theory the lower ratio axle should yield better milage. The higher ratio axle improves the car's towing ability. If you don't tow, you don't need the higher ratio axle. I'm not sure how you can tell without the original sticker.
    I had a minivan (2001 Sienna). Don't believe the hype. It weighed about 10% less than my Tahoe and got about 10% better milage. Take a look at some of the minivan threads. Their mpg claims vary widely but there are plenty who complain about 14-15 around town and 20-21 on the road (I don't doubt it). Minivans have gotten so big, weighty, and powerful, I can't imagine they can do much better than a Tahoe/Yukon. good luck
  • blink3blink3 Posts: 74
    I found some RPO codes for the rear axles. In my Envoy the RPO list in on the glovebox door, I am guessing it is in the same place on the Tahoe/Yukon. Here are the codes:
    G80 Differential, locking, heavy-duty, rear
    GT4 Rear axle, 3.73 ratio
    GT4 Rear axle, 3.73 ratio
    GT5 Rear axle, 4.10 ratio
    GU6 Rear axle, 3.42 ratio

    Think I will be looking for the GU6 in my search.
    Thanks for the above posts and advise!!!
  • jlflemmonsjlflemmons Posts: 2,242
    Under normal highway speeds (65-70mph) you probably won't see a whole lot of difference between the 3.42 and the 3.73. Our '04 Yukon w/5.3L and 3.73 will get 20-21mpg at 70 under normal conditions. Running across Arizona last summer at 75-80 with the A/C on we averaged 18mpg. Not bad for a big vehicle.

    I don't have hard numbers to back this up, but from what I have been told, the 3.42 does slightly worse in traffic, stop and go. Wouldn't be surprising as that is a lot of weight to launch, and the lower gearing would take some of the effort off the engine.
  • jonnyb1jonnyb1 Posts: 32
    go to crutchfield and search for 6.5 inch speakers for the 02 Tahoe. I got the Polks and it takes about 10 min to put them in the front doors.
  • i have 49k ,injectors cleaned 10k ago and fuel filter replaced 9 months ago. battery voltage 12.9V, other than putting a diag on it, is there anything else i can check. how many fuel filters are on this truck? by the way when the rough idle occurs RPMs fluctuate 300-700.
  • frankf3frankf3 Posts: 96
    I have a 2000 Saturn SL-1 that had the exact same problem. I am in the process of moving right now so I don't have my Tahoe service manuals handy, but with the Saturn it turned out to be the EVAP system and a plugged charcoal canister. On a Saturn the canister is mounted to the top of the fuel tank and in order to change it the tank had to be dropped. When the canister got plugged, it would not allow the displaced air from the tank to exit the top of the tank when refuelling. The charcoal "scrubbed" the fuel vapors coming out of the tank and allowed them to be released as clean air to the atmosphere via a vent solenoid. The Tahoe may or may not use a similar system
  • blink3blink3 Posts: 74
    Now I dont know what to do...............3.42 or 3.73
  • jlflemmonsjlflemmons Posts: 2,242
    Find the one you like and go with either rear axle. If you don't tow more than 3500lbs it won't matter enough to worry about. If you plan to ever tow more than 3500lbs, I would go with the 3.73.

  • blink3blink3 Posts: 74
    No towing to speak of, just hauling around all my stuff in the back. Thanks Jim!
  • In the process of purchasing a 2007 Tahoe LT for my wife. Where do i start in regards to an offer? $500.00 over invoice?

  • txyank1txyank1 Posts: 1,010
    I went from an '03 Avalanche with 3.73's to an '05 with 3.42's. Performance-wise I don't see too much difference in acceleration, but it does tend to shift down more on inclines. Around town mpg is not much different. I took my first highway trip of any length (just over 100mi)over the weekend and the DIC read 22+ mpg when I got home. Based on previous fillups I probably did get over 21. And while it was mostly highway it was not sustained cruising with the cruise control on. I'm looking forward to seeing what I can get on my next trip to Ft. Worth and back, probably in June. As previously mentioned, I think the city MPG with sprited take-offs will be LOWER with the 3.42' but driven economically, and highway cruising, they will do better than the 3.73's. BTW, I do not tow and rarely haul anything more than a suitcase in the bed. I would not consider the 3.42's if I towed a trailer.
  • I am trying to find out the name of the plastic part that is above the tail lights on Tahoe's. The corner peice that has vents in it. If anybody knows please help. Also if anyone has one for a 97 tahoe passenger side for sale let me know. Thanx
  • wlbrown9wlbrown9 Posts: 867
    In some cases the 3.73 might be a better performer. If you drive in some hilly areas, the 3.42 will tend to downshift quicker to maintain highway speed. We have a 2004 Envoy XL with the 3.42. Driving 70-75 with cruse set, moderate hill can cause it to downshift twice to maintain speed. Doing 70+ in second gear does not help the MPGs out at all. I would expect the 3.73 to do better over similar terrain.
  • Anyone, I'm looking to add a cold air intake to my 03' z71 T-hoe; Will it save gas or vice versa?
  • 07ltz07ltz Posts: 2
    Has anyone with a new 07' Tahoe had any poroblems with the 2nd row bench seat? I am having a hard time getting the seatback up once I fold back down the seat. It seems to work better when I slam the seat back down in place but still does not work all the time. I have to put the seat up and down a few times before it allows me to fold the seatback up to its normal position. I don't seem to have any problems with the bucket seats however. Any solutions or known problems out there?? Thanks in advance!
  • obyoneobyone Posts: 8,054
    It not save any nor use any more gas than you're using now. It will not produce noticeable power. It will produce a whooshing sound if that's what you like. It will also allow more contaminants into the throttle body.
  • asoaveasoave Posts: 1

    Just in case your still having issues with your steering. ( Hopefully Not ) There should be a Chevrolet Bulletin on this issue. I had part of the steering mechanism replaced for the same problem back in 03 .. You could feel a light rattling right throught the steering wheel which was pronounced at higher speeds while turning . After repacking the steering shaft several times to no avail they finally replaced the part under warranty.

    Good Luck
  • I'm looking to add a little "uummph!" to my 03' T-ho. I want dual pipes. Any recommendations on what product I should buy? Flowmaster, Borla etc.... Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.
  • It all depends on how much you want to spend with Borla being the more expensive choice. I have dual flowmasters on my 97 Tahoe, and it sounds very deep and powerful, with a throttle body spacer added also. I am waxing all other Tahoe's in my area. I suggest The Flows.
  • obyoneobyone Posts: 8,054
    One aftermarket exhaust with GM approval....Corsa. If you think Borla is expensive well you might not want to look at this page.

    Most exhaust shops around here sell flows cheap ($2-300) installed. If I had a Dodge I'd prolly go that route.

    Unless you plan to redo your entire exhaust system you won't be getting true duals as for the Tahoe it would be a 2-1-2 so duals only in the sense of cosmetics.

    Good luck

    BTW, I found a three week old Corsa on ebay for $350 for my Denali. Guy had just installed and removed when deciding to sell his Denali. I can see why it is GM approved. Mellow at idle and awe inspiring under full throttle. Also, polished stainless steel end to end.
  • alston28alston28 Posts: 97
    I was surprised to find that my new 2005 Tahoe LS didn't have a locking gas cap. Is this true for all 2005 Tahoes? Has anyone purchased an aftermarket locking cap? Thanks.
  • jlflemmonsjlflemmons Posts: 2,242
    I didn't know any Yukon/Tahoe had locking caps?
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