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Chevy Tahoe



  • drew_drew_ Posts: 3,382
    Sounds great! Is it possible for you to snap a few pictures for us? They would make a great addition to the Reverse warning systems topic in the Aftermarket & Accessories message boards, and I think other participants would be interested in your setup.

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  • I am having a transmission problem my chevy dealer can't figure out.. when I start up from a stop the 1st shift of the transmission shifts hard and the next 3 shift as smooth as butter and I don't have any suddden jerking or any lung when I put it in R to back up or put it in D and go forward.. it just that first shift.. and I've had it a month and it just started on 2-16..any help would be greatly appreciated.. e-mail me if it's a long problem..
    Jerry Stutzman
  • cody17cody17 Posts: 11
    I had the work done at Rickwood Audio in Nashville, TN. Everything still works: in-dash CD, auxilliary cassette player, ONSTAR, and is controlled by the buttons on the radio. The 12 disc player is mounted under the second row seat behind the driver in front of the jack handle storage area. It's a Pioneer made for Delco. It's covered by the car's warranty once it's installed. It works great! Good luck with yours.
  • I read where someone was having trouble with a transmission a 1997 Tahoe. I had a 1997 Silverado which had the same problem as well as one of my friends. You'll need to get it rebuild or replaced. Don't go for the 400 dollar fix. It won't work. If it's happening, turn the truck of, count to ten start the truck and see if it still does it.
  • steverstever Posts: 52,683
    I think we have a message board right down your alley:-)

    4WD & AWD systems explained

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  • drew_drew_ Posts: 3,382
    Specifically, you may want to have a look at the following posts:
    drew_ "4WD & AWD systems explained" Feb 5, 2001 8:24pm

    drew_ "4WD & AWD systems explained" Feb 12, 2001 11:42am

    drew_ "4WD & AWD systems explained" Feb 12, 2001 12:22pm

    Vans, SUVs, and Aftermarket and Accessories message boards
  • Our 2001 Tahoe has cold air that comes in on the passenger's feet from the area under the glove box. This is particularly noticeable at temps below 15 degrees. A partial fix from the dealer involved resealing the heater case to cowl area. This helped some but a blanket is still necessary at cold temps. GM claims the air is necessary to cool the electronic control module or the On Star module. Is anyone else having this problem?
  • can you get me the number for Rickwood Audio, I called information and they have no listing. I am interested in buying a kit, if he sells one to install in my Yukon XL. If no kit is available I would like to talk to him about what I need to get and how it all hooks up. How do you control the tape deck? The radio only has cd/aux buttons for the controls, how do you turn on the changer/tape? The cd button turns on my cd in the head unit, and aux runs the tape. Please let me know how it all works.
  • I got a really good detailed response from Drew. I even got a response from him regarding my thank you for the explaination message I sent. He was really good about it. Made a lot of good points, still disagree on couple of issues, but all in all very good reasoning.
  • obyoneobyone Posts: 8,054
    Great for you....unfortunately for me, the host that had emailed me....either quit or was asked to....more I think about it. Well you know....
  • andyl2andyl2 Posts: 84
    Why is the placeholder of the last message read no longer working? Every time I enter this forum, I get thrown back to a Dec 17 message.
  • Been travellig...sorry. As for the brakes, just read stuff on chat rooms, etc about momentary brake failure. Mine has done it a couple of times for a split second...just long enough to feel it. B/c it hasnt really happened much, I have not taken it in b/c the dealer will just tell me they "cannot duplicate the problem." I'll keep you all posted though.....
  • I've been fooling with my Tahoe (new grill, tires/rims, exhaust) but want to do a couple of more things. Does anyone know where I can get clear corner lights for the front? I have a 2-tone white/gray and the orange turn signal drives me nuts. Also, I wanted to add a little pep to the 'ol engine without tinkerinug too much with it...any advice??
  • drew_drew_ Posts: 3,382
    Are you using your browser's bookmarks to bookmark this topic? If so, that would explain why you keep ending up in a previous message. The only page that you should bookmark is Town Hall's main entrance page. What I recommend you do is "Subscribe" to this topic, or "mark" it. That way, you can use your message centre to check whether there have been any new messages in here, or to get back into this discussion topic.

    If you have any further software questions, feel free to ask in the New software...your questions answered topic. In fact, chances are that just about all of the questions you have may already been asked in there.

    Hope this helps!

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  • obyoneobyone Posts: 8,054
    Before purchasing clear corner lights, I would suggest checking your local laws concerning the clears. Better to be safe than sorry....

    Adding pep to the engine....

    Fastest way for $4k is to supercharge. Other than that, increase the intake and out of air with a K&N FIPK II and a good catback exhaust should give you the most bang for the buck.
  • What year is your Yukon? Try this place they have a bunch of different ones for varying years.

    One other thing I may suggest is to use colored glass bulbs instead of the "painted" buls. In my experience they peel, and turn black. Hope this helps.

  • cody17cody17 Posts: 11
    The cd/aux button switches between the cd in the dash and the cd changer. The same button will switch between the cassette player and the cd changer. You can have something sitting in all three places and use the cd/aux button to select what you want to play. By freshly inserting an item into the dash units, they are given priority over the changer. I don't know if that's clear or not.

    Rickwood's number is 615-889-3270 or (800-423-4142). I have a 2001 Yukon SLT. I imagine we have the same radio, but I'm not certain. The one I have has a cd in the radio and an auxilliary cassette player down in the console area. When you talk to Rickwood, I'm certain they'll be able to tell you what will work. It only took them about an hour to do the installation on mine. I hope this helps you.
  • I had a '98 Chevy truck, replaced the battery and the next day I hauled a big heavy load, half lift of drywall. After that I noticed that the trans did the same thing. When I disconnected the battery the trucks memory was erased, this includes
    driving conditions. The trans remembered the load and anticipated it with the shifts 1-2 was particularly hard. Try disconnecting the battery for five minutes and take it easy for 500 miles. If this doesn't make a difference then you may need to take it to a reputable, but hard to find, tranny shop. One other thing you may need to check is the computer connection behind the glove box, make sure it is tight, if an alarm is installed that is where most installers ut the box for it an make a lot of connections in this area. If it all fails is sounds like a shift solenoid malfunction, and usually costs between $100-$350 depending on the
  • How do you switch discs in the changer? My radio has things on the buttons like #1 has PREV, #2 has RDM, #3 has NEXT, #4 has REV, and #6 has FWD. On the tape deck there is just PRG and EJECT. Was just wondering. Do you know if Rickwood is open on Saturday?
  • I'm going to order a new Yukon XL. I have a 4500 lb boat to haul and may want to pull a 8000lb trailer next year. I,m thinking of moving up to the 2500 Yokon XL and ording the 8.1L Vortec engine. I can't find any information on the large engine, gas mileage under normal conditions, Can anyone help me. jjorgensen
  • Check the GMC YukonXL/ChevySuburban page. There is a guy with an 8.1 L engine his screen name is vinnie6, ask him for real world mileage. With the 8.1L engine you have to get autoride. The new model will have the same ride as the old model 1/2 ton. I am not sure but have heard to expect 11.5 GPM. A friend at the local dealership said that the new 5 speed auto will be available next year, but would not confirm it. This should get about 15 MPG, if it becomes reality. Talk to your local dealer about it. The 8.1L has 340 HP @ 4200 RPM, and 455 ft/lbs @ 3200 RPM. If you are going to tow that 8K pound trailer better get the 4.10 gears in the rear end.
  • cody17cody17 Posts: 11
    My radio has the same controls as yours. The number 5 changes from one disc to the next.
    Sorry, I don't remember Rickwood's hours.
  • FYI; Had the drivers rear window motor/regulator replaced moons ago. Window failed again on trip to Sedona AZ. Drove over buckboard road and it starts working again. Argument for flat rotor/stator. Hope it fails again under warranty. Will drive smoothly to dealers if and when!
  • Agree with most of what I've heard about the motor. However, you don't need the 4.10 rearend unless you plan on pulling EXTREMELY heavy loads.
    The 8.1 with the 3.73 rearend is rated to pull a load of 10,900 lbs. More than adequate to pull a 8000lb boat. The 4.10 is rated at 12,000lbs. The lower gear ratio(numerically) should help a little with gas mileage. By the way, the 6.0 motor is only rated to pull 8300lbs with the 3.73 and 10,300lbs with the 4.10.
    I've had many 454/3.73 3/4ton Suburbans in the past, and all have been able to pull any RV I've hooked up behind. I presently pull a 35' camper.
    Anxiously waiting for my 2001 Suburban with the 8.1 and 3.73 ratio. Dealer said it shipped last week.
  • Forgot part of the last sentence from post 625. Should have read like this, sorry. If you are going to tow an 8K pound trailer better get the 4.10 gears if you choose the 6.0L. The numbers from buster27 are accurate only for 2WD. the 3/4 ton 4WD with 6.0L/4.10 combo is rated at 10,000 lbs. I am getting my numbers right out of the brochure.
  • Hi

    I have found a 1997 Tahoe LT that I would like to purchase. While the truck drives as straight as an arrow, the wind noise happens to be very loud. Is this normal for this car or is it possible that this is a symptom of a larger problem? any input would help me thanks.
  • Hi....

    Looking for advice......I have the barn doors on my 2000 Yukon. I really like the concept as opposed to the tailgate, however, the rear windows really get messed up from road spray during wet the point I can't see anything! GMC, as of yet, has not come up with a washer system on the barn doors. Does anyone have any answers to this one? Is there some kind of after-market air deflector that might work? Thanks!
  • I plan on ordering a Yukon (NOT XL) and will never ever tow anything. Is there any reason to buy the Autoride option? Thanks in advance for any help!
  • Try an air deflector. I had one on my Astro, did wonders for the visability out the back especially in the rain. I know they are very different,but it is always a problem with flat rear ended vehicles. This is why I got the liftgate with the wiper. Try here to see what I am talking about.

    Hope it helps.

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