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Chevy Tahoe



  • chuckee98chuckee98 Posts: 39
    Try for pricing. I priced a set a couple of months ago for my XL, and they were reasonably priced - a little over $ 400 for the set. I did not order them, still waiting for something aftermarket that wouldn't require hacking up the mouldings, or removing them, or hacking up the flares to fit. So far I have not found any yet, but that doesn't mean they're not out there. The S/H charges for gmpartsdirect are a little ludicrous, but taking all into account (the discount, & the S/H), you usually come out ahead vs. buying fron the local dealer's parts department.
  • Thanks chuckee98 for the info on This is an excellent site, and I appreciate your response. I have a request in to their customer service to verify part numbers and application to the regular Yukon. Hopefully they can help. It appears they discount 30% on most parts, and 40% on these flares. Some carburetor parts I checked on for my 24 year old Buick were discounted 50%. Minimum shipping and handling charges are $8.88 or 16% of the part prices. They also list the GM molded splash guards for $24.75 if anyone is interested. This site is operated by a Chevrolet dealer, and they specify prices are only valid on the internet.
  • I have a 2000 Yukon SLT, autoride, 4x4, and have had no problems with the steering. I have almost 17000 miles on the beast now, and the steering is precise and controlled with no slop in the wheel. I have heard of a lot of people who have had problems with the Firestone Wilderness LE's on these vehicles though. I replaced mine with Michelins at 5000 miles.
  • bowhuntwibowhuntwi Posts: 262
    Used to be back in the old days you could tell when a vehicle didn't have radial tires, they followed every crack in the highway. I did say your tires are probably the problem.
  • airball50airball50 Posts: 13
    I would try to be patient on buying fender flares. First, I heard that the aftermarket flares offered by companies like bushwhacker are actually better with respect to materials used and the paint process. I dont have them on mine, so I am not speaking from experience, just what I have heard. Try this site for links to a bunch of aftermarket sites (its some guy's personal Tahoe web site.....)
  • dave5319dave5319 Posts: 51
    I got the Bushwacker street flares for mine and they fit great, No drilling holes, fits to OEM holes with tufloc screws. I did not paint mine but they can be with no problem. Very easy install. the set cost about $250.
  • hoss4677hoss4677 Posts: 1
    I'm looking at puchasing a 2001 Yukon within the next couple of weeks. My dealer is offering me 1.5% over invoice. Has anyone seen anything better out there. I think this a great deal??

    Also, Can anyone give me feedback on the Autoride suspension. Is it worth the $800? My dealer is telling me not to get it. Which seems strange to me? Thoughts?

  • jamesk4jamesk4 Posts: 55
    Southern GM in Shelbyville, Tenn, ask for Randy. $200.00 under invoice on in stock and special orders, all day long. No funny stuff, just good deals. If you presently own a Suburban or Yukon, you will qualify for a $1000.00 loyalty discount.

    They will also ship it to you for .70 cents a mile.
  • ann29ann29 Posts: 1
    We have a LT that came without running boards. We have the proper holes for installing. Looking for off market ones that have the look of GM ones. No problems that others are experiencing. We have had it since 4/00. Have 24000 miles on. Made in Wisconsin. Great car so far.
  • I don't think there is any problem leasing a Yukon, in response to an earlier post. GMC doesn't offer an attractive lease but other banks do. Way better payments than the Expedition Eddie Bauer. Higher residual as well. But if you are keeping it, then definately sink the $10K into it and hope its worth a lot in 3 years! The way this market is going I don't know if I'll ever buy a car again unless I'm keeping it over 5 years!
  • dustyonedustyone Posts: 262
    Cord makes a running board that is wider than the stock board (the same as installed on the Ford Expedition). When my wife purchased a '99 Tahoe, it came with the lighted Cord board (dealer installed for $400 on the invoice). She loves it and complains about having to turn her foot sideways on the new body style boards. Cord have one that is lighted at both ends (comes on with the interior lights or when one clicks the door unlock function) or unlighted version. The price is approximately the same as stock. I intend to junk the stock boards on my new 2500 Suburban (TPW this week) and purchase the Cord boards. See at Note the URL is below and is subject to being erased by the monitor of this message board

  • Dave5319 -- ours is the short Yukon, is yours the XL? I called Bushwacker yesterday and they said they do not make a flare for the regular Yukon because the body side moldings are too wide, but like I said in my previous post, the local after market parts guy says they do fit. If you have the regular Yukon, could you tell us the part number of the Street Flares you have?

    Also, there is a post (#422) on the 2001 Yukon XL/Suburban - II site which gives 4 part numbers for those flares on the 3/4 ton model, but gmpartsdirect indicates these flares have been replaced by 4 other part numbers. To complicate this further, gmpartsdirect also responded to my request for part numbers that the flares are available in front and rear kits with entirely different part numbers, and sure enough there is a disclaimer that they are not responsible for correct part numbers, and special order parts are not returnable. Such a deal!! Hasn't anybody else tried to buy these factory flares for their regular Yukon? I would be happy with the Street Flares if they fit. They're smooth, and "she" wants them white like the truck anyway. Thanks to all for your responses.
  • Thanks to all for comments. Have thought might be a tire problem, but have second set on now. Agree you have to stay on it all the time and like precise steering like my BMW, but don't believe it should follow every slope and crack in the road. Even Jeeps with terrible handling don't do this. May try another set of tires. Also have told dealer that caster angle may be off. Not sure they know what they are doing. May try to find a good alignment shop. Maybe just the way these things are going to drive, but think it is a mistake. Thanks again. Steve6666
  • ryanbabryanbab Posts: 7,240
    Havent been around here in awhile

    I have a few new accessories on my silverado (grill guard, 285 BFG's) i know sometime ago someone was talking about a grill guard just thought id leave this message. The grill guard is a go rhino series 3000 "step guard" tow hooks were untouched.

    In case anyone wants to see some pics

  • chuckee98chuckee98 Posts: 39
    uncommonman - I don't remember seeing that post with the part numbers on it (#422), but I do remember seeing a post somewhere listing the flare part numbers for the P/U's and Burbs.

    The following is an exerpt from the e-mail that I got from gmpartsdirect back in Sept.2000:

    We received your part request at and have the following
    information for you.
    The flares you are asking for are
    15054631 left front
    15054632 right front
    15750081 left rear
    15750082 right rear
    They also show 10134407 and 15149708 as the retainers to hold the flares on,
    but our catalogs do not list how many of these you will need.
    You can go to the shortcut at the bottom of our home page titled ORDER BY
    PART NUMBER, on that page you can enter your part number and receive
    complete pricing. Adding the part to the shopping cart will include shipping
    and handling charges.

    Are these the same part numbers that they gave you? Remember, these are for a 2001 XL, and they are the small lip mouldings that come standard on the 2500 XL. The fronts should fit a Yukon, but I'm not sure about the backs, due to the clearance for the doors to open, or the curvature of the wheel arch. So far the info that I have for the aftermarket list one part number for both the Burbs and XL's, and require either removal or cutting of the mouldings, or cutting of the flares to fit the XL. I am assuming that it is the same for the Tahoes vs. Yukons, since the mouldings on the Tahoes do not run all the way to the end of the door like the Yukons do.

    This probably doesn't answer your question, but the more info you have, the better off you are in your search.
  • ryanbabryanbab Posts: 7,240
    are the flares the same for the yukons as the sierras/silverados?

    If so there is a guy in the pickuptruck section selling a set off his 3/4 2500HD

    Doubt they will work but it is a possibility maybe the front would fit
  • skilatteskilatte Posts: 2
    Has anyone owned one of the 1992-1995 models of the full-size K-Blazer or GMC Jimmy, or a 95-96 2-door Tahoe? How would you rank their performance for towing and reliability? Does anyone have experience with the diesel engine (seem to be rare)?

    Feel free to direct me to another discussion where this has been discussed.

  • Has anyone experienced excessive pinging noises coming from the exhaust system as it cools. Is this normal or does this indicate something is wrong? My Yukon has about 10K on it and it is doing it much more so lately than it ever did previously.
  • chuckee98, the post I referred to is now at #421 in the 2001 Yukon/Suburban II forum. gmcdon gave part numbers for the 2001 yukon XL 2500 flares. When I entered those at gmpartsdirect, it gave me 4 new part numbers, 2 of which match your part numbers (the numbers for the rear flares). The gmpartsdirect conversion for the numbers gmcdon gave are: LF-15747829, RF-15747830. List prices are $115 each for fronts and $125 each for rears (their net is $69 and $75 respectively).

    Your front numbers are list $181.23 each and net $108.74 each. I hope you and everyone else can understand what I am trying to convey here.

    That's part of the story. The rest is gmpartsdirect said the numbers I want are:
    12497244 front flare kit at $181.35 list, $126.95 net
    12497258 rear flare kit at $171.43 list, $120.00 net

    We want the small lip moldings if they will clear the rear door edge and the bodyside molding behind the rear doors. On our truck there is 1and 5/8 inches from the steel wheel lip to the molding on the left (driver) side, and 1 and 7/8 inches on the right side. If somehow we all can get the CORRECT numbers out there, a lot of people will be happy. Thanks to all for your help.
  • yes this normal. If you go under and look at the system you will see that the system is full of heat shields, on the cats, muffler, and on the under side of the bottom of the truck above the full system all the way to the back. This is what causes that "pinging" noise. This is to keep the heat away from the inside of the truck.
  • zeddzeddzeddzedd Posts: 9
    Some folks bad rapped the Firestone Wilderness LE and it's steering performance, but I am here to tell they perform sweet on my new Tahoe.
    I would not blame those tires for bad steering.

    Hoss4677 Auto Ride is a waste of 800 bucks. With the auto market the way it is today you should get at least "Invoice" price. They want to move units today. The trip to Shelbyville TN may be worth the trip for 2 bills below inv.
  • mjansen1mjansen1 Posts: 46
    In the Settle area, I have dealer that says he will sell me a 2001 Tahoe AS for $500 under invoice. Plus there are two rebates I can get-- recent gad for $750 and man. $1000 rebate. That adds up to $2250 under invoice. I wonder if this is too good to be true??? Anyone else get something similar? Guess I will find out tomorrow when we head to the dealer again.
  • jgmilbergjgmilberg Posts: 872
    Autoride IS definitely worth the money, I have a 3/4 ton Yukon XL, and it rides SMOOTH! Ask anyone who has a Denali, or Denali XL they will tell you. Ask heatwave3, he will tell you. Test drive one of each flavor and you will see what I mean. If one is not available try a Denali. It comes standard with autoride. The regular Yukon XL/Suburban or the Yukon/Tahoe is an option, but well worth the $750 list price, but you can negotiate that. It really works great and if you tow anything or load up the back with some real weight it has a load leveling feature to keep the rear end from squatting. Smooths the ride out like you wouldn't believe on regular roads, in MI it really comes in handy for the "roads" in the area.
  • ovidovid Posts: 1
    How do I get a 2001 Chevy Tahoe for $28000 (MSRP) and then just add air conditioning. It seems as though to add air you have to add one of the $6000 equipment packages which includes a ton of stuff I don't care to have. All I want it air!!!
  • fiber700fiber700 Posts: 18
    Northpoint Chevy in Alpharetta, Ga has a base model Tahoe with A/C and only a couple of options on their lot (as of last Saturday). I think the sticker price is ~$29,000.
  • mjansen1mjansen1 Posts: 46
    Went to the dealer today and the deal was too good to be true. He wanted to keep the $1000 rebate for himself since he had to locate and trade for the vehicle we wanted. However he did say that he would sell us anything on the lot for $500 (including LT) under invoice. Plus we could keep all $1750 in rebates as well. Resulting price is $33,550 for a demo with 4K on it that looked good. Is the 4K a big deal or is that still considered new? All other LT's had Autoride, sunroof, tow-package-- options we do not want.
  • tucsonjwttucsonjwt Posts: 283
    base Tahoe, add the climate package (front A/C, deep tinted glass, rear defogger, cruise) for $1542 extra. That's $27, 213 list, $23,879 invoice. I'll bet you can order this at or below invoice, then add any discounts you can get. I am considering this option myself, just adding wheel flares, traction pkg., and later buying body side moldings.
  • yukon16yukon16 Posts: 1
    Does anyone know if a reasonable person would even know the difference between the standard premium ride suspension and a Yukon that had the Z71 suspension?
  • ann29 I have some 2001 Yukon running boards that I took off new in Jan 2001. I installed some pipe type steps from Westin. I'll check with dealer to see if they fit your Tahoe, if so you can have them for $200. Don't think I will ever use them. Just keeping in case anyone I sell to might want them. Happy to ship them to you. Let me know. Steve6666
  • steverstever Posts: 52,572
    Please, no soliciting on Town Hall. Suggest you try eBay:-)

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