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Chevy Tahoe



  • punjabpunjab Posts: 102
    I wanted to add the climate control to my Silverado, but have found out that it is not "simple". In my '01 Tahoe LT, there is a little "air intake" above the driver's seat. This has a little fan that draws the cabin air over a thermometer that tells the head unit what the climate is. I also do not know if all of the necessary harness etc...are already installed. Maybe someone with a shop manual can answer that. If you find a way to do it, be sure to let me know, as I want to try it in my truck.

    As far as the audio, check out this Delphi site: for some more information about the Tahoe stereo. Look at my attachment in post 110 to see why hooking an aftermarket amp to the existing sub would not be recomended. If you read the remainder of the posts, you will see that many people have had luck with improving the bass response by adding the "Bypass". If you are a true audiophile, then I would suggest replacing the sub with a Fosgate 8" (4 ohm) as others have done...of course the rest of the system is still limited by the factory speakers....

  • I've had my 2001 Z71 for about a month now and i'm considering raising the front end so that the vechile is level. However i'm wondering if this will effect the drive of the vechile or any of its componenets realted to the drive. I'm also waiting to find out if i do level the vechile if i would be voiding my warranty in any way. The dealership said they are not sure and would get back to me. Has any one done this, and if so has there been in negative effects related to it?
  • Today I pick up my new Tahoe. I want to purchase a Valentine 1 Radar detector for it. Does anyone know of a nice mounting hack for the Valentine.
  • I use a small camera case mounted above the rear view mirror.
  • GM just announced 0.0%/36 months on every GM product. On trucks there is 0.9%/48 months and 2.9%/60 months on all 2001 models and 2.9%/48 months and 4.9%/60 months on all 2002 trucks. Effective dates 9/20 - 10/31. "Keep America Rolling" is the campaign.....
  • I know this is a dumb question, but do you get the special rates when you sign or when you take delivery? There is only one 2002 Tahoe at my favorite dealer and there is no way I can order and take delivery by the end of October.
  • ryanbabryanbab Posts: 7,240
    Jack up your torsion bars. (jack the front end up then turn the bolts lower drive and let front settle)

    I did this on my silverado 5 turns and gained about an inch in front. Only word of caution get an alignment after you do this. The front will be off a bit and the alignment will help. Some say it will be a harsher ride but i found the ride to be much improved.

    Also dont tell your dealership what you did. They wont notice.

    Email me at if you want more info

  • ryanbabryanbab Posts: 7,240
    heres what it looks like after i cranked the torsion bars up (less nose dive look)

    The rear end sits about 1.5" taller but its much improved

  • You may take advantage of incentives only when actual retail delivery is made. There may be time to order out before the end of the current incentive period (October 31st)....see your dealer.

    Given the current state of affairs I would make an even bet that the 0.0% might end up being extended.....good luck!
  • Hi All,

    I'm a soon-to-be SUV owner. I've got a short list of choices for 2002: Yukon and Sequoia. I was wondering if anyone knows of an OEM accessory dealer either in the MD-DC-VA area or on-line with a good selection of accessories for my SUV choices.

  • With the new 0% financing, I'd love to trade my '97 in for a new one. Are there any dealers in the Bay Area or Calif in general that sell at dealer's invoice? Thanks.
  • I recently traded in my 99 blazer for a 01 Tahoe LT. I had memory seats on my blazer that would activate whenever I used my key fob. I tried to program my key fob on my tahoe to the settings of my driver seat but it is not working. Have anyone had this problem with their fob? Thanks
  • I haven't had a chance to read all of the posts here but I was wondering if anyone had heard if GM was going to put their new diesel into any of the sport utilities. I thought I heard something a few months ago but haven't heard anything since. It would be a nice setup in a burb or tahoe.
  • See Post 1626 under Yukon XL/Suburbans.
  • Okay, don't make fun of me - life is short and so am I (4'10"). I currently have a van, but I am looking at SUV's for family and show dogs. I drove a Toyota Sequoia, no problem...

    but the last time I drove a Suburban, I practically had to squish down to reach the pedals. I was practically looking out under the steering wheel!

    My question, has anything changed the past couple of years to help us vertically challenged girls get into a GM SUV?

    The new financing has made me feel very patriotic about the possibility of a Tahoe, Yukon or Suburban. Thanks!
  • I have a '99 Tahoe LT (2WD) with stock Uniroyal 235/75R15 tires. After about 3k miles it started pulling to the right with no known trauma that would have explained it. I know the serv. mgr. @ the dealer who agreed to check the alignment, which turned out to OK. He accounted the pull to a "bad tire". I know that the Uniroyals are not great, but the pull I am experiencing is fairly strong.

    My lease is up in Jan. 2002, and I am considering buying the thing if I can get a solution to the problem. Obviously, I am hesitant to buy new tires if that is not the root of the problem.

    Any suggestions would be appreciated.
  • fortopfortop Posts: 239
    the pedals, but you will be too close (IMHO) to the airbag in the steering wheel. You might have to go with a vehicle with adjustable pedals (Ford?) to have a safe position behind the wheel. Check out Car Talk via - I think Tom and Ray covered this one already. Good Luck.
  • My wife is 5'2" tall and doesn't have any problem with the pedals in my Yukon XL. She doesn't like driving it because "it's too big for me."

    Unfortunately if you are looking into getting a SUV, I think Ford has adjustable pedals in the Exretion, aka Expedition. I hate suggesting an inferior vehicle but in your case the adjustable pedals may do the trick. For the love of God try the Tahoe/Yukon before going to the dark side, OK? You can check out the pedal thing here:

  • If you want to find out if it's the tires, change them front to back and see if it still pulls. If it does, it is probably an alignment problem, if it goes away, it's most likely a tire issue.

    You could also change the front tires left to right and if the pull changes sides, then it's the tires.

  • Great stuff - I had heard about the pedal extensions on some Ford products, but have a friend who bought an Expedition and was unhappy from day 1 (it died several times in dangerous situations)... anyone can get a lemon, but I'll definitely check it out carefully before buying. Ford has similar financing, so it's a toss up there.

    I definitely like the looks of the Yukon/Tahoe better than the Expedition...

    Any recommendations on dealers in Northern California or Bay Area?

    Thanks first time posting!
  • ryanbabryanbab Posts: 7,240
    i have a 2000 silverado

    cloth bucket manual (didnt like the power) seats

    My mom occasionally drives my truck to the grocery store on weekend mornings when i am asleep. She figures since she has to move it out of the driveway why not just drive it.

    She is 5ft to 5'2 (i think she is shrinking or i am growing)

    Well she moves the seat all the way up and has plenty of foot space, can see over the steering wheel, and can reach the pedals

    My advice go test drive one
    only way you can get "real" answers

  • The seat memory function is NOT part of the key fob. There are two positions on the drivers door. Put the seat in the desired position, then select one or two SET. That's it.
  • You can probably take delivery before the vehicle arrives to take advantage of the financing offer. The dealer must have the VIN to do that.
  • tex4tex4 Posts: 3
    Bought a 2001 Tahoe last December. Up front I knew the sound system was pretty mediocre, especially for a $35,000 vehicle. So I'm existing like probably a lot of folks - love my Tahoe but really sorry I don't have a first class audio system. Especially pissed off in that the new Trailblazer has a Bose system available. Is it possible to upgrade via GM or aftermarket. Would prefer GM in that would rather not screw with the way my dash display looks. Appreciate any help. Thanks!
  • Check out the simple upgrades done to these systems in\gmsuv


    Driving my 2000 Tahoe on the road the other day when smoke started billowing out of the hood, and through the vents. I pulled over and RAN out of the car. Flames started to come out of the engine compartment soon thereafter. The Tahoe experience is officially and finally over. This car has been nothing but headaches.

    Has anyone else heard of this? I just talked to someone yesterday who had a 2000 Silverado and the same thing happened to him. Please reply if you know of this. I am now talking with GM about this. Wish me luck!
  • fortopfortop Posts: 239
    using regular Chevron on second tankful - 17.3 mpg all city driving - looking for 18 mpg city since I had to gun it a few times to get out of traffic on this past tankful. This is conservative driving - so your actual mileage may (will) vary. Sure beats the EPA 14 mpg city mileage.
  • ryanbabryanbab Posts: 7,240
    spontaneous combustion?

    Never heard of it happening with a silverado/tahoe/or burb

    The new Tbirds are having this problem and were delayed because of it

    Have they checked it out? Was it an electrical fire?
  • I know this varies according to vehicle and region, but does anyone have examples of realistic monthly lease payments for Tahoe/Yukon vs. Toyota Sequoia? We'll be leasing a new SUV next April and have not yet visited dealers to obtain hard numbers. Can we get into either for under $600 per month? Also, I'm interested in comments from anyone who has compared both vehicles. In my area, I see tons of Tahoes/Suburbans and not as many Sequoias.....wondering what is the reason for that.
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