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Chevy Tahoe



  • fst1fst1 L.A. Posts: 18
    Just wanted to let you guys know that I have just posted a picture of what looks to be the 2003 Tahoe/Yukon in my Future Telling section of As with all spy pictures, this is only speculation, but the highly finished look and its resemblance to the already released Avalanche's front end make me think that this is headed for production.

    To find Future Telling, go to the "Reviews" section, scroll down and look to the bottom right. Click "Go" and it will take you to the intro page that contains the Tahoe as well as other spy pictures.

    Best regards,

    Ed Hellwig
    Road Test Editor-
  • I've had my 2000 Tahoe for a respectable time and have amassed 30K miles on it. The truck was exceptional. Then we started having problems, we had stalls at an unreasonable amount, we actually had three stalls inside 1 minute!!!! This is an automatic, and the dealers claim that "there is nothing wrong with your vehicle." In one of these stalls, the car behind us almost hit us because he/she was unaware of the engine failure. The Tahoe also rattles and seems to lose power at intervals in idle. I had heard of issues occurring during idle, but never an instance where the rpms drop below 500 and then go back to about 1K. This business doesn't make any sense, if things continue, I am going to buy from BMW.
  • Here is a TSB involving your problem, print it and take it to the dealer to have them re program your PCM. Don't take no for an answer the TSB is proof that GM knows the problem and has a fix for it, make the dealer fix it!

    Stall/Surge at Stop or Shifting to Drive/Reverse (Install Updated Calibration) #00-07-30-006

    Stalls/Surge at Stop or When Shifted to Drive or Reverse (Install Updated Calibration)

    1998-2000 Chevrolet and GMC C/K Models and G Van

    with Hydra-Matic 4L80-E Transmission (RPO MT1)

    This bulletin is being revised to include additional model years and new Correction information. Please discard Corporate Bulletin Number 87-71-63 (Section 7 -- Transmission/Transaxle).


    Some owners may comment on an engine stall or a slight surge at a stop or when the transmission is shifted into drive or reverse.


    The transmission calibration may not be optimal for the best engine/transmission performance.


    Install the latest new calibration.

    Parts Information

    The calibrations listed are electronic calibrations and are NOT available from GMSPO. Calibrations will be available from Techline starting Jan 2000, on the TIS 2000 Disk 2 CD ROM.

    There is another one involving the security light, does yours flash when the truck stalls?

    If you are getting dash rattles/squeaks the dealer should be able to take care of them easily enough with some foam tape, but get it in while it's still under the bumper to bumper warranty.

    Let us know what the dealer did for you.
  • My brand new, one month old, Chevy Tahoe Z71 with a 5.3L V8 has developed what Chevrolet calls an engine "characteristic", pre-idle piston slap. This is a ticking noise coming from the motor, it is much louder when you first start the truck and becomes less noisy after the truck warms up. Chevrolet says they won't have a fix or resolution until May 2002. One dealership says they all make that noise and another dealership says they don't all make the noise. Does anyone else have this problem and what has Chevrolet done for you to correct this problem?
  • ryanbabryanbab Posts: 7,240
    I got tired of looking at the chrome on my side mirrors so i painted the pass side indigo blue to match my truck yesterday. Turned out great. Today i am doing the drivers side

  • Thanks, I appreciate it. No my security light does not blink when it stalls, the battery symbol comes on. I'll do what you tell me to, I've had the PCM recallibrated once, but maybe this will do the trick. Again, thank you.
  • obyoneobyone Posts: 8,054
    They all don't do that. The 4.8 doesn't have the problem and it seems worse on the 6.0. The fix is a newly designed piston to be introduced late 2001/early 2002. Need to have dealer verify problem to qualify for fix. Others have been replacing their motors.
  • campo57campo57 Posts: 94
    The only problem with this TSB is that it doesn't cover the trans in the Tahoe. The Tahoe comes with a 4L60-E, the 4L80-E come with the 2500 series.

  • obyoneobyone Posts: 8,054
    would've noticed that minor detail about the 4L80E
  • punjabpunjab Posts: 102

    See post 1263 in this forum for some more info and a link on how to improve the sound of what you already have paid for. If you want to spend a little, read the rest of the posts on to see how others have added amps, subs, etc...all with certain costs (ie: loss of On-Star, loss of rear seat audio, loss of $$$).

    I also wouldn't complain too loudly about not getting the Trailblazer Bose stereo. Chances are that this is the same Delco radio with a "Bose" sticker that GM has used for years in Buicks and Oldsmobiles (Chrysler also used this in there Town and Country vans). Although they do offer a little better sound, they are still made of the same cheap components as the rest of your stereo - cheap paper cones, inadequate cross overs, 24 guage speaker wire...

  • jeffdjeffd Posts: 8
    My 2002 2WD LT Tahoe arrived last week, about 2 weeks ahead of schedule. I got the autoride feature and I am happy I did. The truck is far more stable, more composed than my 98 4WD Tahoe and better balanced than '01 Tahoes I tested without autoride. This truck is also much quicker than my 4WD truck. Since I'm not an off-road guy and Atlanta only gets an occasional light snow, I think I will be fine with the standard traction control and optional locking differential. By the way, the new truck is green, a beauty in sunlight. I wanted firethorn red but I'm told the pigment went bad. GM won't take orders for that color.
  • njerinjeri Posts: 1
    Hi all,

    I must admit I've been reading this site and this board in particular for well over six or seven months. Recently, I decided to take advantage of the dealer rush to rid themselves of 2001s. So my question is meant for all you educated consumers out there (the more the merrier!!!). I have my eye on a 2001 Yukon SLT that is fully loaded with everything but a sunroof (including third row seat). MSRP 40, 379, invoice 35, 800, selling price is 35, 379 at the new 2.9% financing for five years. My alternative is a 2001 Chevy Tahoe fully loaded w/ sunroof and third row seat). MSRP was 41k, invoice 38k, selling price 37, 400 with the 2.9% financing. The main thing I dislike about the Tahoe is that it is white. I like the way it drives and admittedly I've not driven the Yukon yet. Any advice? I read on here and Delphi that the Yukon handles a little less smoothly than the Tahoe, and that the unofficial word is that GMC will be phasing out/discontinuing production of the Yukon in a few years (which I am assuming may affect resale value). Anyway? Could you please give me your comments? I'd like to make a decision by tomorrow/Wednesday. THANKS SO MUCH!!!
  • jgmilbergjgmilberg Posts: 872
    In my opinion they handle the same I test drove them all before buying the 3/4 ton Yukon XL SLT autoride I have now. GMC has the more comfortable seats, and I like the body lines better, small but subtle changes from it's cousin. It has a different hood/grill, front bumper, body side mouldings. Of the 2 GMC is considered more the luxury line of truck. I HIGHLY doubt that the Yukon will be dropped from the lineup, I know that the current Tahoe is up for a minor re-skinning, and that will effect re-sale of the bow tie brand. Tahoe is supposed to be getting the Avalanche nose from what I have heard and seen. All fingers point to a 2003 roll out of the "new" body. I would be almost willing to bet by 2004 all Chevy trucks have that nose.

    My advise is to buy what you like, if you want a sunroof you can have one installed aftermarket on the Yukon.
  • jgmilbergjgmilberg Posts: 872
    I seen to remember some others with a 2000 model and it ended up being either the crank or cam sensor was bad, having an intermittent signal loss, causing the engine to stumble or stall. I'm sorry I can't be more specific on model, it may have even been in the pick up section.

    Ryanbab do you remember reading something like that? Nice look on the mirrors, but now how am I supposed to tell if you are a truck or SUV when you are behind me?!! LOL Have you seen the clear plastic covers that are supposed to protect painted mirrors against bug splatter and rock dings, I wonder if they really work.
  • ryanbabryanbab Posts: 7,240
    That pic of the updated tahoe with the av front end was a doctored photo.

    the clear stuff is 3m. It is supposed to work real good. Im just gonna leave it for now and see how it holds up. Its not hard to paint it.
  • Hi all, I have a 2001 Tahoe. I've noticed that while driving on roads that have drainage crackes or just cracke on them causes a vibration in the steering wheel. It's very slight however, my wife does'nt feel it but it drives be crazy. For a $40k vehicle I expect it to feel a lot more solid. Chevrolet had problems on the 2000 model saying that the steering shaft had sound vibrations and they switched out the steering shafts supposedly. So far they say they have no fix for the 2001. Does anyone else have this problem?
  • fortopfortop Posts: 239
    You can probably get a 2002 at or near invoice also, and it will have a higher resale value in the near term. If you really have all options on both the Tahoe and Yukon, then you have autoride in both vehicles - and they will give you an identical ride - although autoride won't isolate you from medium or large bumps in the road, highway expansion joints, etc. I think climate control is the most important feature, so if you get that you won't go wrong with either model.
    Just remember, these vehicles are still trucks - so they still won't drive or handle like a Cadillac or sports car.
    I think you lose a little more on resale with the Yukon because it costs more to begin with. Use Kelly Blue Book website or NADA website to compare resale value on comparably equipped 2001 Yukon and Tahoe to verify this. However, it's only a few hundred dollars of extra loss on the Yukon - not enough to sway me.
    Oh, I went with a 2002 Yukon SLT 2WD a month ago - like the looks better - so far, so good. I would lean toward a 2WD unless you really need a 4WD due to extra unnecessary cost.
    If GM is going to the Avalanche/Envoy style front end I would get the current model because I think the new look is ugly.
    Good Luck.
  • jgmilbergjgmilberg Posts: 872
    How do you like the On Star antenna mounted on the roof? I don't know if I like it there or not, it will take some getting used to. Looks like a little alien antenna, stick one on the other side of the roof and paint it bright green, but only if you live near Roswell Area 51.
  • jgmilbergjgmilberg Posts: 872
    I might have the opportunity to go to the GM proving grounds in Milford, MI through work, so I will ask about the truck nose. I have heard it from more than one source, and have seen a few in "camo" in the lot at my plant but only on the nose, the rear looks like the current one.
  • I have enought miles on my 2000LT that I going to need to replace the tires....and I want to replace the OEM shocks (2WD - non autoride)....any suggestions????

    Thanks in advance!
  • obyoneobyone Posts: 8,054
    Check out the Edlebrock IAS Performer shocks.

  • fortopfortop Posts: 239
    like ET. However, it is no goofier than the antenna stuck to the side of the rear window. Actually, I never look at the roof of the Yukon. Unless you know it's there, I think most people wouldn't notice it. I will never use On Star, so I would prefer that GM would make it an option. The only advantage I can see is using it to find a stolen vehicle, but I won't spend $300 to renew the On Star subscription after one year, so it will be useless after that. Too bad you can't order a vehicle exactly the way you want it - that would be too much like customer satisfaction to be realistic.:):)
  • ryanbabryanbab Posts: 7,240
    if you do go tell them if they do change the nose and go to radical they will be losing one customer (ME)
  • jgmilbergjgmilberg Posts: 872
    Then just buy GMC!! I don't really like the body moldings and hood of the Chevy that much anyway. From what I hear it is to keep all the Chevy trucks with the same nose to attempt to keep costs down by having everything the same. I don't know the fate of the HD series though. I really HATE the hood on those. It screams slam me with a rock!! I think GM is trying to compete with Ford and Dodge with the big truck wanna be look.
  • ryanbabryanbab Posts: 7,240
    i am the opposite i really like the HD hoods
  • Can someone please tell me what the big differences are between a Yukon and Tahoe? Is the Tahoe less expensive? Is the Yukon nicer? Are the interiors different? What made you choose one over the other? Do most dealerships sell both? Should we go with a 2 WD if we're not off-roading? We have a Jeep Grand Cherokee with 4 WD and rarely use it (a few times a year in snow) Also, what's a realistic monthly lease payment on a 2 WD on either of these vehicles?
  • ryanbabryanbab Posts: 7,240
    sounds like you should get a 2wd with the G80 (locking rear diff) option
  • Can you please explain the G80 option to me? Thanks:)
  • Ryanbab, any tips on how you painted your mirrors on your silverado? I was thinking of doing it on my LS Tahoe (it has black plastic). You did an excellent job by the way. Does the piece you painted just pop off? Where did you get the paint? I assume you have some type of sprayer? Sorry to have so many questions but a body shop qouted me $500 to do it so was trying to figure out how to do it myself.
  • ryanbabryanbab Posts: 7,240

    The G80 option is called a rear locking differential. it helps with traction. Like if one of the rear wheels starts to spin it locks the rear axle to give you traction (short explaination)

    Check out this link for more info


    $500?? WOAH i was quoted by a local bodyshop for $90 a mirror. I thought that was steep. The guy was also giving me a break cause i had some work done on my tailgate there. Only thing he couldnt guarantee his work.

    These are the steps i did to paint

    1. Popped the chrome pieces off. Used a butter knife. Around the edges 3m double sided tape holds in on. Then towards the middle there are 4 metal clips. I dont know if the tahoe mirrors you describe are like this (can pop off?)

    2. Sanded the chrome. Basically scuffed up the chrome with some fine sand paper.

    3. Used an adhesion modifier. Used a brush and painted it on.

    4. Applied a few coats of primer

    5. Applied a few coats of automotive paint. They come in small spray paint bottles. I bought mine at a local autoparts store. I know autoezone sells some. They have a book which corresponds to gm/ford/chrysler colors so you get a perfect match. I didnt use a sprayer.

    6. Finally i added clearcoat. Comes in a spray paint can.

    Total cost was like $50 and 2 days of my time (lots of dry time). The modifier stuff was $30 and i am sure i could have gotten it cheaper but i didnt really shop around.

    Hope this helps let me know if you need any more help


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