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Chevy Tahoe



  • Petros22, Is there a way you can out which connector was loose? I have pulled the dash switch to check it awhile back, and found no loose connection there. I'm just wondering were else it could be. Most of us with this problem did not have it in the beginning, but like mine it started a couple of months later.
  • sorry fogot "FIND" oops
  • FORGOT, its been a long day.....
  • Norcal 2001

    I posted a message last week about a recent trip to Florida in which I consumed 2 quarts of oil in 1100 miles. On the return trip I drove more conservatively (less than 65 mph) and consumed a little over 1 quart in the same 1100 miles. I have a 2000 Suburban 4x4, 5.3L with 4.10 rear with 10,500 miles and was towing a heavy travel trailer. I received a response to my post indicating that there have been problems with high oil consumption on the 5.3L engines due to a problem with the PCV valve.

    I first suspected an oil consumption problem several months ago when I noticed I was down about 1/2 quart after a 320 mile trip (also towing). After that trip, I monitored oil consumption carefully and convinced myself that I didn't have a problem, since I was observing a consumption of roughly 1 quart every 4000 non-towing miles (extrapolated). I let my guard down and didn't check the oil level during the two day trip to Florida. Shortly after arriving I checked my oil and was shocked to find no oil on the dipstick.

    I am scheduling a service appointment to have this checked out and will post the results. From the response to my earlier post, it sounds like this is a fairly common problem with the 5.3L's. Hopefully, it's as simple as replacing a PCV valve.

  • I recently had my order accepted for a 2001 3/4 ton Suburban LT 4x4 with 8.1L and 4.10 rear. I would like to be ready to install mud flaps all around as soon as I pick it up in early February. I am sure that this topic has been covered many times, so I apologize for asking for recommendations. Can mud flaps be installed on the front, or will they interfere with the Chevy running boards? Are mud flaps an available Chevy accessory or is there a better aftermarket option? Is this information available on C. Martin's web site? If so, please provide his web address. Any help would be appreciated.
  • don434don434 Posts: 43
    With the ignition switch in the START or RUN position the analog device known as the oil gauge
    is operative. The input is directly from the oil pressure sensor circuit.
    A 1 ohm sensor resistance will display as 0 PSI.
    At 88 ohms the gauge will read 80 PSI.

    I guess that means that at 12 ohms you will have about 11 PSI. The service manual states that this is only an approximate reading of pressure.
  • I have a question about the key fob. When you get out of the car and lock it the doors look, and then hit lock again and the horn blows. What I was wondering was are the headlights supposed to flash when you lock it, and how many times is the horn supposed to blow. Is what I have described the way all of yours work?
  • Mine is currently being replaced. The tech tells me that the new ones are full of grease, eliminating the clunking noise on hard turns.
  • It looks like Edmunds did it again and this time when they changed the software, 24 hours of messages are now missing.
  • And the "bookmarks" function is also missing....
    New and improved as they say.....
  • rj2krj2k Posts: 2
    Wow, we were inconvenienced before by Edmund's changes to our BB, but when they came back on line it was still a good site. Are they such imbeciles that they think this time is an improvement? Let's all contact Edmund's and let them know how much we like their recent improvements.
  • looks like my post got deleted with this new revision to Town Hall. Oh info has changed. THE FOG LIGHT/WIPER PROBLEM IS NOT FIXED!!! What can I say? @#%&;! I'm really getting tired of this. I think I got a lemon. Last time I buy a vehicle in a termite infested crate! ;)
  • Not good. It demands that I log in and then when I do it says "no need to log in you're already logged in". Go to a different topic, repeat steps 1-3 again. It keeps starting me at the front of the topic; the old software put me back in where I left off the previous session. No way to go backward through the posts. No way to go directly to a post by entering its number. I read what Meredith said about the old software being unsupported/unsupportable, but is the way we have to go?
  • I was wrong. You can go back 20 posts at a time, but not directly to a numbered post. And you still have to keep logging in over and over despite having auto login enabled.
  • I too must say that I dislike the changes Edmunds has made. It would have been nice if the Edmunds host, Meridith, had posted a message on the board prior to the changeover, warning that messages would be lost. Now all those people who just learned how to post pictures, get to do it over again.

    My complaint is that my many browse bookmarks and favorites are now useless, as the addresses have changed.

    As a reminder, I want all to know that the GMSUV forum is still going strong at That forum site offers threaded messages, polls, on-line chats, and multiple message sections. Everyone is welcome to visit that alternate forum and use it if Edmunds fails to listen to our complaints about their changes.
  • On Friday I spent most of the day with the charter members of the ID 10 T club at the GMC dealers for 4 warranty problems. Out of 4 problems, they only successfully completed two of them.

    Problem #1: Fog Lamps/Rear Wiper Problem: Even though I had information of a case number for my vehicle with the GM Technical Assistance center, the GMC dealer refused to call them to get help on the problem. They first tried to give the Yukon back to me saying they couldn't duplicate the problem. I then made the mechanic stand behind the Yukon while I turned on and off the fog lamps, so he could see the rear wiper jump. The Yukon didn't want to cooperate too well and only did it twice in about 25 attempts.

    The mechanic tighened the star washer, which is connected at a mounting point under the front radiator. He said it was 1/2 turn loose and it is a point where a lot of ground wires come together to mount to the chasis ground. This seemed to fix the problem while the Yukon was at the dealer, but while driving home the problem came back and happened on about 5 of 20 attempts.

    Petros22, I agree with you that this is a fustrating problem and I guess I will have to try another dealer.

    Problem #2: Recall notice about wheelhouse plugs: They checked and it does not apply to my vehicle.

    Problem #3: Sag in acceleration and hesitation: The GM Calibration site showed a programming update for this problems. Gave dealer the printout from the internet site showing information. Dealer said their computer showed a different part number, but they did load new software into the Yukon. Seems a little better, but only time and driving will tell.

    Problem #4: Body Side molding coming loose on passenger front door: Dealer ordered new part and will paint to match before calling me to install. They said current piece is deformed and won't stick well.

    The more visits I make to service departments, the more I think GM needs to improve their training on new products.
  • cwaynecwayne Posts: 81

  • I sent a note to the Edmunds folks regarding the New and Improved' Town hall format......
    Basically, they said to deal with it.
    See below for the response.....

    Dear Kevin,

    There has been a notice on the Town Hall front page for the past week (and it was there for 2 weeks in November) alerting Town Hall members to the fact that Place marks and History would not be transferred over to the new boards. This was also discussed in the "Talk to the Hosts" topic in the News & Views conference. While we are sorry that you have lost your place marks, the notice was given to Town Hall members for a total of 3 weeks. There will be no such functionality in the new boards for the time being.

    Our apologies for any frustration and confusion.

    Town Hall Support

    I suggest it's time that we all let the folks at Edmunds know how much we appreciated their format....
    You can e-mail or
    with your thoughts.

    Happy e-mailing

    (and Clifford does have his site going as well if we need an alternative...)

    Oh- PS- The new spell check sucks toooooooooo
  • I must admit that Edmunds did post a sort of warning message. I found it on Friday and tried to post it to the forum but was too late. Edmunds changed over to the new format shortly after I posted the message and wiped out over 24 hours worth of messages. I think they did a dis-service by not letting people know in advance that messages would be wiped out.

    As for the new spellcheck, there is only one thing about it I like. You can create your own personal set of words that the spellchecker will skip, so that it won't think abbreviations, like GMC, are misspelled. Other than that, I agree with Kevin that it stinks. The old spellchecker was also a 'preview' viewer that let you see how things will look when posted. This new one does not do that.

    Again, the alternate forum is open at

  • Hey, are the changes and "improvements" on this site anything like some of the GM "improvements"? I for one don't like this new system. The Figmoman.
  • I found the following message in the News & View section about the new software. Hopefully it will help explain some problems.

    You get thrown back to the Welcome page when your login session has
    (incorrectly) timed out on the webcrossing side of the house.

    Very unfortunately, spending a long time creating a post seems to
    almost guarantee that webcrossing will time you out.

    What you can do to protect your post (while we try to fix this):

    Select and copy the post before you click on "post my message" - I am
    happy to find that Ctrl-A selects the whole post (unlike on WE where
    it selected the whole durned page). Ctrl-A to select all, then Ctrl-C
    to copy are now standard keystrokes for me when I finish a post.

    If you get thrown back to the Welcome page when you hit post, just
    pick the conference you were in and return to your topic. You should
    now be able to paste your text back into the post box and post
    successfully. (Of course you have to retype your post title.)

    If you forget to do all of this and end up at the Welcome page, don't
    forget you can use your browser's back button to get back to the post
    and copy it. Then go to the Welcome page (click on Town Hall in the
    upper left corner, or choose Town Hall Community Home from the drop
    down box), pick your conference from the list and proceed as I
    described above.

    The Welcome page is the side of the house. You aren't
    getting logged out of - this is why when you go to that
    page it says you are already logged in. Entering conferences, um,
    message boards, from the Welcome page transparently logs you back
    into the webcrossing side.

    It's been stated in this discussion many times that this is a known
    problem and will be fixed as soon as possible. I'm offering all of
    this hoping it is helpful in dealing with the issue in the meantime.

    And I'll betcha that I'm getting ready to see the Welcome page right
    now! :-) Ctrl-A, Ctrl-C, welcome page here I come!

    YES indeed, that's exactly what happened! Spending a long time
    creating a post will get you every time.

    Pat/Roving Host
  • obyoneobyone Posts: 8,054
    This use to be a busy topic.....not anymore....
  • It takes me a long time to post as i type with one finger. If im going to have a big hassel(i am computer illiterate), you won't see me on here much longer. It was fun while it lasted. I enjoyed helping people when i could and learned a lot myself. I wish i knew more about computers and could type with all 10. The Figmoman
  • bcb1bcb1 Posts: 149
    Why break something that is working okay? I'm a computer specialist; and I've worked with other guys in the past whose motto seems to be "If it's not broke, fix it till it is". That's why I'm always so hesitant to take down my Notes server or upgrade it to the latest version....if it's running good...I like to leave it alone!!
  • nsxwesnsxwes Posts: 84
    I spent hours trying to figure out where a very annoying dash rattle was coming from. It sounded very deep behind the radio somewhere. Nothing I could do made any difference. The dealer could also not locate it. After spending a couple of hours this afternoon driving around, carefully listening and tapping on everything that I could reach, it turned out to be in the driver sun visor! Amazing. The sound projected just as if it was in the dash. The hinge mechanism on the mirror was loose. I am very happy the rattle is now a thing of the past.

  • I agree, there was not anything wrong with the old post, so why mess with it.
  • Hey, we all knew it was coming, especially after the debacle earlier this year. My complaint is that Edmunds didn't use the time to work out all of the bugs found from the last attempt, before installing the new software again. That is classic poor I.T. planning and some IT Director should now be in trouble.

    I also fault the moderator for not warning us of when the change would hit, via a message being posted in the group. Why should we have lost over 24 hours worth of posts.

    BTW, they claim they had to go to the new software by the end of the year, since the old software support was being dropped and they couldn't use it any longer.
  • It seems as if the forum that was set up to allow people to post questions about the new Edmunds software has now been turned into a read-only section. Guess the system ops don't want to hear people complain any more.
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