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Chevy Tahoe



  • Is anyone running plus 1 or plus 3 on their Z-71? If so what size/brand tire and wheel? Any pics? Love our new Z-71 but it looks like everyother one on the road. Have already swapped the grill (white) for a grey painted from a Silverado work truck...emblems are gone now too.
  • I have a 2002 Tahoe LS, 4WD. I've noticed that even with the climate control set to off, there is significant airflow out of the vents. Is this "normal" behavior? It doesn't matter if the climate control is set for outside air or recirculate. Has anyone else experienced this?
  • Does anyone have thoughts about the Autoride accessory? We are thinking of ordering a Yukon. Autoride is a rather spendy option. Consumer Guide says the "base suspension is more controlled and absorbent than the optional Autoride system."
  • lobsenzalobsenza Posts: 619
    We have it and I like it. Drive both vehicles and decide for yourself. I thought it provided a smoother ride. Make sure the tire pressure is the same when you compare the vehicles. In addition, be aware that the autoleveling function is much more sophisticated on the autoride suspension. It uses a compressor and immediately levels the vehicle when a load, like a trailer, is attached. The standard suspension requires about 1 mile of up and down moevement of the shocks to level. The other thing to consider is that repair costs of autoride will be higher.
  • Has anyone changed from 16" to 17" rims. I can get a good deal on Escalade stock tires and wheels and would like to know if the change would be worth it? Would be putting them on a 2000 Tahoe. Any computer changes needed?
  • cwaynecwayne Posts: 81
    I traded my 2001 Yukon SLT 5.3 for a 2003 Tahoe
    LT 5.3. I didn't even test drive new Tahoe because I assumed they were the same. This is not the case, as the Tahoe seems to be much quicker
    and has lighter feel to the steering. Also has a few goodies such as power adjustable petals,
    duel aircond. and memory seats. I liked my 2001
    Yukon but like the 2003 Tahoe much better. The only things that that I dislike about both trucks
    are the running boards which are hard to find when getting out of truck and the steering wheel vibration when stopped at red light and aircond. compressor is running.
  • You are comparing a 2001 with a 2003. Did you drive a 2003 Yukon? The components of a 2003 Yukon and the 2003 Tahoe are virtually the same. I drove both 2003 models and chose (and bought) the Yukon because I liked the looks a little better. But, they drove the same to me.
  • lobsenzalobsenza Posts: 619
    There were very few changes in ride/suspension between 2001 and 2003 with the exception of the addition of stability control.
  • cwaynecwayne Posts: 81
    Sorry I did not mean to imply that the 2003 Tahoe was different than 2003 Yukon, just that it was different than the 2001 Yukon. The reason that I bought the Tahoe is strickly price. The chevy dealer offered me $800.00 more trade-in and $200.00 closer to invoice. The dealers were across the street from one another.
  • dl7265dl7265 Posts: 1,381
    Mine worked out in the reverse, just picked up a 03' YUKON SLT . Even though it was higher , they made me a better trade then chevy, plus i wanted the traction control.

    Msrp was $39,200.00
    sale was $33,600 plus low finacing.

    03' Yukon SLT Carbon metallic/Pewter leather.

  • I have a 2002 Tahoe that vibrates and resonates at the stop light with A/C on. I went through arbitration and was awared a replacement. Before arbitration however I test drove some that did not have this problem but I have encountered some that do. Does yours resonate (Hum) when it vibrates. What does it do? Thanks.
  • I also have a 2002 Tahoe Z-71 that vibrates when at a red light. It started at about 6000 miles. I test drove one before I purchased and it didn't do it. I drove up from Texas to Alaska and it ran great. I first noticed it when A/C compressor kicked in. Now it does it even with A/C off. It is intermittent. Also, on the drive up I had at only 700 miles the Transmission over temp light come on. Found out it was the PCM bad. When I got to Alaska, went in to Chevy for an oil change and they found my front differential was leaking. This is not turning out to be the vehicle I thought it was. I'm not thrilled with the vibration. Chevy guys said nothing was wrong, but I can feel it in brake pedal and seat. Also, any loud noise outside seems to be transfered into the vehicle also such as a loud truck, loud stereo etc. I thought that me and my wife were feeling things, so I'm glad to hear others are having the same problems. The vehicle only has 11K on it and I feel I shouldn't feel anything through the steering wheel. I am thinking of going to Chevy with this. I have also driven others and feel the same thing. Too bad the one I test drove didn't do this.
  • lobsenzalobsenza Posts: 619
    There are 2 very common causes of vibration.
    1. Wheel Balancing: Have them load force balanced on the new Hunter banancer using the road force analyzer.

    2. Rotor warpage. The initial cause of this is that all of the lug nuts on the tires were tightened unevenly. Loosten each lug nut and retighten to the same torque with a hand torque wrench (check the owner's manual, I believe it is around 100 ft/lbs). Just the retightening of the wheels sometimes solves the problem. Otherwise, you may have to turn the ortors.
  • I have a 2002 Chevrolet Tahoe LS. It is 3 months old with 5000 miles. My wife and daughter were involved in a one vehicle accident that ended with the vehicle rolling over. Luckily no one was hurt. Now my wife refuses to drive the vehicle anymore. The vehicle has about $ 9200 in damages. It has yet to be fixed and unfortunatly it happened 400 miles from home. Can anyone give me any options as to what to do with this vehicle. I have been told to trade it to the dealer who has it, give them the insurance check and buy another. Any help in this matter would be greatly apprecited.
  • obyoneobyone Posts: 8,054
    setting for lug nuts is 140 foot pounds.
  • wilmacwilmac Posts: 27
    It is a known problem replace the 4 wheel drive push button switch and that should do it takes 5 minutes if dealer has in stock. Service manager did mine and I was out the door in 10 minutes. If one has to pay the switch list for around fifty bucks.
  • Is this reply #2867 in response to the Tahoe vibration? If it is, the vibration occurs when at a stop. I dont think wheel balancing would be a cause.
  • lobsenzalobsenza Posts: 619
    Sorry, my suggestions will not help for a vibration at a stop. That probably has something to do with the engine or engine controls.
  • whskvswhskvs Posts: 28
    A Chevy dealer told me this weekend that the 2004 Tahoe front end will be updated to look like Trailblazer's. On the other hand, a Yukon dealer said the 2003 Yukons front end will not be updated in 2004 (i.e., will not adopt the Avalanche front end). Can anyone verify if this is correct?

    Thanks in advance.
  • fortopfortop Posts: 239
    insurance in these cases, but I would not want to deal with a vehicle that has been rolled. Since it is only $9200 in damages, it must be what the salvage dealers call "lightly rolled", but it will still be hard for anyone to sell, considering that anyone can (and will) get CarFax history on it now. I would ask the dealer who has the vehicle how much he will give you on a trade for a vehicle that your wife wants. After an experience like your wife has just had, I would get her whatever she feels safe driving - even if it is a Volvo. Good Luck.
  • The 2004 Yukon/XL/Tahoe/Suburban will all get the new pickup nose. 2003 models remain the same as the 2002. GMC and Chevy have different noses, and what you see on the '03 GMC Sierra is what will be on the '04 Yukon/XL, just like the '04 Tahoe/suburban will have the same nose as the '03 Silverado. Hope that helps.
  • Does the vibration appear to be RPM related? If so the dealer can up the IAC motor so that it idles a little faster maybe 100rpm or 200rpm is all it needs to eliminate the vibration/noise.
  • whskvswhskvs Posts: 28
    jgmilberg, thanks very much for the response, that really helps. Just looking online, it seems that the chevy / tahoe / sliverado update is more significant than the gmc / yukon / sierra update, would you agree?

    The only thing that I can tell changes on the gmcs is that the "GMC" logo moves up from the vertical center of the grill to higher on the grill, and it seems to have fewer horizontal bars in the grill in the new styling. Is that correct, or are there other more striking changes that I should be aware of on the gmcs? The angled lights seem to be pretty much the same on the '03 tahoe and the '03 sierra.
  • You may be entitled to diminished value...thats the difference between what the truck would have been worth and what its now worth because it was rolled. Check with your insurance carrier.

    If she is not happy driving it, then trade it for something is too short.
  • whskvswhskvs Posts: 28
    Also, when do the 2004 Yukon / Tahoes come out?
  • z71billz71bill Posts: 2,000
    If you have insurance with a major company (like State Farm) and you have a good agent they will help you handle some of the details. Go ask for their help - they deal with this stuff everyday. IMO - get the truck to a body shop - and get the repair work started. If your agent will approve it have a GM dealer / body shop get the job. Then you could work a deal to "trade" it in even before the work is done.
  • "Does the vibration appear to be RPM related? If so the dealer can up the IAC motor so that it idles a little faster maybe 100rpm or 200rpm is all it needs to eliminate the vibration/noise."

    Hmmm...4 dealers have told me that there is no way to adjust the Idle RPM. It would have to be done with a software change in the computer chip and the manufacture will NOT do it. Are you speaking through experience? Where are you getting this information? You are correct in that a slight increase in RPM resolves the problem but NOBODY can do this adjustment. At least that is my first-hand experience. It seems they would have already done this adjustment if they could instead of award me with a replacement vehicle. Enlighten me please. Give me names of people who have done this on the 2002 chevrolet Tahoe so we can solve this problem for others.
  • Have them check the computer to see if there is a software update available for your rig. They call it calibration software, it can be checked in the service bay in a few minutes, and can be re programmed in about a half hour. Tell them to re program the PCM with the most current calibration, even if it is already set to that calibration, sometimes the connector gets knocked off or something and it can cause little quirks like this, insist they "flash" the PCM and re install the software. This cures 90%-95% of the problems. Next step after that would be to replace the IAC motor, at least to give it a shot.

    If they are good they can adjust the IAC RPM with the Tech 2 programmer, but they have to know what they are doing and that might be where the problem is, finding a good dealer that has a head on their shoulders instead of where the sun don't shine.
  • The GMC gets a different grill, fewer bars and the GMC is not centered, looks like poop like that IMO. They should have centered the GMC in the grill, it reminds me of the Ford Aerostar in the early 90's when they put the blue oval in the space between the top 2 bars. Bumper chrome in on top now and the bottom is painted urethane facia material. All bumpers now have 2 slots in them. Hoods and headlights are the same as 2003 GMC.

    Headlights and hoods are different from Chevy to GMC, and the Chevy's will have the Avalanche/Silverado nose, the bumper is the one that will be on the Avalanche with the body cladding delete package, finally they got rid of all that nasty plastic, now I might consider one.

    click on the no body hardware in the list on the left or flip through the photos image 3 is the one w/o the plastic junk.

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