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Dodge Ram Idle and Stalling Problems



  • my check engine light came on and when i read the codes i had 562 and 700. I have so far replaced the battery and then i noticed the alternator wasn't showing it was charging when ever i loaded down the battery replaced the alternator and same results with the radio on and air conditioning on at low idle the gauge would be well left of center. and now just recently when ever i drive it and go from drive to park with the gear shifter it dies. Does anyone think maybe the PCM is going bad? At times the idle is erratic
  • I had a similar problem with mine it turned out to be my crank sensor or throttle position sensor. I also changed out my speed sensor. The speed sensor was causing it truck to idle erratically, and the cranksensor and tps was causing my truck to die sporadically. An easy check is to pull the 30am ignition run fuse if your truck idles normally with it out the sensors are going bad.
  • jocko140jocko140 Posts: 9
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    but why would taken the shifter from drive to park kill the engine like turning off the key and wouldn't that pop it own code if either one of those was bad. and it seems to get worst when the engine was loaded down. Sorry my first guess was a Power control module just don't want to jump at that for the time being
  • I have a 2004 doge hemi magnum 5.7 that wont start unless i tap on the gas tank....runs fine for about 20 miles to work, then when I shut it off it wont start on occasion....Its hit or miss on the start....But while Im driving, Im NOT bogging down at all....Any suggestions besides fuel rail pressure?....Maybe a wire or fuse?...No codes coming up....
  • jocko140jocko140 Posts: 9
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    no change after pulling the fuse out. In fact after i replaced both the battery and alternator it hasn't popped a code but stills die with the shift selector even from drive to neutral it even seems after i start it the alternator gauge goes to just the mid point but very slowly.
  • My 2000 Dodge Ram is stalling out whenever it feels like????.... Anywhere from 2 to 10 times a day!!!!! What happens is the "check gages" light pops on, and than the oil pressure goes to zero. At first it would turn right back on, but now its getting to the point where I have to wait and try at least 10 times to restart it. I've had it connected at Auto Zone and no codes read even when it was in the process of preparing to stall out, because the light popped on... I'm in a loss for words and really need the help. please!!!!
  • jonas24jonas24 Posts: 1
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    My '03 Dodge Ram would stall when slowing or idling. Replaced the IAC (Idle Air Controller), but it didn't help. When it wouldn't stall, my mechanic wiggled wires and when he wiggled the wire to the map sensor, the truck would stall. Discovered the map sensor had some corrosion. Got a new one from AutoZone for $25. The pictures shown in the following link will show you where the map sensor is.

    engine pics
  • dalep2dalep2 Posts: 2
    mine is an 03 4.7 and i am having the same surging issue when idling. even dims the lights in the cab. having a problem driving because seems like transmission is being affected by surging? at highway speeds doesnt seem to wanna shift so rpm's going from 2000 to upwards of 3500, have to let off and get it to shift? is this caused by the TPS sensor? is trans goingh bad? have 268,xxx so trying to keep it together
  • I have an 06 ram 1500 mega cab 5.7l hemi 2wd and it stalls once and a while when shifting from reverse to drive. My problem is I've read all the fourms and the best answer for this solution was low tranny fluid and mine seems to be clean and full. Please help!!!!!!!! Another issue...i think it's related is a low idle when stopped.
  • the stalling is a common problem,check NHTSA web site,service bulletins,and file
    a complaint.Dodge knows about the problem and wont recall it,its a power train issue.
  • I had this same exact issue with my 2002 Ram. The fix was a new Crank Position Sensor.
  • dodgeram8dodgeram8 Posts: 2
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    Same thing happened to me with my 2008 Ram 1500 at 35,000 miles. It just died -- no power steering -- nothing. It would crank but not start after it died. Check gauges light flashed. After 15 minutes it finally started with the engine icon lit up and staying lit. The battery was fine since I had lights. Dealer did a diagnostic check and the only thing that showed up was the EGR valve. They replaced it. Am still not trusting that it won't die again, but for now (4 days later) it seems to running okay. Am very glad I wasn't on a busy freeway when it happened! Very scary!
  • kmirickkmirick Posts: 1
    did you figure out what the problem was? I have an 02 dodge ram 1500, 4.7 liter v8. It is having the surging problem when at an idol, sometimes dropping down below 500 rpms, and it makes it sound like the engine wants to die. Also, at highway speeds, there is a small surge as well sometimes when going between 60-70. you can email me back at I appreciate it.
  • It has been fine since they replaced the EGR Valve--keeping fingers crossed though.
    Good Luck.
  • i have a 2000 dodge 3500 that just died going down the road and will not restart will not hit a lick
    checked fuel on bleeder on back of filter has fuel the lift pump is working. has fuel to bleeder on injection pump. but will not hit a lick.
    Does any one know what the problem mite be?
  • mchamp1mchamp1 Posts: 1
    My dads 1997 3500 5.9 diesel did the same thing. Finally found there is a sensor in the gas tank that reads when fuel level is low and shuts truck off to prevent damage etc. The sensor isn't needed so after he removed it it no longer has those problems.
  • My dodge iddles rough and has a code that says running lean on some cylinders. Another problem is my filter never gets dirty. I checked all connections and they are properly tightened. I have a new cold air intake coming in the mail. I hope by putting on the new cold air intake and a good cleaning of the throttle body and a new IAT sensor will fix my problem. Another thing sometimes when I'm pushing the gas into the passing gear it will bogg down and act like I'm down shifting two gears or something. When I turn it off and back on it doesn't do it anymore. Does these trucks have a track record of bad EGR valves
  • were you the.same.boat
  • Re dodge ram 1500 most times that put gas in it stalled with in a few yards to a few miles. I left it with a mechanic for several weeks. He fixed the problem. It was the roll over valve that's cast into the gas tank. Dodge has redesigned this item twice and the whole tank has to be changed to replace it. The problem is that the valve gets stuck and either allows gas to flood the engine,causing a stall or not allow gas to enter the tank. In my case, the tank and valve was replaced at a cost of close to $1,000.

  • I have a 2003dodge ram 1500 and one week ago, my radiator bust and all the coolant go in the hood of my truck. The same day, I have a code saying misfire on coil #2.. Go to garage change all my coils (because one wasnt enough) and all my plugs. The truck run great for one little drive and now the motor stop completly for a couple of seconds and start to run again suddenly. Same think if you shut down a switch. Dont have any codes on computer.. I dont know what to do anymore....
  • Hey guys, I have a 1995 Dakota Sport with the 2.5 and 5 speed manual. Recently it has just started dying on me without warning or cause. I was driving about 35mph and all of a sudden, the truck died and there was nothing there. I pulled over and messed with the wiring harness under the fuse box, drivers side, and got it to fire again, Drove it home and it won't fire again. I've read about the PCM and the IAC going bad or dirty. It has a new PCM and I haven't got to switch out the IAC yet.. My question is, would the IAC cause the truck to die going down the road? Or am I looking at a whole different issue? I have been told that the 2.5 does NOT have a crank positioning sensor, so I'm at a loss.. Any information would be great, thanks.
  • ok5bearsok5bears Posts: 2
    We have a 2009 Dodge Ram ,we have had several incidents of stalling. There is no indication of a problem it just stalls, have had it checked out multiple times. Our dealer finds no problem. On Monday driving took a right hand turn, truck stalled in the process of turning, lost steering at an intersection. Scared the daylights out of me. Truck started right back up, no check engine lights nothing! Is anyone else experiencing this problem??
  • I have a a 98 dodge ram 1500.Im having a problem with it sometimes it ideas rough and sucks in alot of air you can hear  it. Give it gas is clears up and sometimes it wont stay running start. And sometimes im driving it pops like a back fire

    My check engine lights goes off and on when auto zone scanned it its the o2 seniors i just replaced both and the cat

    Anyone help me out or any ideas  
  • 1997 Dodge Ram, 4x4, 5.2L. Vehicle runs fine in park. Shift to reverse or drive on idle and engine hesitates and shutdown. Replaced spark plugs, spark plug wires, distributor cap and rotor and ignition coil. the problem continued. I thought that it was electrical so I changed the battery and wiring. The problem continued. At last I checked the emission system. Check the evaporator canister and vacuum lines. Found the evaporator canister pellets fused inside all of the vacuum lines that came from the engine to the purged valve and from the purge valve to the evaporator canister. I used 100 psi of air after I disconnected all of the lines. Cleaned all of the vacuum lines and the purged valve and changed the evaporator canister. Problem solved. I know there are people experiencing the same problem. Hopefully this will help.
  • sounds to me like you drive it till it dies then take it in! Thanks
  • AkStagAkStag AlaskaPosts: 2
    Howdy, Currently my 2000 Dodge Ram 1500 with somewhere in the low 200k is giving me a rather puzzling mystery. Having sat all winter, and only moved once or twice this summer, She has developed a issues with idle. The engine turnes over and as long as you maintain pressure on the gas it runs, but Since it is an Automatic, the moment you removed your foot off the gas to apply the break to Place it into drive or Reverse, the Engine cuts off. This has me puzzled.

    ball park, thinking Fuel management.

    Any insight would be greatly appreciated, look forward to your suggestions.

    I apologize if this same issues was posted once before, Or if this was the wrong thread, Google sent me here :3
  • steverstever Posts: 52,683
    Posting here is fine. No idea on a solution. Assuming you are in Eielson or EAF (or whatever it's called now -JBAR?), isn't there a cheap/free shop on base you can nurse it to? (If you are in Clear, then nevermind, lol).

    Welcome to the forums, I'll see if we can get @Mr_Shiftright or @thecardoc3 in here to give you some hints.
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