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Isuzu Rodeo



  • anthony2nanthony2n Posts: 48
    Here's a writeup on how to replace the fuel sending unit with pretty pictures too!
  • Okay, I feel like a dork asking this question but I wanted to be sure since I do not trust my ex husband. I have a 1994 Isuzu Rodeo and about two weeks ago I had to replace the alternator. That was taken care of the car was running great. Then about a week ago, my car just died completely in a parking lot. When I turned the key to start it, I would hear a clicking noise. For some reason I thought it was the altenator again, but there is absolutely no power going to the vehicle. I changed the battery and did the normal do dah dummy stuff. It still wont start and again it has absolutely no power. Does this sound like the starter? I was told by a close friend that it has to be the starter but I'm having my doubts...And yes, I want to do it by money and I love learning.
  • anthony2nanthony2n Posts: 48
    When you say 'no power' I take it to mean that the headlights/radio/dash lights etc do not come on? A failed starter motor would not account for no electrical power to the rest of the vehicle. I would first look at the fuses in the fuse box(under dash) and the relays (in the engine compartment). Try jump starting the truck with another vehicle (to ensure your new battery hasn't been drained by repeated attempts). Recheck the alternator belt for tension. Recheck your alternator installation - ground wire still connected? After market parts-store alternators are known to fail soon after installation. If dash lights and other electricals come on correctly, and car won't start (starter clicks), then you may have a bad starter motor. The starter motor on these trucks are a pain to remove cuz part of the exhaust is in the way. It can be done without removing the exhaust, but diagnose first and if it comes to replacing the starter then post again.
  • rodasjrodasj Posts: 2
    Hi, I am new to this forum but I have a question about my 98 rodeo V6. Yesterday the lights for the battery and brake came on in the dashboard. The side mirrors radio and cigarette lighter stopped working but thankfully I made it home. When I came back out to take the car to get it checked it turned on but about 3 blocks from my house all the other dashboard lights ( abs, airbag, etc.) came on and the car died. :mad: I tried to restart it but the battery was dead. I have heard that it can be the alternator, battery or a bad ground. I would appreciatte any replies because this car is my daily driver.
  • anthony2nanthony2n Posts: 48
    Multiple dash lights coming on like that points to a bad alternator. It is not an uncommon problem with these vehicles. Best to replace with OEM one. Next best choice is a Bosch reman unit (though even these have been known to fail shortly after installation).
  • rodasjrodasj Posts: 2
    Thanks for info. How hard is it to change alternator. I have some mechanical skills but i dont want to get into it and then realize that i can't finish it.
  • anthony2nanthony2n Posts: 48
    Replacing the alternator is pretty straight forward. Make sure to remove neg battery cable first. Then disconnect to the electrical wires going to the alternator. Loosen the alternator mounting and pivot bolts, and remove the drive belt. If the drive belt doesn't come off easily there is a tensioner that you can loosen. Remove the mounting and pivot bolts and the alternator comes right out.
  • My wife is currently in FL with our 1999 Rodeo. There was a leak in the fuel line where it bolts into the intake. My brother in law fixed that. However she went to and from the store a few times and when she returned to ther house she shut off the vehicle and took out the keys. She waited for it to stop raining (about 5 minutes) and the car suddenly started on it's own. She said they had to remove the Battery cables in order to shut it off. Anyone heard of this or know what it takes to fix this. She is going to take it to a mech. tomarrow but I don't want to get robbed. Thanks in advance.
  • suprgrlsuprgrl Posts: 4
    I have a 95 Rodeo that is leaking and burning oil. I know its leaking oil around the valve covers because when I changed the spark plugs they were covered in oil. I think the valves could be maybe leaking oil because I hear a lifter not lifting. I thought it could be the head gasket seal is broken. It isn’t running hot but I don’t know how the channels for the cooling and oil run to rule that out completely. I am trying to figure out if this the valves, how common it is, how much this should cost and if anyone knows a good mechanic in the Denver Metro area to take my Rodeo to? Thanks!!
  • anthony2nanthony2n Posts: 48
    Lifter noise on the rodeo, especially the 1st generation which includes yours, is not only common but virtually inevitable. In fact Isuzu has a technical service bulletin (TSB) out for this problem which recommends running 0w-30 mobil one synthetic oil for one oil change to allow the oil to get into and cleanse the holes in the lifters. Some people have had luck with adding a bottle of seafoam in the crankcase. Lifter noise on these vehicles is like a chronic illness - it never completely goes way (no cure), but can be managed by doing frequent oil changes and using high quality oil filters (purolator, wix etc). Keeping your oil system clean will keep the lifters pumped up (with oil) and happy.

    The valve cover gasket leak you are experiencing is also a fairly common problem. Isuzu has a new design for spark plug wires which have boots that can better keep out oil. If you lose 1 quart of oil per 1000 miles, then this is considered OK by Isuzu. Many of these vehicles lose some oil. Has to do with ring design that does not have enough drain holes, or so I've read. Overall, I would not panic about your engine unless there are other reasons for which you suspect major valve trouble. The problems you describe above are things that most rodeo owners have experienced and deal with.
  • anthony2nanthony2n Posts: 48
    Sounds like that leak in the fuel line wasn't completely fixed. The only way I can fathom the car starting on its own is for fuel to leak back into the cylinder after the engine is turned off. The heat inside the cylinder ignites the gas and the engine starts. I would also look at leaky fuel injectors. Regardless, this is a case of fuel leaking back into the engine.
  • I have a good friend ("Amy") who is convinced that her remote keyless entry activates any Dodge Intrepid she might be near. Does anyone know anything about this, or is she just having a blonde moment? She drives a late model Isuzu Rodeo. I can probably get more vehicle info if needed. If it is true, does anyone know what the odds of something like this happening might be? Thanks for any help. I know Amy will be grateful as well.
  • I have a 2000 LS with an automatic transmission. The problem I've been having is when I shift into drive, the indicator on the dash will either read R, N, or not light up at all. When it does this the tranny will skip during the first gear as I speed up or slow down( to a stop light). When it is working correctly it runs smoothly. I'm going to buy a manual today and take it into the dealer this week. Any ideas?
  • anthony2nanthony2n Posts: 48
    Sounds like you have a faulty transmission range sensor. It is easy to replace. Order the part and do it yourself. Sometimes the sensor just needs to be cleaned.
  • suprgrlsuprgrl Posts: 4
    I have problems starting sometimes after its been sitting a few days and it blows smoke from all the oil that has been leaking into the cylinder. Can you tell me what are some of the symptoms for the valve leaking on the Rodeo engine?
  • anthony2nanthony2n Posts: 48
    That does sound like you have bad valve guides or valve guide seals. I would take it in and have a compression/leak down test to confirm. You could try to live with the problem by keeping an eye on the oil level. Otherwise, you'll need to have the head rebuilt. You can also look for a used/rebuilt head (check ebay) and have it installed. It will probably cost 1k - 1.5k to rebuild the head - not sure if its worth it on an older, high mileage truck.
  • wazzy2wazzy2 Posts: 1
    Hi Everyone,
    I have a 1994 rodeo 3.2 thats been overheating after 20/30 minutes drive time.
    I felt the radiator after running hot yesterday and it was cold. This morning
    I removed the cap, started the engine, and coolant immediately started
    rising up the filler neck. I think there's trapped air, but not sure how to
    burp it out. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  • anthony2nanthony2n Posts: 48
    If the radiator stays cool, then I would suspect a stuck thermostat. If there is air inside the radiator, then check all the radiator hoses and tighten the clamps. Overheating is usually caused by stuck thermostat, bad fan, or clogged radiator. I would start with those things. A leaking head gasket could also let air into the cooling system, but I would start with the basics.
  • obd2crazyobd2crazy Posts: 2
    I have a 96 Honda passport that is setting trouble code po502 vehicle speed sensor. I replaced the sensor to no avail mil light still on after reset and drive cycle .Ive been to 6 mechanics Including the dealership everone is scared away or gives up . replacing random related parts seems crazy to me anyone got any ideas?need emissions bad please help.
  • anthony2nanthony2n Posts: 48
    Does your speedometer still work. This code is often triggered when the gear from the speedometer to the transfer case fails. This problem should definitely be diagnosed by the dealer. As I understand it, the VSS has an output wire to both the speedometer and the PCM (computer). The dealer can check the voltages and see if the VSS is sending the correct signal to the PCM. I'd check to make sure the speedometer gear is ok and verify the VSS voltages. If everything checks out, then the PCM itself may need to be looked at.
  • obd2crazyobd2crazy Posts: 2
    everything is working exept cruise control I
    replaced the gear in the vss dealer says maybe in the cluster or pcm extremely expensive waiver is 689$ for emissions. diagnostic will just about get me there
    I'm already up to 250$ parts and also says code not matching symptoms?po 502. this is a 2wheel drive v6 3.2 sohc, auto.thank you for your response 2n.any ideas?cause this sucks man!
  • coopstercoopster Posts: 3
    I just purchased a 96 Rodeo with the same symtoms. Thinking it was only the alternator, I shut off the engine and pulled the key. That is when I noticed the AC blower fan remained on. I made sure that the ignition was off, and the fan still worked. Surely, this is NOT the way they were designed. Any one esle have this problem?
  • coopstercoopster Posts: 3
    I just purchased a 96 Rodeo. I believe the alternator is going or gone. Also I noticed the blower fan for the AC/Heater has power to it, even with the key off. The switch works fine, but you should not be able to turn the fan on with the key off and removed from the ignition.
  • bradrodeobradrodeo Posts: 1
    this seems like a strange one, but here goes..97 rodeo.... when turn the key off with AC on the engine will continue to run..even with key out of ignition switch..untill push the air condition button to turn off, then the engine stops......
  • coopstercoopster Posts: 3
    Yes! This is simular to my problem. With the ignition key off and removed, I still have power to the AC unit, or at least the AC blower fan. Something is shorting out between the ignition and the AC/Heater fan switch. Read message # 1641. Any one know what is going on?? Coopster :confuse: image
  • I have a 95 Jetta GL with 86,000 miles in good condition and am about to trade for a 97 Isuzu Rodeo with 140,000 miles on it. I don't know the condition because I am going to check it out tonight. (I am trading because I need an automatic and they are the only person I've had interested and I am pressed for time.)

    Anyway, my question is what should I ask and look for to know if the Isuzu is in good condition?

    ....Any help you can give a "dumb girl" would be greatly appreciated!....I wish I found this place sooner because I have to go check out the rodeo in an hour!

    Many thanks!
  • fish8fish8 Posts: 2,282
    Why would you trade your car in on a vehicle with 140,000 miles on it? You are asking for problems!!!!
  • Sounds to me like Amy was having a serious blonde moment. I don't know this for fact, but I have to believe that the odds of an Isuzu Rodeo remote actually operating a Dodge Intrepid lock system is about as likely as being struck by lightning, while standing in a basement with no windows, and wearing only rubber soled shoes and a wet suit! If I had to guess, I'd say that Amy has been the victim of a very ingenious plan. Whoever tricked her must be quite inventive (and probably very attractive).
  • robbie65robbie65 Posts: 1
    I have a 1999 Rodeo with a 3.2 that makes a loud noise like rushing air from the air cleaner when started cold. It idles near 1500rpm when cold, then drops to 700-800rpm after a short warm up, when the noise goes away. There are no restrictions that I can see in the air cleaner or air intake ducting. Anybody run across this before or is it normal for this vehicle :confuse:
  • momof8863momof8863 Posts: 1
    Hello, I myself have a 98 honda passport "aka" same thing, with the exceptions of a few things, I have had the same problems with mine, and know that I bought a lemon, the squeeling that you have with the rearend, was it when you push on the brake? I have had mine in the shop 8 times and still not repaired, thanks in advance!link title
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