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Isuzu Rodeo



  • rcusimanorcusimano Posts: 4
    Have a '94 Honda Passport, (4L30E Tranny). Replacing the valve body with a kit from a supply house. question is, 3 bearings came out of old valve body, i know where 1 goes (in valve body), but 2 go somewhere in the trans mating surface. Looking for a diagram or picture from a manuel or hint where i can get a manuel that will show me where these 2 bearings go? I hope someone can help....please
  • shauryshaury Posts: 1
    I have a 1999 Passport that has a fuel line problem of some kind.. It was running rough a couple of months ago & the check engine light came on-I took it in to be checked and the mechanic wanted to hook it up to a $200 fuel injector cleaner-I bought some techtron & ran it through myself & thought the problem was solved. Started again today. Bought more fuel injector cleaner today & the guy at Auto Zone sold me a new fuel filter. Is that the next step?
  • enriq212enriq212 Posts: 11
    I am in a maze trying to figure out the problems I inherited with my 99 rodeo and jiffy lube sounded like they could help but I still have the problem. I changed my tranny oil not knowing the last time it was changed and the ride and shifts were better but I shouldnt have gone to jiffy lube when I knew I had a oil leak somewhere coming from the tran oil pan. Now I have a clean oil leak. But my question was if anyone has the same problem because I dont know if the jiffy lube changed the pan gasket (which I expected them to since the filter is there) and if they did then where is this leak coming from. I was recently under the car and sort of gotten a small itsy bitsy turn on the screw thinking they might have left it loose but there was more oil there for the loosness of the scew. I am worried about future problems like running on low oil since the rodeo has no transmission dipstick. Anyone out there!!! :cry: :cry: :confuse:
  • enriq212enriq212 Posts: 11
    anyone know any good websites or a book other than the common auto parts store books to help fix the rodeos..?? THe book I have Haynes or someother is not enough
  • hsueshsues Posts: 1
    I have a 2001 rodeo LS v6 and i've been having engine problems since i got the car from the dealership in 2004. In the mornings when i start my car, it often tries to stall. i'll turn the key and see the rpms go up to about 1500 then it starts to have trouble and rps drop to about 700 and then jerks and sometimes stalls out, sometimes it levels out and work alright... other times i just gas it and keep the revs at 1200+ to warm it up a bit. is there something wrong with my engine or gaskets? its fine otherwise... and sometimes if i haven't driven it for over a few hours, it will have some similar problems of jerking and sometimes stalling due to low rpms.
    on another note, my engine fan is unusually loud sometimes, what is this attributable to?
    any advice would help a lot.
  • lbinhlbinh Posts: 190
    Stay away from Jiffy Lube!!! They are so problematic. Just do a google search on them and you will see numerous complaints against them. And unfortunately, the worst thing is to take your Rodeo in for a ATF job with them. Rodeos are sealed ATF units that dealers or trained mechanics should work on only. As you can see, there isn't a dipstick for you to check the fluid level. You must top off the fluid multiple times which I doubt Jiffy did for you (time consuming). If not done correctly will ruin your tranny. If it is still leaking then the gasket was not changed either. Needless to say the loose screw reflected highly on them.

    My brother's 01 Rodeo tranny was ruined because of Jiffy Lube servicing his ATF fluid. Had to go to dealer and repair for $900. Luckily we had a family attorney persuade the dealer to cover the costs.
  • lbinhlbinh Posts: 190
    sounds like the common intake manifold gasket leak problem. It is covered under the 10yr/100K powertrain warranty. Air leaks in and stalls the engine. Do a search on this topic and you will read more explanations.

    Fan is normaly loud under hot conditions. Check your whole cooling system. Belts, hoses, and fluid.
  • enriq212enriq212 Posts: 11
    I guess that was the worse thing I could do. Bad judgment on that day, very bad. I will try to do my own motor oil change as I have been doing. As for the tranny work it must be a seal because they never changed the gasket when they did whatever they did to replace my tranny oil even though they said they will professionally do the oil change, they really got my money because they changed the differential oil as well and I dont even think I have one it is a 2wd vehicle and said it is the same as a 4wd. Luckily its a strong suv and no tranny problems have resulted. I will look into a knowledged mechanic to finally change that gasket and possibly find the tranny leak. Thanks for your knowledge. :sick:
  • enriq212enriq212 Posts: 11
    MY 99 rodeo feels like the fan part of the ac turns on sometimes never can tell when just feel air from the vents as if it was on fan switch one and heats and cools as I turn the temp control. I turn the ac switch off and still get air through the vents..what I have to do is shut the vent to circulate inside the car air instead of from outside...unless thats normal it sounds like what is happening to you :mad:
  • lbinhlbinh Posts: 190
    Jiffy lube can do the simplest things adequately but stay away from anything else even slightly complicated or anything the do not deal with on a day to day basis(like the Rodeo ATF).

    I think you are fine with the rear differential change. 2WD have a rear differential if that makes you feel any better. Look at the rear "pumpkin" and you will see a fill hole and drain hole.

    Make sure it s a trusted competant mechanic. It should not cost that much to change a gasket and fill the ATF again.

    Good luck.
  • enriq212enriq212 Posts: 11
    Thanks that makes me feel like I am ok., with half their job. I am going to wait a while to see if it leaks really bad for right now it is just forming a drop on the tran oil pan but isnt enough to make a drip to the ground so if you know anything about mechanics and this let me know if I should go ahead and try to change the gasket.

    I just dont want to mess with the atf because I was told if you mess with it you can mess up the tranny because of something or another. I really dont know how much its leaking because with the rodeo there is not a fluid level check, well there is but I dont have the tool tthe book says it has. If I can do the atf change myself then I would get the tools if not then I will wait to see if I can find my way to the dealer who will find whats wrong.

    Personally I was trying to just do it myself and save money.
  • df2000df2000 Posts: 60
    You don't need any special tool what book said.
    I drain and fill 4 q of ATF once a year.
    Start cold in the morming, just let it idle for 5-10 min, trans pan should feel warm but not hot. There are 2 bolts in this pan, lower drain , upper check/fill, and yes, they both facing strait down. YOUR ENGINE SHOULD BE WORKING ALL THE TIME WHILE YOU OPEN CHECK BOLT! Or you will get shower of ATF(about 2q).
    Ok, now remove upper(check) bolt, if ATF drip out the level is OK; if nothing drip out your level is to low and you have to add some ATF until it start drip out. $6.00 hand pump, what srew on the botle from Advance Auto, works very well to do this.
    This year I reached 100K mi on my '97 so I also removed the pan and changed the filter. Old pan gasket was a REAL B*** to removed. It was nothing on the buttom of the pan and about 1/8" magnetic goo on the magnet, nothing in the filter. I feel like I just wasted my time and just one more way to mess up trans. I think periodic drain&fill or say every 30k flush is the way to go.
  • enriq212enriq212 Posts: 11
    The book mentions a temperature gauge to check the atf temp and I thought that was a special tool because I can not find it. I was worried about doing a drain myself because of this but anyway I just did one in jiffy lube and 30k is great to hear because I wont have to do anything with the tranny for awhile. I checked the oil leak and was happy to see that the 1/4 of a turn that I gave the bottom screw may have fixed the problem.

    Well, I will see once I drive the car for a long ride to verify my assumption. I can drain the tranny next time and if there is no leak I will leave the pan alone based on your experience. The oil I saw was coming from above the pan anyway so that will have to be investigated some more on my behalf I thought the oil might have been coming out of the gasket and seeping up the pan with wind and natural liquid tendency.

    I have about 94000 miles on this vehicle and intend to use it for a long time. Right now I am just worried about the timing chain because its a big job that I cant tell if it was done during the 70000 maintenance because it wasn't mine then. And its a big job for something you aren't sure about. Also, I think that if I change it the shifting might improve because the car shifts so much from first to second and vice versa. That is what made me worry about the tran in the first place, but the hard shift from 2nd to stop happens on occasion. Hopefully it stops from now on.
  • bdq172bdq172 Posts: 1
    My 93 Rodeo, 3.2L, starts to overheat after I've been driving on the highway for 20 or 30 mins. When I shut the engine off for 5 minutes or so and restart it cools down to normal temperatures. I've replaced the radiator and water pump within the last 18 months. I removed the themostat but still have the problem. It doesn't seem to overheat driving around town. It starts when I'm on the freeway and I'm running above 2000 rpms for a sustained amount of time. When the car first started overheating, I replaced the thermostat and test drove it. I noticed afterwards that there was some radiator fluid leakage around the valve cover. Since then there has been no leakage. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  • I have a 1999 Honda Passport.
    It starts fine in the morning when the weather is cool.
    In the evening, when the outside temp is over 90, it won't turn over.
    When I turn the key, nothing happens.
    I have to turn the wheels to get it to start.
    I have taken it in to the dealership and a local
    AAA certified service station.
    Neither has been able to solve the problem.
    Has any other Passport owner has this problem.
  • df2000df2000 Posts: 60
    No timing chain but timing belt. I saw isuzu TSB somethere, they revised timing belt change intervals, I believe '99 now 105K mi normal service. I think consensus on the Web you can go easy to 120K on timing belt. At least nobody report belt broke in less 120K. I still have original one. But see, my '97 is SOHC which is not enterferance design, if it broke it just inconvenience.
    Your '99 is DOHC which is a different story. Oh well... it is up to you.
    I saw one isuzu belt after 60K, it looks brand new.
  • enriq212enriq212 Posts: 11
    Alright that makes me loose alot that was on my mind. I dont need to worry about the timing belt thanks so much for your mentioning that stuff. The Rodeo has been great I usually have had bad experiences with used cars, but not this one....knock on wood. :D
  • You're probably right. At least about the attractive part. Any ideas on how I can convince Amy she has been tricked? Maybe somehow educate her on how keyless remotes work?
  • djxtremedjxtreme Posts: 1
    I've been looking for 18 or 20" rims for my 98 rodeo for some time.
    I've ordered 2 different sets, in fact, BOTH of which didn't fit.
    They were both the HELO brand, and are what the DISTRIBUTOR said would fit. EVERY place I go says they simply aren't available...but by looking on places like, it's obvious they are.
    I just want chrome rims, and they've been impossible to find.
    They have the right bolt pattern, but the hole for the axle isn't big enough for the Rodeo's oversized dust cover.
    What fits!?
  • chrishallchrishall Posts: 3
    I own a '01 rodeo, 4wd, LS, 90k, auto, and when i take off and go very slow with the wheels turned, the rear wheel will make a popping noise and kind of stutter. the popping noise will only happen when i turn the steering wheel and start to take off at a very slow speed. when i turn left, it seems that its only the left back wheel that makes the noise.
    any ideas?

  • Boris2Boris2 Posts: 177
    Are you sure it's coming from the rear? If it is, it's probably the tire - take it to Discount tires and they'll tell you for sure and wont charge you anything.

    However, very often you can't really hear where it's coming from. Check the front mud flaps. I have '01 rodeo as well and some time ago i noticed weird sounds when I was turning hard left at very slow speeds. It turned out that the front right wheel when turned all the way down to the left was scraping the mut flap. The dealer first told me that i had oversised tires (they apparently forgot to check the tire sizes) and then suggested I cut the mud flaps to fit better. Good suggestion, ah? :-)
  • I would probably sit down with her and her keyless remote and go through its operation. Specifically, the button with little picture that shows a closed lock means: "Lock" and the button with the little picture that shows an open lock means: "unlock!" Then maybe show her the difference between different manufacturer's remotes. Just a thought.
  • kitty7kitty7 Posts: 1
    :sick: I have a 1995 Izuzu Rodeo that has been having some problems. When I am at an idle the RPM and Oil Pressure Gauge will wiggle slightly up and down. You can also hear the engine making slight revving noises in sequence with the wiggling of the RPM and Oil Pressure. The vehicle makes a slight back and forth jerking motion noticeable at 45 mph and up. I drove the vehicle down the road today and it died on me. The car will turn over but then dies. Does anyone have the slightest idea what might be going on? :confuse:
  • sinnersinner Posts: 1
    Hi all....first post here...seeking a lil information on a replacement engine. Im a lil disapointed that my '92 didnt hit the 300k mark but its been a great truck to me. Its by far the best 4x4 i have ever owned. It grossly outperformed any of my bigger ford, chevy, 4x4's . Anyway....its time to either move on to a new vehicle or rebuild the rodeo, since the body chassy and interior are so nice on the rodeo iv'e decided to rebuild her. Im planning a reman. motor new cv joints (assembally) (might as well while the engine is out..can you beleive what the dealership price is on these!!! 600$ ea.!!) ball joints, it'll be like brand new when were done. I was wondering if anyone here has ever done an engine swap on their older rodeo? If so what brand of engine did you use? Anyone know anything about ATK reman. engines? With core oreilly auto is asking $1200.00 for the original GM 3.1 v6. Sound like a fair deal? Any suggestions on where to buy my reman. motor? The only places i have to choose from in my area are....Oreilly , auto zone , napa , and parts america... If anybody has any feedback, i would appreciate it...Thanks....Wayne
  • chrishallchrishall Posts: 3
    thanks for the suggestion, but the tires do not rub. this issue only happens when the wheels are turned and going forward very slowly from a stop. i didn't know if maybe it was an issue with the LSD, wheel bearings, or rear end...
  • donnendonnen Posts: 3
    just bought 95 Isuzu Rodeo, has 172K miles on it. Ran really great on the way home. All that I have done is fill the tank, change out the oil and filter and then took it down and hosed out the engine compartment to clean excess grease and oil and such. Now there is a weird chattering/knocking sound coming from what seems to be top of engine. Only happens at idle and low speed. The sounds speeds up with the engine and then go away at higher rpms. Any ideas? Could I have messed up something at the carwash? :confuse:
  • donnendonnen Posts: 3
    In addition to the problems im now having, does anyone know how to hook up isuzu to code scanner? Where the OBD I connector is on 95 isuzu rodeo?
  • yumezeyumeze Posts: 1
    My car is overheating when im driving it for more than 20 mins. it only goes up in temp when im at a stand still, so i have been putting it in netrual and rev the engine a little to bring the temp back to normal.. the temp also goes back to normal once i start driving again. this happend once before about 9 months ago and i had the radiator flushed and new coolant put in. it did stop for a while but is back now. the fan turns on but i smell burnt coolant. could my water pump be burning out slowly??? :sick:
  • jeemanjeeman Posts: 1
    What kind of oil did you put in it?
  • rengattrengatt Posts: 1
    Hi All,

    Looking for some ideas to modify my Rodeo (sold in Australia as the Holden Frontera) does any one have sggestions as to bigger tyres, lift kit, ie

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