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Isuzu Rodeo



  • renfrorenfro Posts: 1
    I am having problems with the backup lights not working... have replaced the fuse and the bulbs but they still do not work.
    i bought this vehicle used and so far had a really nice experience with this ride.
    other than the backup lights not working.
    if someone can help me i would greatly appreciate it.
  • al8729al8729 Posts: 2

    If your's or anybody's 4wd is still out action as of April 2008; I have the most likely solution for you.

    First, I recommend you have a professional mechanic perform this task unless you are tech savvy enough. But just recently I fixed the "non-operative" 4wd on my 2000 Rodeo. Your problem is definately the 4wd actuator, on the front axle. It is behind a large, black steel plate which must be un-bolted and removed; along with the smaller skid plate. What needs to be done is to remove the actuator (housing cover only) and check/clean any corrosion on the sliding, crescent shaped terminals. Basically, the actuator works perfectly, it is just that lack of use allows corrosion to form on various electrical terminals; and the motor simply isn't receiving enough of the current when you depress the 4wd button.
    IMPORTANT - make timing marks everywhere - because you will have to remove a large plastic gear or two. The actuator will not function properly in the end if you do not. Note - do not un-screw motor itself, you must start your timing marks from its long plastic spindle.
    Next, after re-assembling the housing, unplug the cable that powers the actuator and clean the metal terminals with a long piece of custom cut eraser (preferably a bit of a white one, cause they leave behind no residue). This can be done with a small sharp knife.
    Finally, if you have put everything back together properly; the 4wd will work. You must be moving for it to engage. Turn the wheels as well, to assist the process. Good luck.
  • fluxflux Posts: 1
    Hi, there,

    I changed the battery of keyless entry, but it cannot activate the door lock any more. It looks like the keyless entry is energized by the new battery for the flashing light when you push the keystrokes.

    What shall I do? Thanks a lot!

  • nyaznyaz Posts: 1
    I own a 2001 rodeo and am coming up on 100,000 miles. What does the 100,000 miles maitenance service include? anybody know? Any recommondations on what to look for? Any help would be great,

  • steverstever Posts: 52,572
    The Edmunds Maintenance Guide will tell you what Isuzu recommends.

    And it'll tell you what it should cost in your zip code.

    The owners here will have have suggestions about "extra" repairs/maintenance to consider.
  • okmech1okmech1 Posts: 19
    I also have a 2001. It depends a bit on how you use it (on or off road, towing alot or not) and also what you have done to it so far. The biggest thing at 100,000 miles is the timing belt according to the factory manual (Haynes says at 60,000). Get either an OEM Isuzu belt or a high quality NAPA belt (will run about $50). Also, If you haven't done them up to this point, the spark plugs need to be replaced. Fuel filter, coolant replacement and transmission fluid / filter change would also be things to do soon.

    If you have questions on these things, I'll answer what I can, but hopefully this gives you a start.
  • jmunleyjmunley Posts: 1

    I have a 1992 Isuzu Rodeo 4WD with the transfer case built into the transmission. There is a fill plug at the top of the transfer case, a drain plug at the bottom of the transfer case, and a level check plug midway up on the passenger side of the transmission. I need to know what model of transmission this is. Any suggestions as to how to figure this out? The model choices are MUA, MSG, BW, and W/V

    Thank you!

  • okmech1okmech1 Posts: 19
    There should be an identification plate just above the position switch on the driver's side.
  • suzie99suzie99 Posts: 1
    Hi -

    Did you ever find out what this is? I have a 99 that just started to do this.

  • minhtranminhtran Posts: 2
    I have 97 rodeo speedometer light not glow up at night, but the RPM light is glow. May somebody give me a hint about it? light bulb? fuse or else? Thank advance for your reply.
  • Hello,

    I was wondering if you figured out the problem. I have the same problem as you described above. some told me it was within the engine please let me know?
  • Check your Transmission range sensor. It is on the outside on drivers side. Can be cleaned out and rebuff the contacks bluebell2
  • I have what seems to be a somewhat common problem on my 97 passport. I just replaced the head gaskets and went ahead and replaced the alternator (reman from Advance). There wasn't any problem with the alternator or blower motor before I did this work. Now the I don't have alternator output even though the alternator tests good. The blower fan will also not work unless I disconnect the alternator. Then it will work.

    This seems to be fairly common problem on Isuzu/passports judging from the web post but no one seems to have the solution except for perhaps get a new alternator, not a rebuilt. I believe all was working fine when I first started the engine but i had a vacuum leak that I had to take the upper intake off to fix and now I can't get alternator output or the blower motor to work. The blower doesn't run because the relay does not close. As I understand the circuit the relay gets power through the battery indicator light and if the alternator grounds that wire as it should with the ignition on then there is no power to the relay coil.

    Any suggestions?
  • Unfortunately Ducks, you need an original alternator at the cost of about $300.00. The voltage regulators inside the alternators on the remans are not configured the same as an original. Your blower motor is wired to this voltage regulator which is why it will not blow.

    The alternator will in fact test normal out of the car but it will never work, as the voltage regulator is the problem. This is very common on Isuzu's and Passports as well. I went through 3 alternators until finally I took my Rodeo to an auto electric shop and found out what the problem was.

    I don't thnk that there is any other way around Good Luck!
  • I have a 99 rodeo and my check engine light stays on all the time and my gas guage is broking and my spark plugs act up and i have to change then every couple of 1000 miles. Mine burns water and oil, no leaking on ground, and now has begun to smoke white smoke only crank ups and idles. I also had the same problem as you, had clucht repalced and in the transmission the bearing rod that pushes into the tranmission was stuck. its suppost to go back and forth when u mash the clutch. cost a lot to fix. Labor clutch fluid lift lid should be right on top right abouve where clutch is on inside. Your clutch maybe the only thing that needs adjusting. Its easy to do need two people
  • Thanks Brown. I think I had come to that decision today. I got an alternator from NAPA today (two from Advance previously) and it made the blower work for about 15 minutes and then quit. Now if I disconnect the alternator and reconnect it it will work until I crank the engine or turn the fan speed up or something and then it will quit again. It still doesn't charge. The Isuzu dealer told me that a new alternator is $540. Did you get yours from a dealer or from the electric shop?
  • Hey, I replaced the light bulb behind speedmeter, remember disable airbag before take off the instrument cluster. PM me if you need more detail. MT
  • 2004 Rodeo, every so often, i turn the key and nothing, no sound, no lights nothing. i turn it over a couple times and the "reduced power" light comes on and it won't accelerate, but the engine is running but not at full power. i turn truck off and on again and its fine. i went to the dealer, who says they couldn't duplicate the problem, and could not diagnose. anyone recognize this problem?
    my truck has 65k miles and needs a serptine belt but other than the above nothing wrong, i don't want to get ripped off .. cause it's obvious i know very little about cars.. if someone has any ideas please email me at
    i'd sure appreciate any input
  • What years prior to 1998 will the 3.2L V6 interchange.You can email me at
  • you need to check the wires that connect to the battery. If you notice that there is corrosion or white stuff at the connections, you need to get it cleaned. Sooner or later you wont be able to start your car at all. (if thats the problem)
  • Hi im trying to replace the water pump on my 94 rodeo and cant get the dam blance shaft off the truck so i can remove the timming belt cover. I tried useing a impact and did nothing i tried holding the shft still useing 2 screw drives and the 2 round holes on the shaft and it ended up breaking the holds out of it so im out of ideas on howto get it off.

    is there any kinda lub i can use to break it lose?
  • so i have a 92 rodeo 4x4 and i saw today that it has a borg warner t5 transmission, which i know for a fact is a ford mustang transmission. i was talking to a master certified mechanic today and he thinks that with some fire wall modification and some electrical work i can squeeze a 4.6l out of a 96-98 mustang gt into my rodeo. i have the knowledge and tools i just need to know if anyone has ever done it or seen it done ( not necessarily a ford v8 but any v8) i mentioned that i wanted to do this swap to a co worker/hard core mudder and he said that a trooper suspension will bolt up to my rodeo and give me 2-3 inches of lift. and advise or input is appreciated
  • I have a 2002 Isuzu Rodeo with 68k miles on it and have been experiencing a loss of power and an obvious vacuum leak on the passenger side. I've replaced the Intake manifold gaskets and clean out the EGR downtube. does anyone else know where the leak might be coming from? thanks
  • hey i just want to know if its legal and how hard a job it would be to put a 02 rodeo engine in a 1990 model dao.
  • DTC;s 1515, 1225, 1295. Engines starts and runs. Has no power and runs rough. Any ideas?
  • Brianc,

    I just replaced the fuel level sending unit in my 2001 rodeo, the dealer wanted $640.00 for the entire fuel pump assembly saying that I could not get the sending unit by itself. Lies, I found the sending unit for $40.00 at e-bay, and my thruck is working perfect now. the following links are for the ebay seller and his product. Good Luck! itemZ180308327411QQihZ008QQcategoryZ42604QQssPageNameZWDVWQQrdZ1QQcmdZViewItem
  • 2004 Isuzu Rodeo something wierd is going on the reduce power light comes on and i have no power tac wont go over 2,500 rpm.
    Top speed only bout 30 mph. If i get out and raise the hood and tap on the throttle body assy. Get back in the car it will start up and run fine. This may happen several times a day or it will go for several weeks with no problem. ANY IDEAS PLS or is there a way to bypass this. Thank you for at least reading this
  • Hi all,

    I have a 98 Isuzu Rodeo LS 3.0. I put the car in reverse moves fine but when i put the car in drive it doesn't move unless i press the "WINTER DRIVE" button then the transmission engages and i am able to move fine but when slow down again to a full stop or slow speed i have to press "WINTER DRIVE" again to get moving otherwise i am stuck

    I have no idea what is going on ... could someone please point me in the right direction...thanks
  • Is your electical system producing >12 volts? The same thing happened to me and the problem on my truck was that the alternator had quit and I was slowing running down the battery. Your volt meter should read about 14 volts when the truck is running.
  • 1997 Passport:

    Outside temp was in low 20s. When the truck warmed up, I moved the temp control to hot, vent to defrost, air intake to "recirc", and turned on the A/C to dehumidify. I got exactly the opposite--the windows almost immediately fogged up and I could smell what I think is coolant. Switching to fresh air didn't help. If I keep the temp control at cold, I find that the widows take longer to fog up, but they still do. The A/C seems to be pumping cold air (sort of hard to tell when the outside temp is coldish to begin with!), but I'm not getting the de-humidifying effect. I can hear/feel the A/C clutch engaging.

    The fact that I can smell coolant and that the problem is exacerbated when the temp control is at hot makes me think it might be a leak in the heater core--hot, humid air is being blown to the windshield, fogging it. The problem with that idea is that the radiator doesn't seem to be losing coolant and I can't detect any leaks inside or outside the truck.

    Is there a drain for the heater core box? Does anyone have any ideas what this could be?


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