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Nissan Pathfinder



  • I'm looking to replace my stock Toyo's on my 02 SE with new tires.

    I'm concerned about rubbing with 255/70 16's?

    The stock tires are 255/65 16's, but I am looking at the Cross Terrian's by Michilen and I can't seem to find them in that size.
  • Matt, has them in 255/65/16, but they're on back order. Also, Michelin makes the 4X4 XPC, LTX M/S, and the 4X4 Alpins in 255/65/16.
  • The clunk you are hearing is probably coming from you rear differential. My 2002 LE also occasionally makes a very slight clunking sound from the rear differential during stop sign to stop sign driving. It does it alot less now then it was new (I now have 4500 miles on it).I've come to the assumption this is a normal trait of this vehicle. I had a 1988 cougar that did this but was ALOT worse. As far as the lurching when you put your truck in reverse- My truck also lurches slightly when I put it into reverse. Again this is also a trait of these trucks.If the truck is anything above the normal idle the lurching will become far worse.(such as starting the truck and then imediatly throwing it in reverse or putting it in reverse during a cold idle. I let my truck warm up 2-3 minutes before putting it in gear. Overall I'm very happy with my truck and I'm Known to nit-pick any new vehicle I purchase.I hope over-time you become more adapted to your truck and you become more happy with it.
  • couimetcouimet Posts: 130
    Has anyone ever used a rinse agent in their "rinse cycle" when washing their car? Something like used in dishwashers to prevent spots. Is there a similar product for car washes?
  • Mattman,

    Sears had the Cross Terrains in 255/65/16 advertised in Sunday's paper too. I think they were $158/tire.
  • woodyr1woodyr1 Posts: 142
    Last winter, in an effort to find separate rims for dedicated winter tires, I had located a number of 15" 'take-off' rims at a Nissan dealership. I asked to dealer to fit one to a 2001 Pathfinder, which they did, only to report a problem with the disc brake caliper. You may want to have another dealer verify.
  • bgritzbgritz Posts: 139
    We are running 265/70R16's on our '01 SE w/ VERY minimal rubbing when in reverse @ full steering wheel lock each direction. You should be ok. The only part that rubs is a tiny little flap of plastic way on the inside of the wheel wells.
  • I have a '02 SE 4x4 V6 PF, and I wanted to do the oil change myself. But I had difficulty locating the oil filter. From the position graph in the owner's manual, it seems to be covered by the underbody cover. So do I have to take the cover out to change the oil filter? Or am I missing something?
  • Nissan just stoped making Terrano(Pathfinder) in Japan recently. Terrano is currenlty under clearance. How about the US?
  • Where did you get this information from?
  • Nissan just stoped making Terrano(Pathfinder) in Japan recently. Terrano is currenlty under clearance. How about the US?
  • li_sailorli_sailor Posts: 1,081
    Yes, if the '02 is like the '01, you have to remove the plastic shield. There're about 10-12 small bolts. After that, it's a cinch.
  • Terrano is completely different vechile it's not a Pathfinder.
  • meca2meca2 Posts: 284
    pathfinder13: If you look in Nissan Matrix you will find that Terrano IS the same. Terrano is the Japanese market name for the Pathfinder.
  • Yesterday, while driving, I began to hear a strange noise coming from the back end of the Pathfinder. It almost sounded like something was hitting somewhere under the rear. At first sounded like it was coming from the drivers side fender well, then sounded like it was coming from the middle of the rear end. Anyone have any ideas? It was thinking perhaps a universal joint? If so, would it be covered under warranty? The only other thing I could think of was may bearings going bad? Any help would be appreciated. I checked the spare tire to make sure it was all secure, and all tires also look good.
  • I'm looking to replace the stock foglight bulbs on my '01 QX4. I'm looking at PIAA's Extreme White and Super Plasma H3 bulbs. Anyone have any comments on the two types of bulbs?

  • Jack44Jack44 Posts: 221
    Welcome to the most fun hour in car repair...Crawl under the front of car...Lay on your back and remove '10' screws on 'fiberglas skid plate'...and there it is, right in front...I'm assuming you will be putting your car up on a ramp...Go with one of the larger oil filters by Fram...Having done 5 of them on my '01 QX4, no big deal...

    if you read japanese, it says they no longer make terrano/regulus.

  • meca2meca2 Posts: 284
    I wish Nissan would import the X-Trail!
  • Does anyone know how to remove the roofrack in 2002 Pathfinder LE. I am wondering does can it be removed easily and before removing it do i have to know anything that is important.
  • Here's what AltaVista Babelfish gave when I submitted the text underneath the Terrano pictures

    "Production of the tera- no * tera- no leg lath ended. Because becomes only stock sale, as for details please inquire at the nearby dealership"

    I think the Pathfinder is either on the way out or ready for a major redesign. I wonder why they stop production so early in the model-year. Could we get a new model as a 2003.5 like they did in 1995.

    I'm shopping for a Pahtfinder (amongst other cars) and the Nissan dealers are very easy to bring the prices down and the financing is very low. This must be a sign.

  • crikeycrikey Posts: 1,041
    ...we might see the new Pathfinder at the 2003 Detroit Auto Show come January??? The 2001 Pathfinder was introduced there when they stuffed the 3.5L VQ engine.
  • I want to put synthetic oil in my transmission but I'm not sure what kind of oil it takes. Does anybody know if the manual trans takes gear oil or transmission oil? If it takes gear oil, what weight is recommended?
  • I'm looking to buy an early 90's Pathfinder (90-93) with mileage between 100-150k and am looking for advice about what to watch out for. What kinds of problems start showing up and what type of maintenance and repair should have been performed by the sellers? Thanks!
  • Hey LSPANGLER1, check your manual & it should tell you what fluid. But, what year PF do you have? If you don't have the manual I can look it up.
  • I had a 1999 LE and the lease was up and just leased a 2002 LE, its really great, one question thought. The CD player seems to have problems playing CDs that I create on my CD Burner. Sometimes it plays it, sometimes it doesnt , sometimes it skips. Normal CDs are fine. I was told maybe the quality of the CD may have something to do with it. Anyone have this problem?
  • pf01pf01 Posts: 35
    A full size Nissan SUV will be produced along with the Infiniti full size SUV. They will share the body-on-frame platform and a possible 5 liter V8. Both will be built in the brand new $1 billion Nissan factory in Mississippi.
    I hope Automobile(July, p.22) is right.
  • Has anyone recently purchased a 2002 or 2003SE Pathfinder with the popular package in the NY/NJ area? If so what was your best lease or purchase price?
  • Mike1975, I also play burned cd's in my 2002 LE
    with no problems. But I use only high quality cd's like Maxell or Sony. I also do not put any type of stickers on the cd.
  • found a new 2003 pathfinder LE, sticker price $34,600. an iowa dealer has priced it at $31,800. any input on whether that's a good/competitive price? thanks for your advice.
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