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Nissan Pathfinder



  • drbigzdrbigz Posts: 21
    There's been a long discussion on this and Ii'm trying to figure out what is it. Is this when your Path's back tires will lose grip and skid if you accelerate while making a turn after a full stop? This happens to my car a lot and I have to be extra careful when making turns after a cimplete stop like at a stop light.
  • Whoa! Sounds like you are just being a little too heavy on the gas! Ease that throttle down don't mash it to the floor!

    The bottoming out is something different. When you load up the cargo and rear passenger area and then go over bumps the suspension will bottom out with a thunk and provide a very harsh ride. The soft suspension is apparently the culprit. There is a service bulletin out there that you can take advantage of to get this fixed for free by the dealer.
  • I've had only limited seat time since the fix, but the modification does seem to make a difference. Speed bumps taken aggressively don't seem to cause the same unpleasant "bottoming" sensation.

    The real test will be bringing home the snow blower in a couple of weeks.


    As a side note, Tirerack is having special promotion on BFGoodrich Open Trail T/A in the 245-70-16 size for $54 black wall, or $64 white outline lettered. I ordered a set from Lee at ext. 238 and she was very helpful. No connection with the company, just a satisfied customer.
  • SUV has 104K in good condition, last Nissan was 89 Maxima went over 200K, seller asking 5K, don't know much about this vehicle, know Nissan's are strong performers, any one have experience with 1994 Pathfinder?? Any significant problems with the '94??


  • sivi1sivi1 Posts: 82
    toothbrush and amorall will take it off, and leaves trim looking like new.
  • kaczor1kaczor1 Posts: 14
    Can someone please give me the TSB numbers for the bottoming out issue and the tempreture gauge? I would like to have it before approaching my dealer.
  • crikeycrikey Posts: 1,041
    You can also go to and find the TSBs there. That is, unless, those TSB numbers are not accurate. I just printed the ones from there and will show it to my dealer on my next visit (sorry, I don't have them in front of me right now - left them in the PF so that I won't forget).
  • To andy1961 & others who have gotten their 2002 Pathfinders fixed, did the dealership know about the TSB beforehand?

    Here's why I ask: I went to the dealership for an oil change today, and played dumb about the rear suspension TSB. I told them I heard of a possible problem and asked them to do research. WHen I returned to pick up my car, I was informed that there are NO service bulletins for the 2002 Pathfinder. I got so pissed that I asked them to check the website and get back to me.

    Now on another issue: Has any 2002 Pathfinder owners noticed a decrease in fuel economy during cold weather? Here on the east coast, the past three weeks have gotten downright chilly (Day temps around 50 F). During the summertime I averaged 16 mpg and now it's about 14 mpg in the cold. I know there's a TSB on this but the idiots at the dealership seem to know nothing!!
  • what year is your pathfinder, and what brand/model tires do you have on them?
  • bigorange30bigorange30 Posts: 1,091
    Why not just print out the TSB's and just take them to the dealer? Sure, they should know that the TSB's exist and what they are but what purpose does it prove to show that they are not up to speed. Now if your doing research and trying to compare dealers or manufacturers for how knowlegeable they are, then thats one thing. Don't you really just want to get your Pathfinder fixed. If you are doing research, share the results with us when you have surveyed all of the dealers.
  • I had the fix installed for bottoming out on my 2001 Le this week. When I called the dealer to schedule the appointment they didn't know about the fix. But they looked it up and called me back in 15 minutes and scheduled the appointment with no problems. I was at the dealers for about 30 minutes to have the fix installed. I watched what the mechanic did. He removed a bumper from around the spring area and replaced it with a new yellow bumper. It looked a little larger than the old one. I have not noticed any difference in ride and the height of the back of the PF is the same. I have not had the PF loaded down with gear yet to see if I notice a difference. I keep you posted.
  • My dealer was able to access the TSBs once I told him about their existence, apparently they have an online system keyed off your VIN. Would they have found them without my mentioning them is uncertain, though it's not unreasonable to expect that level of diagnostic research.

    I would not expect the dealer service to automatically perform any TSBs unless you report the specific problem stated on the TSB.

    I'm getting the updated temp sensor display installed on Monday.

  • I could find a specific TSB on this issue.

    My mileage is also down, but I attribute it to cold weather start ups and oxygenated gasoline.

  • drbigzdrbigz Posts: 21
    2001 LE
    Bridgestone Dueler H/T 255/65/16
  • Hi Y'all:

    2001 SE AWD owner here. Generally happy with the truck. Are the TSB's applicable in Canada? The temperature is always reading too warm. I haven't experienced bottoming out but should probably have it fixed before the 3 year warranty is up.
  • bigorange30,

    Not really playing "the game." The purpose of my question was to gauge how knowledgeable the service rep at the dealer is. How many times have you taken your car to the dealership for routine service and then gotten a phone call later in the day with the line: "... during the service, the mechanic found the following ... " If the service reps are fairly knowledgeable, I feel that I can "trust" them more when I get that call. The other purpose of the question was that a lot of the service reps are new. I have purchased several vehicles at this dealership, and since I've purchased my 2002 pathfinder, they've had way too many changes in their service department.
  • smokey75smokey75 Posts: 434
    ...besides that BIGORANGE30, it's not as simple as just printing out the TSBs. You have to order them for $30-$40. I have a problem doing that when you know for a fact the dealership has them & just doesn't know about it. I took mine in for the bottoming out TSB & the temp display TSB, in addition to a steering wheel that squeaks when you turn it. When I picked it up they told me they had to order the new spring bumper for the bottoming out & that the tech checked the temp display with Consult II (Nissan's diagnostic reader) & that there were no problems with it. When I got home I called Nissan corporate & asked for a copy of the temp TSB. He said he couldn't send a copy but read the entire thing for me over the phone. As someone mentioned earlier on here, it calls for a new temp module to be replaced in the overhead console (same part # as the previous but later manufacture date) if the temp reads 5-10 degrees too high, not something that Consult II would show a "problem with." I too was surprised it didn't call for the movement of the sending unit away from the radiator, but oh well. I still think that's where the problem is. Anyway, I explained this to them when I brought it back in for the bottoming out TSB & they ordered the new temp module. Haven't had 4 people in my PF yet so I'm not sure if the bottoming out is better. They replace two parts on the steering wheel & it still squeaks, which bugs me because they acted like it was fixed. Has anyone had this problem & found an answer?
  • I had the same problem with the steering thing. I had rattling noises coming from the steering. Well went to dealer, they said that they have to change the whole steering column but they weren't sure this could solve problem..So I didn't do anything with it..but after six months there's no more just went by it self as it got the way I have also never experienced driving my pathy with more than two people, so i really don't know about bottom out. Should I go and change my shocks? One thing I can remember is when there is a bump the rear makes a bit of thuug kinda sound that's it....
  • bigorange30bigorange30 Posts: 1,091
    You don't have to pay for it. Just print out the title with the TSB # from alldata and take it to them. They can take it from there. Unless you have lots of dealer choices and are trying to play them against each other, why get so upset that they are not completely up to date on all the TSB's. Just assume they're not and inform your dealer yourself. I agree that they should know, but the reality is that most don't for some time after a TSB comes out.
  • smokey75smokey75 Posts: 434
    BIGORANGE30, I agree you can print out the title & description of the TSB for free from several web sites. However, you can't get the full TSB without paying. My problem with the dealers is that they just simply don't care, not that they don't know every TSB as soon as they get it. After I told them about the temperature TSB, including giving them the printed title & description you speak of, I went to pick my PF up only to find "nothing wrong with it." I had to call Nissan corporate & find out exactly what the TSB said because the service writer didn't have it right in front of him. He probably would have had to walk 10 feet to get it. When I asked to speak to the tech the service writer told me he was gone & he actually said, "These guys are on commission per car & they're out of here as soon as they're done." Maybe that's part of the problem. They're in such a hurry to get to the next car.
  • I've got an 01' PF'er SE w/60K on it. I too have the dreaded inaccurate temp. issue and a very occasional bottoming out experience. Since I am out of warranty, would the TSB's still cover my PF?

    Thanks much!
  • They would apply, but you'll probably have to pay for them.

  • bigorange30bigorange30 Posts: 1,091
    Well, I guess that's another reason to buy Infiniti instead of Nissan. I never get that kind of response when I take my QX4 in to the Infiniti dealer. $2000 is just not that much extra to pay for the benefits you get.
  • phil47phil47 Posts: 394
    I just mentioned the existance of the Temp and Suspension TSB's to my dealer, and they ordered the parts and scheduled an appointment for me...and I didn't even have to pay the extra $2000 for it!
  • I have 40,000 on my Pathfinder and I didn't have to pay for the TSB's either.
  • You're right...just talked to the dealer and he indicated w/o an extended warranty, the costs would be my responsibility.
  • crikeycrikey Posts: 1,041
    Well, I called 3 dealerships about the 2 TSBs -- rear suspension bottoming out and the temp gauge. 2 of the 3 have to check FIRST to see if the problem exhibits in my PF. Gee, it seems every owner in this forum have the same symptoms and they have to check it first. What a great waste of time. It's either the dealerships have no clue about these issues or they're playing dumb. But I don't understand why they would play dumb and not just fix it since they do not get paid by Nissan warranty if they do not fix anything -- that's what the service advisor said to me. So, why not just fix it?

    I left a message for the 3rd dealer, let's see what they have to say.
  • I have called my local Nissan dealership in the Houston area and have an appointment setup for the Temp Guage and bottoming out of my 2001 PF SE. He told me to bring them in and we can get it resolved. I will keep you posted.
  • I went to my dealership today and spoke with the service manager.

    I have an appointment for next Wednesday for the TSB regarding bottoming out. The service manager didn't seem too aware of it, however I had brought the printout's from the NHTSA website and he kept them.

    Also I am going to go on a test-drive to compare my Pathfinder with another one (different issue).
  • Who's your dealer in Calgary?

    I'm looking to take my car to another dealer, sounds like yours is pretty good.

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