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Nissan Pathfinder



  • nne3jxcnne3jxc Posts: 134
    By the way, if anyone is interested, there is some small details and a "spy picture" of the new V8 powered Pathfinder redesign/replacement here.
  • interesting..........
  • jaydzjaydz Posts: 1

      I just upgraded my tires from the OEM Bridgeston Duelers to the Michelin LTX/MS P255/65/R16. I'll be going up to ski resorts in the Reno, Lake Tahoe area more often this upcoming winter, and i wanted to ask the experts in this board what snow chains they recommend. I've asked a few of my friends who also have 4X4 trucks, and they said that as long you have a 4 wheel drive vehicle, you don't need snow chains. Not sure if they're right, so i was wondering if someone out there can give me some good advice. Thanks!!

  • jiaminjiamin Posts: 556
    I have the same situation as I will go to Reno next week with my 02 QX4. Some friends say that with 4WD chain is not necessary, but my next door neighbor say sometimes on I-80 they won't let you go without chains, which is not about capability of the car but about the traffic regulation. I'll get chain anyway.
  • xplorx4xplorx4 Posts: 621
    Visit the Caltrans website to get up-to-date road condition info.

    If you enter 50,80 in the search box it will show you road restrictions. In most cases the restrictions are similar to this:



    If you want to get a set of chains (or cables), it's unlikely you'll use them if you show the CHP officer you have M/S rated tires and 4WD.

  • The CHP shuts the road down long before you would need chains on a 4WD vehicle.
  • jiaminjiamin Posts: 556
    Thanks for the posts. By the way, I read there are various types of chains. Which type do you recommend using? Also QX4 manual (I believe Pathfinder too) says "Use onlt SAE Class S chains". If I don't load the truck too much will that be fine if the chain is not Class S rated?

    Thanks again. Oh I found the frequency of posting in QX4 forum is much lower than Pathfinder so I'll post more here.
  • shark715shark715 Posts: 382
    Would anyone out there be able to email me a copy of the Nissan Service Bulletin on the above issue? My email is Thanks in advance.
  • filodfilod Posts: 189
    Two years ago when I bought my PF, I got myself an SCC chain. Start with this site and maybe you can get some ideas of what type of chain you should get...

    I agree that it is always better to have a chain with you going up to Reno or Tahoe this time of the year...

  • filodfilod Posts: 189
    Looks like it is as big as Sequioa. I hope not, although I do want a third row seat to replace my current PF.. The size of the lexus gx470 will be nice..

    if as big as the sequioa - I am out
    if as big as the gx470 with 3rd seat - hmmm might be tempted to trade in by fall next year...
  • filodfilod Posts: 189
    As posted by Caltrans - (although I agree with deverespey "it's unlikely you'll use them if you show the CHP officer you have M/S rated tires and 4WD" - I honestly have not used the chains I got going up to Tahoe or Reno for the last two years!)

    Chain Requirements
    R1: Chains are required - snow tread tires allowed.
    R2: Chains are required on all vehicles except four wheel drive vehicles with snow tires on all four wheels
    R3: Chains are required - all vehicles - no exceptions
    R1 and R2 are the most common conditions. The highway is usually closed before an R3 condition is imposed
  • My 01 SE was taken in for fix on thermometer showing too hot. I thought the fix involved the sensor in front of rad. Invoice reads "replace temp meter assembly per Bulletin NTB02-042". The sensor wasn't touched. Is this in line with those of you who have had this service?
  • Filod, good call on chains. I went on the site you provided and found it very helpful. We just bought an 03 PF LE and don't think we will need chains going to Tahoe. However, we will feel better just being prepared. Again, thanks.
  • Yes.

    I thought the same, but it involves replacing the display unit inside the car.

    Seems more accurate now.

  • Jack44Jack44 Posts: 221
    My son had been going up to Tahoe in his '02 SE with no need for chains all last years ski season...
  • baydogbaydog Posts: 15
    The dealer recently sold me the 15208-65F00 oil filter. Last year, they sold me the 15208-9E000 filter, which is noticeably bigger. Does it matter? Did Nissan change their oil filter suggestions?

  • bottoming out problem. Today I loaded some luggage in the cargo area and only two people(me and my friend) were in the vechile, and I could tell by seeing that the rear suspension was totally down with just two suitcases but wasn't sure if this was a problem. I couldn't believe it. The ride was very harsh too. Is this bottoming out problem or normal.
  • My 2001 LE bottoms out in the rear with just two passengers. Even the slightest dip in the road has the rear end hitting the hard rubber bump-stops. It's a bit annoying. I remember a thread like this a year or so ago and the conclusion was an air bag inside the coil springs. I'd like to think that a higher-rate spring would be a more graceful solution. Has Nissan addressed this?


    Ron. . .
  • Hi,

    I've got a 2001 LE 4x4 that came with the Toyo Tranpath 255/65R16 tires. I slashed one open doing some off-roading and the OEM Tranpath is no longer available. Does anyone out there have either a used one with about 50-75% tread left or the unused spare they want to part with? I'll pay a reasonable price + shipping to get the match for what I have.

    Alternatively, do you know of a source for that OEM tire? NOS maybe?

    You can either reply here or e-mail me directly at:


    Ron. . .
  • steverstever Posts: 52,572
    Please, no buying and selling on Town Hall.

    I've purchased used tires and rims at used tire dealers before - the only problem is trying to find the size especially if the warehouse isn't well organized. Even worse would be trying to match the brand as well. But sometimes the owner will know the stock so well that they'll surprise you.

    You may try a salvage yard, but a tire off a wrecked vehicle would be highly suspect.

    Steve, Host
  • During the past two days I had a plenty of chances to test out the 4WD capabilities of the Pathfinder. I was pretty impressed, despite the crappy Dueler's the truck is shod with. I have a 2002 LE and the truck performed admirably. On christmas day I drove on an unplowed highway in a snowstorm (which followed an ice storm). I easily kept pace (30-40) with the idiots who were out driving like me and it felt pretty surefooted. Yesterday I came home to 21 inches of snow and a bunch of unplowed streets. Even in 4-LO it was sliding around a little but I was able to power around all the people who were stuck digging out their cars and spinning their tires.

    I definately have to say that I LOVE 4WD. I've always driven FWD and boy, what a difference!
  • I live in Chicago and would like to move to a 100% Synthetic Oil. Can anyone help me with the correct weight/viscosity?

    I just happened to be in Florida right now with the pathy and the idiotic dealer here has no idea what I should be using in the colder weather.

    Thanks in advance.....
  • mjohnr99mjohnr99 Posts: 193
    Use the advanced search feature and you will find all the discussion you want on the bottoming out question. I think that issue, and the temperature display problem, were the only two "major" (if you can even call them that) TSBs on the '01s that were carried over to the '02s as well. The website has lists of all the applicable TSBs if you want to take in for the fixes on these two issues (again, do your homework and search through the past discussions first - very helpful.) I considered these very minor and was thinking about buying an '02 anyway - but the dealer had a black-on-black '03 straight off the truck for basically the same price, so I happened to get an '03 LE. So far, none of those TSBs have been carried over to the '03s (just the universal no-big-deal ones). So far so good: temp display has remained accurate and with four 200 lb. guys in mine, there was no "bottoming out" per se in the rear over speed bumps, etc. - but it was still "rough" of course, nothing close to a Lincoln Towncar! :>
  • I'll have the chance this weekend to try out my Pathfinder 03 LE with the cargo area fully loaded. We are going to the cottage to spend a couple of days there and we need to bring a lot of stuff (luggage, food, misc items) and I expect to top off the cargo area.

    I'm looking forward to test this ottoming out issue. I hope it won't happen, I would be disappointed because in the summer I would add another 300lbs on the hitch for the trailer and boat.

    If I have problems I plan to install airlifts next spring to solve this problem and level the truck when I'll have the boat attached.

    Look for my impressions next weekend !!
  • bigorange30bigorange30 Posts: 1,091
    I use 10w30 in my QX4. I think 5W30 was also be acceptable especially in Chicago with as much cold weather as you have.
  • dieselonedieselone Posts: 5,721
    Use 5w30, your Pathfinder will really appreciate thin oil on those cold Chicago mornings.
  • jmw4jmw4 Posts: 67
    I had an appointment to take care of the bottoming out issue with the dealer who is aware of the TSB. Unfortunately, the part has been on backorder with Nissan since before thanksgiving. They can give no information as to availability which makes me wonder if Nissan has pulled back on the fix.
  • I too (2001 LE) experienced the exact same symtoms your PF is demonstrating. . Last month while getting the oil changed, I gave the TBS regarding the suspension to my local Nissan service advisor and explained to him I had this problem. The parts were ordered and installed. What a difference! no bottoming out on dips or potholes in the road. I also had the temp display issue resolved too. TSB :sb633673 addresses the bottoming out issue. TSB:632155 addresses the temp display issue.
  • Thank you very much to both for your replies. I'll go with the 5W30 synthetic.
  • I've been reading the posts in this forum for a few months now, just want to say you guys are a great source for information. I now would like a few opinions on the Pathfinder. Would you say this is a long term quality vehicle (I know a 4Runner is)? I plan to keep the truck for at least 10 years. The reason I ask this is I need to make a final decision between a Pathy and a 4Runner. What is stopping me with the 4Runner (like many of you who chose the Pathy instead) is the pricing (not as much bang for the buck). Toyota dealers here in Miami are not known to deal, but Nissan dealers are willing to play ball (and there is attractive financing right now). My concerns about the Pathfinder are long term quality. Also, from what you guys have posted, the fuel economy is really bad (worse than the Runner's V8 mileage per posts in the 4Runner forum). Lastly, the ground clearance on the Pathy seems low (about the same as a CR-V). Do both the SE and LE 4X2's have the same ground clearance? I would be getting an SE, even though the LE seems to look higher (by the way, do the 97-99 Pathys have the same clearance as the current model? They seem higher). One last question, those of you who have purchased in the last few weeks, did you get the truck for a lower price than TMV? I will deeply appreciate your comments and advice!
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