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Nissan Pathfinder



  • jeg72jeg72 Posts: 18
    Getting ready to replace the OEM Duelers on my '01. I have ~36K miles. I am leaning toward a set of Toyo Open Country A/T's. Anyone have these that can let me know what the ride is like? Also, any advice whether I should stick to the original tire size or go with something a little larger?

    I do highway/city driving mostly and tow/launch a boat some during the summer.

  • I have 10,000 miles rightnow in my 2002 Le, but recently for while I have been noticing vbration in gas pedal. Is this normal? Other than that it's perfect.
  • I replaced the stock B'Stones with Toyo Open Country A/T's about 37K ago and would highly recommend them. The ride and traction is excellent and they are wearing well. My guess is they will be go for about another 20K. Bought them off and I believe they were about $85 per w/shipping.

    One other note...I rotate them every oil change (5K) Bottom line...can't go wrong with Michelin LTX's or Toyo Open Country A/T's.
  • shark715shark715 Posts: 382
    I have an '01 PF with 48K miles and a limited slip rear differential (LSD), but I noticed the LSD doesn't seem to be working anymore. I was in 2 wheel drive the other day and noticed that one of the rear wheels would spin freely in the snow even though the truck was not moving. I changed my rear diff fluid about 10K miles ago and used Mobil 1 synthetic. Is something wrong with the LSD?
  • phil47phil47 Posts: 394
    I have a 2001 LE (AWD). I also was in a situation last fall where one tire was on ice and the other on dry pavement. I was in 2wd and the one rear tire kept slipping and no torque was transferred to the other tire. I had to switch to AWD to get away. I haven't thought about it since, but isn't that what an LSD is for??
  • pathstarpathstar Posts: 201
    I beleive you need to add a "friction modifier" to ensure the plate type LSD will work. Check your owners manual. You can still add it now, and I doubt that there was any damage caused. You will need to remove some oil before you add the modifier.

    This stuff is not needed on a "Torsen" limited slip diff., only the plate type. I'm pretty sure we have the plate type.
  • From past experiences with LSDs (not LSD!!) the friction modifier is to prevent the plates from binding not to help them engage. The binding is normally associated with slow turns as in parking lots, etc. Lack of modifier will / could cause a grabbing and jerking feeling. Adding the modifier is a good idea anyway, but it won't help it engage.
  • intmed99intmed99 Posts: 485
    I am not sure what type of LSD the Pathfinder has (clutch vs. gear based). However, most LSD will NOT work IF one wheel is in the air or is totally slipping...thus, lockers are better for this type of situation. LSD is good when there is "some" slippage.

    If you run into a problem where LSD is not engaging, try LIGHTLY applying the brakes (one foot on gas and one foot on brake pedal) OR pull a little on the E-brake. This will help engage the LSD.
  • phil47phil47 Posts: 394
    Thanks for the info...that's an important distinction. I'll try that next time.
  • shark715shark715 Posts: 382
    Thanks, Intmed99. I'm familiar with the trick of lightly applying the brakes, and unfortunately in my case it didn't work. I have the factory service manual and it says nothing about diagnosing this type of problem. I'm wondering if the problem is the Mobil 1 gear lube, but it did say on the bottle that it is suitable for limited slip diffs.
  • DastoDasto Posts: 14
    Is it better to get the 4WD or 2WD for towing < 3500 lbs?
  • shark715shark715 Posts: 382
    Unless you need the extra traction of 4WD (such as if you are towing off road or pulling a boat trailer up a slippery boat ramp), I can't see why it would make much difference. I have an '01 PF 4WD, and the engine and transmission seem to handle my boat and trailer (about 4200 lbs.) with relative ease, although I needed to install an airlift kit because because the 200 lb tongue weight of my trailer dropped the back end of the truck so much. Nissan rates both the 2WD and 4WD PF's at 5000 lbs. (assuming an automatic transmission). Other manufacturers (such as Ford with the Explorer and Expedition)lower the towing capacities for 4WD versus 2WD by 200-300 lbs. to offset the extra weight of the 4WD models.
  • w62w62 Posts: 27
    Having driven a 02 PF for 6k, I found the engine make much more NOISE when climbing hills than going on the straight roads. This is compared to my 01 Accord and 93Taurus. Besides the noise, seems it takes a lot of work to climb.Is this normal since PF is a heavy vehicle? But the PF engine is powerful 240HP.I hope i am wrong. Other than this noise, everything works fine.I noticed the other SUVs passing by don't make that much noise.

    Your comments and info are greatly appreaited
  • I can't seem to find any info in the Infiniti literature that the Qx4 comes with VDC, is this correct? That would seem kind of strange that the more expensive Qx4 would not have this option.
  • bigorange30bigorange30 Posts: 1,091
    I will look it up in my manual.
  • w62,

    Is it cold in your area (freezing mark or below ?)

    I took delivery of my 03 Pathfinder in late October. At that time the truck would easily climb the steep hill that leads to my neighbourhood. I was amazed. But since the cold temperatures have settled in I have to use the kick-down to climb the same hill.

    Maybe the winter gas along with the cold temperature impact the performance of our truck.

    I ma not experiencing any "noise" but I'm only at 3000 miles.
  • intmed99intmed99 Posts: 485
    Yup, QX4 has only a LIMITED-SLIP DIFFERENTIAL as an option. The Pathfinder does NOT have this option...instead, it has VDC and traction control system.

    I think VDC = vehicle dynamic control.

    VDC was added to '03 model Pathfinder and Xterra.
  • w62w62 Posts: 27
    Hi Worldtraveler,
    I am in Seattle metro. This winter is really mild.I bought my 02 PF last August. I have had this noise since the begining.seems not related to the cold.Compared to your 03 PF, i never have that easy climbing (and the hills are not steep in my case), i just feel something is not right with my 02PF. I really want to know how the other PFs climb hills. Hope to get more replies so that i know where to go.Thanks for your info!
  • I have a 2002 Pathfinder with the Bose premium audio system.I understand the 2003's offer satellite radio.Can anyone that has that option tell me how the system is set up?Does the satellite radio go directly through the main radio? Is this a dealer installed option?How much does installation or the option cost?I would really rather have the dealer install this instead of some inexperienced discount electronics store employee. Any info would be appreciated. Thanx
  • Path13,

    To some extent I agree with W62. I too feel that my Pathfinder had more punch the first few weeks I had the truck. For now I think the cold is the culprit, I think higher-end engine tend to perform less in cold weather.

    Or maybe it is just that I have become "used" to the power....
  • steverstever Posts: 52,683
    Brisoup, you may want to look around the XM & Sirius Satellite Radio discussion too - some people have had good luck with the Circuit City type stores, believe it or not.

    Steve, Host
  • w62w62 Posts: 27
    Path 13,
    I'll try to keep O/D off for climbing.See how it works.Do people leave O/D off when climbing hills?
  • I don't turn O/D off unless I'm pulling my boat and climbing a hill.

    I think that a 240HP truck should be able to climb a hill like the one I have here without turning O/D off.
  • I'm interested in purchasing a '03 QX4 but have been put off by the chronic vibration problems sited by the Pathfinder owners in their recent discussions. Any information or advice would be appreciated.

    Also, any idea what month this year when manufacture of US QX4 and Pathfinder models will cease? How much longer will US dealers receive these vehicles? Thanks, John
  • pathstarpathstar Posts: 201
    Just a little speculation here. Note that the Pathfinder has VDC and the QX4 doesn't. From this and the introduction of the new Infinity "super SUV" I suspect it (AWD wagon, as in car) will replace the QX4. This would "broaden the market" for the Pathfinder. I hear the Pathfinder is going to get larger (like the 4Runner). This is supposed to happen in the next two years. Nissan is also supposed to introduce a competitor to the CRV and RAV4 next year ("small" SUV). I hope it has the 3.5 V6!!

    All this being said, I wouldn't wait, if the current vehicle meets your needs well.
  • Help, I need to change it from km to mph.
    Thanks to all.

    Pss: I am in the NYC area.
  • what kind of Gas you're putting. I have only notice powerloss when I use low grade fuel; other than that no problem.By the way, the Pathfinder will remain same size but with new look and power, I got this information from Nissan designers who usually comes to a japanese bar where my gf works. I also saw the new ad for the truck. It's really kool wait till it's shown on tv. I will try to get more information.
  • I just brought my '02 Pathy LE in for the 7500mi. check and when I got it back the rims were scarred by the lug-gun they used when they rotated the wheels. Has anyone else had this problem or did I recieve a bad job and perhaps am entitled to something in return. My biggest gripe is that the truck was virtually brand new when I brought it in and now I have to keep eyeballing these nasty scars on my wheels...on all four! I'm not one for complaining but when someone brings in their brand new 350Z do they have to leave with blemished rims? I'm a fanatic about my vehicles and now I can't bear to look at my rims.I haven't gone back yet but I wanted to check with some owners before I stampeded into the dealership...thanks guys!
  • Brisoup, about four months ago I bought an '03 Pathfinder, all of which are advertised as being "satellite ready", but Nissan doesn't seem to know what to do to actually make it receive satellite broadcasts. I was told by my dealer that the transmitter would be modified, but Nissan hasn't provided the part or any other guidance to my dealer. I don't want to go to an after-market FM modulator, but that may end up being my only option. I'm told by after-market dealers that you don't get full digital clarity from this arrangement because the sound clarity of your satellite reception will be about that of your FM radio. I would not have bought the car had I known this, and I am very disappointed with Nissan about this. I would recommend that anyone considering buying a Nissan - and who wants satellite radio - buy it with the satellite radio already installed. I would appreciate input from anyone else who had this problem and how you got the problem resolved.
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