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Nissan Pathfinder



  • drbigzdrbigz Posts: 21
    My uncle is a certified mechanic and my brother is pretty handy with cars as well. I'm sure one of them can help me put this on. I just wanted to know what you think of that intake. Sounds like you think it's a good upgrade. Thanks for your blessing. If there's another intake system that you would recommend, please let me know.

    Also, approximately how much does a FIPK (Fuel Injection Performance Kit cost?
  • eagle63eagle63 Posts: 599
    Thanks for the tips earlier on finding out if I have a limited-slip diff. I checked the pumpkin on my rig, but didn't see anything about "..use LSD oil only..." I also did some searching on LSD's for 2003 Pathfinders and found this:

    According to this guy, LSD isn't even available in the '03 models. Does that sound right to you?
  • pathstar1pathstar1 Posts: 1,015
    Go to the Nissan site. LSD is standard on the SE in Canada. The LE has traction control instead. Also check your owners manual. If it says anything about LSD friction modifier, LSD was in at least some models. My 2001 LE has it, but I haven't seen the tag on the diff. It's in the owners manual.
  • Jack44Jack44 Posts: 221
    Problem with Frankencar intake is that it's sitting open in engine bay sucking hot air...You will need to enclose it ...You could probably make a box around it with Reflectix...You have to just allow cold air into the box...

    I've just a K&N filter...Don't have to clean for they say 50,000 miles...
  • shark715shark715 Posts: 382
    I have an '01 LE, and the LSD was an factory installed option for the '01 model year on both SE's and LE's. If I recall correctly, the list price of the option was about $250. There's an orange sticker on my rear diff that says "use LSD oil only". I don't know about '03's, but I looked at the Nissan website for '04's in the U.S. It does appear that a limited slip differential is no longer on the option list. So long as the traction control that is offered is the type that can apply the brakes to one individual wheel based a sensed loss of traction, I beleive that it is an effective replacement for a limited slip differential. However, if it's the more primitive type of traction control that merely reduces the engine throttle when it senses excessive wheelspin, all it can do is prevent the excessive wheelspin, but it won't prevent you from getting stuck in the snow or mud any more than you could yourself by judicious use of the throttle. Anyone know if I'm correct on this?
  • xplorx4xplorx4 Posts: 621
    Jack44- I realize that the intake is a warm air intake. However, the increase in volume will improve horsepower despite the lack of thermal shielding. I used to have a K&N replacement filter, but I later replaced it with an open-air cone filter, and the increase in power was "seat of my pants" noticeable, whereas the K&N replacement was negligible. Obviously for the best performance the intake opening (in this case the open air filter element itself) should be installed where it will draw the coolest air possible (such as behind the bumper or inside the fender). Shielding the intake from heated engine air will help, if you cannot move the intake outside the engine bay.

    Re: LSD
    I'm not sure about that site you linked to, but another way to tell if you have the LSD is to put the truck in NEUTRAL GEAR on a level surface with the engine off, block the front wheels, jack one rear tire off the ground and release the parking brake. If you cannot rotate the tire with your hands, then you have the LSD. Alternatively, raise both rear tires and spin one tire by hand. If the other tire spins the same direction you have LSD. If it spins the opposite direction, you have an open diff.
  • While driving down the road, my radio turns itself off for no apparent reason, and the CD player begins whining like it wants to eject, but there is no CD in it. I keep turning it back on and sometimes it is ok, and sometimes it does it repeatedly. The problem is, I hear the CD whining noise even after I shut off the engine! It did a similar thing last year, and my battery wound up dying (related?). After several new batteries, found I needed a new alternator. Then all was ok until just a few weeks ago when this radio thing started up again. Also, often I notice in the morning when I start my car, all my radio presets and clock have been zeroed. So is this an alternator or radio/CD problem? Is it sapping energy from my electrical system? Or is my electrical system the cause????
  • pathstar1pathstar1 Posts: 1,015
    The test method described by xplorx4 works fine with all but torsen LSDs. Torsen LSDs appear to be not there with this test (other wheel rotates opposite direction). The only sure fire way I've found short of disassembly is to wait for a nice cold day, and in a parking lot, put one rear wheel on a frozen puddle or ice patch with the other on pavement with the vehicle in 2WD. Step on the gas. If you just sit there and spin on the ice, you don't have an LSD. If you skid the tire on pavement, you probably do. Be aware that this test will cause the vehicle to skew somewhat so be ready to control it.
  • xplorx4xplorx4 Posts: 621
    Thanks for that insight, pathstar. What you said makes sense. A torsen diff uses gears instead of friction plates to bias torque towards the wheel with traction. I suppose a higher threshold of torque (i.e. more than you can create by hand) must be reached for the torsen to work properly.

    Fortunately (or unfortunately! ;) ) the Pathfinder doesn't use a torsen unit.
  • lbinhlbinh Posts: 190
    If you are like me...Road/tire noise is the most important factor. Comfort, Treadwear, price, traction, warranty, and appearence come after that. I installed the Fortera HLs (120 a tire plus $50 main in rebate) and drove 700 miles (wet and dry) last week. No sign of wear at all. It was 50 percent smoother and about 70 percent quieter than the old OEM Dueler HTs. All the noise left in my pathy is wind noise. Definitely gave me a luxury ride. Girlfriend noticed the difference in driving comfort. Time will tell on treadwear but the handling, traction, ride, and queitness are awesome.

    Yoko Geolander H/T-s GO51 were a close second(less expensive, 98/tire, 500 UTQC). If you need offroad traction than Dueler A/T Revos (120/tire, 500 UTQC) are the best.

    The Foteras have a higher UTQC rating, 540 vs. 440 on the LTXs. Forteras look much better due to the aggresive sidewalls.
  • eagle63eagle63 Posts: 599
    thanks for the replies guys. I'm pretty certain my Pathy does not have LSD, and I'm becoming convinced that LSD is not even an option for 2003's, which is too bad. I've checked Nissan's website and they don't list it as an option at all.
  • xplorx4xplorx4 Posts: 621
    You may be able to add the LSD to your truck for just a few hundred dollars. carries the Pathfinder LSD for $400. A qualified shop (not a dealer) should be able to install it for around $200-$300, but get quotes.
  • woodyr1woodyr1 Posts: 142
    Some models of the 2003 Pathfinders come with the tire pressure monitoring system. I understand that sensors are located in the wheel valve stems that transmit to the computer. I suspect that if the tire pressure drops below a certain value, notification of some sort would occur.

    Has anyone noticed any problems with this system?

  • jiaminjiamin Posts: 556
    Not sure if Toyota Sienna has the same Tire pressure monitoring system, therefore possibly it does not apply to Pathfinders.

    One time I drove a friens's Sienna to airport to pick him up. After only drove a few minutes the warning light came on. Stopped at a gas station and found no air equipment. Started car and went on to another station, and found the warning light was off. So I took no notice of it and drove all the way, the light never came on again. Later my friend said it's kind of useless. Maybe the system is just too sensetive...
  • sivi1sivi1 Posts: 82
    i don't understand your message. my 02 le has a full size spare?
  • ok I see this is an elete group that ignores new members.....I need help and there is no group there no one that has any knowledge on this subject???
  • Sorry LuganRN...I think the problem is that there aren't many on this board with Pathfinders that are 8 years old...wish I could help.
  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,059
    You might browse through the messages in Nissan Pathfinder Owners: Problems & Solutions and ask your question there.

    tidester, host
  • xplorx4xplorx4 Posts: 621
    i don't understand your message.

    Which message?

    my 02 le has a full size spare?

    Yes, it does.
  • are the cruise and radio buttons supposed to light up on
    the 2003 LE? they do in my 95 explorer, but I am not sure if they do or not in the path. can someone clarify this for me please. Thanks!
  • jiaminjiamin Posts: 556
    I don't think Nissan/Infiniti have made any steering wheel buttons illuminated, no matter what cars. I'd also like them illuminated.
  • shark715shark715 Posts: 382
    The buttons on my '01 PF are not lit, but the buttons on my wife's Explorer are. It's a nice feature. I also had a Taurus that had a steering wheel that appeared to be identical to the one in the Explorer, but on the Taurus the buttons did not light.
  • jiaminjiamin Posts: 556
    Switches for the rear window on my 02 QX4 are not lit, which is cheap to me. Don't think it'll reduce manufacturing cost a lot. Nissan/Infiniti could share the same parts from say Maxima's rear window switches...

    I can tell whether the switch has light in it or not. Look at the switch closely and if the symbol is solid white, there is no light in it; if it's translucent then the inside light will come out through the symbol when it's turned on.

    Somewhere I read discussion about the steering wheel control illumination. Some said it'll distract driver other said it'll not. I can use them by touching, no problem. However I'd still want them illuminated for a bit more convenience.
  • I have a 2003 4WD SE Pathfinder with about 1800 miles on it. For the past 300 miles the steering wheel has developed a very persistent rattle from the top of the enclosure around the airbag. Also, the separate piece of plastic over the steering column as it goes into the dash rattles somewhat; not as loud or persistent. The rattling occurs on every bump and only completely disappears on the smoothest roads.

    I don't know if I'm being ultra-senstive to rattles, or if it is unusual for there to be a rattle like this in such a low - mileage vehicle that has only been driven on-road. I would expect noises like this in a 80,00 mi vehicle but in such a new vehicle it makes the entire structure feel cheap.

    Other than this annoyance I love this vehicle. Anybody else out there have a similar problem? What are my chances of getting a dealer to at least attempt to fix this thing? It seems like a little adhesive to affix the superior aspect of the steering wheel cowling to the structure underneath would do the trick, but I hate to mess around with this myself if I don't have to.

    Can anyone lend some advice?
  • Viking03,

    Are you talking about the part of the steering wheel that you beep the horn with when you push down with your thumb ? If so, my 2003 PF also "jiggles" a bit, but I actually have to move it with my thumb and first finger and I think this is normal, it doesn't make noise with daily driving. Try going to your dealer and compare with showroom model.
  • smokey75smokey75 Posts: 434
    Hey, I have a 2001 PF with 45,000 miles & I've never had any rattles inside. Of course, the steering wheel is different on the 2001 so that might not apply. But regardless, your warranty covers adjustments (including rattles) up to 12,000 miles.
  • kl532kl532 Posts: 5
    What is the specification of the 2005 Pathfinder and when is it going to be launched and how is it going to look like.


  • go to and click on NAIAS 2004 on the right. The third and last picture is of the 05 Pathfinder :)
  • sivi1sivi1 Posts: 82
    in post 7108 you mentioned limping home with small spare?
  • xplorx4xplorx4 Posts: 621
    That response was in reference to using the factory-provided full-size spare tire with larger-than-stock replacement tires.

    For example, if one's Pathfinder came with 255/65R16 tires (including the spare) and one gets new replacement tires of a larger size (eg. 265/70R16) without replacing the spare tire as well, there will be a diameter mismatch between the running tires and the spare tire. This mismatch could adversely affect the 4WD system.

    If tire diameter mismatch is unavoidable (eg. because one didn't up-size the spare tire), it's best to place the odd-sized tire on a front wheel and use the truck in 2WD mode only (while on pavement) to prevent undue wear and tear on the LSD and/or the 4WD system.
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