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Nissan Pathfinder



  • sivi1sivi1 Posts: 82
    thanks for your info. could you tell me why they have deleted 6889 pics on 04 pathy, [nighthawk]
  • sivi1sivi1 Posts: 82
    thanks for your info. could you tell me why they have excluded post 6889 pix from edmunds.
  • Folks, This place is a Godsend.

    I'm getting a high pitched squealing noise form under my hood when my engine when my 97 Pathfinder is idling. When I accelerate it goes away. Had the drive belts replaced last year. I've got approx 76,000 miles on my baby. The guy at the Nissan service department reccomends replacement of the timing belt. The manual says replace it at 105k. They are also telling me that I may have to replace the water pump once its opened for the timing belt. I get the feeling that I am being pressured to get the higher work done. Another Nissan service rep told me that with today's newer material for the belts, you can take them right to 105k. 60k was the old standard and its rare for the timing belt to wear prematurely. Anyone had similar problem? Was the noise due to poor belt adjustment or is the idler pulley need adjustment? I think my Pathfinder service guy is okay, but I just don't have the money to throw at unnecessary repairs.

    Thank you for your responses. Thank you Edmunds. I will be using this discussion group more often.

  • xplorx4xplorx4 Posts: 621
    Your timing belt should last well into the 10x,000+ mile range, as should your water pump, so I wouldn't throw money into that yet. I mean, what if that doesn't fix the problem? Should you get a refund because you spent money to replace parts that didn't need replacing?

    When you have your timing belt replaced at its normal service interval (105,000 miles), it's generally recommended to replace the camshaft seals, the crankshaft seal, the timing belt idler pulley, water pump, and the timing belt itself all at once, since over 70% of the cost to replace the timing belt is labor. While everything is dismantled, you might as well replace the $3.00 seals and the water pump, too.

    I think you can get price quotes for complete timing belt replacement kits from either or You might need to check the price of the water pump separately, though.

    If you use a reputable, ASE-certified auto repair shop, you should be able to buy the parts online yourself and have the shop install the parts for you. Then you'll only have to pay for labor plus a jug of antifreeze. Anyway, that's all for future reference.

    For now, just readjust the regular drive belts, or apply belt dressing to them to see if that solves your problem. If not, replace the idler pulley. I've also heard that the AC pulley can also cause squealing.
  • kl532kl532 Posts: 5
    Should a person buy the 2004 Pathfinder(the end of current model) now, or wait and buy 2005 Pathfinder(completely new model).
  • cj724cj724 Posts: 13
    Never buy a 1st model year! If you need an SUV now, then buy the 2004 otherwise wait for the 2006.
  • thats a matter of opinion and experience..
  • kl532kl532 Posts: 5
    I agree with cj724, leave minimum of 1 year or maximum of 2 years for the complete new models, then buy it.
  • woodyr1woodyr1 Posts: 142
    The Armada is new this year. See threads about this vehicle to determine common issues. The 04 Pathfinder is pretty much identical to the style and engineering that has been around for 3 years. The 04's seem to have a few Infiniti parts, such as the dash cluster. The 04 will be the last units built in Japan.

    I have been presented a good deal on an 03 LE, so am considering this.
  • kl532kl532 Posts: 5
    See Woody1, the all new 05 Pathfinder is going to be built in Tennessee for the first time, before as you said was being built in [non-permissible content removed]. So buying 06 Pathfinder should be the soonest you should buy the car. 1 Year for fixing problems, plant employees getting used to the new car, etc.
  • Jack44Jack44 Posts: 221
    Get the 03 if the deal is good...'04 is just the same, and I think you'd be hard pressed to find someone who didn't like their '01 thru '03...Except for the gas mileage...
  • I don't think waiting a year for the new and "improved" model makes any difference. Your talking about Nissan reliability and product reputation. Why would they make a crappy first year model ? Is the 06 going to be ten times better that the 05 ? If anything, they'll add a new paint color. It doesn't matter what kinda car you buy or what model year, you WILL eventually have problems with it ! Think of all your previous vehicles, did you have problems with it...of course you did. Was it a crappy car...absolutely not, otherwise you would not have bought it !!! Bottom line, if you like the car, buy it. Eventually our Pathfinders will quit one day and it will be time for new car, and I don't think anyone here is going to complain about their PF that they finally had to get rid of after so many years of owning it. Does all this mean that nobody should buy the Armada ?
  • jiaminjiamin Posts: 556
    will have potentially more bugs. Development in the lab is different from the real word long time drive. Of course it doesn't mean there must be a failure in the first year model. I always wait and let someone who can't wait to test the first year model.
  • cretecrete Posts: 105
    I'm looking to buy a used 01 Path LE 4x4 with about 57000 miles for about $18k. The owner states it is in excellent cond and has a 5000lb tow hitch installed with air shocks cause he was doing a lot of trailer towing. Would anyone know if towing a trailer would add more wear and tear on the engine, tranny or any other components. If so what should I look for, or does towing not matter much on this mileage and aged vehicle.

  • nne3jxcnne3jxc Posts: 134
    Yes, trailering puts a lot of stress on the transmission. It's one of the reasons why the "big" trucks/SUVs have available "Towing packages" which often include, (among other things) a separate radiator for the transmission fluid, heavier-duty suspension, sometimes a beefed up frame, etc.
    I would be leery of any vehicle that has been used extensively for towing. Besides, it's not like Pathfinders are tough to find -- get a nice "soccer mom" Pathy that hasn't been beat on. That's not to say that the one you're looking at isn't great, but why take the chance with your hard earned money?
  • shark715shark715 Posts: 382
    I have the same exact truck with 65K miles, and regularly tow a boat and trailer with a total weight of about 4200 lbs. It's more likely that the owner has installed an Airlift kit, which is inflatable bags that go inside the rear coil springs (see I have an Airlift kit on my PF as do several regular contributors to this thread. It's not exactly the same thing as air shocks, but the purpose is the same. Late model PF's have a rather soft rear suspension. While this makes for a more comfortable ride, the rear suspension on this truck tends to sag with any significant trailer tongue weight, or even carrying a moderate load or more. I will often add a few pounds of air to the system even if I'm merely carrying 4 good sized adults. This stiffens the rear suspension a bit to compensate for the extra weight, and keeps the ride quality from deteriorating. As far as your question regarding extra wear and tear, everything else being equal there would be less wear on a vehicle that hasn't been used to tow. As with most vehicles, the maintainence schedule for the truck calls for more frequent engine oil changes, trans fluid changes, rear diff lube changes, etc. if the truck is used as a tow vehicle. Do you have any way to verify that the owner has followed the proper maintainence schedule? Also, the heavier the towing, the more the powertrain has had to work. If the truck has been towing 1000 lbs. that's nothing for this truck. However, if it's been used to tow a weight similar to mine, I can tell you from first hand experience the truck has been worked hard. That doesn't neccesarily mean that the truck has been damaged. I have not had any problems with my truck at all, although several times I've smelled the scent of trans fluid after towing my boat up a steep hill. That doesn't neccesarily mean that there is a transmission problem, but it's an indication that it's been working hard and got pretty heated up. Another thing you may not know is how skillfully the current owner tows. I always try to take it very easy on the engine and trans when towing, but I've seen other people who don't adjust their operation of the vehicle when towing. They try to accelerate and brake as if there was no extra weight behind their vehicle. Crete, while there may be nothing at all wrong with the truck you are considering, everything being equal, if I were you I would try to find a truck that has not been used for heavy towing. The '01 PF was a good selling truck, and there seems to be plenty of used units available.
  • sivi1sivi1 Posts: 82
    i bought a 1990 and 1996 toyota, both new models and had miniumal problems with either suv. i now own a 02 le pathfinder , and would not have a problem buying 05 pathy. it would not be the same story if where a domestic!
  • kl532kl532 Posts: 5
    Generally, which of the two is better, and why.
    Specifically, which of the two is better for towing, and why.
  • shark715shark715 Posts: 382
    Both manual and automatic transmissions have advantages and disadvantages. I'm reluctant to say the one is "better" than the other. I've driven PF's equipped both ways. I have an '01 LE automatic, and my sister has an '02 manual. Manual advantages: initial purchase price is less, assuming you know how to correctly drive a manual vehicle you have better control of the car because you are deciding when the gears are shifted, a bit better gas mileage and quicker acceleration. Automatic advantages: less tedious to drive in traffic, higher towing capacity, drivers who don't know how to use a manual correctly can quickly damage the transmission, clutch and/or engine. However, with an automatic, if something does go wrong with the transmission(with proper maintainence, it should not) repairs are much more costly. In general today's automatic transmissions used on cars and light trucks have higher tow ratings than manual transmissions as they are more able to stand up to the rigors of towing. The transmission fluid circulating through the transmission and then the cooler does a good job of disapating the heat caused by towing. Today's manual transmissions used in cars and light trucks are generally are not as strong as they were 30 years ago. This is because the manufacturers are under pressure to reduce weight and produce more fuel efficent vehicles. A lighter duty transmission is more fuel efficient. So long as you are careful not to exceed the tow rating of the vehicle and you carefully follow the manufacturer's maintainence schedule (often they will call for more frequent maintainence if you tow) you should not have a problem either way. My PF is tow rated at 5000 lbs. (automatic trans), and when towing my boat and trailer I'm very close to that rating. In 65K miles I've had no problems. A late model PF with a manual transmission is rated at 3500 lbs. One other thing...if you are going to do any significant towing with a Pathfinder, I suggest you look into an airlift kit (, also see numerous posts regarding this on this thread) as the rear springs on the PF are on the soft side.
  • Hi,
    I have 2003 PF SE2WD,so far have 11200 miles,very happy with my choice.Compare to Honda Civic the PF is a dreame machine,whic is ready for any thing road could throug at it..I have not seen the dealar since I bought the car(5/2003),and hope not to see them either.
      I want to know if anybody could tell me how to take off the big vinal retractable cargo area cover.To me it looks like the metal frame is slide in,but I was unable to slide it out.
    I will keep you guyes poeted about my experiance with my pathy
  • The cover just pops on and off. All you need to do is to hit the bottom of the cover at the end will pop off.
  • The frame just slides into the holders. Go to one side and give the underside of it a light smack with the palm of your hand. It should easily pop straight up out of the holders. Repeat on the other side.
  • jiaminjiamin Posts: 556
    When I pop one end out with one hand, I always use the other hand to grab the same end so it won't go too far up and scratch anything.

    When I put it back in place I take extra care not to let it hit the rear side glass. It'll be close.
  • Hello everyone, we just bought a new '03 Pathfinder LE for my mom less then a month ago. It's got a little over 4500 km (~3K mi) on it now. When we bought it, we ordered the hood deflector, cargo liner, window visors, and had them installed. So far the Pathfinder has been great. We had the oil changed at ~2500 km while the accessories were being installed because the truck had been sitting on their lot for a while. A few little things to look into at the first service; A minor drivline vibration on decelleration, and a slight brake shudder. It's our first Nissan. Anyway, I was wondering if it's worth getting the Nissan wind deflector for the tailgate window? Does it work (keep the window cleaner)? And does it affect fuel economy? Thanks in advance for any and all responses!
  • jiaminjiamin Posts: 556
    Congrats on your newly purchursed PF.

    My 02 QX4 has the Tailgate wind deflector on when I bought it a year and half ago. I never took it off to compare, but with it always on, I almost don't need to wash the Tailgate glass because it is always so clean (except rainy days of cause). I can say that the only 4 or 5 times I washed it is because I want to check if it works as expected during the basic warranty.
  • Question...has anyone replaced the shocks on their newer generation PF'er? If so, with what and where did you find them? I've got an 01' SE with 85K and am considering replacing the rears and possibly the fronts.

    Unfortunately, I'm having limited success finder replacements. Any input would be appreciated.
  • mje67mje67 Posts: 1
    I am looking at a 2001 Pathfinder LE with 35k miles for apx. $20k fom a dealer. The vehicle seems solid and clean. It drives nice.
    This will be my 1st import, after pouring thousands into my 98 GMC Jimmy, I am also considering a Toyota 4 Runner. Any advice ?.
  • Jack44Jack44 Posts: 221
    Forget your "also considering".....
  • I see Rancho now lists a shock in their application guide for the 2001 Pathfinder. It is the RSX-17122. Has anyone ever used the RSX before? If so, please share.
  • If it's the old 4RUNNER then forget about it. If it's the newer version of the 4RUNNER, take it. Best crash scores in a midsize SUV.
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