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Nissan Pathfinder



  • Why did you change the tires for so small of a difference? Going by the sizes you listed, you didn't change the footprint at all, and you only changed the side wall height by around 13mm, which is about half an inch in ride height, or an inch in appearance on the diameter.
  • What exactly does this mean ? I've noticed that when I shift from P to R there is a slight pause before R actually engages, but more so when I shift from N to D, again, a slight pause before I can step on the gas. I'm due for my 18,000 km service soon and am anticipating the dealers answer of "It's normal". I have a couple of other concerns including a rattling noise when accelerating (possibly from front end) or from a loose exhaust component.

    Also, Ride Quality. This PF rides super nice on the highway, but gravel roads and the usual road imperfections...forgehdaboud !!! Not to mention the occasional set of train tracks. What could the culprit be; tires, suspension components, coil springs or shock absorbers. If I were to guess and replace one of these items it would be the shock absorbers to a more "softer" type of ride. You know, that 'driving on air' feeling. This harsh ride is my only disappointment with my PF, but I can live with it because I'm not an after-market kinda guy. I usually replace stuff when necessary.

    Any suggestions on these two topics...
  • 01le01le Posts: 18
    I wanted a softer ride than what I am getting with the 65 series, and the guy at the tire shop said that 255-70-16 (30.1 inches tall) is the tallest I can go with out suspension mods or serious rubbing issues.
  • 4x4buff4x4buff Posts: 12
    Has anybody installed Transfer case skid plate for All Mode Drive Pathfinder ?
    I have 2002 LE and I want to install transfer case protection before I hit the Moab trails during Memorial day weekend.
  • lbinhlbinh Posts: 190
    That is what I have on my 01LE with no problems at all. Fills the wheel wells nicely. Great looks. I have Goodyear Fortera HL 255/70/16. Speedo is slightly off and braking and accerlation has degraded slightly due to larger diameter tire. Ride is slightly softer than OEM bridgestones and all around a much much better tire.
  • 01le01le Posts: 18
    How has the larger tires effected your gas milage on your 01 LE. I have read on other forums that the slightly larger diameter tire increases gas milage slightly, I have also read that it decreases MPG due to the heavier/larger tire. My mechanic says that MPG is not effected by only an inch in diameter change. He says that people think they are getting different MPG because they are not properly accounting for the odometer reading change caused by the larger diameter tires.
  • lbinhlbinh Posts: 190
    I must agree with you. I estimate the same fuel economy because of the odometer reading being off due to the larger diameter tire(you could adjust the ECM to get correct readings). Heavier tire/wheel reduces acceleration and braking. Higher profile tire reduces cornering, higher center of gravity. All these reductions in performance are only slight. The actual added weight of larger diameter tire from 255/65/16 to 255/70/16 adds negligible more weight. I think the SUV sitting higher increases wind resistance(reduces aerodynamics) more than the added weight of 1 inch of rubber per tire.

    I have been logging miles religiously and I get around 15.5 to 16.5 MPG mostly city driving. 17-18 highway MPG. Remember that these are larger diamter tires and the actual milage should be a little more than the odometer reads. I saw a technical breakdown of the effects of tire sizes. I think I read actual milage reading will be less by 5%. So add about 5% to the MPG readings above.

    Also, I read somewhere the only thing that really decrease gas milage is if you go wider in tread. Makes sense, more contact to the road increases rolling resistance of the tire and thus decrease gas milage. Of course if you go really high profile aggressive A/T tires with the same tread width than yes, that would effect milage also. :D

    Significant increase in tire/wheel width or height from OEM adds more stress to OEM suspension componets. But, I think our 1" increase in tire height wouldn't make a difference.
  • 01le01le Posts: 18
    Thank you for giving feed back. I checked out the GY Fortera tires and they have an awesome side wall profile. Kudos to Good Year, however I have read on tire forums that the Forteras wear out quickly (30 - 36k miles) for it's high tread wear rating. Also I have read several consumer reviews that the Forteras go out of round early in their life. I am considering going with the Fortera instead of the Dominator Sport C/T due to the awesome look of the Fortera. Can you give me your experience so far with the concerns stated by other consumers, especially hydroplane resistance,
  • smithrhsmithrh Posts: 3

    I have a 1997 QX4 75K Miles and am having the same type of problem. Just driving and the engine shuts down. It was also dying just sitting in a drive thru at fast food resterants with my foot on the brake. No codes are present in the computer so the Nissan dealer is lost. Took it in to another mechanic and had a tune up and thought that things were fixed. Then about two weeks later the problem has come back. Did you get your vehicle fixed?


  • lbinhlbinh Posts: 190
    I have had my tires for about 20-25K miles. Wet/dry/snow traction is awesome. Hydroplaning is minimal to none. This is a comparsion to OEM Bridgestone Dueler HT. Tire wear is good, IMO. tread still looks pretty new. i conservatively estimate about another 30-35K of treadlife left, easily. I drive conservatively due to gas prices. tires are perfectly round, smooth, and absolutely minimal noise. I rotate/balance every 8K miles from Discount Tires. Remember, I have low miles on them so you be the judge.
  • mrluckyabmrluckyab Posts: 1
    I have always heard a delay in shifting to reverse is the first sign of a transmission problem. I would insist the dealer give the attention it deserves.
  • andy1961andy1961 Posts: 32
    Should I replace plugs at 60,000 miles?

    Is it a reasonable DIY project?
  • fitguyfitguy Posts: 222
    Wanted to post observations after test-driving a 2005 Pathfinder SE; I am shopping for a replacement for a 2000 Expedition. I have some stiff requirements- good tow rating, 3rd row seat that folds flat, comfortable drivers seat for long hauls. I really wanted to like this vehicle as it's priced right and has great features. Here's what I found:
    - Power from the V6, excellent, but somewhat noisy under hard acceleration. Not as nice as a V8.
    - Build quality: OK, but had 1 rattle and the backing on the second row seat was installed very sloppy. The cloth seats are very bland-looking.
    - Handling: very good & tight, nice on the highway. Ride: OK but gets very unsettled over rough pavement.
    - Seating: This is what killed this vehicle for me- the drivers seat was only fair in terms of support, shape, and comfort, and the lumbar adjustment was lousy. The second row seat is way too tight for a mid-size SUV, no doubt as a result of trying to squeeze in a third row seat. The third row seat is useless except for small (and I mean small- my 10 year old daughter barely fits back there) children.
    Nissan had some great ideas on this new design, but should have stretched it a bit more to make it a "tweener" like the Durango. Yes, you can upgrade to the Armada for another 10K, but thats out of budget for a lot of buyers. We are now resolved to either another Expy or a Durango, both with questionable reliability. (the Explorer/Mountaineer have an absurd fold-down seat system that leaves a huge gap in the middle and does not fold flat). Sorry for the long post but I get passionate when I shop new vehicles and like to share info! :shades:
  • carguy1234carguy1234 Posts: 233
    I seconds your opinion of the Explorer's seat folding craziness...but isn't that all fixed in a few months once the 2006's are out? Then these are supposed to be pretty trick setups for the second and third rows as far as folding is concerned.
  • fitguyfitguy Posts: 222
    carguy- thanks for jogging my memory on the Explorer seating; I'm going to look into it. I actually prefer the size of the Explorer, my wife especially does. Plenty capable for towing with the V8, too.
  • ece441ece441 Posts: 2
    I have a similar problem with my 2005 LE. I have a intermittent ratle noise coming from the dashboard. Dealer can't find it. Where is the A-pillar? Does stuffing Kleenex work?
  • 01le01le Posts: 18
    The problem is that the driver seat doesn't always slide back and forth upon my entry/exiting, like it's supposed to. I always leave the auto feature on, but at least a couple times a week the seat will not automatically slide or it slides about a half inch then stops. My Pathy is long out of warranty so I am wondering if any one else has had this problem, and what was the fix.
  • pathstar1pathstar1 Posts: 1,015
    Mine did it from new. Solution is to leave it off. It's just another junk "feature" you don't need!
  • lbinhlbinh Posts: 190
    That is a common problem with Pathies Auto Seat Position systems that are left on constantly. The seat sliding motors are starting to wear out and you may need to replace them.
  • 01le01le Posts: 18
    Thank you for your feed back on the power seat issue I am having.
    Have any of you been running regular unleaded gasoline in your VQ35 engines? I have and I do just fine when most of my driving is around town/city. However I can personally feel a difference in performance (accelerating/passing/hills) when I am driving on the open roads and highways. So when I know I am going on a road trip I use only premium unleaded fuel so I can enjoy the full power of the VQ. My mechanic said that running regular unleaded is ok due to the high tech knock sensors the VQ has.
  • tranny2tranny2 Posts: 1
    my 93 pathfinder has aproblem with the transmission slipping and yes it has been flushed any ideas?
  • lbinhlbinh Posts: 190
    I agree with you all around. 87 Octane will not hurt the VQ35 engine. However, I actually use 89 octane regularly. But on long trips or towing, I use 93 Octane.
  • I was looking at an 05 SE Off-Road that has the SE Premium package. My question is: Does the Bose stereo come XM ready? If so, is this something that can be done/activated by the dealer, if you want the XM? I know that Nissan offers either XM or Sirius as options, but the Nissan web site says that it will be available late in the year. I would like the XM option, but I don't want an aftermarket add on. I prefer the option integrated into the factory unit.
    Thanks in advance for any info.
  • mavis68mavis68 Posts: 3
    I broke the driver's side door handle off my '00 PF (don't ask -- long story that doesn't reflect well on me). I researched the part which was available to order thru dealers for $100 or via an internet salvage operation for $35. I selected the more reasonable option. I just received the handle and it appears (now that I see what's on the other side of the door) I have to take apart the entire door to replace the piece. Is there anyone who might have experience with this who could offer an easier/alternate solution? Thanks in advance - Jill
  • mavis68mavis68 Posts: 3
    I bought the cargo Area Protector item # 999M1-XN004 from (look under accessories) for $83.20 + $10 shipping in 2002. IT covers the sides over the wheel wells as well as the entire back of the passenger seats. I have 3 mid-large dogs who travel in the rear cargo area on the liner and, for the most part, it's held up really well. The only problem I've had is that it's designed so Velcro tabs hold the sides of the liner up to the cargo rings below the windows. One of my dogs has a habit of leaning against this and then laying down. So, one of the tabs has torn. Also, very easy to clean. Ultimately, I would highly recommend it. Great value for the cost.
  • smokey75smokey75 Posts: 434
    Hey, I just saw this on the nissannews web site. Thought you might be interested if you have a 2005...

    Nissan Implements Product Improvement for 2005 Nissan Pathfinder [June 10, 05]

    GARDENA, Calif. (June 10, 2005) – During recent NCAP dynamic maneuvering tests by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), the 2005 Nissan Pathfinder experienced a “tip-up” under certain test conditions. As this result was unexpected, Nissan proactively approached NHTSA to better understand the Pathfinder’s performance in this test. Nissan determined the root cause and implemented a product improvement by reprogramming the Vehicle Dynamic Control (VDC) system installed on all Pathfinder models at the factory. Subsequent tests by NHTSA confirmed there was no “tip-up” after the VDC was updated. In addition, to avoid any concerns by current Pathfinder owners and to promote customer satisfaction, Nissan dealers will reprogram the VDC on their vehicle free of charge. Nissan will begin sending letters notifying 2005 Pathfinder owners of this offer at the end of June 2005.
  • marsha7marsha7 Posts: 3,703
    Whether they do it out of fear or civic responsibility, it would be nice if all car companies were proactive like this...kinda makes you want a Pathfinder...
  • mike5867mike5867 Posts: 1
    I just spent over $500. at a dealership to have my alarm system repaired, and today i have the same problem only worse. The truck will not start, before i had it repaired, when this happened I would lock it, let it sit a few minutes unlock it and she would start, some times having to do this several times. Now it will not start at all, i've let it sit over night, I disconnected the battery still no good. The dealer told me they can not remove the alarm system (that is what i requested when i brought it in last week) because the main computer will detect this and shut the truck down, does this sound right, there has to be something they can do. :mad:
  • smokey75smokey75 Posts: 434
    On my 2001 PF the low pressure AC refrigerant hose that runs from the compressor to the cooling unit is leaking where it attaches to the metal piping. Does anyone know what type of clamp (for lack of a better term) this uses? I can't figure out how to tighten it or what to replace. Thanks...
  • maiyamaiya Posts: 5
    Hi all ,
    I am pretty new to this forum. I am planning to buy 01 pathfinder, which is having 90K miles on it. Interior looks pretty clean and leather seats. Its an SE model. So my question is, is it a good deal to buy 01 pathfinder with 90K miles on it ? If yes what is the price range I can bargain for. [I checked in TMV, its about $9K]. Its a private party. what all the problems I may hit down the line ?, I brought a 96 Accord in 2001 with 90K miles on it, it still runs like a champ, I almost put 150K miles on it.
    Can I expect the same thing from Nissan pathfinder ?

    Thanks in advance
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