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Jeep Grand Cherokee



  • mjb1000mjb1000 Posts: 10
    DS Thanks for your response. The JGC does ride well except for that annoying idle in "DRIVE" but you are right it is an SUV. I just hope it doesn't get any worse. I've got about 4800 miles on it and everything is still tight. The ticking sound is there and your explanation was their explanation. You would think it would be covered in some way to protect and silence it.

    Ride well. MB
  • pathdocpathdoc Posts: 126
    When I was at the LA Auto show they indicated that the 2004 was being released in January 2003. It was to have some mild visual changes. Has anyone heard anything about this as I have seen no ads for the early release?
  • I think the reason for no cover is the fact it was designed after the engine was developed and would add $ to do it the right way. I am curious if the new 3.7 (slated for the JGC) has the same tapping noise.
    BTW, have you experienced any rough sounds when going in reverse if not fully warmed up? I started to get that today. Also, what's your mpg like. I've averaged 12 in the city and 18 on the highway. I hope this get's better.
    Thanks, DS
  • Actually the mileage isn't bad. between city and highway...I haven't been below 18. My "city" might be different than your. Being in Virginia my "city" doesn't have a lot of traffic. No knocking noise in reverse.
    Have you taken it out 4-wheelin yet. I've taken it on sand only on the beaches here and am having a ball. My kids think I am in my second childhood. I'll keep you posted on any problems.
    You know DS the only thing that bothers me is the dealership reps. They make everything sound like it should be normal. As if this is the first car we ever bought.
    Ride Well

  • I would be very happy with 18 mpg. I do believe my city driving is a lot different than yours. Here in NYC, your lucky to go 2 or 3 city streets w/o stopping. Many drivers here do not use there turn signal which I feel accounts for a lot of short stopping, poor mileage, and worn pads and rotors.
    I haven't gone 4-wheelin yet (not many areas in the city to do so), but it sounds fun. I have some property in upstate NY where I plan to have some fun of my own. I still haven't gotten used to having a jeep that can do the things I would never have dreamed of in a BMW.
    As for Jeep dealers, I've luckily had minimal contact so I can't comment yet. But my experience with dealers in general, they all treat people that way, which is sad considering how important post purchase support is.
    BTW, do you have any concerns w sand getting in places it shouldn't or scratching the paint. I have memories of my dad with a pre-AMC Wagoneer going through the dunes in RI beaches (FUN) but regretting it (somewhat) due to the rust holes that eventually devowered that vehicle.
    Take care, DS
  • jglackinjglackin Posts: 164
    Yes, they are out. We have had them in our showroom for about 2 weeks now. Minor grill change, round fog lamps, some additional exterior trim on Overland (not seen yet), and a very nice factory GPS system in the dash. All we have gotten so far are Ltd's.
  • DS I know exactly what you mean. I grew up in Brooklyn NY. Lived in New York, Long Island etc.
    Definitely not a high mileage area for SUV's

    As far as sand no visible damage. Don't go very fast. In fact the speed limit where I go is only 20MPH strictly enforced.
    But up by you the snowfalls and other weather situations are right up your alley for 4WD. Down here our snow turns to ice on the roads very quickly.

    Post support is extremely important. I don't care I push their buttons for the right answers even if I know some of them don't have the right answers. The last guy who sat in the car didn't feel the vibration. One good thing though the engine is very smooth. When you open the hood you can attest to this fact.

    Good talking with you. Keep in touch
    Ride well

  • Knowledge really is important when going to a mechanic. That's why I visit sites like this to learn as much as I can both before and after the purchase. You would be amazed at the garbage dealers will tell you, many times you believe it. You are right to push their buttons and don't take their word if you know something is not right. After all you live with the vehicle, they ride it for just a few minutes.
    Happy Motoring, DS
  • DS I do the same thing. There are many knowledgeable people out there experiencing similar & dissimilar problems with JGC's. It keeps me aware and puts me on guard. I usually try to check this board once or twice a week. This is not paranoia but I like to keep things new and running. I am happy to report that no new problems have surfaced on this 2003 JGC. This may or may not be my last Jeep. It depends on the post support.

    Ride well
  • I guess they are out. I just saw an add on 405 (in SoCal) says this morning, some dealer has '04 JGCs.
  • I finally got to test the 4 wheel drive capabilities of my JGC. With over 18" of snow (drifts over 24") on the ground and many streets in Brooklyn not plowed, I found myself in a position to test my skills and the vehicle. My mom's furnace went out and she had no hot water or heat (a frozen pipe was to blame). I packed up a shovel and 2 space heaters and off I went. I found that Part time 4 wheel drive worked the best. Full time seemed to cause more slipping. Is there an indicator light for Full Time with Selec Trac? Part Time lit up, but not full time. I only got stuck once when I tried to get into her unplowed driveway with about 2 feet of snow (The law of physics DO apply). I noticed that only the right 2 wheels spin when grip is lost (surprising in a Jeep). A happy ending to a long day was that I got moms heat back up and "saved the day" thanks to the Jeep. It's also fun driving in the white stuff.
    Safe Driving, DS
  • sebring95sebring95 Posts: 3,238
    Shouldn't get a light on full-time. Part-time will work better when the roads are slippery. Full-time is good when the roads are slippery/dry (slushy type stuff).

    You will only get two tires to spin (one front-one rear) with the selec-trac system. There was also an option for a limited slip in the rear, which would get both rears and one front to spin.

    IMHO, the Selec-trac with a rear limited slip is the best system. This type of system is quite common on many vehicles.
  • DS: Good to hear that you finally used your 4WD. The light is only on in part time drive as sebring 95 says. Went to San Die go last week and could have used my Jeep there as it rained 4 days in a row..about 2-3 inches in all I think. Wrote Chrysler about my problem they said they were sorry and I should see another dealer. Strange but I will for my 6000 mile oil change. Other than that little vibe in drive all is still ok with JGC.

    Ride well
  • sebring95 and MJB for the info. Sounds like I should have gotten the limited slip in the rear. Can this be added?

    MJB, what problem did you write Chrysler about? Did I miss something or is my mind frozen from all the snow (it did finally stop today).

    I noticed today that my window washer doesn't seem to spray (never tried it until this afternoon). The window was clear and free of ice.
    Also noticed in full time 4x4, vehicle definetly pulls to right, strange.

    Still having fun in the snow,
  • DS I have a constant vibration through the steering wheel and seat when the Jeep is in the Drive position and I am at a stop sign or a light.
    Dealer told me it was the "drive train mechanism"
    Also he said it was an added benefit to have a vibration in the Jeep. A joke I did not want to hear. But like I said before no other problems at 5000 miles

  • sebring95sebring95 Posts: 3,238
    You can pretty much add anything you want to jeeps, the modifications are about endless. I wouldn't go that far though considering all the more snow you get. What you have will work fine 95% of the time, and you'll be able to manage the rest of the time. The limited-slip helps but it's still not going to help you defy physics too much.
  • MJB I remember now your problem with vibrations in drive and when stopped. I experience that too, not as much through the seat. I guess I am used to it now and only notice it after driving the BMW. I'm at 1400 miles now and the engine is a little smoother. For them to say it's a good thing would drive me to write a letter too!! I will likely take up the washer issue and possible alignment correction when I go in for my first Free oil change (dealer comp) at 3,000 miles.

    Sebring, considering I'm leasing this Jeep (1st Jeep and 1st time leasing), I'll take your advice and make do with what came with the vehicle. I also have an 89 Bronco 5.8L, manual hubs that I keep at my barn in upstate NY. I use it as a work truck and it handles well for its size in the dry, but in mud and snow, it does spin those 2 right tires. It just surprised me that the modern, refined, almost car like ride of the Jeep exhibited the same trait. If I go Jeep again, I'm thinking 8 cyl. with Quad Drive for smooth, vibration free 4x4ing (if my budget allows of course). The next 37 months should help confirm these thoughts.

    Thanks again, DS
  • I have a silly question to through out here. Does anyone know if a 2003 JGC Lerado has a place to hold coins? All of my previous vehicles had a coin holder of some sort and I find it odd that there appears to be none. Flipping through the owners manual was no help. When I first got the vehicle, I had noticed some spaces in the center console bin, but soon discovered the cut outs don't hold coins, but appear to be finger(?) grooves.
    If there isn't a standard holder, is there a Jeep access. available. I'm not a fan of after market "stick-ons". I frequent parking meters where I live and it's getting frustrating to dig for change.
    Looking for change, DS
  • akv25akv25 Posts: 42
    Look carefully in the three groves in the center console bin - they hold 5, 10 and 25 cent coins. I couldn't figure it our myself - my friend enlightened me. I have a '02 V8 and it has the same tapping noise that you guys were talking about. It is infrequent but when it happens it is really loud.

    For those interested in limites slip, my dealer tells me it is $1030 plus installation and will void my warranty. I live in the UP of Michigan and it snows quite a lot here. The car handles well in Full Time and better in Part Time, but factory installed limited slips would have helped.
  • janzjanz Posts: 129
    I have what look like coin holders in the console of my 1999 Laredo, but they're useless.
  • I tried repeatedly to "force" coins into those grooves and the result was a few angled ones that were very difficult to remove. I figured at that point that the grooves were for fingers to get CD's or whatever, out of the bin. When I searched in the manual and there was no mention of a coin holder, I was stunned and stumped.

    As for an ash tray, I wish I had one of those too. Not that I smoke, but I like it for gum wrappers, the occasional unfinished lolly pop (kids), or YES emergency coins! The only problem is my Jeep did not come with one, part of a smokers package I believe. I have the obligatory dummy plug in place of a lighter/power plug and an open tray in place of the ash tray (too open and large for coins). One of the cost cuts for 2003?

    I may just "challenge" my dealer to figure this one out when I bring the car in for it's first oil change. I'll be sure to bring a roll of quarters :)
    Take care, DS
  • sebring95sebring95 Posts: 3,238
    You dealer can get the "smokers package" for you, it's a whopping $20. The ashtray piece will fit in the "open tray" and you can do as you like with the cig lighter.
  • I will take a look at that option, but I'm still not satisfied with the coin dilemma. If those grooves are for coins as mentioned in other posts, then a proper solution should be offered by the dealer.
    BTW, I like the idea of a lighter anyway. There were many occasions I have used one to help light my wood stove in my barn upstate. They are not just for smokers.
    Thanks, DS
  • sebring95sebring95 Posts: 3,238
    What type of coin holder are you looking for? I've had a few vehicles with those spring-loaded coin-holders and I always throw the change right into the ashtray. Takes too long to load up the holders IMHO.

    I've had a couple cars with nice fold-out crushed-velvet lined holders (I assume they were intended to hold coins) and that was cool. Haven't seen that on any newer vehicles lately. They were always in inconvenient locations for the most part and I couldn't see inside to find the right coins anyway.

    I'd assume we get rid of everything besides quarters anyway. Not the right forum for that rant....
  • Crushed-velvet lined holder, now that would be cool. Can't say I've seen any either. I like the spring-loaded variety. In my BMW, it's built into the center console, near the auto shifter. Never a problem getting coins out (I do only use the quarters in case you were wondering:)
    My '89 Bronco has a little cut out on drivers side below the dash. I assumed it was meant for coins. Come to think of it, I believe it's velvet-lined too!
    I took another look today at the Jeep's center bin and I can't see how anyone can make a coin fit there. But it IS the most obvious place to put the holder. Redesign?
  • evaddaveevaddave Posts: 156
    I've got an '02 Limited, and I have no problem with the coin holders in the console. The coins fit in, but they slope down towards the back of the Jeep. It's too much trouble to put the coins in unless I'm stuck in traffic, so I normally just throw coins into the (c)ashtray and then sort them later when I have the time.
  • The grooves in the console are not quite round. It looks to me like they were circles that where pressed in, leaving a kind of flat side in the back of the groove (like looking at your right thumb, from the tip). As far as I know, US coins are round. I've heard some people here say their holders are OK if not inconvenient. This leads me to believe mine may be defective. Next time at the dealer I will also check some of he show room models to see how they work.

    Thanks for everyone's input, DS
  • I took out a 2002 JGC out for a test drive with 17,000 miles after a few minutes I could hear a ticking noise coming from the drivers side. I liked the Jeep but was concerned with the ticking noise. I put a $1000 down contigent on finding out what the noise is. I called prior to picking up the Jeep and was told that it was a common noise with the Jeep and it was the cylinoud(sp?) that the ticking was coming from and that there was nothing wrong with the car. I took it out for a test drive again and it did not do it at first but appeared to make the noise when slowing down or coming to a stop. The dealership said they is foam they could wrap around it to minimize the noise. Basically, they will not refund my deposit since I agreed to purchase the car and there is nothing mechanically wrong with it. The dealership said this was more common in cold weather...I am test driving it in cold New England. Has anyone heard of this before?? I do a lot of driving and I don't want to have any problems

    Thanks for your help
  • Check out previous posts both on this board and the problems board. It's likely a normal sound in the engine area.
    If not comfortable, have it checked at an independant mechanic. Any reputable dealer should let you do this. Also if it is something more serious, get the dealer to agree on warentee coverage.
    Good luck, DS
  • I have a '02 JGC with 10k miles on it and I notice the same ticking noise from under the hood on the drivers side. I only hear it when the vehicle is running in the garage. On the road, I hear nothing. I've yet to even try and bring it in. I'm like your dealer and thought it was the cold.
     And don't you just hate it whe you hit "enter" instead of "tab" key. I hope they remove my blank message reply.
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