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Jeep Grand Cherokee



  • I have the ticking also. I understand it comes from the fuel tank canister purge valve solenoid
  • steverstever Posts: 52,572
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    In your case, you could also have hit the "Edit" button and filled in the blanks. But the Edit button only works for 30 minutes after you make a post.

    Hope this helps!

    Steve, Host
  • evaddaveevaddave Posts: 156
    My coin holders are "squashed" too. Give this a try--with the coin holders empty (which you probably already have), hold the coin straight up and down (like this: | ) and drop it into the slot at the widest part. When it hits bottom, it will NOT be flat. The edge of the quarter at the front of the coin holder will be higher than the edge at the back of the coin holder. Or, when viewed from the side--if you could--the coin would look like this: \
  • dsjeeptidsjeepti Posts: 61
    I will try this tomorrow AM. Thanks for the advice:)
  • derf1716derf1716 Posts: 1
    I bought a 2000 used JGC with 24500 miles on it. Engine and body look in great shape. The only thing i notice is that the engine sounds louder then i thought it would when i accelerate. Does this sound normal?
  • Thanks for all your help. I also had confirmed with a couple of other dealerships that this was common. I picked up the car but the whole experience was a bad one. Halfway signing the paperwork they realized it was not a certified used Jeep. This was the second time I drove up to get the car(2 hours away). Dealership said the price I paid did not include the certification. I paid $20,900 for the E package with a moon roof and 17K miles. Dealership willing to split cost of certfication ...I pay $600.00.. and to make things worse when I start the Jeep it appears to not to want to turn over but does start. Anyone have any suggestions? Five star dealership..I don't think so.
  • dsjeeptidsjeepti Posts: 61
    I am not easy with any dealership that tries to "play" around, especially knowing you drove 2 hours to get there. If your deal was written with the understanding it WAS certified, then they either certify it free of charge or there is no deal. As for your $1000 down, if it was a check or credit card (only down I recommend), then you would have had additional recourse to get your money back, if you chose to walk. Don't let them bully you. You shouldn't have to pay anything additional. You probably also got an end of the month deal that would make a lot of people at the dealership unhappy if didn't go through. That gives you an even bigger edge to negotiate:)
    Good Luck and stand strong, DS
  • dsjeeptidsjeepti Posts: 61
    I finally tried your advice in dropping coins in the holder the way you explained and IT WORKS! I don't think you can load too many due to the sharp angle, but it IS better than nothing. Thank you again for the directions. You are going to make many a parking meter happy :)
  • evaddaveevaddave Posts: 156
    You are quite welcome. I usually end up dumping any change into the (c)ashtray, and then sorting it into the coin holders it at long lights or in traffic jams. Too bad they made that an option on the '03s.

    Good luck avoiding those ravenous meter checkers!
  • mdjeepmanmdjeepman Posts: 21
    I find the coin holder in the center console of my 99 JGC to be a bit cumbersome to load and unload, but still do-able. I usually keep quarters in there, but nothing else. Also, you can't fill it up as high as you think you might be able to, because when you hit a bump in the road they will spill out and drop to the bottom of the console. I usually keep my change in the open tray in front of the gear shift, and just store a few quarters in the holder.
  • dsjeeptidsjeepti Posts: 61
    My 2003 JGC Laredo with I6 just rolled over 2,000 miles. The engine seems to run smoother (except of course at idle), but oddly my gas mileage has gotten worse. I am now avg. between 10 and 11 mpg in 3/4 city, 1/4 highway. Anyone having similar mileage issues. With gas @ 1.79 reg. and 1.95 premium, I'm not about to go the higher road. Just wondering if this is weather related, age related typical of this engine or possibly a problem.
  • mjb1000mjb1000 Posts: 10
    Hi DS

    As far as the mileage I am getting 18.5 avg. Don't know why your's is that low. But you did have severe weather up there for a long time.
    As far as the I said before the engine is smooth when the JGC is moving but when I come to a stop and I am Drive I feel a vibration through the steering wheel and seat (annoying) Dealer says it is a design flaw..I will see another dealer. If I put the JGC in neutral the vibration disappears...Can the Drive train have this much vibe.

    Ride well
  • dsjeeptidsjeepti Posts: 61
    Nice hearing from you again:)
    I still am amazed at your mpg's. I spoke to a friend recently who has a '00 w the 8 cyl. and he gets around 13 - 15 in the city, which is why I was a bit concerned.
    BTW, my honey is now driving the Jeep and prefers it to the BMW! Of course she doesn't drive on the highway much (or alone). The kids love making fun of her when she drives, mainly because it's rare. To be fare, I am overly cautious w anyone driving a new vehicle. I think it's also her size 4'11'', 90 lbs. She sits nice and high in the Jeep and thinks it rides just fine. I'm looking forward to those long upstate trips where we can eventually switch off and maybe I can enjoy the views too, for a change :)
    Take care, DS
  • mjb1000mjb1000 Posts: 10

    With a lighter foot the gas mileage may be better. DS we are put on earth to make our wives happy. Case closed. My wife prefers to be low. Her S70 is just too low for me. I like seeing over the cars in front. My explorer was a bit higher than the JGC but the styling is better on the Jeep and its a toy for sand 4x4ing. My boys think I am crazy too.

    No additional problems to report after 6200 miles. I'll keep you posted.
  • jbriesejbriese Posts: 4
    Need a little advice from group, looking a the JGC, and can't decide on the engine, they both feel good on power, the v8 did feel just a bit more powerful. I will using this for weekend camping with a popup camper. But the gas milage of 1 mile per gallon concern's me with todays gas prices. But I was also thinking the 6 cylinder may have to work harder during pulling time's and get worse. Whats your take?
  • ronc5ronc5 Posts: 7
    Hi All,
    Have an 01 with the 4.7 engine. Noticed after changing the oil and filter myself (6 qts) that the dip stick reads about a quart overfull (after engine has been run.) Is this a common thing, or is my stick wrong? I have 10,000 miles on it and have never looked at the dip stick. Just change oil and filter every 3000 miles.
  • sebring95sebring95 Posts: 3,238
    I would get the V8. It seems real-world mileage is really not that different and the V8 will pull the pop-up easier. The I6 is adequate but that's about it. It also tends to idle rougher, be a bit louder, etc.

    My inlaws have had two V8 Grand Cherokees which I drive regularly and they get about the same mpg as my Cherokee (smaller) with the same I6 that comes in the Grand. I've pulled about 3,000# with both my I6 Cherokee and their V8 Grand and the Grand with V8 is much better.
  • dsjeeptidsjeepti Posts: 61
    I would have to agree w sebring in that the V8 would be the wiser choice. I have the I6 and while it is OK, there are times I wish I had the 8. I'm not pulling a trailer but I do travel on mountain roads every so often and the extra power would be appreciated. Also, the V8 does idol much more smoothly and the mileage difference is minimal. I think you'll ultimately be happier w the the 8.
    Take Care, DS
  • janzjanz Posts: 129
    and will never do it again. But a pop-up would probably be a much different experience as it has a lower profile.

    It was our experience that our full height trailer, swayed way too much for comfort when we caught the draft from a passing semi on the freeway. Our JGC always has had some side-to-side sway in the ride. This was grossly exaggerated when towing our trailer. The V8 certainly has enough power and our JGC also has transmission cooler. Per our towing experience, I'd say always get just a little more engine than you think you'll need. You'll never regret having the extra power.

    I don't know for sure about the mileage, but it can't be that different. I just think you might not be all that happy with the performance of the I6. I know someone who got rid of their '97 with an I6 because they felt it didn't have enough power to pull their BOAT.
  • jglackinjglackin Posts: 164
    Please don't forget...have your salesperson Job Rate the Jeep for you (even with the 4.7). Important factors such as payload creep into the picture then. Any good salesperson at a Jeep dealership should be able to help...all the necessary tools are provided by DC in the yearly product manuals. Be careful.
  • jbriesejbriese Posts: 4
    Thanks for the input, I did go with the v8, traded in a Durango , this is smaller in size but so far it is great, already up to 17 mpg average(wo-ho), have not seen that number that high within the last 3 years with the D. I will see how it goes.

    thanks again.
  • dsjeeptidsjeepti Posts: 61
    on your Jeep decision. I think you'll be happy with the GC, especially with the V8. I would love to hear your experiences with the Jeep as compared to the Durango. I considered the D at one point, but was put off by its styling and value overall.
    Good luck, DS
  • savage7savage7 Posts: 10
    My 99 JGC left turn signal quit working, then it would work intermittently. I was fiddling around with the emergency blinker while the left turn signal was in the "on" position and when I s-l-o-w-l-y pushed the emergency blinkers on and then to the off position, the left blinker would start blinking. It won't do it now, and the blinker does not work either, however the right blinker works fine. I got a junked turn signal assembly and installed it, but that did not help either. Any suggestions?
  • jglackinjglackin Posts: 164
    there is a large "fuse" that controls blinker operation. check that. in my Durango it is in a panel hidden by the driver's door.
  • suvinlasuvinla Posts: 24
    I'm close to being sold on a Grand Cherokee.

    What do you recommend, as to year, options, place of purchase, etc.?

    - I'm looking for a '96-'98 automatic.

    - Will most likely get from a private owner, but would consider buying from a Jeep dealer if there are major benefits (though the cost will be more).

    - Prefer a decked-out model with a really nice interior. Love black/black, leather, tinted. Woodgrain would be nice but not mandatory of course.

    - V8 and at least optional 4-wheel-drive. (Don't intend to go offroad really, nor tow... but would like to know I could, or could cope with a snowstorm.)

    - Don't want a ridiculous lift, but if there's an option that gives the ZJ a higher ride while still looking normal, would definitely consider it - especially if it was something one would reasonably be able to find in a used vehicle already.

    Specific questions:

    - Did the body or interior style change much in these three years?

    - What about repair issues - any year better than another on that count?

    - What mileage level would you go for? (Besides 'as low as possible.') Is there a certain place where repairs generally start being a bigger deal? By the way, how much mileage are you all getting as to the ZJ's realistic life if cared for?

    - Favorite style packages?

    - Any favored buying places in Southern California?

  • My brother has an 1997 JGC Larado. It has 50,000 miles on it. When he turns on the heater over the last few weeks, there is a strong stagnet odor through all heat settings (defrost, vent, and floor. His A/C needs a charge, so he does not know if the odor is present with the A/C on. Any suggestions? He would perfer not to take it to the dealer if there is a simple fix. Not using the heat is not an option.

  • livetodrivelivetodrive Posts: 104
    Did you check the front and tailight bulbs?
  • maw555maw555 Posts: 2
    I am in the process of buying a 2000GC Laredo with 88,000km on it. I will be using it for a daily rural commute (150KM return daily). With 2 5yr olds a big dog and a mother in law who live nearby and doesn't drive I really liked the size and features. Any input on what I could expect on repairs over the next 12-24 months and gas mileage would be very much appreciated. I live in Ontario and as such have winter conditions to deal with.
    Thanks Mike
  • savage7savage7 Posts: 10
    Yup, checked the bulbs, fuses, flasher, wiggled the wire connections, etc. gjlackin brought up a good point ... I'll look and see if my Jeep has the same "fuse" that controls blinker operation and I'll omn it out next. Just wondering if this is a recurring problem with the 99 JGC's or what.

    On the other post by mustangman3 regarding the odor, my guess is his drain is plugged thus leaving stagnant water inside the heater box or wherever water condensates from the A/C or defroster. Look and see how much water drips under the car when you have the A/C on. If you don't see much dripping action, look at the drain for a clog.
  • savage7savage7 Posts: 10
    Mike -- see messages 1632,33,34 for some insight into gas mileage. Is yours a v-8 or 6-cylinder? My 6 gets 15 to 20 MPG around town.

    Ask for a service history and/or Car Fax Report on the vehicle, also, is it a one owner, two, three, rental, etc. Some of the Jeep issues I've read about include brake rotors warping, 4x4 transmissions not shifting smoothly, and under powered electric windows.

    Ask the current owner how many times it's been in the shop and for what? Has it been dependable or in the shop often. What needs work now or what does not work now? These straight forward questions can sometimes reveal great insights to the cars dependability, history and how well the previous owner took care of the car. Also, if you can, drive the car for a weekend and "get to know" the car. Good luck!
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